Regarding Time Trouble -Twisted Time-

So I picked it up and read it 2 days ago.

The volume wasn’t that great and only thing you probably will get out of it is illustrations….

Almost entire volume is filled with fanservice and nothing more. You really don’t need to read it for volume 1~8 to make sense.

Because of that, I’ll be taking it nice and slow with translation of this volume. Of course, if enough people are curious, I can either speed it up or make a condensed post that shows illustrations and summary of what is going on.


20 thoughts on “Regarding Time Trouble -Twisted Time-

  1. I just got this volume yesterday but my Korean is poor, so I just saw its illustrations and the name of each chapter. According to the chapter name it seems that chapter 1 is totally for fanservice, but the other two chapters…I think they may be more serious?(especially the last one) No matter what I still look forward to your translation.

  2. I’m for Reading the whole book like usual… But if you don’t want to translate it it’s your decision =)

  3. Please translate!
    I enjoyed Time Trouble. If you can, translate this volume.
    As long as you can and find time to do it.

  4. Maybe you won’t read this because I see that you have been inactive for a while, but if you read this, first I have to say thank you for the volumes of elsword.
    I’m looking forward to the next volume, even if you have been inactive for a while šŸ˜€

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