Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Chapter 2 Page 89~105


2.   Angel that lost her emotions and Devil that went insane


Gazes of everyone in the battlefield turned the moment a sudden white beam of light flew in and struck Elesis.

Ran and Helputt withdrew their weapons and turned around. True Karis also flew to a safe distance. Everyone’s gazes focused on one point amidst the abrupt silence.

Add gasped from the sight of the girl that landed beside the Devil. It was same no matter how many times he looked.

The one standing beside the Devil was Eve.

“……It’s me.”

Eve who was supporting Add and helping him with space coordinate calculations trailed her words. Add spoke gravely after confirming he wasn’t hallucinating.

“Just what is……”

“I’m not sure. I had no information that different forms of myself existed.”

There were vague hints of confusion mixed inside Eve’s voice. Her expression didn’t change but her hand that was supporting Add shook thinly.

Add unknowingly grabbed Eve’s hand tightly. He didn’t know what he should say but felt like he had to at least say something.

“I might be able to explain. That is……”

“Is that me in the future?”

Eve reached a level-headed conclusion despite still being overwhelmed by a feeling she couldn’t define clearly. Add was impressed by her cool-headedness as he nodded to acknowledge.

If D was Add’s future, then that pure white Eve should be current Eve’s future. But the atmosphere of that Eve was somewhat strange to conclude this guess. First of all….. why was Eve beside the Devil? According to Eun, didn’t Add turn into the Devil because he was too obsessed with Eve?

No…… In the first place, couldn’t the Devil just go back to the past if he had Eve’s core? Why was he going out of his way to open a Space-Time Gate?

Could it be that he couldn’t steal Eve’s core after all……?

“Don’t get any wrong ideas.”

The Devil answered coldly. He must have read Add’s thoughts from his expression.

“It’s not just the core that’s needed. Codes inside the core are needed as well. If the core is a hardware, then the code is a software. You should already know that both are needed.”


Did it mean that while this other Eve looked fine on the outside, she wasn’t fine on the inside? This other Eve who haven’t said a word since she appeared was indeed strange.

If original Eve stubbornly insisted that she had no emotions, this future Eve was completely in a different level.

Add and Eve were standing in front of her but this other Eve didn’t give them any attention. She didn’t even look at the Devil right beside her and only stared far out into the distance.

“Just what happened……?”

“She’s merely broken. To the point where she’s irreparable.”

The Devil spoke as if it was something trivial, but his expression looked strangely uncomfortable.

There exists a damage that even the Devil who possesses power to control time and space can’t repair?

No, how did such damage occur in the first place if such a powerful Devil was beside that Eve?


Add who was about to speak understood everything from the Devil’s expression suddenly. Although there were no words, the two man’s thoughts united in that one moment.

The order was different.

Eve didn’t end up like that after Add turned into the Devil. Eve ended up like that then Add turned into the Devil after.

“It was because of my selfishness. That’s all.”


The Devil slowly closed his eyes as if he didn’t want to mention the exact details. It was an overly relaxed attitude to show in front of his enemies, but both Add and Eve couldn’t bring themselves to attack the Devil at the moment.

The Devil’s voice contained that much of an overwhelming regret.

“I can’t forgive this failure. I can never leave such an error unfixed. Never……”

“So that’s why you did something like this……”

Add sighed in response but Eve asked as if she couldn’t understand.

“So why did you try to destroy me?”


Add wanted to know that as well but he didn’t ask before because it wasn’t a topic he wanted to talk about in Eve’s presence.

But Eve pressed for an answer as she looked straightly at the Devil.

“If that’s my future, then it should be my other possibility. So why were you trying to destroy me?”

“……I just needed some variables. That’s all.”

The Devil answered with his eyes still closed. Eve’s voice became even lower.

“Add, look at me and answer.”


“Add, look at me and talk.”

The Devil sighed as he shook his head.

“Don’t call me Add. I already have no wishes or right to be called that. I never cared for such thing in the first place. I threw all that away when I started the Time War.”

“You’ve been doing all of this because you were trying to fix me after I was broken?”

Eve abruptly poked at the truth, Add couldn’t do anything but to listen, and the Devil chose to keep silent. Add understood the truth despite there being no explanations.

Dice rolls. The act of D attacking Eve and the El Search party and overwhelming them was nothing more than data collection.

To search for a way to return that Eve to normal.

“Is that the truth of this broken world?” Eve continued to press for an answer.

“……How stupid.”

The Devil finally opened his eyes then sighed. The Devil looked strangely settled down compared to how arrogant and destructive he was acting before.

Was it because he saw future Eve activate again? Or was it because of this situation where he was being questioned by present Eve?

“I just wanted to obtain the time I wanted. I didn’t particularly do this because of you. Don’t get the wrong idea.”


“There’s no way I’d be interested in a Nasod that broke on her own while covering for me.”

The Devil’s words were extremely cold….. but there was complicated feeling of regret mixed inside his gaze as he looked at the future Eve.

Mad beast that had been running rampant had suddenly calmed down.


The Devil sighed as he slowly stretched his hand out towards Eve standing beside him.

“So it’s the Queen who comes to save the King when he’s in danger.”


Add understood by reasoning that this situation was dangerous. You could tell that this Eve was very powerful from how she stopped Elesis with a single strike. Add nervously calculated defensive formulas but the Devil’s face looked quite relaxed and peaceful right now.

It didn’t look like he will attack any time soon.

Amidst the silences, Ran and Helputt slowly backed out beside the Devil. Chung, Ara and Elsword supporting Elesis also naturally gathered around Add and Eve.


Elesis tried to speak but coughed out blood instead.

“Bis Sis! Don’t talk! Just rest for now! No, cut me! You can recover by doing that, right?!”

“I can’t use that to recover from those two’s attacks. That Eve is……”

Elesis had the ability to cut down her enemies and recover herself, but injuries received from the Devil and that white Eve was an exception. Two of their existences were against the natural law. It was the same principle as how you couldn’t recover from an injury received from a ghost with merely potions and bandages.

An empty voice finished what Elesis was about to say.

“An Angel.”


“She’s my Angel.”

The Devil laughed emptily as he slowly stroked Eve’s, no, according to him, the Angel’s face standing beside him.

His hand moved as if handling a precious doll. Eve who just got called an Angel had no reaction to the Devil’s touch. She showed completely no reaction except blinking occasionally…. You couldn’t see her as anything but a doll.


Eve was looking at the interaction between the Devil and the Angel with an extremely reluctant face. Add was……also surrounded by an indescribable feeling as he looked. He was battling seriously against despair, even disregarding his own health, then all of a sudden, it felt like he witnessed a compromising scene.

This scene of the Devil(Add in the end), touching the Angel(She’s Eve no matter how you look at her) dearly….. He didn’t get why everyone had to gather around and watch this uncomfortable scene.

Aisha clicked her tongue.

“To think she’d move in this situation. Didn’t she stop moving permanently, Prince of Time?”


The Devil’s hand that was dearly stroking the Angel’s hair stopped. Aisha narrowed her eyes then frankly spoke the truth.

“Reason behind this whole crisis was because Eve from that time whom you’re calling an Angel lost her emotions…..and stopped moving. So why is she moving now?”

“……Wait a moment.”

Eve intruded in on the conversation.

“Just what happened, Aisha?”

“That’s one of your possibilities. Battle-Type Nasod that lost her emotions and closed her heart.”

“I never had emotions from the start.”

Eve managed to leave a prudish remark despite still being in quite a turmoil. This sudden ceasefire, and the appearance of other Eve called ‘the Angel’ was consuming both sides in confusion.

Add frowned as the mood turned strange. The Devil didn’t look like he would start fighting any time soon. This whole situation could get dragged out needlessly.

“So what?”

Add could taste blood whenever he spoke. He didn’t know how long his damaged body would last so they had to finish this fight quickly.

Add smiled sinisterly so he would not lose to the gradual tides of pain coming over him.

“I don’t know if that’s Eve or something else but I get it now that it’s something unnatural. So you’ve been doing something this crazy merely so you could repair some broken Nasod?”


But wasn’t she still Eve? Ara warned Add carefully but he didn’t listen.

“And here I thought. Gosh….this is seriously stupid. It’s so unsightly…..”

Add twisted his lips.

“I still had some expectations since you’re my future and all but this is the truth? What you wanted to obtain by conquering Space and Time was…… merely repairing a single broken Nasod?”

“No, it’s still not perfect……”

The Devil who had been stroking the Angel’s face spoke in a low voice. It seemed, for the Devil, observing the Angel in front of him was more important than Add’s words or anything else going on around him.

“Once shut-down emotion circuit cannot be recovered. To return everything back to normal….. Space-Time has to be restructured.”

The Devil took his hand off the Angel while letting out a perplexed sigh. He then turned his gaze towards the El Search Party.

“But this is the first time she activated like this again. I’m overjoyed. Thank you for struggling to bring about this result, El Search Party.”

“Shut your mouth, it’s disgraceful.”

Add reprimanded sternly.

“We’ll resume the battle starting now. Everyone, blow away anything that stands in your way with everything you got.”

Then Add’s detailed battle instructions followed in a low voice so their enemies couldn’t hear. But everyone looked reluctant to fight.

Elsword who had been tending to Elesis’ wound carefully expressed his opinion.

“……Do we really have to Big Brother?”

“What else is there?”

Everyone had difficulties speaking out when Add replied coldly. Heat disappeared from the group that had been enflaming their fighting spirits even against their own family.

Although D was Add’s future self….. he was an evil they had to stop. Everyone had no hesitation regarding fighting D, but the story was different with the Angel, the newly appeared Eve.

They were……unsure now after hearing that the Devil’s reason for doing all of this was for Eve’s sake.

Wasn’t there a way they could settle this peacefully by talking? Did they really have to defeat those two by force? In such a manner?

This doubt was dwelling in everyone’s hearts despite no one speaking out directly.

“Don’t mind and resume combat. I’ll also do my best.”

Eve opened her mouth as if she read the group’s doubt. Ara who had been nervously looking at the Angel looked back in surprise.

“But that’s you, Ms.Eve! If we fight, you might be……”

“Why didn’t you worry about that when fighting D?”

Add spoke sarcastically. Defeating D who was Add’s future might bring harm to Add. It was an obvious consequence to think about. But wasn’t bringing that up now only after another Eve appeared a bit too harsh for Add?

Ara hastily shook her head after understanding what Add meant.

“No, Mr.Add! I don’t mean it’s okay for you to get hurt!”

Aisha started explaining in a sharp voice.

“Add and Eve won’t get hurt from fighting them. The Angel and the Devil are already existences separated from the timeline of this Space-Time. It won’t be wrong to say that they are ghosts. Those two can only exist physically inside this throne room. Of course, D, the Prince of Time can exert his power outside using other methods, but they are fundamentally ghosts that are bound to this place.”

“……So they are no different from lost spirits. That’s why they can exist despite being same entities.”

Aisha gave a cheeky response.

“They are lost spirits that have the qualification of opening the Space-Time gate, that are ever so close to an existence called god. Although it seems they lost their control over Space-Time thanks to you turning back the throne room’s time.”

Aisha spoke sternly then gripped her staff even tighter.

“We have no other choice anyways. They will try to open the Space-Time gate and restructure the universe….. and we have to stop them! No matter what!”

“……Yes, Aisha’s right.”

Elesis stood up while staggering. Elsword saw how Elesis was barely standing despite her injuries and quickly tried to support her.

“It’s fine, Elsword.”

Elesis shook her head then sighed after looking at the Angel.

“Eve who haven’t shown any reaction during the countless flow of time before…… is moving now for some reason. I don’t know the reason either, but today is the day when we end this long fight. We don’t have a choice to give up fighting.”


In contrast to how Ara was still hesitant, Elsword looked like he made up his mind because he spoke strongly.

“I’m reluctant but we cannot back down now!”

“Understood. I’ll take on my father.”

Chung also made up his mind. Aisha sent Chung a gaze as if she was proud of him then shrugged.

“Leave that stuck-up succubus to me. I’ll blow her away immediately.”

Ara sent a strange gaze to Add when everyone resolved themselves to fight.

Add frowned from Ara’s gaze that seemed to be pleading for something.

“Mr.Add, can I ask you just one thing?”

“……I refuse.”

He put the nail in the coffin since it felt like Ara was going to say something strange again. But Ara didn’t listen to him like the usual.

“If this fight ends, please make Ms.Eve happy.”


Hey, this isn’t the time to say something like that! Also, no matter how you think, the way you said it have so many ways of being misunderstood.

Of course……Add experienced enough of this overly soft-minded El Search Party to get a gist of Ara intentions when she said this.


Fighting against another Eve and D, after it was revealed that D was fighting to fix another Eve is painful = they are saying it’s fine to defeat the two of them but it still feels uncomfortable = So two of them should get together and be happy after the fight!


In contrast to Add who became frozen solid, Eve remained calm.

“Ara, I appreciate your thoughts but don’t impose something like that. I’m not too glad to hear it.”


“Everything can be decided after we fight without any regrets right now.”

Ara made a regretful sigh after Eve’s stern conclusion then she grabbed her spear and turned her gaze towards the enemies.

The Devil, now in command of Ran, Helputt, True Karis and the Angel beside him was quietly looking at the El Search Party. He could have easily taken the advantage by attacking first…… but it looked as if he waited on purpose.

“Time is passing……”

Or maybe he wanted this time to last even a slight moment longer.

The Devil murmured in a raspy voice then opened his eyes narrowly.

“It’s fine now. Things I never imagined are happening…… but I’ll clean up everything now.”

“……Let’s finish this, King of Time and Space.”

Immediately after Add’s reply, members from both sides ran in towards each other.

It was the final battle.



Even as the fierce battle for control of Space-Time was occurring, two people were completely apart from it all.

They were Raven and Rena.

Even when the Devil’s life almost ended, even when the Angel moved to reset the situation and the final battle ensued, Raven didn’t move.

He only had his eyes closed as he disregarded the situation.


Whether Add won or the Devil won….. Raven had no intention to get involved. He had no interest in the destiny of this universe.

Opinions of the original 9 member El Search Party became divided once Add turned into D and proclaimed himself as the King of Time.

There were 5 people that became aware of the broken world by D. Eun, Elesis, Aisha, Raven and……

Eun considered Add was the key to defeating D and tried to assist him during the course of endless Time War. Elesis considered Elsword’s growth as the answer and tried to promote Elsword’s growth. Aisha took control of space and stopped D from opening the Space-Time gate all by herself.

Although their methods differed, they all had the same desire of wanting to stop D. But…… Raven didn’t have such a thing.


So he merely watched. Fate of this universe didn’t matter to him. He’ll be satisfied long as he can protect the precious life in his arms right now……

Raven unconsciously added strength to his arms holding Rena then he suddenly flinched. Strange touch was moving down along his Nasod hand.

She smiled weakly when Raven looked down.

“……Since when did you?”

He had certainly made her lose consciousness. Raven wasn’t too adept at these types of skills, but the one he used on Rena was the one he learned specifically from D.

There had been no instances of Rena waking up in this situation before……

“It’s probably…… because Add turned back time.”

Turning back time didn’t end with just resurrecting those that were fallen. It turned back what happened into how they were before. Thus, Rena who fell unconscious returned to how she was before. Even her gravely injured arms and legs healed back to normal.

Raven who had been unknowingly meeting Rena’s perplexed gaze hastily tried to put his hand over Rena’s forehead. But Rena’s pretty hand covered over his hand.

“Don’t do it, Raven.”


“You shouldn’t do something like this.”

Her voice was gentle as if lecturing a child but her firm will was conveyed.

“Because Add turned back time….. I somewhat got a grasp on the whole situation. About how this isn’t the first time this happened. I still can’t quite believe it, but those nostalgic feelings apparently weren’t a dream.”


I never wished for you to know. Rena spoke carefully when Raven kept silent.

“Raven, I don’t know why you’re choosing to be a bystander to all this. But you must certainly have a good reason for it. Even so, I have to fight to help those kids.”


Raven spoke stubbornly. His Nasod hand’s gripped tighter as if not wanting to let Rena go. Rena let out a confused sigh.

“What are you afraid of?”


It was clear that Raven wasn’t siding with D for some simple reason. Rena asked regretfully.

“We can end all this fighting if you and Elesis…… No, if all of us combine our strengths.”

“It’s too dangerous.”

Rena unknowingly laughed at the simple but stern answer.

“It’s a fight, of course it will be dangerous. But if we don’t risk danger……”

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

Raven sighed. No matter what he said….. Rena won’t change her mind.

There was no way Rena would overlook the El Search Party when they were in danger.

That’s why Raven had used the method of making her unconscious until now…… but that won’t work anymore. The method Raven used took advantage of weakness in one’s heart. It won’t work on Rena now.

Raven shook his head then let Rena down as he slowly backed out. Rena was momentarily perplexed after getting to stand on her own feet then her face froze after seeing what Raven did next.

Raven raised his blade.

“I can’t let you go to that fight.”


His words were short but the meaning was clear. He was telling Rena that she had to defeat him first if she wanted to go help the El Search Party.

Rena became very startled by Raven’s declaration then her face slowly started to become enclosed with sorrow.

“Will you not explain why you’re stopping me?”

“No matter what I say, you’ll try to fight D as member of the El Search Party. Countless times until now is a proof to this.”

Rena momentarily searched for a reply to Raven’s stern attitude but shook her head in the end. It was clear that Raven wouldn’t listen even if she pleaded.

He wouldn’t have taken away Rena’s consciousness otherwise.

And the El Search Party was increasingly in danger as more time passed. Raven could achieve his goal by just stalling for time.

“……It can’t be helped then.”

She didn’t like it but she had no choice but to clear open a path. Rena slowly raised her bow.


16 thoughts on “Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Chapter 2 Page 89~105

  1. So in the end I was correct. It was her emotions that he wants back. But the reasoning wasn’t possible to guess.
    Since there’s really no mention of that in anything about CBS. CBS doesn’t become some kind of detached goddess/spirit-thing (they just used it as an analogy, basically, she lost her position inside their “time and space” and so they exist as “abnormalities”, I hate explaining fantasy physics because that’s not how it works, really) like DiE in the original lore becomes the edgiest destroyer of worlds.
    She just loses her emotions for more laser juice in our current lore.
    But oh well, let’s see how this ends.

    • We can assume from DE’s dialogue in this update that he PROBABLY had some hand in why his Eve became CBS.

      “It’s not just the core that’s needed. Codes inside the core are needed as well. If the core is a hardware, then the code is a software. You should already know that both are needed.”

      “It was because of my selfishness. That’s all.”

      It’s sound almost like he either A.) was the one who gave her the Battle Seraph Code or B.) he somehow succeeded in his original goal and managed to use her to time travel which ended up “breaking” her.

      Either way he’s probably carrying some form of guilt alongside his own feelings in both options.


      Honestly a lot of this shouldn’t work like how it’s written… Removing Eve’s emotion’s circuit really shouldn’t be a permanent for one thing. Nothing in canon lore states that it’s a permanent thing and even in the real world removing or replacing circuitry doesn’t really cause any lasting damage to the circuit or the system itself… I mean, unless you DID something to the circuit that caused some degree of damage then you can simply reuse it again.

      Also, you can’t just use ANY codes to run a program. A time travelling program in this case. You’d need codes written SPECIFICALLY for a time travelling program. Not codes that make it possible to make a machine act and perform like a human.

      If you just need an AI that’s a different thing (acquiring Eve’s codes would make more sense for a path like Mastermind who actually wants to make an AI), but it can’t help you run what you want unless it itself has the same codes to run that thing… If anything else, DE acquiring Eve’s codes would mean he has to read through, rewrite most of them, and add his own for him to be able to travel back in time. That’s a lot of work and it’d be easier for him to just work from scratch (like he does in canon).

      I guess I can somewhat ignore it considering this is a fictional system… But still…

      Trying to make sense of this gives a headache.

      • Add isn’t trying to remove the emotion circuit though. Something else in Eve’s core(+codes) assists with Add’s time travel and that’s why he wanted to take the core(+codes).

        By the way, this bit where Eve’s codes assists with Add’s time travel is canon across all Adds in the game. Add’s goal across all classes in game is going back to the past. Although it seems for ‘some reason’ classes other than DE seems to be procrastinating on that. :3

        Also, Eve’s emotion circuit was not removed regarding C:BS, it was shut-down and apparently activating it again is quite difficult. (I think Eve got bricked). Anyways, I think emotion circuit seems to be related to accessing other information Add wanted from Eve. When Eve turned into C:BS and stopped moving, Add(D) lost a way to go back to the past and lost Eve at the same time. Thus, he resorted to extreme measures to fix all this.

  2. I’m sure now is the perfect time for Add to summon the El Search Party from the other universe. There’s no way that they would be treated as throwaway characters after being given 2 volumes of character development.

  3. I know this novel is rather new but when I read the word “Angel” I almost thought Ain would pop-up out of nowhere.

  4. @2na

    I was talking about this from the point of view of someone who studies programming languages. Eve’s codes being able to assist Add’s time travel as they are just makes very little sense. She was created by Adrian for a different purpose from what Add needs so her programming would reflect that and wouldn’t have much for Add to use for time travelling.

    But, as I’ve said, it’s a fictional system. Eve’s systems and programming (and Dynamo’s by extension) are fictional so we can ignore how things work in real life. I just try to make sense of it that way because it’s much better to immerse myself in the story that way.

    • Well, recall that Eve was a backup memory bank for Adam. Her purpose was to hold information about all Ancient Nasods that were ever created. She’s literally a huge library of Ancient Nasod codes. It’s not too far fetched to say whatever Add needs to perfect his time travel is in Eve. Eun confirms there exists something like that inside Eve in the LN. And I don’t remember where I read it, but this was also confirmed in the game canon (or some webtoon or other media like guidebooks) as well.

      Also, Eve’s purposes as stated in the game canon was to be ‘Queen of Nasods’ and ‘Nasod that can understand human emotions’. I don’t think these are very clear descriptions for us to exactly pinpoint what Eve’s programming is. Just being the Queen of Nasods can encompass huge amount of features and human emotion part goes completely into the realm of metaphysics.

      I don’t know if this will help you make more sense of things. Well, if all else fails, this is a light novel, I heard they got the name ‘light novels’ because you were supposed to read them ‘lightly’ lol. (Author probably wrote them ‘lightly’ too -_-;)

  5. NZ should go die. If Raven was the protagonist instead of TTr then it would only take 1 try, instead of 20 million rewind attempts.

  6. Eve is a nasod who uses space time gates to summon other nasods (it’s been said somewhere but I don’t remember exactly where)
    So having some kind of abilities against space time seems logic as well.

    Anyways, I think I’m going to slap Raven then punch him right in the nose ee

      • The “good guys” don’t even deserve to win. Against an already handicapped version of character’s and NPC’s abilities in the game and what they could do, it requiring extensive usage of plot armors and ineptitude of enemies for Add to make it through, yet it still took him 20 millions attempts.

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