Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Chapter 4 Page 193~198


Part 1/4 of Ch4

4. Whirlwind of Time and Space


Beyond the Space-Time Gate.

Add had his own expectations on the place where you could restructure the universe…… but the scenery he came upon was completely different from his imagination.

It was an open field.

“What is this?”

Only grass could be seen for miles. There seemed to be a road but there were no people around. Just when Add was worrying if the Space-Time Gate had malfunctioned……

“It seems I have a guest.”

Add quickly turned his head towards the direction of the voice. Someone was standing leisurely in a place that should have been empty just moments ago.

There was a very suspicious looking man wearing a cracked mask.

“Who are you…….”

“Did you come to restructure the universe, Add?”

Add couldn’t hide his caution as he nodded when the man accurately pointed out his purpose of being here. Add didn’t know who this man was, but there was no way he was a normal being if he was a resident of this primal universe.

“Kahaha, it’s faster to come here than to directly change time. I was getting tired of waiting. So how should I change it for you?”


Add frowned from the nuance that he couldn’t ignore. But the man quietly raised his hand and pointed his finger towards Add’s chest as if he knew what Add wanted to ask. Add followed his finger to look down, then became frighteningly surprised.

Add’s appearance and outfit had turned exactly same as D. The man spoke while Add was touching his face in disbelief.

“It seems you might need a mirror. Let me lend you one.”

“……Just who are you?”

The way the man spoke was as if he knew everything about Add’s circumstances. The man gave a short laugh when Add became extremely guarded.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. I don’t have intentions to harm you. At least for now.”

“That’s not the answer I want. What are……”

The masked man answered Add preemptively.

“I already knew since long ago that you were disturbing time. Although I think it would have been better if you had done it in a more flashier way.”


“Of course, you might have ended up being bound here like me if you did that. Kahaha.”

Tone of this man with an unpleasant laugh was as if he was considering Add and D as same entities. It wasn’t that he couldn’t distinguish the two…… it sounded more like he didn’t feel it was necessary to distinguish them.

Well, Add wasn’t here to talk idly anyways.

“I’ll restore the time that guy before me…… no… I changed, back to normal. It that possible?”


The man shrugged.

“You’re someone who earned the right to come here. You conquered space-time and yet, all you want is restoration? Not to restructure the universe to your liking?”

“I won’t do something like that.”

Add’s resolute expression froze from the man’s next words.

“Shouldn’t you at least meet your mother since you came here?”


This guy knew too much about him. The man who still haven’t revealed his name yet seemed to grin behind his mask regardless of what Add was feeling.

“You have the power to time travel. You just refrained from it because you were having trouble with subtle adjustments.”


“But in here, you can freely time travel as you’d like. Are you still not going to go see her?”

Add shut his lips tightly. Did he not want to see someone who he wanted to save by risking everything?

Of course…… he wanted to see her. No, not just that, save her. He wanted to be with her again. He could do anything for that.

He could sell his soul to the devil…… No, he could even become a devil himself!

“……I won’t see her.”

Add forcefully calmed down his heated head. He wanted to see his mother again so much, but he wouldn’t be satisfied with just seeing her once he saw her.

He’ll most likely go against Aisha’s warning, betray his comrades’ trust in him and try to change the time that his mother dies.

But then the Time War won’t end. He’ll be too ashamed to see those guys that believed and let him open the Space-Time Gate.

Add spoke with a raspy voice.

“I won’t go to any other time. I’ll…… just restore it.”

“Kahaha, I don’t feel like helping you, but I should since I’m a guide after all……”

The masked man gave an unpleasant laugh as if he could clearly see Add’s inner turmoil.

“But you can’t just stand there and do nothing. Space-Time restoration isn’t an easy thing to do. You should clean up your own mess, right?”

“……What do I need to do?”

Of course, it wouldn’t be so easy.

“There are two pasts that you desire deep inside your heart. Space-Time restoration will be possible if you make the correct choice in each of them. If you do that, I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Correct choice?”

Why is something like that needed? But the masked man wagged his finger.

“You must not be aware, but you gained a truly incredible power. You’re an existence that can change the history with just a single breath. Of course, there’s no guarantee that it will become better history…… No matter how much I try to restore, it will be impossible if there are remaining regrets in your heart that subconsciously impacts the universe.

“……So, my subconscious is the problem?”’

“Yes, if you want to step down from the throne of space-time, you need to give up consciously. You need to make a choice to consciously cut off the desire and choice you wanted so much. And that’s what you’d call a correct choice.”

After the man said this, hundreds, thousands of holograms started to rise up around him. Add could make out space and time coordinate formulas, but there were many other formulas and numbers that he didn’t know.

“If you really want to restore the universe, then come back after letting go of those conflicts in your heart.”

“Correct choice…….”

Will that be possible for him? Add looked sadly at his changed self then closed his eyes and opened them again.

“Alright, if I can fix the wrongs I’ve committed.”

“Let me say this though…… It doesn’t matter to me if you don’t want to restore. You can play with the universe all you want if you’d like. That will also lessen my work.”

Add ignored the man’s smirk and turned around. Then a Space-Time Wormhole began to be generated in front of him. Add didn’t open it, the man opened it for him.

Add looked at the thick black Space-Time Wormhole then closed his eyes.

Two pasts he had to go back to. It was obvious what one of them was.

“……I’m coming, mother.”

To the point that he wanted to fix no matter what.


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