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State of Korean Online MMO market These days


One of the main illustrator Closers(& Tree of Savior)  was found to have been supporter of extreme feminist ideals. Players demanded they didn’t want to see that illustrator’s works in game. Nexon/Naddic decides to keep the illustrator and illustrations. Players abandon ship. Most of them moving to Soul Worker.

But not too long after Soul Worker also had similar issue. Soul Worker management responded by deciding to remove all the affected illustrations and went even further by holding a welcome event for all new/returning players. This raised the evaluation of Soul Worker management and made the game incredibly popular over the course of couple days. This is quite a miracle for Soul Worker as some inside sources say KR server was looking at end of service in 2018.

Old Soul Worker players responded to all the new players by kindly giving them items and helping them start out. This also increased Soul Workers evaluation.


Real Time Search amount for ‘Soul Worker’ from Naver (50000% increase over the course of 3 days)

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Time Trouble Extra Volume -Twisted Time-


Beauty contest for Elrios and Demon Realm’s beautiful men and women!

But due to an unknown plot, all Elrios representatives had to withdraw.

So the El Search Party steps up to fill in their place.

Will the El Search Party be able to outcompete Demon Realm’s beauties and obtain victory?

Who will become the most beautiful person in the world?!


9th Volume of popular online game [Elsword], Beauty Contest starts!!



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