Windy’s Elsword Cartoon #111




4 thoughts on “Windy’s Elsword Cartoon #111

  1. welcome to why RNG drops are cancer in all games.
    on the flip side, if their gear sucks, they probably need the better loot anyway.

    catch 22: the ones who do the work deserve the reward . . . but the ones that can’t do the work actively need the reward, and will be put a step closer to properly contributing by getting it.
    the best system is to give the same thing(or chara/class equivalent) to everyone in the party if it drops. because in the end if it’s like that, then you can spot the ones who actually are leeches if they and you both get the loot and yet they still don’t contribute.

    thus I react to that third panel:
    >I don’t understand why they came if they need better gear
    because they need better gear, obviously.
    and also: >having time to stop and talk in mid-run
    how do people do this.

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