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3. End of Time and Space

The Devil fired Maximum Strike projectiles in sequence as his enemies approached. The Angel followed suit and started to fire shining shock orbs forward.

“Blizzard Shower!”

Getting grazed by even one of those attacks would be fatal. Aisha responded quickly by conjuring a wide area ice storm but this wasn’t enough to cancel out all of the Devil and Angel’s attacks.

“Ejection….. Buster!”


Elesis used demonic energy blast and Chung used shout to deflect the shock balls. Ran used his shadow clones and Ara precisely waved her spear to destroy the shock balls.

Everyone was giving their all to defeat the Devil and Angel. This was the end of the Time War but the Devil wasn’t distressed in the slightest despite everyone he knew having turned against him.

“Assault Spear!”

He didn’t hesitate anymore even though Eve launched a Nasod spear towards him. That Eve wasn’t in the form he wanted anyways. And……

“Giga Stream!”

The Eve he knew was fighting by his side right now!

Although she cannot regain her old self because she lost her emotions, this Eve was still the only one who was standing by his side till the end!

“Kukukuk! Kahahaha! Try stopping this, fools!!”

The Devil laughed loudly as he opened a dimension gate above in the sky. Everyone recognized the incoming Stardust Shower and tried to respond quickly, but the Devil’s abilities didn’t end here.

“Moonlight Rhapsody!!”

“Block it!!”

Elesis screamed urgently then Helputt quickly waved his cannon to block. But Helputt could only manage to lessen the shockwave and couldn’t stop the Devil’s attack completely.



Everyone received a significant damage. They would have been killed instantly if it weren’t for Helputt becoming a wall for them.

But Helputt was now exposed to continuing attacks because he shielded everyone. He will get killed liked this!

“Father, back out!”

Chung knew this and bravely charged towards the Devil. Although Chung excelled at close quarter combat, he has been fighting by supporting everyone from the back. This was because while Chung could fight at close range, the weight of his armor and weapon decreased his dexterity. If he fought at close range, he could get in the way of other party members like Elsword and Ara.

That’s why he had refrained from fighting close up…… but he needed to right now to get the Devil’s attention!

The Devil was trying to finish off Helputt but fired a light shockwave towards Chung as he approached. Triangular projectiles the Angel fired also struck Chung. Chung wasn’t injured thanks to the berserk mode’s armor, but couldn’t stop himself from getting thrown back.


But the Devil and Angel didn’t get any moment to catch their breaths because Rena started to bombard them with arrows. The Devil could stay safe using the Dimension Distortion Barrier…. But the Angel couldn’t. And the Devil didn’t have any ability to generate barriers for someone else.

No, he could technically, but it didn’t serve much purpose against these ferocious offensive of their enemies.


The Devil personally shielded the Angel from the rain of arrows. But this restricted his movements and created a perfect chance for Elsword to strike! Elsword bravely ran in towards the Devil. Although the El Search Party had the advantage in numbers….. the Devil’s power was limitless and he still wasn’t showing his full power.

The El Search Party had to finish this fight quickly in order to win!


Elsword jumped up lightly and spun in midair as he launched his attack. Ara was also rushing in to attack from the ground. If the Devil tried to block Elsword, he’ll get killed by Ara, and he couldn’t open up more Dimension Distortion Barriers because he was already blocking Rena’s arrows.

Even if he opened up more barriers, it wouldn’t withstand their enemy’s consecutive attacks.

But the Angel, almost as if she read the Devil’s thoughts, fired a beam attack that swept across top and bottom. Elsword quickly raised his sword to block but got thrown back from the impact.


Although the Angel didn’t converse, she had the ability to judge the battlefield situation! The Devil unknowingly laughed joyously as he opened Void Field against Ara. Ara quickly stabbed her spear on the ground to nullify the Void Field, but she got thrown back from the continuing shockwave.

“You guys can’t win no matter how much you try!”

The Devil laughed loudly then started firing continuous shockwaves, energy bomb, space distortions and Void Impact. Enemies had their hands full with protecting themselves.

None of them were critically injured yet but they were starting to receive more small and big injuries.


They’ll get annihilated like this. Eve determined that they needed to reorganize their formation and tried to open an Atomic Shield, but the Devil turned to face Eve much faster.

“It’s useless!!”

Atomic Shield shattered instantly along with the Devil’s shout. Atomic Shield had withstood even True Karis’ Death Strike, but it couldn’t withstand the Devil’s double Void Impact.

The Devil tried to fire a third Void Impact towards Eve as she was staggering from having her Atomic Shield destroyed, but a hesitation flashed by his face for an instant.


He already did this countless times already. He’ll do anything for the result he wanted, to get back the Eve he wants!

Even if he had to destroy the current Eve!!


Elsword screamed as Eve was exposed to the Devil’s unreasonably powerful barrage of attacks. That annoying voice…… the Devil was instinctively trying to fire Void Impact towards Elsword as well, but then a chill suddenly went down his spine.



Something was strange.

This was strange.

“Why only Elsword……”

The Devil spoke to himself. During this final offensive…… someone who should be here was missing.

Where’s Add?


Did Elesis really plan this final offensive?

The Devil’s gaze headed towards Moby who was floating around Eve. Didn’t Eve normally have two Nasod gears…..?

“It can’t be…..!”

The Devil realized everything in an instant and turned his gaze immediately. Add who had been hiding until now had jumped out and was dashing in from the back.

His target wasn’t the Devil, he was heading towards the Angel.

“Don’t joke with me!”

As if he’ll let her be destroyed here!

The Devil screamed as he fired shockwaves towards Add, but all his attacks got deflected by Dimension Distortion Barriers.


The Devil was Prince of Time so he could keep 10 distortion barriers around him and move around freely. But wasn’t opening just one while standing still the limit for Add? Although terrified the scene he witnessed, the Devil had to admit this reality.

Add’s ability after consuming the Memory of Time and Space…. Was catching up to the Devil’s! Add had been staying hidden until now so he could come up with formulas that will enable him to move with the Dimension Distortion Barrier open!

All for this one strike!!

“I told you not to joke with me!”

The Devil howled impulsively then started firing Void Impact and Void Breaker towards Add. But Add calmly adjusted his flight course to dodge the Impact then deflected the Breaker. Then Add prepared to launch a Void Impact that will end everything.

Then he’ll just launch his own Void Impact to cancel Add’s out. The Devil thought this, but then realized that it was impossible. Why would Add who had zero close quarter combat abilities be dashing in close?

He was trying to fire a Void Impact at zero range by touching the Angel directly!

Add now had the ability to look into the future. He had already seen how the Devil would react and planned his move accordingly.


There was no time to stop Add now. The Devil was about to shout unconsciously then paused. The Angel who had turned to see Add approach her wasn’t doing anything and was just standing still.

She didn’t defend at all even though an attacker coming to finish her off was coming towards her.

“Void……. Impact!!”


Add forced his injured body……to launch a strike forwards. Then he slowly confirmed the situation in front of him with his hand still stretched forwards.

Add’s real target had jumped in to intervene before his attack reached the Angel. It was just as he anticipated.


The Devil grunted as he coughed out blood from getting his chest pierced directly. The Devil’s blood was red just like any other humans.

The Devil looked down at his chest as if he couldn’t believe that an attack had just pierced through his chest. Then he glared at Add in front of him with even more disbelief.

“Are you insa…..”

“It was a bait.”

The Devil understood everything from Add’s short reply. The Devil will definitely react if Add attacked the Angel. Add had calculated this and attacked the Angel on purpose.

The Devil slowly sneered while his body was still in the shock of his body getting pierced.

“What were you going to do…. If I didn’t block?”

“There’s no way you wouldn’t have.”

Add replied bitterly.

“If you are me, if you are my possibility, then you’ll never ignore this.”


Dark red blood dripped down the Devil’s mouth each time he spoke.

The Devil’s circumstance was similar to Aisha’s in the end. His attack power was limitlessly powerful, but his defense was weak. He was normally surrounded by powerful defense mechanism called the Dimension Distortion Barriers, but the body inside those barriers was no more than a normal human.

No, even less than a normal human. Add knew this better than anyone else.

That’s why he formulated this reckless plan to get everyone else to keep the Devil tied down, while he aimed for the Angel to create an opening in the Devil’s defense…..then fire off the finishing strike.

This plan could only be carried out because himself was his enemy, because he knew about this enemy more than anyone else.

“So…… what are going to do after killing me? No, killing doesn’t suit here. Since I wasn’t even alive in the first place.”

The Devil mocked even while grunting in pain from his lethal wound. He wasn’t just mocking himself, he was mocking everyone here including his past that defeated him.

“Same events will be repeated even after I’m gone. You’ll become D next. You might know me better than anyone else, but I know you better than anyone else too. You will never give up.”


“Can you give up returning to the past just so you can protect this broken present?”

The Devil yelled angrily.

“The desire you’ve been harboring until now…… was it something that will just disappear by suppressing it? Will you give up on changing the past?”


“I’m asking if you are going to let mother die! You imbecile!!”

Add slowly spoke in response to the Devil’s roar.

“I promised.”


“I won’t become a devil no matter what. I promised that damned fox. No matter what happens, no matter how painful it might be…”

The Devil looked at Add despondently then shook his head.

“I don’t want to listen to foolishness anymore. End it.”


The Devil was certainly dying but this wasn’t completely over yet. Add gathered his remaining strength to finish this. Add himself was dying so he had to end this fast.

But in that moment, the Angel moved to stand in between Add and the Devil.


Add unknowingly stopped the attack formula in his head. The Devil also made a surprised face then frowned.

The Angel didn’t distinguish Add and the Devil. That’s why she didn’t do anything to defend herself when Add was coming to attack her.

The Devil sighed.

“So first priority is my safety….. and her own safety comes second. That’s why she didn’t defend herself from your attack. If she considers both of us as same entities…… then she probably couldn’t counterattack.”

While speaking, the Devil’s knees seemed to bend then he collapsed. Inside of his chest was destroyed so he did rather well to keep standing during the conversation until now.

“Dammit….. I was so close……”

The Devil sighed while lying on the ground. Just like Elesis said, he deserved to be called soft. It was true that he had been too overconfident……. But his gravest error was letting his heart become weak and becoming reluctant to kill. This was all because opening of the Space-Time Gate came ever so close.

He tried to use his full power at the end to erase them all, but even that failed in the stupidest way possible.

“It was against me but this is seriously stupid. I lost in such a stupid way.”

The Devil looked up at the ceiling and sighed deplorably while lying on the floor. Defeating them wouldn’t have been difficult normally. The Devil would have certainly won if he fought alone.

He would have won if he fought alone, but he lost because he fought as two.

“I was seriously stupid…..”

What does it matter to him if the Angel, Eve’s remains, was destroyed? He’ll get to see Eve again if the Space-Time was restructured anyways.

He would have been able to see the real Eve whom he had longed for all this time once again…..

Add, and Eve who just approached looked down at the Devil lamenting. The Devil frowned when his own face and the face he had longed for looked down at him.

“Get lost, idiots. Is it your first time seeing a devil die?”

“I’m sorry, Add.”

The Devil closed his eyes and ignored Eve’s apology. Even though he was dying, listening to her voice saying something like that was difficult to bear.

He needed to die with the regret and grudge of not achieving his goal. He couldn’t forgive himself for failing because he couldn’t stay coldhearted till the end.

He had to meet his demise with the despair and regret of his failure. That was the fitting end for a boy who disturbed the entire universe by causing the Time War.

The Devil was waiting for his death, no for his existence to fade away when he sensed that more people were gathering around him and became extremely displeased. Everyone must have gathered to watch him die.

It would be easier if they mocked and cursed him…… but there was no way they would. The Devil swore to himself that he will never open his eyes.


But couldn’t help but to open his eyes when someone raised his upper body. The Devil realized he was lying on someone’s lap and he also knew who it was.

The Angel who had never said anything even after reactivating had laid his head on her lap and was looking down at him.

“What is this…..”


The Angel still didn’t say anything. The Devil who was facing those emotionless golden eyes suddenly couldn’t stand looking at her anymore and turned his gaze away. Then immediately regretted doing so.

Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve, Chung, Elesis, Ara and Add…… they were all looking down at him with pained expressions. It wasn’t gazes of looking at the demise of an enemy they defeated after fighting with everything at stake. Even Ran and Helputt had the same air around them.

“Kukukuk, idiots. Why aren’t you happy? You finally won.”

“Sorry, Big Brother Add.”

Starting with Elsword’s words, everyone opened their mouth to give their final words.

“Goodbye, Prince of Time……”

“Rest now, Add.”

“It’s done now.”

After Raven spoke, Eve hesitated for a moment then grabbed Add’s hand tightly as she said her farewell.

“You can rest now.”

“The fight is over.”

After Chung spoke, Elesis shook her head with a fond gaze.

“It’s over.”

“I’m sorry, Mr.Add……”

The Devil couldn’t stand it anymore and averted his gaze when Ara spoke with tears welling up in her eyes. But because he did this, his gaze met with his past, with Add.

Add who was surprised from Eve grabbing his hand looked at the Devil and declared.

“I….. will be different from you.”

“If you can be satisfied with that……”

The Devil coughed then gave an empty smile. Add will become like him too if he can’t be satisfied. When that happens, will he fall by the hands of his old comrades like this too?

The Devil stopping thinking about the possibility. It didn’t have anything to do with him anymore. His consciousness seemed to be becoming lighter and his vision was getting blurry.

Everything will be over now.

“I was…..”

Prince wasn’t suited for a Queen, he had to be a King.

He hadn’t revealed this thought to anyone. The Devil’s voice became quieter in middle of his words. Did he really have the right to proclaim himself as King? When he couldn’t achieve his goal and is meeting his demise like this?

The Devil who was sighing in self-blame became frozen from sensing a movement he never imagined. The Angel had moved her hand to slowly stroke his head.

The Devil’s face turned blank from the touch that seemed to be consoling a child. He searched for a way to refuse and retort…… but chose not to in the end.

Although he couldn’t achieve his goal during this long fight……

“King of Time……”

He should have been someone suited for a Queen.



The Devil’s eyes closed and didn’t open again. Amidst the silence where no one was opening their mouths, the Angel who was left alone slowly closed her eyes as well.

“System Terminated.”


Add unknowingly tried to stop the Angel but she stared at him for a short moment then very slightly shook her head. Add didn’t know if she actually moved or if his eyes were mistaken…… but it was already after the Angel had stopped functioning.

The scene of motionless Devil, and Angel with her hand laid on Devil’s head……slowly faded away. They blew away into dust as if a painting was being erased.

Add who had been looking at the two disappear bit his lips tightly in frustration.


“…..It’s nothing.”

He knew that this other Eve was separated from time, that she wasn’t Eve. But it was difficult to conclude as such. She did lose her emotions, but seeing how she acted…… you couldn’t definitively deny that she wasn’t Eve.

Add was letting out an agonized sigh but the sense of Eve’s hand forced himself to focus on the matter at hand.

Eve he knew, and should protect was right beside him.


Add slowly opened his mouth. The Devil was finally defeated and the Time War had ended. But everyone’s expressions weren’t too bright. Finally, the Time War that was repeated so many times had ended…… but what’s going to happen now?

Add made his conclusion.

“We’ll open the Space-Time Gate now.”


Wasn’t the purpose of this long Time War to prevent the Devil from opening the Space-Time Gate? So just what kind of nonsense was Add saying?

Aisha screamed in shock but Add had already made up his mind.

“I was going to do this from the start. Defeat the Devil and open the Space-Time gate myself.”

“Wait, are you craz…-“

Elsword spoke while halting Aisha who was about to become enraged.

“What are you thinking, Big Brother Add?”

“I don’t know about all of you…… but I cannot be satisfied with this time. I’ll never be.”

Elesis who was pale from too much blood loss asked in a quiet voice.

“Then what are you trying to do?”

“I’ll go through the Space-Time Gate and restructure the space-time. Of course, then you’ll say that I’m no different from D.”

Aisha who had been angry scowled.

“Then you’re not?”

“I’m different…… what I’m trying to do is returning everything to how it should be. I’ll return this universe that D….. I… broke to how it should originally be.”

Add made a fake cough as he explained his reason.

“In the first place, this space-time we’re in right now isn’t in its natural state. It was changed to suit D’s desires. So I’ll turn it all back to its original state.

“Then there’s only one problem.”

Rena indicated calmly.

“Can we trust that Add will really do as he says?”


Add couldn’t answer right away to this obvious indication. Beyond the Space-Time Gate that the Devil longed to open so much, there was a power to change the universe as however one wanted. Add went through so much so he could change the past, so will this really end with Add merely turning the universe back to normal?

Elesis cut straight to the point.

“Add…… will you be able to not fix the past…… of losing your mother?”


Add clenched his fist tightly to the point of his hands breaking. Regardless of what he’ll actually do, he had to say that he won’t change the past right now.

They’ll only let him open the Space-Time Gate if they trusted him.

“I know it’s hard for all of you to trust me. But this is……”

Add’s body was in tatters as well. He might look well off on the surface but his body was broken on the inside due to swallowing the Memory of Time and Space. It wouldn’t be strange for him to drop dead at any moment so he had to persuade them saying that there wasn’t much time left.


That was his logical thought process…… but there was a strong reluctance about going through with this. He couldn’t even imagine himself uttering the words that he’ll ignore his mother’s death.

As Add stayed silent from being unable to answer, an unexpected voice was heard.

“I agree with Add.”


Add became surprised from this unexpected agreement and looked around. Eve who was still holding his hand spoke clearly.

“You said it yourself that you’re different from D. I’ll believe you.”

“No, that was……”

Thinking reasonably, who wouldn’t pass up on a chance of changing the past where one’s family was killed? Maybe she can’t comprehend this because she’s a Nasod?

Add hesitantly tried to explain the matter to Eve but was blocked by her continuing words.

“I know that there were countless events that led up to you being here. I believe that you won’t let those times go to waste.”


“I also agree. I believe you, Mr.Add”

Ara smiled softly as she agreed. Then Aisha gave a discomforting sigh.

“Sorry, but I can’t trust Add so easily like you two. Can you prove objectively that that there’s a definitive difference between Add and D? Where’s the guarantee that there won’t be another Time War?”

“Come to think of it, I have something I want to ask……”

Add confirmed his curiosity instead of trying to persuade.

“Just why did I become D? No, I know the reason already…… but why didn’t I fix the past beforehand?”

“You got it reversed. You became unable to change the past soon as you became D.”

Aisha spoke coldly.

“There was a limit to duration of time that D could exert his power. To be concise, D’s power was limited up to the point when the El Search Party was formed. D was certainly extremely powerful but that power was only because he became an outsider separated from time.”


In a cruel turn of fate, he became D to change the time but became unable to change the time he actually wanted.

And he could only exist in the same time as Add because he was a special existence separate from time.

“But beyond the Space-Time Gate, even D who became separated from time could have changed the universe from its very origins. But to this, he had to defeat me…… and as you already know I avoided fighting him directly much as possible. That’s why D kept endlessly repeating time within his limited time range while tweaking various conditions, trying to get the result he wanted.”

“……I see.”

So, Add could also change the past however he wanted if he went through the Space-Time Gate. Aisha must have read Add’s thoughts because she snapped coldly.

“That’s a futile thought. Time isn’t that simple. It’s actually one of the unexplainable basic laws of the universe. No matter how strong of a punch you have, it cannot split an atom, right? This is the same.”

Aisha spoke sternly then glared at Add.

“If I say this then you’ll probably say you’ll only change the things you want and not change anything else, am I right? Stop trying to interpret the space-time with those theories and logic in your head. Time is basically a sediment that the universe has been building until now. You’re basically trying to pull on a sleeping lion’s whisker then predict at what angle will the lion swipe its claw.”

Aisha snorted from the thought.

“You also travelled across time over short periods but it always resulted in the El Search Party’s defeat anyways, and it was merely done inside the broke world that D has created. But if you go over the Space-Time Gate, one can obtain power that transcends even that limit.”

Aisha warned gravely.

“Only fix the time you want and change the result to my liking. Such thing is impossible. Like Elsword said, time is for everyone. If someone’s time changes, then that will certainly impact everything else. The thought of ‘but it should be okay to change just this much’ is what brings about a disaster like this Time War.”


“I can’t agree with this even if you are really determined to not become D. How is it possible to not modify anything when you have the power to change the universe however you want in your hand? Even I’m not confident if I could resist such a temptation if it was up to me.”

Aisha was basically saying the power granted when one passes through the Space-Time is too big so it shouldn’t be granted to anyone. Her reasoning was sound.

“That’s why I’m against this. Not just with Add, but for anyone else that might try as well.”

“I’ll believe Add too.”

Aisha’s eyes turned sharp as she turned around from hearing the calm voice but then she paused. It was Elesis who had just agreed.

“I know what Aisha is worried about, but it’s also true that the current world is broken. Also, we have to give Add a chance to fix his wrongdoings. It’s actually something Add’s future did and not Add…… but Add wants to take responsibility for it.”

“Just how can we trust him, Big Sister Elly? If we trust him so blindly there’s no assurance that this whole incident won’t happen all over again.”

“I’ll stop Big Brother Add again if that happens.”

Elsword firmly made his decision. Raven who had been listening quietly also joined in.

“I will also help when that happens.”

“That’s supposed to be ‘we will’ right?”

Raven nodded when Rena smiled gently and corrected him. Chung also made his conclusion.

“If Mr.Add causes this war once more…… then all of us just have to stop him again . That’s the right thing to do.”

Helputt nodded while being proud of his son. Ran gave a very tired sigh.

“Do whatever you want. It seems the decision has already been made.”

“Elder Brother, will you also help us if that happens?”

Ran didn’t answer Ara’s question. When everyone’s opinions shifted towards agreeing with Add opening the Space-Time Gate, Aisha placed her hand on her forehead then sighed.

“Everyone seems to be not aware of how serious the situation is……”

“We know. But we still have to believe.”

Elsword calmly expressed his opinion.

“Big Brother Add will never let all the time we’ve spent together go to waste.”

“Gosh…… seriously.”

Aisha gave a very long sigh but nodded in the end. She knew better than anyone else it was impossible to dissuade Elsword once he made up his mind.

“Well fine. Add, since D disappeared, the control over space-time should have transferred over to you. You should have to right to open the gate. Now, the method is to apply space formulas to the Space-Time Wormhole……”

Aisha changed her mind and started a long explanation. She almost seemed like a teacher giving lecture to a student.

“Ms.Aisha, you’re just like a teacher!”

“I’m not doing this because I want to. It will be even more problem if Add made a mistake in opening the gate.”

After finishing listening to Aisha’s explanation, Add calculated the necessary formulas and prepared to commence the opening of the Space-Time Gate. Under normal circumstances, it should have taken more time to apply the time formulas to the space formulas he usually used, but the foresight ability helped immensely to speed up the process.

Dark orb started to appear above in the sky again. The orb that originally had the size of a coin quickly grew to become large as a person’s hand. Add who was waiting for it to become large enough for a person to pass through turned his gaze around.

There were words he had to say.

“Ara, about Eun……”


Ara nodded quietly. Add wanted to say that Eun couldn’t come back, that they could only end this Time War because of her sacrifice. But he couldn’t.

Ara’s face was as if she already understood everything. Saying any unnecessary words would only hurt her more.

“……I’ll take responsibility.”

“For Ara?”

“……What kind of nonsense are you saying?”

Add gave a sharp glare at Elesis who said something weird. Elesis who didn’t look too well spoke with a face devoid of smile.

“Didn’t you say you’ll take responsibility for Ara?”

“Stop saying something weird! I was saying I’ll be responsible for turning time back!”

“But you should also take responsibility for Ara.”

Add’s heart sank from Eve’s icy indication. He wanted to change the topic but Elesis didn’t look like she wanted to stop.

“And you should also take responsibility for me.”


She’s joking right? But there was no smile on Elesis’ face.

“Why? Do you need an explanation?”

“……I’ll do the best I can.”

He had to take responsibility for Elesis turning her back on the El Search Party and becoming D’s knight. That’s how Add understood Elesis’ words but there was someone who understood it differently.

“Big Brother Add, what kind of relationship do you have with Big Sis?”

Elsword urged for an answer with a stern expression. Add muttered from Elsword’s attitude as if he wouldn’t back out until he heard the answer.

“Why is everyone doing this to me?”

“It’s because everyone likes you, Add.”


Add’s face turned bright red from hearing Rena’s words. Of course, Rena’s words probably meant as comrades. But…… even that was embarrassing!

Everyone’s attention was focused on him as if waiting for his answer. Add forced himself to speak because the atmosphere was forcing him to say something.

“J-Just because you said something like that……”

“Your face is all red.”

“He’s embarrassed, Ms.Aisha.”

Add who had been stuttering gripped his fists tightly then turned his head away. But he still couldn’t hide his ears that had become red as well.

Rena spoke playfully.

“We all like Add, but who does Add like the most?”

“Who would it be?”

“Isn’t it Elsword?”

Why is Chung saying something absurd like that? Add wanted to run away from this strange discussion with him as the main topic. He didn’t understand why this Space-Time Gate was opening so slowly.

Elesis concluded the peaceful discussion.

“There seems to be various opinions but wouldn’t Eve be the person that Add likes the most? They are still holding hands after all.”

Add quickly tried to let go of Eve’s hand from hearing this but Eve held his hand even more tightly instead. Add was surprised from Eve’s action that seemed to be saying she won’t allow him to let go.

But what Eve said as a response to the others was plain simple.

“Sorry, but I don’t like Add. Only humans have that kind of feeling.”


Add was at a loss for words from her stern declaration. It was such Eve-like remark…… but it wasn’t something he wanted to hear from Eve’s mouth.

Although he was still impressed by Eve’s Nasodness…..

“But I do trust him deeply.”

Like I said……

“Because he’s my comrade who has been together with me until now and will be together with me from now on as well.”


Add had his head down when he heard the voice coming from avoid his head. He shut his mouth tightly from something unexplainable surging up from within him…… Only thought he had was that he didn’t know how he should answer.

Add who had been struggling in search for an answer for a while barely managed to open his mouth.



Eve’s answer was simple as usual…… But that was enough. Add slowly settled his emotions as he let go of Eve’s hand.

Although regrettably, Eve allowed him to let go this time.

Add looked above his head. Space-Time Gate became large enough for a person to pass through.

“Then…… I’ll be going.”

“Let’s see each other again, Big Brother Add.”

Elsword smiled maturely. Aisha sighed.

“I’m warning you, don’t mess it up. I’ll get seriously angry if you mess it up this time.”

“We’ll be counting on you, Add.”

Raven continued after Rena.

“We’ll be waiting.”

“Come back safely, Mr.Add.”

Then Ara spoke after Chung.

“Be careful and come back safely, Mr.Add.”

“Then goodbye for now, my prince.”

He wanted to ignore Elesis’ cold parting words……. Ran and Helputt also left their parting words.

“I don’t want to expect too much…… but I’ll still be hopeful.”

“I hope that the Time War will truly end this time.”

Add jumped on his Dynamos after receiving everyone’s parting words. Then Eve’s calm words were heard as he was about to fly up to the Space-Time Gate.

“I believe that you’ll make the right choice, Add.”


Add didn’t know how to answer…… so he just snorted then flew up towards the Space-Time Gate.


To restore the broken world back to normal.


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    Im really anticipating the next chapter
    what add gonna now after he enter gate
    and are the minor and major things that he will fix there?

    • So that means Add is Aisha’s Rival in Love?
      Maybe next there won’t be a war of Time but a war of Love. (I know there won’t be a next time… I’m like TT. Just like TT.)

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