Time Trouble Extra Volume -Twisted Time-


Beauty contest for Elrios and Demon Realm’s beautiful men and women!

But due to an unknown plot, all Elrios representatives had to withdraw.

So the El Search Party steps up to fill in their place.

Will the El Search Party be able to outcompete Demon Realm’s beauties and obtain victory?

Who will become the most beautiful person in the world?!


9th Volume of popular online game [Elsword], Beauty Contest starts!!



Sees cover art:


Reads description:



9 thoughts on “Time Trouble Extra Volume -Twisted Time-

  1. I got so hyped when I saw this but…

    This is also good too for obvious reasons (fanservice~)
    Loving Crimson Avenger here~ ♥

    • Though I had expected a background story for DiE and CrA about what they went through together prior to the protagonist Add coming in.

      Thought it would be slightly love interest (maybe even NTR like someone else mentioned too)

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