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Freedom is nothing but an illusion


12 thoughts on “Ya-Yamero…

  1. I somehow saw it coming that you would react like this.. I’m sorry but I still can’t help myself but to feel hyped about it. D: Maybe the title picture will change it.

    By the way are you going to post the second and third episode from Ravens Webtoon on your blog? You posted them on youtube but not here. =)

    • Oh I’m interested in how it’s going to continue as well. Just some light complaining about getting more work to do.

      • Okay 😀

        In the meantime you could proofread previous chapters if you are bored. XD In the part with Add and his mother you mixed he/she a little but this isn’t anything crucial, because it’s obvious who is meant so it isn’t really neccessary. =)

  2. OMG!!!! :)))) Is this real? :))) I hope that Raven, Chung and especially Aisha will have more role in this continuation… I also want my Aisha to be on the cover page once!

  3. I am equal parts hyped and exhasperated.

    I thought I was free from having to wait for translations for this LN. Guess not.

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