Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Chapter 2 Page 153~165 (Chapter Complete)


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Elesis was dying.

Her wounds opened every time she moved and blood got spilt. But her head was becoming clearer in contrast.

“Condition perfect…. But I can’t head out.”

Elesis smiled bitterly then held her sword in short reach to get rid of the shock wave that was trying to tear her apart. The Devil scowled then fired more shockwaves. Elesis couldn’t move because she was busy nullifying those attacks.

The Devil asked boringly while attacking.

“Why are you only defending?”

The Devil will regain his control over space and time if Elesis only stalled for time…… her injuries were getting worse just by moving so she was basically killing herself by confronting him. But even though Elesis was continuing to fight by burning away her life, she didn’t show any signs of impatience.

Elesis spoke out of the blue after getting rid of three Void Impacts at once.

“Come to think of it D, you’ve never killed me before.”

“You have bad memories.”

It hasn’t been too long since the Devil executed Elesis for treason. But Elesis gave a vague smile in response.

“The way you talk now is strangely similar to Add.”


The Devil swung his arm in a fit of bad mood and caused a shapeless shockwave around him. Elesis read the invisible attack by instinct and jumped back lightly to dodge.

“……What are you thinking?”

“That was a trap.”

It had been a perfect situation for Elesis to approach the Devil using the aerial jump attack from before…… but she merely jumped and dodged.

The Devil stopped attacking because he couldn’t understand.

“What are you planning, Elesis? Chances of you winning decreases the more you stall for time.”

The shockwave the Devil caused just now was an obvious trap, but it should have been a very enticing bait for Elesis. Elesis smiled beamingly then shook her head.

It was a gentle smile she rarely showed after turning her back on Elrios and became D’s knight.

“My prince always pretends to be coldhearted but isn’t.”

“……I’m the king of time. No, I’m the king of space and time now.”

The Devil couldn’t comprehend this situation even while exchanging conversations. Wouldn’t one fight desperately if their life was going to end?

But Elesis was just passively defending.

Maybe she was hoping something from Elsword? But Elsword was facing the Angel’s swift movements with brute strength.

It was a tight battle, no abnormalities there.

“There’s no one who can judge me. No…… maybe you’re an exception.”

The Devil cancelled his own words then frowned. Unlike Raven,Helputt and others that submitted due to despair and overwhelming power difference, Elesis had joined him because she understood his feelings.

Although they became enemies at the end, he couldn’t deny that he treated her specially.

“And you? You’re being unusual too, smiling like that. Wasn’t it your way to cut first than think later once you held up your sword?”

“It wasn’t always like that before. Long before.”

The knight who was on the verge of death and the Devil stopped fighting and exchanged conversations.

“Is it because I’m about to die? I remember the old times.”

Elesis smiled bitterly.

“Very long ago, when Eve still had emotions.”


“Everyone said it wasn’t your fault but you didn’t listen. And that’s why things turned out like this.”

She wasn’t blaming or scolding the Devil. She didn’t have the right to since she never stopped and merely watched Add turn into D.

“Although this might sound bland….. I know how you feel.”

“Stop already if all you’re going to do is talk about the past.”

Even while answering coldly, the Devil’s gaze was chasing the Angel who was fiercely pressuring Elsword. The Devil seemed to be trying to seek something from her face, but shook his head in the end.

“I’m done talking about the past.”

“Then shall we talk about the now?”

Blood that trickled down Elesis’ legs was making a pool of blood on the ground but her voice was same as always. No, it was much brighter than usual.

The Devil frowned from this abnormality but listened to her quietly. He had nothing to lose anyways and also……

“You can’t be coldhearted in the end, D.”

“Is that a compliment? or…….”

“I’m saying you’re too soft.”

Elesis looked at the Devil sympathetically. She didn’t look like someone who was dying.

“You became incomparably stronger after conquering time…… but at the same time ended up becoming separated from space-time and became unable to properly influence the current time. Not only that, but there was never a time when you were in proper danger amongst those countless repeating times.”


“After you became the Prince of Time, you had never been in real danger.”

Just like Elesis said, today was the first time the Dimension Distortion barriers surrounding the Devil had broken. The Devil placed his hand on his forehead then glared at Elesis who was seemingly speaking randomly.

“Are you trying to buy time with idle chatter……”


The Devil’s face froze when Elesis kept smiling bitterly. That’s right, something was strange.

Elesis was…… stalling for time.

She didn’t come to attack him and only defended. Then she was bringing up old stories to keep the Devil occupied.

That was her goal.

“See? You’re not coldhearted at all. Just because I’m not attacking first even though I’m dying, you’re not going out of your way to finish me off. You didn’t want to finish me off if you didn’t have to, am I right? You were reluctant about it. Since, just like you said, you’ll win if you waited just a bit longer. You don’t want to kill me for the second time.”

It was just like she said. The Devil determined that Elesis was critically wounded and wasn’t a threat. That’s why he didn’t put serious effort to end her life.

The Devil’s gaze headed towards Elesis’ blood drenched clothes.

“You, could it be……”

Although there was no way to recover properly from injuries received from the Devil and the Angel, that bleeding was still unnatural. It wouldn’t be that bad if she at least covered up the wounds with bandages.

The Devil’s eyes shook after realizing everything.

Elesis was…… stalling for time by even consuming her own life! Even showing all that blood loss was to shake the Devil’s heart.

“What are you aiming for……?”

“There’s only one thing that someone who throws themselves into a fight wants.”

Elesis withdrew her smile then replied coldly.

“It’s victory.”

“Freezing Arrow!!”

In that moment, arrow that was glowing with blue light came flying aiming for the Devil’s back. The Devil became surprised but quickly dodged.

Dimension Distortion Barrier was gone now, he couldn’t allow himself to get hit!


But Raven’s blade flew in aiming for his face as if it was waiting for him to dodge the arrow. The Devil quickly fired a Void Impact to counter but Raven didn’t defend and thrusted with his blade.


Normal people would defend if they were going to be attacked. But Raven was waving his blade disregarding his own safety.

D became impatient and quickly tried to dodge with Reverse Circle then turned his head around.


Elesis was gathering large amount of demonic energy in her sword. This was a three-pronged attack, was Elesis stalling for time in order to launch this cooperative attack with Raven and Rena?

It was dangerous, should he dodge?

“……Don’t make me laugh!!”

Even though he became startled by the unexpected situation, he was the King of Time, no the King of Time and Space!

The Devil read the trajectory of Raven’s blade and temporarily opened a Dimension Distortion Barrier in that location. It shouldn’t hold Raven’s blade for long but it still bought him small time.


“How dare you pull this cheap trick!”

The Devil urgently used the shockwave of his voice to throw Elesis away. Voice is a wave that gets transferred through space, the Devil’s control over time was so transcendental that he could perform this kind of abnormality to space.

Elesis got pushed back far and Ejection Buster got cancelled.

Immediately, the Devil didn’t even aim properly and fired Energy Bomb towards Rena. He could hear Rena who had been trying to fire her next arrow quickly dodge to the side. After taking care of two people, the Devil threw a kick towards Raven who was about to launch a blade thrust again.

Raven hadn’t expected D to respond with physical combat, but he still calmly blocked the kick with his Nasod Arm. But the Devil used that to his advantage and jumped into the air by stepping on the Nasod Arm then opened a dimension gate above him.

Quadruple Stardust Shower, no one could withstand these wide barrage of gravity orbs.

“Who do you think I am!!?”

“……Black Density!”

Purple demonic energy swept over the dimension gate that was about to open then forced it to close. Even though the Devil was at a loss for words from his Stardust Shower becoming cancelled, he understood what had happened. Those that were once El Search Party or demon generals could nullify Add and D’s shockwave and space related attacks.

They could because the Devil taught them how to.

To play the dice game, demons should be able to defend against Add’s attacks up to certain extent. He had to grant them at least that much power to prevent them from getting defeated by Add.

“How dare you……”

He basically strangled his own neck by teaching them. The Devil stood on his Dynamos in midair then turned his enraged gaze towards Ran.

“Challenging me when you know the difference between our strengths? Are you insane?!”


Ran didn’t reply and grabbed his blade tightly. Even though he knew how to nullify D’s attacks, he wasn’t a match for D in terms of sheer amounts.

The Devil fired 10 consecutive Void Breakers trying to shatter Ran’s entire body. It was an attack one could see coming but was impossible to block due to not having enough hands.


But Helputt ran in and waved his cannon to destroy some of the Void Breakers aimed at Ran. Ran also waved his blade so all 10 Void Breakers got nullified.

But that just enraged the Devil even more. He was going easy on them and now they were trying crawl up too far.

“If 10 is not enough, then I’ll fire 100……”


But then, Ara jumped up with a clear shout. The Devil was flying 7 meters in the air, it was a height Ara couldn’t reach normally even if she knew windwalk technique. She had jumped up even higher right now by stepping on Chung’s cannon.

Ara’s spear drew an arc as it smashed down on the Devil’s head. The Devil opened up a temporary Dimension Distortion Barrier just like he did with Raven’s attack……

“Falling Dragon!!”


But his body plummeted to the ground! The energy Ara emitted had transferred the shock across the barrier. There was no direct damage to his body, but he couldn’t stop himself from falling to the ground.


The Devil shouted in pain after gracelessly falling to the ground. The shock from the fact that he got completely toyed around by the continuous attacks, and that his plan of purging them all leisurely from the air was foiled made him unable to stand up from a moment.


But staying down only meant death. The Devil urged himself to stand up but found that the attacks against him had unexpectedly stopped. The Devil pulled his body up while feeling confused then realized the reason.

The Angel who had been fighting Elsword had come back and was standing between him and his enemies.


The Devil’s face as he looked at her back suddenly turned into an agonized scowl. The Devil walked up to the Angel then grabbed her shoulder. He tried to push her to the back…… but failed.

She was heavy because she was a Nasod, and couldn’t be moved with his physical strength.

“Stop doing something stupid and stay back.”

Of course, the Angel didn’t even pretend to listen. She didn’t listen even though she had the ability to communicate and make decisions.

The Devil was frowning when a bold voice was heard from in front of him.

“……Surrender, Big Brother.”

Everyone with Elsword standing in the front were aiming their weapons against him. Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve, Chung, Ara, Elesis and even Ran and Helputt.

Everyone was his enemy now.

“Karis is dead…… and the rest betrayed? No one listens even though I’ll grant the time they want.”

No one answered and only enflamed their wills to fight. Was it Elesis’ plan to stall for time so they could create a moment where everyone could launch a combination attack?

The Devil looked bitterly at Elesis for a moment then slowly folded his hands into fists.

“Surrender? Why would I ever surrender? I’ll completely conquer space and time soon. You’re the ones who are at a disadvantage by wasting time with idle chatter! Just come at me, you idiots!”

6 space-time orbs formed around the Devil’s body as he hollered in anger.

“Maximum Strike!”

It didn’t matter if he was left alone, he’ll destroy them all! But then…… even though he didn’t expect her to, the Angel standing beside him moved as well.

“Thousand Star.”

Light and Darkness gathered at one place and emitted such a powerful pressure that it increased the tension in the enemies of the Devil and Angel.

An empty laugh broke that silence.

“Kukukukuk, Kahahahahaha!!!”

The Devil shook with laughter.

A knight he trusted more than anyone else and the subordinates he persuaded all betrayed him.

Even someone who understood his feelings, and everyone else, they didn’t follow him to the end even though he promised he’ll grant them everything they wanted.

He was now fitting to be called a god but there was no one left beside him.

He only had one person left, and that was the Angel who remained by his side even though she lost her emotions because of his stupidity. She was only a residue of what he truly wanted…… but she was such a suiting partner for him who had fallen to despair and ruin.

The Devil who had been laughing loudly for a while stopped laughing at once then declared coldly. This time, with a serious intent to kill.

“Fine! I’ll destroy everything! I’ll destroy everything and build it all over again!!”

“Everyone, let’s go!!”

The Devil declared and Elsword shouted in response. It was finally time for everything to end.


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  1. All of El Party except Add are in 2nd job already right? I wonder if there would be the scene in which Elboy, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve, Ara, Chung simultaneously use HA and DE also uses Paranoia in return. (tho I’m quite sure it would never happen)

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