Elsword Light Novel Translation


Volume 1 Translation:

Volume 1 Translation pdf

Progress: 100%

파일 엘소드라노벨_2

Volume 2 Translation:

Volume 2 Translation pdf

Progress: 100%


Volume 3 Translation:

Volume 3 Translation pdf

Progress: 100%


Volume 4 Translation:

Volume 4 Translation pdf

Progress: 100%


Volume 5 Translation:

Volume 5 Translation pdf

Progress: 100%


Volume 6 Translation:

Volume 6 Translation pdf

Progress: 100%


Volume 7 Translation:

Chapter (5/5) pdf

Progress: 100%


Volume 8 Translation:

Chapter(5/5) pdf

Progress: 100%

-The Series is Complete-


Time Trouble Translations in other languages:

Spanish: by Regolant


Thai: by H7NoToR7 // Walan F.Wunderkammer


Vietnamese: by ARY Group


by krystallam



45 thoughts on “Elsword Light Novel Translation

  1. Thank’s for translating elsword novel from KR to english, I really appreciate it and I hope you can translate it without trouble

  2. Thank you so much for doing these translations 2nafish! I really enjoy reading these novels and your translations are great! 😀

  3. Wow, I’m glad I found these. I’ve been trying to find something that goes more into detail about the Elsword world but I haven’t found much at all.

    I’m just starting with volume one and I must say I like it already.

    I’m glad you’re translating it. Too many good things like this don’t ever get translated and disappear into the shadows.

    I’ll be waiting with the others for when volume 4 is finally finished.

  4. Firrst of all Thanks for translating these Novels into English, so that we can understand the content.
    I am reading your translation since you started to translate Volume 1.
    And I am waiting every Monday for an Update. Its the same feeling for waiting for new Manga chapters XD.
    Sometimes you are able to translate 3 Updates per week and in volume 2 and 3 you managed to translate every day. That was amazing and your english btw is fanatastic.
    I really apreciate your work and I would be glad if i can sponsor your work ? If something like that is possible so please reply 😀

    All in all thanks for your hard work and I am looking forward for new chapters 😀

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  6. why do i have this feeling that it will be a cliffhanger…?
    will there be a volume 7?
    anyway, thanks for translating it…i really love the novel and re-reading it again while waiting for the other parts of volume 6…

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  8. Just came by to say: Thank you for the shoutout, I dont see a reason why anyone would like their translations links removed but, anyway, thank you for noticing me senpai ❤

  9. Chapter 2 Perkisas made its entry, wow such unimaginable story development. if I were meet the one write this novel, I guess el search party will meet El trion when they went to atlas city.

  10. Im just wondering but when is the newest translation gonna come out??
    Its been so long and I want more Add & Eve moments (I ship dem)

  11. From the bottom of my heart, I could only say thank you to 2nafish whom had been translated Elsword Light Novel (Time Trouble) without you I’ve might never be able to read it. Thank’s for everything while I can’t give anything back. With your translation have accompanying to read elsword Light novel since first volume until the last volume.

  12. THANK YOU TUNAFISH!!!!!!! DIS IS DA BEST BOOK I HAVE READ AND WILL EVER READ I SWEAR TO GOD THAT NO OTHER BOOK IS BETTER THAN DIS!! SO DATS Y THANK U FOR TRANSLATING IT!!!! im still crying ryte naw even by saying dis… ;w; but happy at the same tyme…. it’s sad dat it had to end….. ;w;
    than you……

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