Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Chapter 1 Page 25~42


0.     Knight and King


Karis’ eyes gleamed after seeing that Elesis and Add joined hands. She flew up immediately. This was the perfect chance to execute that eyesore Elesis……

“Don’t interfere.”

Something strange happened soon as the Devil spoke. Karis was certainly flapping her wings and moving forward, but the distance between her and the Devil and Elesis didn’t close at all.

Distance between the Devil and Karis was becoming further.

Physical distance literally increased…… and now, distance that had been merely 5 meters away stretched to become 100 meters.

This was the power of the Devil that controlled space!

But the power to stretch space was only used to prevent Karis and other allies from interfering. Elesis had instantly closed the distance and was swinging her sword.

Dark-red blade struck the neck-zone, instantly spun around, then struck the waist. Normal being would have been dismembered from their neck and waist then died instantly. But the Devil was being protected from the dimension distortion barrier.


“Void Field……!”

The moment when the Devil was about to activate Void Field to restrain Elesis, Add opened it first instead. Add fell far behind in space controlling abilities but the story changes now that there’s Elesis running around in the front line.

Add wasn’t close quarters combatant in the first place.  He was more suited for supporting allies from mid-range, he can display his full potential when there’s a tanker who can keep the enemy occupied.


Elesis read Add’s intention and kept up the pressure on the Devil. The Devil quickly shattered Add’s Void Field then attempted to attack Elesis by backing out with Reverse Circle……

“Void Impact!”

Add read ahead into where the Devil will reappear with clairvoyance and attacked that location. He didn’t have enough firepower to break through the Devil’s dimension distortion barrier but he can at least stall him for a moment.

And in a battle like this… that moment determines life or death.


Elesis slid in then strongly slashed upwards. It was heavy and precise attack. Distortion barrier did its work so the attack didn’t reach its target…… but the Devil’s feet got lifted slightly.


Surprise rose in the Devil’s face for the first time.

No matter how strong Elesis was, she couldn’t defeat him who conquered space-time. That’s why he had been treated her half-heartedly….. but the strength behind her sword transferred over the distortion barrier and lifted his feet?

Seeing that Devil was taken aback, Add quickly calculated another Void Impact formula. The Devil felt his body shake from the layers of distortion barriers breaking.

“……How annoying!”

But the Devil’s surprise lasted only for a moment. Coldness dwelled on his face.

Combination of Add with clairvoyance and Elesis was impressive but it was only a petty trick in the end. They didn’t manage to inflict even a slightest damage on him.

And it will continue to be so.

“Void Impact!! Quadruple!!”

The Devil ignored Elesis whether she was swinging her sword or not then fired four Void Impacts towards Add at the back. Add read them coming already. But……

He had to give everything he had to block this one! Add was quickly about to respond then froze from the vision that emerged in his head.

“Elesis, dodge!!”

Elesis who was about to launch more ferocious attacks using the moment when the Devil was occupied heard Add’s warning then quickly backed out from Add’s warning.

But the enemy was the Devil who even obtained power to rule over space.

Elesis quickly dashed backwards…… she could gain 10m of distance in a single breath under normal circumstances, but she couldn’t escape even 1cm right now.

Her legs were moving backwards but the distance between her and the Devil didn’t get further at all. It was getting shorter instead.

Elesis realized the situation and stopped moving her feet.


The Devil stopped in front of Elesis then wordlessly stretched out his hand. The hand in front of her, everything ends if that hand closes into a fist.

Elesis knew this but didn’t say anything.

Even now, Elesis knew she could live if she changed her mind and decided to follow the Devil’s will. But she merely just stared at the Devil.

The Devil spoke instead.

“……Rest now, my knight.”

Boom! Sound of space tearing was heard then Elesis’ body shook violently. Her body seemed to collapse suddenly then she knelt down.

It would have been normal for Elesis to collapse on the ground entirely…… but she maintained a kneeling stance by stabbing her sword on the ground.


Elesis’ bloodstained back came into Add’s view after finally managing to nullify the Devil’s Void Impacts. The result wasn’t different at all from the future he saw with clairvoyance.

Elesis died when the Devil became serious.

“Did you just……”

Add knew what he was saying was absurd. But he couldn’t help but to say it.

“Did you…… just kill her?”


The Devil narrowed his eyes as he spoke. Add knew his words right now weren’t rational at all, but he couldn’t help but to say it.

“E-Elesis was your subordinate. No, she was on your side. But you killed her? Just because she helped me?”

“It’s normal to kill traitors.”

“……I don’t want to hear something so obvious!”

Add threw up the shout that was boiling from within him. His head wanted to deny that this guy was his future…… but he was admitting it in his heart.

But in this moment, he wanted to deny it even in his heart.

“Y-you didn’t have to kill her! Why did you kill her?!”


“Don’t give me stupid excuses like you executed her because she betrayed you!!”

Even if Elesis and Add fought together, their chances of defeating the Devil wasn’t even 10%. No, this was already being too generous… would their actual chances be around 3%?

Two of them did launch a ferocious offensive but couldn’t even manage to draw a single drop of blood from the Devil.

They weren’t any threat to the Devil after all. So… why did he kill Elesis as if it was nothing!?

“You could have not killed her. You didn’t have to. No, not just Elesis. Not just Elesis, but……”

Add pressed down on his chest that felt like it was about to explode. This wasn’t because fear of being killed now that he was left all by himself.

Rage…… and sorrow came first.


He couldn’t change Elesis’ death even though he saw the future.

He couldn’t change Eun’s death despite crossing universes.

He jumped across time but couldn’t change deaths of people dear to him.

Even though he struggled so much to obtain power…… he couldn’t stop the El Search Party from being wiped out.


“W-why are you killing everyone!? You shouldn’t have to!!”


Yes, Add could cope with the fact that the Devil was playing dice rolls with him. No. He wasn’t accepting it, but he could at least comprehend it.

He could understand that something like this could happen if their positions had been switched.


But this was different. The Devil killed… Elsword, Ara, Chung, Rena, Aisha, Elesis.

And Eve…

“Just, why……”

The Devil possessed truly overwhelming power. He could have easily incapacitated without killing. So why would he go so far as to kill?

The Devil who was quietly listening to Add’s cry of despair asked calmly.

“Why should I keep them alive?”


“Eradicate any obstacles disregarding ways or means. This should be same for you as well.”

Yes, that should have been…… Add’s way of doing things. Add had never truly belonged in the El Search Party.

Everything was so he could look for a chance to steal Eve’s core.

“Dice rolls are now…… over.”

The Devil slowly raised his hand. Attack that ended Elesis’ life was about to fly towards him next. Add looked ahead with clairvoyance then quickly opened up a dimension distortion barrier. But the devil ignored Add’s act of defense and snapped his finger consecutively two times.


Add’s body shook violently with the sound of glass breaking. The attack just now looked like a single space distortion that could have been blocked easily. But that wasn’t the case.

Add pressed down on his torn waist as he slowly stepped back.  Blood was dripping even from his arm.


The Devil was looking up at the ceiling with a bored expression. As if ignoring Add’s existence, as if Add wasn’t worthy of his attention.

The Devil had just fired 100 compressed space distortions in an instant. The fight so far had been space distorting powers colliding and nullifying each other. But the Devil’s attack just now was in a totally different class in terms of ability of controlling space.

It was at a level that Add didn’t think was theoretically possible. Even if Add realized the scope of the Devil’s ability now, he lacked the strength to respond appropriately.

Even if he can read the future, it’s no use if he doesn’t have enough strength to defend against the incoming demise.

“I had to dispose of Elesis because you were running about.”


He’ll lose like this. Add pressed on his bleeding wound as he ran his brain desperately to seek for a solution.

Should he run away using time travel? Against King of Time?

“Kill yourself. That should be easiest for both of us.”

It was a declaration saying he wouldn’t go out of his way to step on an ant crawling on the ground, but Add had no choice but to agree. The Devil’s ability was truly terrifying…..and Add had no chance to win with his current strength.


Add panted as he activated clairvoyance then sought for a future where he could turn this dire situation around. But there was absolutely no chance that he could win in this situation. The Devil was merely not stomping down on him.

The Devil will resume attacking if this allowed time was over. He won’t be able to block it this time. Even if he somehow managed to block the next attack, he won’t survive the attack after that.


He didn’t want to say it, but defeat was right in front of his eyes. He thought he could definitely find a way to win if he crossed time and universes.

Even though everyone believed in him.


Even though Eun gave up her life……Even though Elsword, Elesis, Ara, Chung……

And Eve believed in him and fought by putting everything on the line.

He’ll lose to the Devil here and die in the end.

The El Search Party will lose in the end.



His face felt hot. Add realized he was crying. Tear drop from his left eye trickled down his face then followed along his chin as it dropped.

The Devil frowned after seeing Add shed tears. It looked as if he witnessed something really unpleasant.

“It’s me but this is unsightly……”


Add didn’t wipe his tear or blood as he slowly straightened his back. His brain hurt from performing overburdening calculations, his body didn’t move properly due to excessive blood loss, but he couldn’t stay crouched down.

“You’re the one who’s unsightly, Devil.”


“I thought you were my future self. But I get it now. You’re not me. I won’t become you.”

Add’s voice was low and calm despite tears trickling down his face. It was voice of a man that clearly knew what he had to do.

“You’re not me. No matter what happened, no matter how obsessed you were with Eve…… I can’t admit you and I are same individuals.”

“Is that your final words? Confession that you won’t become someone like me?”

The Devil had an annoyed sneer on his face. If Add was despairing from looking at his future, the Devil was looking at his past deplorably.

“No, this is a declaration…… for what I’m about to do.”

Add slowly reached inside his pocket. The Devil looked on as if to let Add try whatever he wanted.

But confidence disappeared from the Devil’s face when he saw what was in Add’s hand.


The thing in Add’s hand was Memory of Time and Space. Add scoffed from noticing the Devil’s face become grave.

“I see, so you’re wary of this too. Are you scared I might activate this?”


“There was something I forgot. It wasn’t for Eve, but Ara and Elsword’s physical appearance changed when they awakened their Memory of Time and Space. To put it precisely, they aged. It won’t be wrong to say they grew.”

The Devil did remained wordless to confirm Add’s hypothesis. Add grinned.

“Thus, I’ll grow too if I awaken this. I’ll become my future self, so would I become like you?”

“……If you can awaken it.”

The Devil’s gave a short response. Add shook his head from how the Devil was being extremely cautious.

“Yes, but as you know already, I couldn’t awaken this thing. I never figured out the method even while Ara, Elsword and Eve were all successful. And I still don’t know how.”


“But…… I know how to forcefully make its power explode.”

Add smiled violently then threw the Memory of Time and Space into his mouth. The Devil stretched his hand to attack but the Memory of Time and Space had already gone down Add’s throat.

Space shattering shockwaves rushed towards Add who just swallowed the Memory of Time and Space.

“……This is something I learned in the other universe!”

Energy dwelled in Add’s fingertips. Add immediately stretched his hand forward and opened a dimension distortion field that surrounded the wide area around his body.

Dimension distortion barrier worked by restructuring the surrounding space according to Add’s will.  It was reinterpreting laws of physics to achieve the result of ignoring physical shock. It usually didn’t get much larger than 3 meters in radius…… but the one he opened right now was 10 meters in radius.

All the space distortions the Devil fired were blocked by Add’s distortion barrier. This attack would have normally pierced right through, but the barrier’s density and additive calculations was in a different class this time.

It was different than before. It was impenetrable at least in this moment!

But the Devil didn’t look particularly fazed despite his attacks being nullified or how Add’s skill level increased to entirely new stage.

“Is that it?”

Only his voice became slightly more serious.

Add smiled while panting from the pain that felt as if his body was on fire.

“No, I can’t beat you with just this……”

“I couldn’t even scathe your hair even though that strong Elesis helped me……”

Add bit his lips in frustration while looking at lifeless Elesis who was leaning her body on her sword.

Elesis did her part perfectly. It was Add who was lacking.

“Even that muscle head grew……”

Elsword magnificently awakened his Memory of Time and Space and decided to buy Add time to escape despite learning the entire truth.

This situation itself was allowed because there was Elsword.

“And that idiot too…..”

They could defeat Ran and come this far because there was Ara. Add could confront the Devil because there was Chung who lay fallen right now and Rena who was unconscious in Raven’s arms.

And because there was Eve…… he couldn’t give up now.

“I… I’m…… lacking by myself.”


“I can’t win by myself. That’s the kind of ability I have!”

Add was strong but he wasn’t all-powerful. He fell behind in physical strength compared to others in the group and had zero close quarter combat abilities.

“I kept holding back saying we can win next time. But there is no more next time…… I won’t run away anymore. I’ll defeat you right here, Devil!”

“How can you be so confident knowing that you’re weaker? Did you see that kind of future or something?”

The Devil smiled as if he was taken aback. Add didn’t back down and smiled back.

“I can’t see that kind of future. But one thing I’m sure of is that……”

Add can display his full potential when he’s with others, when there are others supporting him.

Add’s conveyed his heart with a burning voice.

“Sorry, I’m sorry everyone…… But one more time, let me ask all of you for help just one more time. Our fight isn’t over yet. This moment right now…… this is the time where we have to win.”

The Devil frowned from hearing Add’s words. Enough conversations, the Devil was about to finish Add once at for all but then his eyes widened in surprise from Add’s next words.

“It’s not the time to end it just yet. That’s why, starting now…… I’m turning it back, you idiots!!”

Add shouted loudly as he activated the calculations he formulated using the Dynamos.

In that moment, white seal that was emitted from Add’s body spread out across the entire throne room. A gust encompassing everything and a formless energy wave followed.


Then…… all time started rewinding.



The Devil gasped in shock at the scene in front of his eyes.

Blood flowing out of Add’s side slowly flowed back into his body then the wound closed. Pieces of Add’s broken Dynamos from before floated up then slowly reassembled themselves. Ground that was shattered from the fierce battle became cleanly restored.

It was literally a miracle. But the condition of Add who was performing that miracle wasn’t good at all.


There was pain as if his fingers were being torn off. It was much worse than performing double or triple.

Add was someone who tried to obtain his goal by moving through time. But abilities he displayed until now were abnormalities like double and triple that made use of shockwaves, space and time to assist in battles, and even that had massive feedback on his body.

He had never attempted to entirely rewind time of the present.

But he can do it. He should be able to. There was no way that a boy who can jump through time as he wished…… couldn’t control time of the present as he wished!!


Add’s eyepatch broke from the shockwave created as the time was distorted. White part of Add’s left eye that was revealed started to become dyed in black.

The Devil gasped as he saw Add’s eyes becoming just like his.

“You’re insane! What you’re trying to do is going against the will of the universe! You’ll never succeed……”

What Add was doing right now was completely insane. Swallowing Memory of Time and Space to make his powers explode? That was same as putting poison in one’s body but that could be understood as last ditch effort.

But trying to turn back time of the present instead of time traveling?

“You going back and forth in time and turning back time of the present are entirely different issues!! Your existence itself will be obliterated if you fail!!”

“I….. don’t care.”


The Devil had a face as if he seriously couldn’t comprehend. Add, with even his tears dried now, shouted with a sensation as if he was throwing up blood. All his senses were becoming numb from the pain akin to his body getting shattered but he didn’t care.


He wanted to turn it back.

His mistakes. Get back the lost time.

Add’s one sole wish that he yearned to fulfill.



He wanted to fulfill his wish. For that sake, he didn’t care if his body and soul broke down.

“I’m going to fight together with these idiots!”

From Add’s shout, the Devil frowned then quickly stretched out his hand. Add’s abilities improved drastically but he still wasn’t a match for him who was king of space-time.

He just had to stomp Add down with force and stop this insane farce……


Then there was a shout that slashed through everything along with a sword smashing down. The Devil saw the sword flying in towards his head and dodged quickly towards the back.


The large sword swing performed from a high leap smashed down and shattered the ground. It was a good ambush but went to waste. Attacker would normally want to chase after the Devil and pressure him further.

But the red-haired boy maturely withdrew his sword slowly.

“Don’t you dare touch Big Brother Add.”

As time rewound, Elsword who had fallen rose back up. Add grinned as he looked at Elsword’s back with blurry vision.

That boy was detestable, but he trusted him right now.

“Big Brother.”

Elsword spoke while looking forward and being guarded against the Devil. It was quite mature and very reliable voice.

“Keep going. I’ll hold on for you.”

Turning back time of the present wasn’t something that was done instantly. Only person that stood back up right now amongst the El Search Party was Elsword.

“…..Don’t die, you idiot.”


Elsword fixed the grip on his sword then glared at the Devil. The Devil made a bitter face after witnessing revival of Elsword who had been particularly annoying and persistent until the end.

“I’m insane too but this is seriously insane…… Just what’s going to change from doing this? Didn’t all of you lose to me once already? Do you want to taste pain of death once more?”

While in disbelief, the Devil fired Void Impact towards Elsword’s head.

Even if Add turns back the present’s time to revive the El Search Party, all the Devil had to do was repeat what he did before……


But Elsword seemed to hold his sword in a short reach then swung it while spinning around. The space that was about to crumble got torn apart from Elsword’s sword strike and returned to normal.

It was a method to nullify space related attacks that strong individuals like Elesis and demon generals performed.


But to think Elsword would reach this level of mastery? Skill of Elsword who revived was above expectations.

The Devil was frowning when Elsword spoke confidently.

“It will be different this time.”

“……Just what makes you so sure, you idiot?”

“Big Brother Add is with us now.”

Elsword collected his breath then put strength in his legs. Add was turning back time while enduring pain of his body being torn apart so he could resurrect his fallen comrades. This was clear from seeing the phenomenon of everything including the broken walls and floors rewinding back to how they were originally before the battle.

“I asked Big Brother to make us win for sure next time. I trust Big Brother Add.”


“I’ll believe Big Brother who said we’ll defeat you, that we’ll win this time! Armageddon Blade!!”

Elsword gripped the now gigantic sword then confidently charged forwards. His gaze momentarily lingered on Elesis who had fallen while leaning on her sword but that was only for a very slight instant.

This was an enemy that even his sister couldn’t defeat. Elsword knew down to his bones how powerful the Devil was, how difficult it would be to face him alone.

But Add will raise everyone back up again. He’ll certainly find a way for them to win.

Elsword believed in his comrade behind him as he charged towards the enemy he could never defeat.


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