Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Chapter 1 Page 66~87 (Chapter Complete)


[Bit early this week cause I have to use remaining time to focus on assignment.]


There were no enemies left to stop Elsword now that he broke through Karis. Elsword waved his sword ferociously against the Devil.


Great sword with added momentum from the dash shattered the dimension distortion barrier around the Devil. The Devil who had been focusing on opening the Space-time Gate finally opened his eyes to look around at the current situation.

Ruckus had ensued during the short period he had his eyes closed but he wasn’t particularly startled.

“To think he’d really turn back time……”

The El Search Party members that once fell by his hands had all risen back up and were lively moving about. It felt like witnessing a dice he had been rolling all this time in boredom suddenly perform tricks to duplicate itself.

“But…… it’s still all within my control.”

The Devil concluded the current situation as insignificant then was about to close his eyes again but then saw Elsword swinging his sword again and frowned. It was already after 3 dimension distortion barriers had broken from Elsword’s fierce attacks.

The Devil clicked his tongue in disbelief.

“Do you seriously not have a brain? Don’t you realize I’m not stomping you out of existence because I can’t be bothered with it? It would have been smart for you to stay hidden somewhere. What makes you so confident to think you can defeat me?”

10 layer barrier was an absolute shield. Foes had to put all their efforts into breaking it while the Devil could attack leisurely in meantime. This defense had never been broken before.

Even if only 3 were left, that was more than enough to eradicate Elsword then have 3 more years left over.

And Elsword knew this too.

“Being confident or not isn’t important! All this fighting will end only by defeating you!”

“No matter how much you try by yourself……”

The Devil lightly stretched out his hand in middle of his words. Elsword who had been attacking the barrier quickly evaded and swung his sword.

Double Void Impact was nullified but the Devil fired three more immediately.


Elsword couldn’t completely prepare himself for the continuing attacks. Blood flowed out of Elsword’s legs, arms and head after landing on the ground.

The Devil clicked his tongue from the dissatisfying result.

“You’re being really annoying. Why are you doing something so stupid when everything is finally about to end……? I’ll change all of history if you all just stay put quietly. Everyone won’t even know the fact that time has changed.”

“Don’t you dare…… think about changing time however you want.”

Elsword grabbed his sword even stronger despite his injuries. The Devil who was about to ignore Elsword suddenly became filled with rage.

“What…… did you just say?”

“I said don’t change the time however you want.”

Process of opening the Space-time Gate stopped if the Devil focused on battling. Elsword determined he managed to buy some time as he caught his breath.

But the Devil was seriously furious.

“You talk as if there’s a problem with me changing time. What’s wrong with it? What’s wrong with changing the past and future to get the result I want?”

“Of course it’s wrong.”

Elsword’s face was as if asking ‘why are you asking something so obvious?’. He wasn’t intending to provoke the Devil but it was still effective. The Devil started getting angry for real.

“Nonsense! Who wouldn’t change the past if they got the chance?! Don’t you have something you regret in the past? Don’t you have any memory you want to change no matter what? You can’t possibly say that you don’t!”


“Don’t you want to revive Elesis behind you?”

Elsword didn’t answer. But the Devil sneered from seeing the anguish and pain on Elsword’s face.

Yes, no one wants to lose people important to them.

“I can bring her back. In the new space-time I’m about to revamp…..”


Elsword stubbornly shook his head. The Devil frowned from the unexpected reaction.

“You revived yourself…… but you’re saying Elesis reviving is wrong?”

“That’s not it. I can’t let you…… no, I can’t let Big Brother do whatever you want. No one should change time however they’d like……”

The Devil clicked his tongue when Elsword spoke with a dark expression. They couldn’t talk on the same level after all.

“With such obscure words……”

“People aren’t existences that live by themselves.”

The Devil frowned from Elsword’s answer.

“What does that mean?”

“Time isn’t for just one person. Because you did something like this, Big Brother…… times of so many people were broken. Bonds between everyone that should have existed disappeared. In the first place…… didn’t Big Sis change like that because she got caught up from you twisting time?”

Elsword’s question didn’t have any resentment or rage so the Devil couldn’t answer immediately.

Although he could answer that choosing to join him was on Elesis’ own accord……

“Time is for everyone. It shouldn’t be twisted to satisfy one person’s desire. Because that’s ruining everyone else’s time.”

“Don’t joke with……”

“No matter how painful of a past you had, Big Brother, that doesn’t justify ridiculing the present time of everyone else living in this world.”

The Devil’s expression froze. Elsword pressed on boldly.

“You’re evading this fact and talking about gifting us a time we want, but don’t you realize it already as well, Big Brother? That what you’re doing is wrong?”


“I don’t want to be gifted with a time tailored for my tastes! I want a time I’ve been fighting in all this time, the present time where I’ll continue to fight together in with everyone else!!”

The Devil was silent for a long while at Elsword’s declaration. He stayed frozen for a long while as if struck on the head with a hammer then finally let out a thin sigh.

“I see, you and I can’t understand each other after all. There was never a time when we could talk on the same page……”

Soon as the Devil said this, giant dimension gate started to open above on the throne room’s ceiling. Hundreds, thousands of gravity orbs were about to rain down from there.

It was Quadruple Stardust Shower.

Attack like this would annihilate both foes and allies! Elsword became abhorred as he shouted urgently.

“Big Brother!!”

“I’ll erase everyone clean. You don’t want to turn back time? You don’t want to change the past? You want to keeping fighting in this present?”

The Devil smiled sinisterly after mouthing sorrowful series of questions.

“That’s if you survive! Try saying that again after feeling the powerlessness of not being able to do anything as people important to you break, Elsword!!”

He just had to teach this naïve boy how the world worked!

Just when the Devil was about to destroy everything regardless of allies and foes……a chilling voice was heard all of a sudden.

“You became chattier, D.”


Soon as the Devil turned his gaze in surprise from the voice he thought he would never hear again, a dark-red sword flashed as if lunging like an angry snake.


Sword that shattered through last 3 dimension distortion barriers grazed by the Devil’s cheek. He was only alive because he dodged by instinct at the very last moment. He would have died instantly otherwise.

“Reverse Circle!!”

The Devil immediately cancelled the Stardust Shower as he pulled out. He wouldn’t have cancelled it normally, but he didn’t know what might happen if he underestimated this opponent.

Elsword opened his eyes widely after looking at the person that just ran in like the gale to help him.

“Big Sis!!”

Elesis who had been certainly killed before was standing perfectly healthy as if nothing had happened. Elesis didn’t look back from Elsword’s call and replied composedly instead.

“Always act first before you talk, Elsword.”


While unable to hide his gladness, Elsword followed Elesis’ advice and stood side by side with his sister. The Devil who caught his breath after pulling back had a face of disbelief.

He should have finished off Elesis personally…… so why was she alive now?

“I was dead. But I revived from time getting turning back.”

Elesis quietly answered the Devil’s curiosity.

“This was unexpected. I didn’t think Add thought of me as his comrade too.”

“Big Brother Add is actually a good person.”

Elsword added and Elesis nodded lightly then pointed her sword towards the Devil. This was a similar situation from before but it was different now.

All the dimension distortion barriers were broken and……

“I’m sorry D, but things will be different starting now. I’m not by myself anymore.”

“You’re bluffing too much. Is it because you’re in front of your brother……?”

Elesis dashed in instead of answering.

“You’ll have to see if I’m bluffing or not. Let’s go, Elsword!!”

“Yes, Big Sis!!”

Elsword answered energetically as he dashed in as well.

Siblings united their swords and minds as they ran towards the Devil.


Combined attacks of Elsword and now revived Elesis was coming but there were no dimension distortion barriers left.

The Devil was startled by this unexpected development but smiled sinisterly soon after.

Yes, this was the first time something like this happened during countless fights in the Time War. In the first place, Add turning back time to resurrect his comrades had never happened before……

“Maximum Strike!!”

The Devil unknowingly burst out laughing then fired space-time projectiles in intervals. Elesis slashed widely to cut away the space-time projectiles flying towards her. Elsword also blocked all of the Maximum Strike projectiles just like Elesis.

But the Devil used this moment to start surrounding himself with dimension distortion barriers again. But even he couldn’t create 10 barriers instantly.

Elsword shouted urgently after seeing the Devil trying to quickly surround himself with barriers.

“Big Sis, we have to break that!”


Elesis held her sword in long reach then started to gather huge amount of demonic energy. So much demonic energy gathered that space surrounding the sword shimmered from heat then started getting distorted. Elsword also collected his breath as he gathered every ounce of his strength into his sword.

“Go, Elsword!!”

Elesis swung the dark-red sword that was now huge enough to pierce through the ceiling towards the Devil. The sword with enormous amount of demonic energy compressed inside shattered through space and targeted the Devil’s neck.

“Fate Smasher!!”

Some distortion barriers the Devil managed to restore broke with a loud shattering sound. But there were still 3 left. The Devil was about to counterattack leisurely but attacks from the siblings haven’t ended yet.

Elsword who came running while Elesis was attacking waved his sword immediately.

“Gigantic Slash!! Haaaaaaaah!!!”

Blinding sword aura flashed as it struck and broke a dimension distortion barrier. But Elsword’s strength wasn’t enough to break through all of them.

The Devil was about to scoff but then his face froze after noticing Elsword’s attack didn’t end with just one strike.

“You muscle brain……”

Elsword was restlessly waving his sword with immense fighting spirit.

He battered on the dimension distortion barrier with a vigor of wanting to finish this fight here, with a spirit of how he’d rather bite his tongue and die than retreat from here. Each and every strike being waved was filled with power that nullified space distorting abilities.

The shock from the impacts didn’t reach the Devil directly. But…… Elsword will certainly break through all the barriers!


The Devil’s face became frozen after unknowingly taking a step back. To think he’d sense fear from this idiot……

Another barrier gave away and now only one remained to protect his body.

But the Devil didn’t supplement himself with more barriers. He couldn’t win by just defending….. and he couldn’t accept backing out from Elsword!

“Fine, I’ll play your game!!”

The Devil backed out far using Reverse Circle then called upon a Void Field with 30 meter radius. They couldn’t move after getting caught by this so he just had had to pick them off easily after.

It will all be over once they were caught!!

“Big Sis!”

Elsword realized the danger and stabbed his sword into the ground in front of him. He was using the power to shatter space on the ground to secure his safety.

But Elesis who came running didn’t do the same as Elsword.

“I’ll borrow your back.”

Elesis stepped on Elsword’s back then soared up. The Devil opened his eyes widely from seeing Elesis fly towards him.

Is she trying to jump 30 meters across……? But my Void Field should bind enemies above ground too……


A sharp shout shattered the Devil’s predictions. Elesis pointed her sword forwards and was piercing through Void Field’s binding force as she flew towards the Devil.

She was trying to pummel into him!

The Devil became startled as he quickly utilized his control over space. Even if Elesis was stronger than his expectations, he defeated her already once before…… He could defeat her again if he used his control over space. If he just attacked after widening their distance so her sword can’t reach……

Space wasn’t widening.

The Devil became very startled when his control over space didn’t work but still managed to back out. There was no time to activate Reverse Circle and he could just walk sideways to avoid Elesis’ trajectory.

But Elesis who flew in 25 meters used a landing technique to roll on the ground then stood back up immediately while waving her sword widely.

Her sword made a sharp arc to shatter the final dimension distortion barrier.



The sword stopped right beside the Devil’s neck. It was a distance where even a slight movement would cut his throat. It was a situation like before but there were dimension distortion barriers protecting him back then. He was completely defenceless right now.

Elesis declared in a low voice.


“So…… it was a Knight that captures the King?”



“So…… it was a Knight that captures the King?”

The Devil answered in low-spirits then turned his gaze. The situation right now where his neck was right against Elesis’ blade was an unprecedented crisis but he remained calm.

The Devil’s gaze headed towards Add who was supporting the other El Search Party members together with Eve.

“…..How foolish.”

The Devil shook his head exaggeratedly. His neck grazed the blade and blood spilled but he didn’t care.

Since he was the one who had been foolish.

“How extremely foolish of me. I took that idiot turning back time too lightly…… As the King of Time, time should have been my domain. It was my territory but I let it get invaded. I lost a portion of control over this throne room’s time because of that…… and it seems my control over space has diminished as well.”


D had been self-proclaiming himself as King of Time, and he actually had the power to back that up…… But he thought of Add turning back time too lightly. No, his decision at the time was justified. What Add did was just an insane suicide.

D knew Add’s capabilities very well since he was his own’ past. Normally, Add wouldn’t have lasted even a moment and dropped dead.

“Seriously, that damned fox……”

To think Add was still alive after completely turning back time….. Assistance that the Fox Orb provided was beyond his imagination.

“No, I was an idiot in the end……”

He had been too obsessed with opening the Space-time Gate. He wanted to open it soon as possible that he overlooked swarm of ants running about in his palace.

To think those swarm of ants would crawl up to his throat and try to suffocate him!

“They say even an elephant cannot beat swarm of ants…… it seems that was true.”

“Is that your final word?”

Elesis asked sorrowfully.

9 member original El Search Party was scattered…… Amongst members of that group, although D and Elesis had different thoughts and goals, they had been together the longest. Aisha chose to fight against D and Raven prioritized Rena’s safety.

It was finally time to end two of their relationship that lasted through the ever so long repetition of time.

“What will you do…… after you slay me?”

The Devil asked while looking far out into the distance.

“None of you will achieve your wishes when I die. Or…… will you ask that idiot instead? If I die, then the Ruler of Space-time disappears….. and my past has the qualification to succeed that position. So I guess my past will restructure the universe according to your wishes.”


“If that’s the case then there’s no reason for us to fight in the first place. Isn’t that right? Me doing it or that guy doing it, what’s the difference?”

The Devil’s voice was extremely calm. He wasn’t trying to convince anyone. He was asking out of curiosity. Hesitation passed by Elesis’ face for a slight moment but Elsword approached from the back and replied.

“Big Brother, we won’t remake the universe however we want.”

“……Then why did we fight for so long until now? You idiot, even your wish of restoring peace in Elrios and restoration of El can be achieved by going through the Space-time Gate and restructuring the universe.”

The Devil asked with a face as if he absolutely couldn’t understand.

“Elesis, the world you want where you live peacefully with your brother is possible too. What’s the difference in me granting it or my past granting it?”

“……It’s true that I want such a world.”

Elesis acknowledged readily but there was no more hesitation on her face.

“Elsword and I think slightly differently. Elsword says no one should lay their hands on time since time is for everyone…… But not me, I think that someone could distort time per their own desires, for the sake of someone precious to them.”

“Big Sis.”

“But I’m not saying that’s a right thing to do or it’s something that should be forgiven. But I do think one could commit that kind of sin because it’s too painful…… because they can’t stand it.”

Elesis didn’t look back and spoke while still leaning her sword against the Devil’s neck.

“Yes, I understand how you feel, D. That’s why I’ve been together with you all this time.”

“And so?”

The Devil asked with a voice devoid of any expectation.

Elesis had a personality where she never looked back once she made a decision so her stopping the sword strike like this and talking in itself was something very exceptional.

She was making an exception because this was the Devil who she spent countless amount of time together with.

“I understand how you feel…… But I cannot let you commit that sin.”

“You’re not making sense. If that’s what you thought then there was no reason for you to help me in the first place……”

“I had no ways of defeating you on my own. Even Eun, Aisha and me together had no chance of overcoming you. You’re the one who’s loved by time, one who could rightfully proclaim himself as Prince of Time.”

The Devil frowned in displeasure.

“Not Prince. I’m the King of Time.”

“Thus, Eun said your past had to defeat you, I waited for Elsword to grow and Aisha took on the task of holding you back until both of our goals were met.”

“You were all in it together.”

The Devil was at a lost for words but he didn’t look too upset.

“And…… Eun sacrificed herself to bring your past that can defeat you here.”


The Devil didn’t want to but he had no choice but to admit it.

He took Add too lightly. Add was a mere dice for the Devil. He considered Add turning back time of the present as a suicide and never worried about how his control over Space-time could be shaken if Add was to succeed.

The Space-time Gate, his sole wish that he spent almost endless amount of time waiting for was right in front of him. Why would he have worried about a weakling attempting something clearly impossible?

But thanks to the Fox Orb that Eun left behind, and because Add forced the Memory of Time and Space into his body with the determination of burning his life away, he was successful in resurrecting everyone in the El Search Party…… and he even blocked the Devil’s control over space.

Even if Elesis and Elsword came at the Devil together, even if their combination was extraordinary…… The Devil would have defeated them with ease long as he still had control over space.

The King of Time’s arrogance of thinking he could stomp down on anyone with brute force any time he wanted had led to his downfall.

“And I could point my sword against your neck right now because grown up Elsword was with me. Eun’s sacrifice, Add’s determination and Elsword’s growth…… defeated you.”


Yes, Elesis was right. The Devil finally admitted his defeat.

“I see…… So why are we still talking? Are you trying to convince me? Will you ask me to stop opening the Space-Time Gate?”


“Don’t joke with me. Does everything end with just a single defeat? Isn’t there that thing you guys always say?”

The Devil spoke the words as if he was mocking.

“If you lost this time then you just have to win next time.”


The Devil scoffed when Elsword became surprised.

“Did you think this saying was for you guys alone? Just why do you think I have been rolling the dice all this time? I’ve been waiting and waiting, thirsting for the result I wanted…… Do you honestly think I’ll give up after just one defeat?”

“You probably will never give up. Too much time has passed to give up now.”

Elesis concluded coldly with a bitter tone.

“Your longing for Eve is……not just an obsession anymore, it’s a sickness.”


Elsword couldn’t understand why Eve was being mentioned right now. But the two conversing didn’t have any intention to explain.

The Devil looked at Elesis with extreme displeasure then averted his gaze.

“So? You’ll slay me….. then what? What will Ara do now that Eun is dead? What about you who became a traitor to Elrios? Do you think everything will end with happily ever after once I’m gone?”

The Devil’s words were as if he was begging for his life but it was actually different. His face was ever so cold.

He was sneering.

“That guy who did something so ludicrous like turning back time of the present is my past. Is there any grantee that he won’t become me?”


“Will he adjust to and live inside this broken world? No, in the first place…… that guy’s goal is to return to the past. And he doesn’t know how to give up. And because he doesn’t know how to give up…… he becomes me.”

The Devil mocked. He mocked himself who was finally about to achieve his goal but blew everything because of single act of carelessness. He also mocked his foes who managed to stop him but will never achieve their wishes.

He mocked, ridiculed…… and sympathized with all of them.

“We cannot escape from this prison of time. Alright, kill me already. Kill me so it can start all over again.”

“You’re the one who made that prison, Big Brother. I……”

“Shut up, Elsword.”

The Devil glared at Elsword with a gaze filled with rage.

“You’re so high and righteous. It must be nice to be so popular and loved by everyone. But not everyone is like you. They can’t just discard all their sorrows, say that past is just a past then move on or say that time is for everyone so no one should lay their hands on it…… They can’t all make righteous and just decisions like you.”

“Big Brother……”

“Don’t address me as Big Brother! Just like you said, me and that pitiful guy are different! You guys will never understand me! I never wanted anyone to understand me anyways so just shut up already!!”

Elsword made a blank face from hearing the Devil’s hateful shout. Elesis slightly pressed her sword on the Devil’s neck but he didn’t stop shouting.

“You never lost anything for real!! You never lost something truly precious so shut your mouth!! Go play being a righteous hero on your own!”


Elesis’ blade pressed into the Devil’s neck and blood started spilling even more. But the reason the Devil closed his mouth was because he didn’t like how he got so riled up and not because he was afraid of the sword.

Elesis sighed.

“D, what you’re saying is right. It’s not like peace will suddenly return to Elrios once you’re gone…… and Add might try to go back to the past then make the same mistakes you did. The world could be much more difficult place to live in than the universe you were trying to create.”


“But that’s something those of us remaining should deal with. It’s not something you should worry about.”

Ever so cold response. It was a cruel answer saying that the Devil who was about to die here had no reason to worry about what’s to come.

The Devil suddenly burst out laughing. On second thought, Elesis was absolutely correct.

“Kukukuk, of course. I…… must have fought for too long as well.”

“Also, I’ll keep an eye on Add so he won’t become like you. So don’t worry.”

The Devil shook his head.

“No, no matter what you do, you can’t stop my obsession……”

“I’ll stop Big Brother Add if he does something wrong.”

The Devil looked displeased when Elsword spoke strongly but he didn’t reply to him.

Elesis’ face suddenly became sorrowful.

“So this is goodbye then, D.”


Maybe if he tried whatever he can to get out of this…… No, Elesis’ sword will be faster no matter what he tried.

After preparing for his end, the Devil’s took a slight glance behind him. He was looking towards the place beyond the curtain where the throne was.

“It’s annoying how that damned fox is already in the netherworld before me…… I’ll send her your regards.”

“Alright, my Prince.”

Elesis quietly said her farewell.

“As your knight……. I’ll end your life!”

Sword strike was flying towards him. The Devil closed his eyes as he thought everything will finally end……

But there was no pain. Was it because Elesis’ sword strike was too sharp? The Devil thought this as he unknowingly opened his eyes, but the scenery waiting for him wasn’t the netherworld.


Elesis was staggering as she grabbed her shoulder and backed out. It was an injury as if a surprise attack hit her. But who could land this kind of surprise attack on Elesis at this point?

The Devil’s gaze landed on Elsword who was supporting Elesis.

Elsword should have gotten furious since his sister was attacked…… But Elsword’s face had turned pale.

After seeing what was behind the Devil’s back.

“It can’t be……”

The Devil let out an empty laugh as he turned around. There was no way a miracle happened after all this time.


Curtain covering the throne flew away.


And the Devil blinked vacantly after seeing the girl who was sitting on that throne. The girl who he thought had stopped moving forever was slowing raising her head.

The scene he had been longing for all this time, but the scene he never expected to see once again. The Nasod that made him conquer space and time and become a Devil rather than expect some sort of miracle from god.

The time that was thought to have stopped for eternity started moving.


The time that was thought to have stopped for eternity started moving.


“Code Battle Seraph, Start”


The sole time the Devil wished to turn back.



12 thoughts on “Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Chapter 1 Page 66~87 (Chapter Complete)

  1. This is called an asspull. There was no foreshadowing for CBS to suddenly be there at all. Unless you count her name being called out once for Add’s time travel (or universe hop) like 1-2 volumes ago. I don’t remember the curtains covering the throne (was there even a throne there?) or what is beneath them being alluded to either.
    Anyway, I’m the type that can overlook this.
    And I’m sure a better explanation to why D, our evil Add with so much more juice than our past Add wouldn’t try to find ways to use this overpowered version of Time Seal instead of making enemies out of everyone, in future chapters.
    If Eun’s orb was all past Add needed to survive and if control and power is all you need to not hurt yourself when you use time related science abilities, evil Add should have just revived Eve.
    I guess he got bored after a while, reviving CBS by herself won’t grant him his wish or controlling the universe seemed more feasible and maybe more tempting.
    Either way, fucking hell, if this has no definite ending…

    • Yeah the part with CBS was a bit of an asspull and I also don’t recall there ever being a curtain covered throne anywhere. Maybe it was lost in translation or maybe the writer forgot but that was something that really needed to be mentioned at least ONCE for that last scene to make a bit of sense.

      I think its less that DE wouldn’t know what to use the Seal of Time for and more that he doesn’t want to. He was scolding Add about using it like there’s some space time law of some kind that he’s going up against that he doesn’t sound like wants to deal with. Which is still pretty much nonsense. I mean… You have the means to recreate the universe however you want with virtually no consequence but you can’t revive people from the dead?

      As for reviving Eve… I don’t think that’s the only thing he was after. He mentions that his past self (Time Tracer) still plans on going back to the past. So it’s likely that his original goal of saving his mother is still part of what DE wants to do and the need to revive Eve just just provided the final push off that edge to actually get him to consider rewriting the universe. So what DE plans on getting out of the universe he rewrites are probably his mother being alive and safe + Eve being alive (and maybe even human? I don’t know that’s the vibe I got off of him during his monologue the first time CrA attacked him).

      • You’re correct. I forgot about his initial dialogue with CrA. The way you interpret it is the same way I see it now that I put it into context.
        He basically exposed his whole argument on the matter (“you won’t bring your Eve back” to “That doesn’t matter, we don’t have real individuality, so I’ll bring her better just like we all change from what we are with time”).
        But that can also be interpreted as a direct answer to her “same Eve” thing and how for him, that Eve would have been unable to move, as written in the end of this chapter.
        As in, something fucky happened and Eve’s time stopped. It’s why he became King of Time and Space as he himself said.
        Which goes back to Seal of Time version overpowered being the better option.
        Since there’s nothing in what D said that makes the claim that Add fucked with time with dire consequences besides his death, since he uses “suicide” as a term a lot and seems to think he’s fine now because of Eun’s orb.
        Past Add was clearly the one that “saved” CBS without knowing.
        Now to see how exactly all of this will end. This can end up as a prequel to Elsword, just to infuriate everyone.
        No Add x Eve ending except more teasing and nothing else to make it different from our Elsword version.
        The cover seems to denote that.

    • For foreshadowing, trying going back to Volume 1 Chapter 0(regarding who’s behind the curtain and on the throne) and Volume 5 Chapter 4 Page 155(mention of throne and curtain). I can’t say much for other things.

      • Great, I’ll check and wait for future updates. I hope this won’t be a tease ending though, I expect that with how KoG loves to do it.

      • Oh! Thank you! I guess I overlooked that detail in volume 5.

        I get the feeling it’s partly DE’s fault why CBS’s time stopped in Time Trouble’s universe. Given that he confirmed that he was able to travel back to the past that actually has… Some bad implications on what he did… Because if we remember back in Quantum Leap, Add needed a high functioning Nasod core to make it possible for him to use Dynamo’s time traveling function again. Assuming that the events of Quantum Leap are true for all versions and universes where Add exists and DE didn’t bother to find other means of travelling through time in this verse like he does in the game… Well… The implications are rather sad and it would explain his so-called “regrets” here. But I could be wrong since I can’t read Korean and, by extension, the source material. So I’ll just wait and see what’s what between the two.

        I’ve ah… Actually seen the screencaps for the ending illustrations (It was an accident… Twitter.) The lack of his power symbol from his shirt is pretty significant.

  2. People…. please help ! I didn’t understand what happened in the end XD why CBS is here ? Space-Time is such a complicated thing…

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