Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Chapter 1 Page 42~66


God ch1 is long


The Devil was feeling quite unpleasant. He could accept personally disposing of Elesis. The time he spent together with her was so long that it was pointless to count. Level of understanding between two of them was too complex to be described with words so that’s why he could understand why she turned against him and could accept dealing with her personally.

“But you’re…… unpleasant.”

The Devil completely ignored Elsword then looked back. 100 meters behind him were Karis, Ran, Helputt and Raven carrying Rena in his arms.

These were people that had no choice but to obey his words.


Elsword swung his sword towards the Devil who seemed to be completely wide open but the attack couldn’t pierce the dimension distortion barrier.

Previously 10-layer barrier, now 6 layers after fighting Elesis and Add, nullified all physical and magical attacks. Even Elesis could only manage to transfer some shock across. The Devil didn’t have any scratches on him yet.

The Devil ignored if Elsword swung his sword or not and asked.

“Raven, will you fight?”


Raven who was carrying unconscious Rena in his arms only stared back quietly with sullen eyes. Raven was worthy of respect in a difference sense than Elesis.

The Devil redirected his gaze then waved his hand lightly.

Then Ran appeared right beside the Devil. Forced movement. Ran was quite surprised by this phenomenon which wasn’t a teleport but an act of changing the space coordinate itself, but he still managed to swing his sword.


Elsword’s sword trying to break the Devil’s barrier was blocked by Ran’s blade. Elsword became surprised then shouted.

“Why are you siding with him? Aren’t you Big Sister Ara’s older brother?!”


Ran began to wordlessly wave his sword to push Elsword back. But Elsword’s skills after his growth was formidable as well so he didn’t get pushed back greatly and started to fight back.

The Devil was now free after having Ran confront Elsword so he turned his eyes towards Add again. Add was giving every ounce of power he had to completely turn back time of the throne room.

If Add was going to do something reckless like turning back the present’s time, then it would have been more optimal to narrow the task down to turning back only the El Search Party’s time……

“He’s anticipating my intervention.”

To make a comparison…… if two opposing armies meet in an open field and if one side uses a wide formation, then the other side cannot completely ignore this. To prevent Add from turning back time of the throne room, the Devil has to try to keep time of the throne room fixed.

But as the Devil mentioned already, directly interfering with the present’s time was incredibly dangerous. Even the Devil who possessed the right to call himself the King of Time and Space didn’t try to change the time directly and chose to open the Space-time Gate instead.

Feedback and risk was too large.

“……I shouldn’t have to play his game.”

Add was risking everything in a gamble, but the Devil with absolute power didn’t need to play along with this farce. Destinies and times will be broken and made anew. All he had to do was quicken the process of rewriting time.

Add who swallowed the Memory of Time and Space and was now displaying power beyond his normal limits as he attempted to rewind time. Elsword was fighting with everything he had while believing in Add despite knowing how much odds were against them.

The Devil ignored these two then closed his eyes to concentrate. Then dark hole floating above the throne room gradually started to get larger.

The moment of achieving his goal was close. He had no reason to play with ants moving around him.


“Black…… Destiny!!”

Purple shockwaves swept over Elsword when Ran waved his blade.

Elsword quickly jumped sideways to dodge but blood was seeping out from a slight cut on his face. His breath became heavier as well.

“Haah, haah. Why…..? Why are you getting in my way, Ran!”


It was such a foolish question. Ran destroyed Hamel and faced against the El Search Party as their enemy before. But Elsword couldn’t help but to ask.

“You saw him killing Big Sister Ara too!! So why are you stopping me?”


Ran was silent for a moment when Ara was mentioned, then he let out a light sigh.

“It’s something that’s been repeated countless times already. There’s no point in putting any significance into such things now.”

“Yes, I know! I know that something like this happened many times already! And also how Big Brother Add kept trying to avoid this by jumping through time!!”

Elsword threw himself as he smashed down with his sword in a wide arc. Ran managed to block the attack but couldn’t help his feet getting pushed back slightly. Although Elsword’s skills were unrefined, his strength was extraordinary.

Battle of strength by locking swords. Elsword shouted angrily as he pressured Ran.

“So what if this happened many times? That’s why we’re giving everything we got to shatter that fake time! You should be helping us instead! Why are you getting in the way?!”


Ran frowned then shook his head.

“What you know right now are only vague knowledge. I’ve seen this conversation, this situation over dozens, hundreds of times already. And the result was always the same. Don’t expect any change from me now.”


“Remember this. I’m not Aren Haan. I’m just a demon Ran who’s getting in your way.”

Ran said this then summoned shadow clones. Elsword quickly pulled his body out. 1 versus 1 was difficult already so fighting Ran’s clones at the same time was difficult.


After pushing Elsword back, Ran turned to look at the Devil bitterly. The Devil was concentrating on opening the Space-time Gate with his eyes closed.

One could supposedly rewrite the time of everything after going through the Space-time Gate and reaching the center of the universe.

The reality Ran desired will appear once the Devil opens the Space-time Gate. The Devil promised and he wasn’t someone who would break a promise for no reason.

“Give up. You guys cannot win no matter how much you struggle.”

“I can’t afford to lose…..not this time.”

Elsword ignored Ran’s suggestion and focused. Seeing how Elsword was aiming for a quick finish, Ran sighed then gathered this strength. He didn’t want to stain his sword with blood at this point but it couldn’t be helped again.


Elsword’s body turned widely as he flew in towards Ran while spinning in a huge circle. It looked like a foolish attack at first glance but this was to keep both Ran and his clones inside the attack range. This was an inevitable choice since unlike Ran who just had to stall for time, Elsword had to break through.

“How foolish……”

But instead of dodging, Ran summoned three more shadow clones. The clones started to get cut down by Elsword’s great sword one by one but the final clone managed to block the attack. Just when Elsword’s face got filled with dismay because he never imagined clones to be used as expendables… Ran cleanly slashed his blade downwards.

“It’s over.”

Elsword was about to fall again. But he couldn’t let Add’s hard effort of rewinding time to allow him to fight again go to waste! Elsword was pulling back his body in an attempt to at least avoid critical injury…… when something unexpected happened.


Orange spear had deflected away Ran’s blade. Owner of the spear didn’t just save Elsword and stabbed consecutively to force Ran to fall back.

Elsword saw who rescued him and shouted gladly.

“Big Sister Ara!”

“Are you alright, Mr.Elsword?”

2nd person to get back up from Add rewinding time was Ara. Ara fixed her gaze on Ran then spoke calmly.

“I’m sorry Mr.Elsword, but please take on the Devil. We’ll lose if the Devil opens the Space-time Gate.”

“How about you? Will you be okay……?”

Wouldn’t facing Ran be too much of a task for Ara who just got back up? But Ara replied resolutely.

“Stopping Elder Brother is something I have to do. So I’ll be counting on you Mr.Elsword!”


Believing in Ara’s feelings, Elsword turned and dashed towards the Devil without hesitation.

When Ran tried to chase after Elsword, Ara quickly followed Ran and blocked his path.

“……It would have been better for you to stay put quietly.”

“I have to stop you if you stray from the righteous path, Elder Brother. I can’t turn a blind eye to this.”

Despite just getting back up, Ara’s voice was calm and mannerly. But Ran’s next words stuck the emptiness in Ara’s heart.

“Do you think you’re a match for me…… even though that fox isn’t here now?”

Woe momentarily dwelled on Ara’s face. Ara knew that Eun who escaped along with Add didn’t come back and that she wouldn’t come back.

“Even if Lord Eun is gone……”

But Ara gripped her spear tightly.

“The justice I must exact doesn’t change. Prepare yourself, Elder Brother!!”

“……So there’s this kind of result too.”

Ran didn’t hide the mysterious gladness in his voice as he swung his blade against Ara.


Everything was over if the Devil opened the Space-time gate. Elsword gritted his teeth as he ran towards the Devil.

He could only inflict damage after breaking layers of dimension distortion barriers around the Devil…… But the Devil wouldn’t stand idly as Elsword did this.

The Enemy who possessed overwhelming offense and defense. They honestly had no chance.

‘But…… I can’t give up!!’

Add was burning his soul away to resurrect the El Search Party. Elsword clearly knew what he had to do.

He had to disrupt the Devil from opening the Space-time Gate until everyone in the El Search Party got back up!


Whether Add resurrecting the El Search Party was first or the Devil opening the Space-time Gate was first.

This showdown will not only be between Add and the Devil. It will involve all members from both sides.


Elsword sensed this beforehand so he wasn’t surprised when a man in giant armor suddenly blocked his path.

He was Helputt, the man who used to be called the Guardian of Hamel.

“Get out of my way, old guy!!”


Helputt who appeared by moving through space from the Devil’s call stretched his arms widely and gave a loud shout. It was a dignified but menacing shout that shook people down to their very souls.

Even ever so brave Elsword momentarily lost strength in his legs and staggered. Helputt didn’t miss this chance and stomped down on Elword with his cannon. Elsword barely managed to lift his sword to block but couldn’t help getting thrown back.


Helputt who blocked Elsword’s path didn’t pressure with additional attacks and just stood still like a giant mountain. He didn’t have to defeat Elsword, it would be all over if the Devil opened the Space-time Gate.

Their side could accomplish their goals by just stalling time for the Devil.

Ran and Ara’s shouts were coming from behind Elsword. Helputt was blocking the path in front and not pressuring. Elsword noticed Helputt’s intention of only defending and stalling for time but he couldn’t afford to back down.

“I won’t go easy…… even if you’re Chung’s father!!”

Determined, Elsword was about dash in and try to finish the fight quickly but someone grabbed his shoulder. Elsword looked back in surprise to see Chung who had risen again making a calm expression.

Elsword tried to greet him in joy but Chung was only staring at Helputt.

“Go, Elsword. I’ll handle my father.”


At Chung’s word, Elsword ran without looking back. Helputt tried to attack Elsword who was slipping by his side, but Chung jumped even faster and smashed his Destroyer downwards.

Helputt’s body shook from the monstrous strength that came from Chung’s small body.


Even while being impressed, Helputt waved his cannon to bounce Chung back. But Chung anticipated Helputt’s response and spun around in midair once then landed safely on the ground.

Helputt stared at Chung proudly then shook his head.

“Son, there’s something I haven’t told you……”

“I know, father. I managed to see one side of time when I got back up from Mr.Add’s power. I understand now that this isn’t the first time this situation occurred. I understand now why you turned your back on Hamel and sided with the demons.”

Chung made a grave face as he answered.

This endless maze of time, to break through this endlessly repeating time…… Helputt decided to obey D so he could finish these repeating times with minimum casualty as possible.

“Father, you didn’t wish for me to join the El Search Party.”


The El Search Party were people that opposed demons and D, they were people destined to fail and fall innumerably. The biggest reason Helputt joined D was because he wanted to prevent his son, Chung from getting caught up in this horrible destiny. And Chung did actually suffer rather fewer casualties during this Time War that occurred over 20 million times.

It was all because Helputt had endured through disgrace and humiliation of becoming subordinate of the Devil.

“Thank you, father.”


Chung bowed after understanding everything. But his hand didn’t let go of his Destroyer.

He gripped it even tighter and looked straightly at his father.

“Father, I finally understand your feelings of trying to spare me from painful times. But I have comrades that I’ve been fighting together with until now. No matter what kind of result this fight comes to…… My fate is together with the El Search Party.”

Chung shook his head. Such polite words, it wasn’t fitting for this situation where two opposing parties were facing off against each other.

It wasn’t a conversation that father and son about to clash with every ounce of their abilities should be having.

“No, I’ll surpass you father. Then I’ll combine my strength with that of my comrades to defeat the Devil and end this ever so long Time War.”

“Do you honestly believe…… that’s possible?”

There was a very strong regret mixed in Helputt’s voice. Of course, Helputt initially had thoughts and desires about defeating the Devil as well. But he witnessed down to his bones that it was impossible. That’s why he became the Devil’s subordinate to at least assure Chung’s safety.

“It would be impossible by myself. But I believe in my comrades.”

“I can’t believe them.”

“Then let me show you starting now!!”

Chung’s armor started to get enlarged then surrounded his entire body. Secret skill of the Seiker Family, Berserk mode. The son who brought out his abilities to their utmost limits charged towards his powerful father without hesitation.


After leaving Ran to Ara and Helputt to Chung, Elsword quickly dashed forwards.

Less than 20 meters remained between him and the Devil who was concentrating to open the Space-time Gate. There was no one standing in his way now……

“Know your place, heckler……”

Seductive woman with red hair blocked Elsword’s path. Karis flapped her bat wings to land softly on the ground then grabbed her scythe while making a sinister smile.

“Get out of my way!”

Elsword didn’t slow down and waved his sword immediately. Karis who had obviously thought they would fight after they exchanged some words got startled and fumbled around.

To think he’d charge in so stupidly!! Karis urgently moved her wings to back out far away.

“You stupid brat…. Kyaah!!”

Karis screamed as she swung her scythe when Elsword ran in after her and attacked even after she dodged with low flight. But Karis received the sword in a bad angle so her body got thrown back far.

After throwing Karis away, Elsword turned around to attack the Devil. Karis’ eyes became enflamed with rage after getting completely ignored.

“How dare you! Death Strike!!”

Purple orbs concentrated on small area around Elsword fell from the sky. Elsword stopped his charge towards the Devil then dodged the orbs by strafing, rolling and cutting away the orbs if necessary.

He managed to evade the Death Strike but couldn’t afford to carelessly charge at the Devil anymore.

After stopping Elsword in his tracks, Karis sighed while tapping away the dust on her clothes.

“Ah, seriously. I wanted to kill Elesis personally no matter what. But I’m stuck facing her brother instead. How unclassy…… But I have to stay loyal to Lord D.”


“I’ll send you off to your sister now. I hope you siblings have a good trip in the netherworld!”

There were no particular changes to Elsword’s expression even though Elesis was mentioned.

His calm demeanor. Karis had anticipated Elsword to charge at her like an angry boar so she opened her eyes widely in surprise when he stayed calm.

“What? Why do you look so confident?”

“I’m not the one who you’ll be facing.”

“What are you saying? Your high and mighty sister is already dead. Will you wake up from your stupid dream if I chop off her head or something?”

Karis let out a hateful giggle then gripped her scythe.

Add turning back time and resurrecting the El Search Party was surprising but wasn’t something to be worried about. They were all weaklings D could take care of alone, and even Karis could easily take care of likes of Elsword.

Well, it would get annoying if Ara or Chung joined in but they both had their respective foes. Rena was still unconscious and Add couldn’t move because he was turning back time.

“Did you go insane after seeing your sister die? I’ll put you to rest now!!”

Karis laughed wickedly then rushed towards Elsword. She got thrown back during their first encounter because she was too taken aback….. Karis who possessed magic skills and ability to fly could easily take the upper hand in close quarter combat.

It would be simpler to finish Elsword off from a distance with magic……

‘I couldn’t savor killing Elesis close and personally so I’ll have to make do with her brother.’

Karis slashed down her scythe determined to direct all her pent-up negative emotions against Elesis towards Elsword instead. But unlike before, Elsword didn’t even make an effort to defend himself.


“Gosh, you’re so noisy.”

A chill went down Karis’ spine when that voice reached her ears.

Wait, didn’t she forget something? Add was tied up from rewinding time, Ara was with Ran, Chung was with Helputt, Rena with Raven so Elsword who remained should be alone……

“You seriously lost your nerves, Karis.”

At a girl’s voice, Karis halted her attack then immediately twisted her body do dodge. But lightning that soared towards the sky struck her wings.


When Karis backed out while screaming, Aisha, the girl who casted the lighting just now cut off all attention on Karis. Whether small fry ran away or not didn’t matter, reprimanding Elsword was more urgent.

“What are you doing spacing out like that? You should keep your head up even if Karis mentioned Big Sister Elly!!”

Despite Aisha reprimanding him, Elsword’s expression was as if it was no big deal. Yes, he always did have a face as if he never did anything wrong even though she helped him!

Aisha was about to get even more angry from the reaction she was so accustomed to when Elsword replied.

“I thought you’d block it for me.”

“Just how long do I have to…… Huh?”

Aisha who was about to become angry blinked vacantly from the unexpected word. Elsword didn’t say anything more and turned his gaze towards the Devil.

“Aisha, could you take care of Karis?”


“I can’t fly so I’m at a disadvantage. I’ll face the Devil so you take on Karis.”

Elsword who couldn’t fly and fought with a sword couldn’t defeat Karis easily. Even if he were to defeat her, it would be after wasting a ton of time. It wasn’t a good match up considering urgency of the current situation.

“……Who do you think I am? I’m the great magician Aisha. I can take care of that messed up demon with just one finger.”

“Yes, I believe you. Do your best, Aisha.”

Aisha wanted to say something the moment Elsword turned towards the Devil. It was probably because she was still shocked by Elsword’s unexpected response and words…… she didn’t want to let him go like this without saying anything.

But they were currently in a battle where every moment was precious. Holding Elsword back with her pointless words was a stupid thing to do. Aisha was accepting this fact regretfully……but realized that Elsword didn’t head out right away.

“……What is it?”

Aisha asked wondering there was something she missed, then Elsword spoke in a low voice while only looking forwards.

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t remember you all this time.”


Aisha understood what Elsword’s words meant and froze in her place. Elsword was talking about Aisha’s lonely fight of holding back the Prince of Time by herself all this time after parting with the El Search Party.

Elsword, with his feet still stopped, while still looking at the direction he had to go, conveyed his feelings.

“Thank you so much all this time…… Aisha.”

“D-don’t say something stupid!!”


Aisha unintentionally shouted. Then she hastily turned her head away and snapped as Elsword stared back at her confusedly.

“I just couldn’t help but to lend my hand with few things since I’m so great! You don’t have to be so thankful!”


“You can’t do anything without me in the first place! Don’t just simply compress all my suffering until now with just couple of words like that! Even right now, Karis would have killed you if I didn’t help you. Gosh, I seriously can’t keep my eyes off you!”

It seemed her face turned red, but it wasn’t true. Not true at all!

“Don’t say something so stupid when you can’t do anything without me! Just prepare yourself to keep thanking me from now on too!”

Elsword’s lips loosened from hearing Aisha’s reproach that wasn’t a reproach. Then, Aisha who had her head turned away heard a refreshing sound.

It was a sound of laughter.

“Alright, so thanks again.”


“Then I’ll be counting on you from now on too!”

Elsword left these words then energetically ran towards the Devil. He charged in knowing clearly that it was hopeless. Aisha bit down on her lips while looking at Elsword’s familiar yet unfamiliar back.

“This is no time for me to be immersed with emotions. …..So, could you please get lost on your own, Karis?”

“Haaah, haaa………”

Karis panted heavily as she pressed down on her broken wings. Aisha waved her staff lightly.

“Although D took away control over space…… You’re still no match for me. Let’s not waste time when the result is obvious.”

“No, you….. should know all too well what the result will be if you go against Lord D.”

Aisha sighed when Karis spoke out angrily. She was correct, if you compared their strengths, if Karis was rather ferocious rabbit and Aisha was a strong fox, then D was a tiger.

Not just any tiger, a tiger strong enough to leave its name in history.

Just like how Karis couldn’t defeat Aisha, Aisha couldn’t defeat D. It was a result that had already happened…… and this result wouldn’t change easily even if Add rewound time to buy everyone another chance to fight.

“That’s sensible, but its not something you should be worrying about. Why don’t you run away if you don’t want to die?”

Aisha said this then pointed her staff towards Karis. Although Aisha was speaking tough right now, it would be difficult for her to finish off Karis quickly since she now lost control over space.

So chasing Karis away with threats then quickly going to assist Elsword should be……

But Karis shook her head in terror.

“Going against Lord D only means death…….”

“Going against me also means death.”

So the rabbit is more afraid of a tiger that’s far away than a fox right in front of her? Aisha started to gather mana when the threatening strategy failed. She should try to hasten the fight much as possible now that it’s come to this…….

“Ah…… ah!”

In that moment, Karis suddenly made strange noises as she shivered. Aisha who was preparing a magic spell opened her eyes widely in surprise.

Unprecedented explosive mana beyond Karis’ limits was flowing out of her.

“Wait, it can’t be…..”

Aisha glanced back quickly to see D withdrawing the hand he stretched towards Karis. D had obviously done something to Karis.

“Hahaha, ahahahahaha!!”

And that something can’t be a good news for the El Search Party! Aisha smiled nervously while looking at Karis’ body becoming large and emitt powerful mana.

“I saw that form multiple times, but this is the first time you became this much powerful, True Karis……”

“True Karis? Is that my new name?”

Succubus Queen who got her inner potential forced out of her by D nodded in satisfaction. Abundant power dwelling in her body right now, she was now confident she could destroy everything.

Why did D grant her this power? It must mean she should kill everything in his place!

“I understand, Lord D. I’ll kill everyone for you!”

“If you can beat me that is.”

Karis after being recreated by D was unprecedently powerful. Aisha had to fight her using all her powers.

Aisha made her resolve then commenced her attacks on True Karis.


His head hurt as if it was burning. Add realized his body had already surpassed the breaking point long time ago.

He could understand why D left him alone. He would destroy himself if left alone anyways.

He could barely make do and manage to stay alive because the Fox Orb Eun left him and the Memory of Time and Space supported his calculations.

He would have died instantly from overloading his brain under normal circumstances.

But he was successful. The throne room’s time all went back to how it was before. Add slowly lowered the hand he couldn’t feel since long time ago.

Fatigue he had been ignoring suddenly flowed in and made his vision dizzy.

It felt like he would die if someone were to tap him with a finger. Senses were disappearing from his body as he hung on in his completely worn out state.

Add saw Elsword charge towards the Devil far away and was about to click his tongue but then paused. He didn’t know since when, but fresh blood was trickling down from his mouth.

Add had literally thrown away his entire body…… to resurrect the once defeated and fallen El Search Party members.

But will they be able to win with this?

“At least……”

Rewinding time like this to bring everyone back shouldn’t have happened in any other previous fights. This was at least certain judging from D’s shocked reaction.

Add looked down at his shivering hand then made a thin smile.

No matter how this fight turned out…… Add’s end won’t be pretty. Internal parts of his body was breaking down even in this moment, and even if they could defeat D somehow, that didn’t grant him any bright future.

Wishing for a good ending after destroying his own future is illogical.


Ara looked back and screamed when Add staggered as if he was about to fall at any moment. Add wanted to shout to Ara and say stop getting distracted when she was fighting Ran. But Ran’s blade was faster than Add’s words.


After getting slashed on the shoulder, Ara quickly repositioned herself and faced Ran again. But her mind must be elsewhere because her movements were completely out of the fight.

Ara shouted while clashing her spear fiercely against the incoming blade.

“Wait just a little longer! I’m come to help you quickly!”


Add smiled bitterly at her urgent voice. There was no way for Ara to help him even if she came here. But he could understand how she felt when she shouted those words.

Because Add himself was also stretching his hand towards Ran right now.

“Ah, seriously……”

His body was in tatters and his brain became mushy because he performed an anomaly like turning back time of the present…… He obviously wasn’t in any state to fight. Never mind fighting, he couldn’t live for much longer even if he healed and recuperated after this.

But he still couldn’t just watch.

He barely managed to revive all of them. Rather than seeing them get hurt and suffer, seeing them be defeated again and fall, it would be better to rip his own eyes out.

He was planning to fight and win even if his body literally broke down.

Not only that, but that damned fox left him a word saying please take good care of Ara. Not just anyone but Ara. He couldn’t let her die again.

Add was making calculations again with his stiff brain when he realized there was a strange sensation on his shivering arm. He wondered if his body finally gave out and he fell on the ground, but that wasn’t the case.

Someone was holding him firmly so he wouldn’t fall and supporting his arm so he could aim properly.

“Leave the calculations to me.”

It was Eve. Add who was completely worn out thought he might be seeing things. But the owner of the hand holding his wrist to assist his aim was certainly Eve.

“I’ll send the space coordinates to the Dynamos.”

“How can you……”

Add who didn’t know if this was a dream or not questioned unknowingly.

Of course, Eve was a Nasod and Dynamos were Nasods too so they could interact. Not only that, but since Eve summons her weapons through a dimension gate it wasn’t like she was inadequate for the job……

Eve who was supporting Add spoke while calmly looking ahead.

“I now understand what you’ve been doing.”


Add shuddered at those unexpected words. This wasn’t a dream. Add wished that Eve would never find out this truth even in his dreams.

The truth that the one trying to destroy her, the one who was trying to destroy the El Search Party was actually Add’s own future….. And how he jumped through time countlessly to stop that from happening.

“No, I actually don’t understand. There’s a confusion in my memory circuits. It must be due to moving against time.”


Add didn’t know if he should be glad or not. He closed his mouth after seeing Eve speak ever so calmly. There was nothing good from Eve knowing about the circumstances behind this fight.

“But there’s only one thing you and I have to do right now. Fight and win, isn’t that right?”

“……I’ll take care of myself so go help the others.”

It was true that Add was barely hanging on because Eve was supporting him but he spoke toughly. Eve replied coldly.

“I refuse.”

“Everyone is having a difficult battle. You have to join in……”

Ara against Ran and Chung against Helputt looked evenly matched. Aisha at least looked to be advantageous against True Karis, but the fight wasn’t settled yet. If Eve were to join in this state, they could turn the tides and grab hope for victory.

But Add’s attempt at logical persuasion was blocked with couple of words from Eve.

“Add, I won’t leave you behind when you’re about to fall. That’s because……”

Eve hesitated for a moment then concluded with a slightly startled tone.

“You’re our precious comrade as well.”


The words he never imagined struck his heart. Add forgot about the circumstances and looked at Eve. Eve was looking forwards with a prudish expression.

“I’m glad you returned safely, Add.”


Add didn’t know what he should say in response so he merely nodded. His head somehow heated up and he didn’t know what this meant. Add concluded that it was due to side effect of overly pushing himself then turned his gaze towards the front.

If he couldn’t convince Eve out of her stubbornness then he had no choice but to make use of her.

“I’ll send the formulas to Reby starting now.”

“Yes, let’s start, Add.”

Eve laid her hands over Add’s hands then announced the start of a new battle.



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