Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Chapter 5 Page 229~240 (Series Complete!)


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5.   Time to Love


The El Search Party was in middle of an intense battle against True Karis, a few dozen meters’ tall demon born form Karis fusing with Heart of Behemoth.

“She’s too big!!”

Elsword blocked the scythe True Karis swung at him then got thrown backwards. Their strength difference was like that of an elephant and an ant. Aisha quickly fired a fireball to keep True Karis occupied while chastising Elsword.

“You idiot! Stop trying to block it, dodge!”

“Two of you, don’t argue now.”

Rena spoke calmly as she pulled her bowstring. Arrows flew in and accurately hit their marks but it didn’t accomplish much because the demon was too big. Even if Rena could hit her mark with 100% accuracy, her arrows would probably feel like mosquito bites for True Karis.

“……This is inside Behemoth so there isn’t even a retreat path.”

Raven spoke gravely as he slew the trocks that were emerging from all over the place. This place was where Behemoth’s heart was located. Even if they wanted to leave, there was no way True Karis, who fused with Behemoth’s heart, would let them.

“Then there are no other options. We have to defeat the enemy.”

Eve commented level-headedly as she manipulated her gears to take down multiple trocks. But trocks were merely minions that True Karis could summon endlessly, it was pointless to take them down before True Karis.

And their problems didn’t end with just True Karis and trocks.


Dozens of tentacles broke out of the ground and attacked the El Search Party. But Chung ran in using his cannon as a shield then uprooted the tentacles with a single cannon swing.

Chung cleared up the tentacles in an instant then shouted towards the group.

“There will be no end like this. We have to defeat Karis quickly!”:

“No matter how much larger she became, she’ll certainly have a weakness, Mr.Chung!”

Ara replied after waving her spear to clear away rest of the tentacles. Someone seemed to slide towards the two that were exchanging opinions then sighed. It was Elesis who just blocked True Karis’ scythe.

She had managed to block the attack unlike Elsword but it seemed she couldn’t help getting pushed back.

“I do see a weakness. But……”

Elesis explained simply as her comrades’ attention focused on her.

“We have to attack the part where Karis is fused with Behemoth. It’s near the part where Karis’ leg is buried. That place seems to be covered even more thickly and something like a core appears whenever she attacks. I’m certain that is her weakness.”

“I understand…… but what should we do, Big Sister Elesis?” Aisha questioned dishearteningly.

It was definitely not easy to approach True Karis who could swing a huge scythe around, used magic and summoned trocks and tentacles. Elesis had tried approaching just now but could only manage to hold out until she got pushed back.

“Someone has to distract her. But……”

It would be difficult to hold out because each of True Karis’ attacks were just too ferocious. Just who could take on the role of distracting True Karis?

Inside of Behemoth, a boy floating near the ceiling was smiling coldly.


True Karis and the El Search Party was fighting below him. He could easily tell that the El Search Party was in danger.

They’ll most likely get annihilated if he just kept spectating like this. Well, it didn’t matter to him at all…… is what boy thought as his gaze headed towards Eve.

“But I can’t let her break……”

He spent so much time investigating secretly and following her all the way here. Boy smiled bitterly as he jumped on his Dynamos.

“I’ll give you guys a hand, be thankful idiots!”

True Karis who had been focusing on the El Search Party on the ground became shocked and urgently swung her scythe when a boy suddenly appeared and flew towards her from the air. But the boy had already analyzed enough data on True Karis’ attacks. The boy dodged with an acrobatic flight maneuver then fired a shockwave towards Karis.


True Karis screamed in rage as part of her neck got torn off. She then ferociously swung her scythe again and conjured Death Strike at the same time. It would be the end for the boy if he was hit by even one of these endlessly falling demonic mana orbs, but the boy didn’t show any sign of fear.

He merely made a satisfying smile!

“Alright then, flail all you want! Fool! This much is nothing for me!!”

As the boy precariously evaded the raining mana orbs, the El Search Party at the bottom started responding too. Defeating True Karis was their priority, identity of the boy who suddenly appeared could come later.

“Kuuugh!! You! Just who are-!!”

True Karis became impatient when not even a single Death Strike landed and started to wave her scythe and arms frantically. But the boy dodged them all while continuing to fire particle blasts.


True Karis who had been flailing like someone who kept getting stung by a bee suddenly let out a different scream this time.

The El Search Party had arrived below her and started attacking the core she kept buried beneath her feet.

“Why you little pests…….!!”

True Karis sensed danger and quickly tried to smash her scythe down but in that moment, the boy reached out with his hand then fired another shockwave. Trying to clear the ground brought pain from the air, and ignoring the air brought pain from the ground.

The boy stopped in midair and declared coldly.


Dynamos activated as giant collection of neutron particles started to from near True Karis’ neck. True Karis tried to dodge however she could, but being larger also meant it was difficult for her to dodge attacks.


Giant explosion occurred as large chunk of True Karis’ neck got torn off. Blood from her neck trickled down and dyed her white skin red……. But astonishingly, True Karis endured without dying.

“Y-you heckler, learn your place……!!”

Was the firepower not enough? The boy became surprised and tried to attack again, but he already consumed enough mental energy from the attack before. In contrast, True Karis was waving her arm with enormous force.

No matter how painful of a sting the bee had……. It was done for if human’s palm hit it!


But True Karis who almost struck the boy suddenly let out a loud scream then shivered. The El Search Party on the ground, the one amongst them, Eve, had summoned a Nasod Guardian to create a wide electric wave that swept across the ground.

True Karis’ core couldn’t hold out anymore after getting hit directly by the electric wave.

“Y-you, hecklers…….”

True Karis fell over as she said those words then didn’t move again.

The enemy was defeated but the boy didn’t feel too well. His plan of perfectly disposing the enemy by himself to earn those idiots’ favor was ruined.

No one would suspect someone who helped them. Even more so if they were helped a lot.


His plan didn’t work out but he couldn’t go back now. He had to follow up accordingly now that he revealed himself to these idiots. The boy collected his mind as he descended below. The El Search Party was easily cleaning up the remaining minions after True Karis’ defeat.

And the back Eve, the girl who finished off True Karis, was wide open. Boy floated behind her back as he became conflicted for a moment.

Should he settle this right now? Attack first to take the girl down then snatch her away. It was a rather nice plan.

That’s how enticing her defenseless back was……. But that will be a choice he couldn’t turn back.

“I can’t afford to fail after all……”

When he spoke to himself, the girl slowly looked around. Those golden eyes, this was the first time he saw them from this close. The boy unknowingly inhaled after their gazes met.

She was……. even more perfect Nasod than he imagined.

The calculations inside the boy’s head got jumbled up so he instinctively tried to avoid her gaze. But as a result, he ended up meeting someone else’s gaze.

A girl with white hair, red eyes and nine fox tails, leaning her spear on her shoulder was smiling voluptuously. She had a completely different air compared to the boy’s observations of her from far away. Not only that, but her gaze felt strangely keen as if she could completely see through his thoughts.

“That fox…….”

The boy felt uncomfortable so he turned his gaze forward again.

Nasod more beautiful than anything else in the world was staring straightly at him.

“Who are you?”

“……Is that all you’re going to say to someone who helped you?”

The girl frowned lightly.

“How rude.”

“I heard that plenty of times.”

The girl’s expression became even more offended when the boy responded with a low laugh. The boy started to feel eager so he folded his arms in a haughty manner.

He was someone who just helped these idiots out of danger. They owed him a favor.

“I’m going to help you guys. I’ll become your comrade.”


The girl didn’t answer. Other Search Party members that finished the cleanup heard the boy’s declaration and were paying attention.

But the boy felt very confident about his acceptance.

These idiots were overly soft. They’ll end up accepting him. It was certain since he even proved his strength by defeating True Karis.


Alright, he even successfully infiltrated inside the El Search Party. All he needed to do now was to observe this Nasod while looking for a perfect chance to steal her core.

“Then let’s first……”

Become friends.


The boy froze in middle of his words at the thought that rose in his head. It was an absurd idea but he strangely couldn’t defy it. Friend? It was a word he never thought about in his life…… But it kept occupying his head when he looked at this girl.

He must become friends with her. It will be a very rigorous path but he could only achieve his goal by accomplishing this.

‘……Because she’ll let her guard down in front of me if we become close?’

Although still somewhat doubtful, the boy thought of a reason he could accept. The boy spoke while smiling confidently after concluding the struggle inside his mind.

“So, will you become my f-f…….”

The words didn’t come out of his mouth for some reason.  His face suddenly turned red as he felt as if something was caught inside his throat.

Just what kind of abnormally was happening to his body? His mind started spinning dizzily.



And the girl’s direct gaze towards him felt bothersome.

The girl waited patiently for a while as the boy frantically struggled to force the words out of his mouth. Then she finally sighed lightly.

“Nice to meet you, Add.”


He shouldn’t have revealed his name yet. But the girl also looked surprised by what she said because she blinked while touching her lips.

The boy who couldn’t believe what he just heard

And the girl who couldn’t believe what she just said

They exchange gazes.

They exchange hearts.


Story beyond the broken world

the fight to reach the end

begins now.

Code: 20131219

To be Continued in Elsword Epic Story

Author’s words

Elsword Time Trouble is finished with this volume.

Please enjoy Elsword Animation too when it airs.


Illustrator’s words

I drew various things while going back and forth between employee and freelancer.

Octoman is happy to be making a living off drawing.

I hope this book becomes a treasure for you.



27 thoughts on “Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Chapter 5 Page 229~240 (Series Complete!)

  1. So what is Elsword epic series? Is it a reboot? Or is it the animation series? Or is it the game story?

    • In the time war add lost his memories of the 20 millions times he already tried to beat D but he still knew Karis and Ran.
      It must be somewhat similar here?
      -sorry my english isn’t very good.. –

  2. I still can’t believe this is the end.
    I’m still crying from everything that happened in the previous chapters but at the same time I’m so excited and happy cause I like this kind of end. Even if Add is not in love with Ara.
    And I’m so glad Eun is baaaack s’lfkflfnzojfbf Aaaaaaah!!!

    And Tuna thank you so much for aaaaaall the work you did this really is amazing!!

  3. Now, time to finish the spanish translation and give 2na the credits he deserves.
    Thank you so much for doing this for all of the Elsword community 2na, you’re, no doubt, one of the most important users on Elsword’s english fanbase.

  4. Spanish translation is over~ thanks 2na, all credits where given! … Btw, I have one question 2nita-sama would you mind if I use your Visual Novel idea from your YouTube channel? I would do both an spanish and an english ver, english ver using your translation of course.

    All credits will be given with each video of course (After all, you did it first so…)

    • Good job hanging in there all the way through~. And sure go ahead with that idea, I’d love to see more fan works about this novel. I would make more videos like that myself but I don’t have access to all character sprites for specific classes.

      • It was my pleasure~ Thanks for the permission.
        I will get some things done and then I’ll start with the project, let’s see If I can get the rest of the sprites done in time.

  5. Well, it was a long journey and one I’m glad I followed through till the end. Thanks 2na for all the hard work.

    This last scene reminds me of Sander Movie, except Add and Eve are not LP and Cem respectively.

    Add does not remember (in fact anyone remembers) anything, but the feelings are still there.

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