Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Chapter 2 Page 136~153


Victory or defeat will be determined by who falls first between Add and the Devil. Elsword instinctively realized this and rushed to face the Devil…… but there was an unexpected obstacle in his way.

“Energy Needles.”

Along with the Angel’s emotionless declaration, countless electric spears flew towards Elsword. Elsword quickly raised his great sword to cover his body but each strike was heavy and difficult to withstand. Not only that, but spears had a homing feature because they kept chasing after Elsword even if he dodged.

“Eve!! Stop this!!”

But the fact that was troubling Elsword the most was that the Angel blocking his path was Eve. Although this Eve from a different time, she wasn’t someone Elsword could fight without hesitation. Eve was an important friend to Elsword after all.

Elsword begged while withstanding the electric spears battering his sword.

“Don’t involve yourself in this battle!”

“Talking to her is no use.”

An empty voice rang in the air then Elsword’s body suddenly became frozen. The Devil had activated Void Field to tie him down. Elsword couldn’t even move his mouth due to the overwhelming pressure that felt like his body was getting crushed.

The Devil shrugged dejectedly after immobilizing Elsword.

“This isn’t Eve you know. She’s just a broken doll that stopped functioning properly after losing her emotion.”


Elsword had many words he wanted to say to rebuke the Devil but his mouth didn’t move. The Devil looked at the Angel with a gaze filled with indescribable emotion.

But the Angel only stared forwards whether she was being watched or not.

“It seems her only feature is to counterattack against those that are hostile to me…… So she didn’t activate because I was never in danger?”

Condition for the Angel to reactivate was for D to come into danger.

By strange twist of fate, the condition had never been fulfilled because D was such a powerful existence. The Devil shook his head dejectedly.

“Yes, I was seriously insane after all…… All of that just to see this again…”

The Devil smiled weakly as he stroked the Angel’s cheek.

“Just to see this……”

The Devil closed his eyes while letting out an empty sigh.

The one single moment he longed to see for all this time had finally arrived. But rather than being purely glad…… agony came first.

Agony that he wasn’t satisfied with just this.

“Well, the Devil is never satisfied……”

Becoming emotional about Eve reactivating only lasted for a short time. Disappointment that she was merely a doll without proper consciousness was greater. No, it wasn’t that she didn’t have any consciousness. She did have ability to make decisions judging from how she counterattacked after witnessing Elsword’s attack, then stopping her attack when Elsword was immobilized.

In the end, it was emotion that was missing. Heart that the Angel lost couldn’t be recovered again.

“Then will you listen to my orders?”


Her complete ignorance was such an Eve-like response that the Devil couldn’t help but to laugh emptily.

“Seriously, what am I doing……”

The Devil who had been shaking his head narrowed his eyes then looked in front. The Devil’s Void Field had disappeared. It wasn’t that Elsword broke out on his own or that the Devil’s power ran out. The Devil could keep the Void Field open for days if he wanted to.

Elesis pulled out the sword she had stabbed on the ground. Spilt blood dyed the ground with every movement she made.

One couldn’t recover normally if the Devil and Angel’s attacks injured them since the two were existences separate from this time and space.

“You’ll die if you push yourself further in that state.”

“I already died once.”

“……Big Sis.”

Elsword who was now free thanks to Elesis spoke worriedly. Anyone could tell that Elesis was in a very bad condition.

But Elesis didn’t complain and spoke while only looking at her foe.

“Look forward Elsword, enemy is still in front of us.”


“Even if I die, even if anyone else dies, we have to defeat the Devil right now.”

Elesis spoke forcedly with a pale face.

“You must if you really want to stop one person from selfishly changing everyone’s time like you believe.”


Elesis’ decision couldn’t be changed. Elsword stared at Elesis very regrettably then finally turned his gaze forwards.

He determined that today might be the first and last time he will fight side by side with his sister as knights.

“You should know you can’t win.”

The Devil made a tired sigh then closed his eyes. It was a gesture as if he couldn’t bare to watch any longer.

“I can feel the time that had been rewound returning to the present. I’ll regain my control over time and space soon. And now……”

The Devil momentarily pondered for choice of words while looking at the Angel beside him.

“I even have this doll to help me. Even if all of you came at us together, you can’t beat the two of us.”

“Eun isn’t here anymore.”

Elesis said this out of the blue then turned her gaze towards the Angel.

“And Eve is moving again.”

“……What are you saying?”

“This is the last battle, D. There’s no need to hold back.”

The Devil’s face froze. Elesis had accurately caught how the Devil was reluctant about taking Elesis’ life again.

When the Devil didn’t answer, Elesis collected his breath then held her sword in battle stance.

“Then…… let’s finish this Elsword.”


Last battle that the siblings fought together for the first time began.


Aisha lost her control over space and couldn’t bring forth her possibilities anymore. Not only that, she couldn’t even use her mana properly due to the side-effect of losing her power.

“But it’s still more than enough to take care of you!”

Aisha fired spells repeatedly towards True Karis. True Karis was managing to block them with her scythe and dodging but she was internally feeling uneasy.

“Just how……”

Aisha was the Dimension Princess who used to be at almost equal level to D, but wasn’t she weakened now? In contrast, Karis herself was granted more power by D. But facing Aisha was making Karis break a cold sweat.

Aisha snapped while True Karis caught her breath after barely dodging series of lightings, flames and blizzards.

“How long are you going to run away, True Karis?”


True Karis scoffed. D’s side advantageous as more time passed so she didn’t need to go all out. True Karis would contribute significantly to their victory by holding down Aisha who was one of the most powerful individuals in the El Search Party.

Although Aisha was still quite powerful after losing her control over space, it was still too much for her to assist with other fights while ignoring True Karis. Not just that, but True Karis was probably the strongest amongst the enemies minus the Devil and Angel so she had to be kept in check.

Aisha muttered in frustration from not being able to make any progress.

“How lame. Did you get the position of general by just acting pretty?”

“Watch what you say……”

“But isn’t it true? You seem to have gotten stronger so I tried to fight you for real but all you’re doing is retreating. By the way, why did you change into such a vulgar outfit?”

True Karis couldn’t ignore the insults being thrown at her anymore.

“What? Vulgar?”

“Unless the definition of that word changed while you were running away, I think you heard me right. Ah, could it be that you lost so much clothing because you weren’t confident in your face? I apologize if that’s the case. I must have hurt your feelings.”


How dare she! Karis frowned in rage. But Aisha’s insults were only getting started.

“Come to think of it, you dyed your eyes black? My gosh, were you trying to copy D? Did you really think that was cool? That’s totally not appropriate for a lady no matter how much fashion sense you lack. You could have at least asked me for advice.”

“You, if you don’t shut up……”

“Ah, sorry. Actually, I don’t think it would have helped even if I gave you advices. Even Elsword should have more learning ability than washed up demon granny.”

“……Death Strike!!”

True Karis’ boiling rage finally exploded as Death Strike flew across the room.

But Aisha smiled in satisfaction in that moment.

“How stupid…… Lightning Bolt!!”

Defending and attacking at the same time in a battle was very difficult. Death Strike was certainly a powerful attack, but it left that much of an opening in defense!


True Karis was shocked when Aisha didn’t dodge and counterattacked. She had attacked first because she was so enraged, but thinking about it now, wasn’t her enemy the strongest magician in Elrios? No matter how much Karis powered up, was Aisha an enemy she could attack so carelessly?


True Karis quickly opened her wings and tried to run away but the blue lighting piercing through the Death Strike and flying towards her was faster.


True Karis shook while screaming in pain after getting hit directly by the lightning.

She landed a critical hit so it was all over. Aisha tried to turn away when she realized something was wrong.

Countless Death Strikes falling towards her had not disappeared. They should normally disappear when the caster was defeated……


True Karis had not been killed after getting hit directly by the lightning!! Smoke was coming off True Karis as she covered her body with her four wings. Her injuries were significant but she was still alive.

True Karis had indeed become stronger and Aisha had put that into account…. But Aisha didn’t take the fact that she became weaker into her calculation!!


Boom! Boom!! It was Aisha’s turn to scream. There was no way for her to dodge the falling Death Strikes. Teleport was impossible in this throne room so she had to dodge with her own feet…… but magicians weren’t known for being able to take hits.

And it wasn’t just any attack, it was the strongest attack of True Karis after being powered up by D. Even Aisha was in danger if she were to get hit by this!


Aisha tried to endure after being swept up by the explosion. Normal human would have died instantly, but she could at least hold out shortly by enveloping her body with mana.

But this had its limits so she wasn’t sure if she could hold out for more than a minute.

Aisha who had been holding out in the middle of the storm of Death Strikes gripped her staff strongly. She’ll die for sure if she kept defending like this, she had to do something.

Just when Aisha resolved herself to push herself to utmost limits and take down Karis in an attempt stop the Death Strikes, unexpected interference happened.

“Atomic Shield!”

Eve had run in after realizing Aisha’s danger and guarded her from the bombardment. But Atomic Shield wasn’t invincible so it started to crack after five Death Strikes. It certainly didn’t look like it will last long. Aisha who had been gathering mana spoke resolutely.

“I’ll finish off True Karis. Take down the shield and escape quickly, Eve!”

“I refuse.”

Aisha stared dumbstruck at Eve’s pompous refusal. It was a situation where she was refusing to escape from a falling building. But Eve was level-headedly focusing on repairing the shield.

Even so…. the speed that the shield was cracking was faster.

“Eve, withdraw the shield and escape!”

“I said I refuse, Aisha.”

Eve declared sharply.

“I couldn’t stop Ara from getting hurt. I don’t want to make the same mistake again.”

Eve’s permission was needed to leave the Atomic Shield. But Aisha breaking the shield herself was a stupid choice as well. Aisha gathered more mana while trying to suppress her uneasiness.

The shield will certainly break, she had to take True Karis down in that final crucial moment. But as she gathered mana, she couldn’t help but to ask.

“Why are you being so stubborn? Elsword will be sad if you die!”

“Then do you think Elsword wouldn’t be sad if you were to die?”


Even while still gathering mana, Aisha was surprised by such non-Evelike response. Aisha hadn’t interacted too much with Eve after separating with the El Search Party.

She couldn’t even recall the last time she spoke with Eve.

Eun and Elesis had accepted their circumstances and focused only on defeating D…… but Aisha couldn’t accept her situation so cleanly.


The reason for D claiming the title of King of Time and causing the Time War was because of his obsession with Eve.

It was because she lost her emotions.


Of course, the Angel wasn’t at fault. She acted for sake of the El Search Party and contributed even to the point of giving up her emotion circuit. Aisha knew this in her head…… but she couldn’t stay so positive when this painful and lonely battle repeated hundreds… millions of times.

Aisha suddenly recalled she had been avoiding Eve because this kind of feeling of hers would get found out.

And when Aisha finally came face to face with Eve after all this time, she was asked a question that she never imagined.

“I don’t know in detail but I know that you were our comrade as well. And…. the El Search Party never abandons comrades.”

“W-why did you mention Elsword then?!”

“You mentioned him first.”

Aisha’s face turned red at the obvious indication. As she turned away, cracked Atomic Shield that was on the verge of breaking came into her view. Moby was desperately repairing it, but it was already at its limits.

“……It won’t hold out anymore.”

“It’s fine. We’ll win.”

Aisha became confused at Eve’s words. Eve was a Nasod. She wouldn’t say something without a basis.

But this shield will now break…… and the two of them wouldn’t even last 10 seconds when that happens.


True Karis smiled triumphantly as she saw that the Atomic Shield was on the verge of breaking.


She had a huge advantage now. On second thought, Aisha didn’t have particularly strong defenses either.

Her attacks were ridiculously strong but she was a magician in the end. She was a glass cannon.

Of course, True Karis’ condition wasn’t too good either. Electric current was still flowing in her body and her body temperature didn’t show signs of dropping…… She might end up dead if she allowed one more hit from Aisha.

“That’s why, I’ll stomp you to death like this!”

It was obvious that Aisha was thinking the same thing as True Karis inside that shield. This was a sudden death match where landing one more hit would decide the fight. Side that allowed themselves to get hit will die.

True Karis carefully continued the downpour of Death Strike. She would have preferred to be up and close to her enemy in close quarters combat, but even the ever so proud True Karis knew that even a slightest error now could mean the end.

“Ahahaha!! Die! Die! Die!!”

True Karis could see the shield’s protective radius decreasing down below. She smiled satisfyingly from the victory that was close at hand…… but then realized something was strange.

She saw that Atomic Shield before…… and the speed it was breaking from her Death Strike was faster than last time.


Of course, it must be because she became stronger from D’s power. But it felt strange to determine that this was correct.

True Karis looked around the battlefield from feeling uneasy then saw something horrifying. Two men in full body armors were aiming their weapons directly at her.

“Wait a moment……”

Rain of cannon fire flew towards True Karis even before she got to speak. True Karis quickly flew to dodge the cannonballs but she had to stop the Death Strike because of this.

“Helputt, you betrayed us?! Now? Are you insane?”

True Karis was too shocked to be even angry. D will open the Space-Time Gate soon so why would he betray now?

But there was no time to chat.


Ara jumped up from behind True Karis and swung her spear. True Karis quickly waved her scythe to block but got pushed back from the force of the impact.


True Karis plummeted to the ground but immediately forced herself to stand up. There was almost no one in the El Search Party that could fly so staying in the air was more advantageous for her. She’d get destroyed immediately if she stayed on the ground!

“I won’t let you escape, Karis!”

But Ara closed in quickly and stabbed with her spear consecutively. True Karis had no choice but to give up flight and block immediately. Only good thing for True Karis at this point was that others couldn’t interfere because she was fighting too close to Ara.

Ara might get caught up if they attacked carelessly.


In that case, let’s give up on flight! True Karis changed her mind then closed in on Ara. Those idiots couldn’t join in because they were afraid of hurting Ara. She had to make use of their softness!

“How dare you challenge me, weakling!!”


Ara started to get pushed back when True Karis started her offense seriously. Ara could have handled normal Karis on equal grounds but True Karis was on a totally different level.

If you only counted physical might, she was stronger than Ran! No, strongest amongst demons!! With each slash of True Karis’ scythe, Ara’s arm shivered and blood got split from the cuts she received.

“Ara, pull out!!”

Aisha shouted impatiently from noticing Ara’s danger. Aisha was too specialized in magics that destroyed everything in a large area…… she couldn’t do much to help if they were fighting that close together.

“You think I’ll let you?! I’ll win if I can just stall for time anyways!”

True Karis stuck close to Ara when she attempted to pull back. But Ara held her spear in short reach then twirled around to strike as if she was waiting for True Karis to come close. True Karis became internally surprised from the fierce attack as she pulled her body back to dodge.

“……Do you really think you can take me on by yourself?”

“Of course, Karis!”

True Karis mocked when Ara’s fighting spirit didn’t diminish even though she was obviously losing.

“You couldn’t beat me when your home town was turned into a sea of blood…… So what’s making you so confident now? Did you become even stupider since the last time I saw you?”

“She’s confident because of this.”

True Karis gasped from the voice that came from behind Ara then quickly stepped back. Giant shadow appeared and slashed at the spot she had been.

True Karis shouted with a face of disbelief.

“Ran! Even you?!”

“We’ll take down Karis first, Ara.”

Ran didn’t respond and rushed in while mixing blade and shadow claw attacks. He was trying to not give True Karis any time to take flight. True Karis knew this too but she had no choice but to focus on defending because Ran’s attacks were too fierce.

And Ara’s spear was pushing in from the side. True Karis had to accept her losses and dodge, this came at the cost of her chest getting scratched widely by the shadow.

Karis shouted in despair as she was pushed into a corner.

“Ran!! Just why? Why are you betraying D and me now?!”

“My objective was different from yours from the start.”

Ran answered stiffly then made a wide swing with his blade.

“Black Destiny!!”

Powerful wave of demonic energy rushed forwards. True Karis knew that it was all over if she was caught by this so she flew up immediately…… but she was struck by the cannon fire from Chung and Helputt that had been waiting for the right timing.


Due to the unusual combination of Ran, Helputt and Chung’s attacks, True Karis ended up getting caught by the Black Destiny. Terrifying demonic energy scratched and tore her apart.

But even through the pain of her body getting torn apart, True Karis gritted her teeth and waved her scythe.

“Don’t joke with me…… Know your place!! I’m the one who made you into a demon, Ran! How dare you betray me! I won’t forgive you! You cannot surpass me!”

“I was never thankful for it.”

Ran spoke coldly then blocked True Karis’ scythe. True Karis crazily waved her scythe. Only her desire to kill Ran remained now that her body was burnt and broken.


No matter how strong Ran was, it was too much for him to block True Karis’ attacks especially when she wasn’t caring for her own safety anymore. True Karis made a lunatic smile from hearing Ran grunt in pain.

“I can’t die alone, not alone! You have to die too, Ran!”


Ara rushed in to help her brother. True Karis sensed this distraction and waved her scythe with an enormous force.

“Ran’s sister! I’ll kill you too!”

While hearing True Karis’ malicious scream, numerous thoughts flashed by Ara’s mind as she dashed in.

True Karis was powerful. Even Ran couldn’t handle her alone. Not only that, she was burning out all her strength from being at the verge of death right. There was no way Ara could win by facing her directly.

But she couldn’t dismiss her brother’s crisis. She’ll clash directly and win. Directly…….but how? How could she possibly beat such a powerful attack…..?


Ara gasped suddenly in realization then threw herself towards True Karis’ scythe while holding her spear up in a slant. True Karis was about to scoff from the act of willingly coming to die but then opened her eyes widely in surprise.

“Counter Switch!”

Ara shifted her spear’s center of weight miraculously to make the scythe flow by to her side. It was a skill that made use of the principle that even the fiercest of attacks couldn’t beat something soft.


When her attack missed and Ara closed in, True Karis gritted her teeth as she waved her arm. Her claws could easily tear apart normal human beings, but Ara wasn’t afraid in the slightest.


Ara waved her spear widely while flipping and dodging. Her movements were like a flower petal waving about in the wind, but one cannot snatch the falling flower petal with their hand!


Her movements were like a flower petal waving about in the wind, but one cannot snatch the falling flower petal with their hand!

Ara’s spear flew about like an uncatchable flower petal as it slashed across True Karis’s chest.


Karis gasped in shock then looked down to see that she was cut in the same place that Ran had cut before. She was blinking in disbelief then stared blankly at the people that got in her way.

Aisha, Eve, Chung, Helputt, Ara and Ran were watching her demise.

“……You’re all hecklers till the end.”

True Karis fell after leaving a resentful remark.


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