Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Synopsis


Add returns to the original universe.

But D has already finished preparations to alter the universe according to his own desires.

To break through overwhelming odds, and to return everything back to normal,

Add makes a painful decision.

That is farewell with his comrades, and Eve.

“This is goodbye, Queen.”


Hope you all had a nice Christmas & New Years. I had a quiet and nice winter break. I’ll be back doing Time Trouble stuff starting this week. Still gotta do that final volume 7 check-up which I imagine would take 2 days or more(since vol.7 is longer than other volumes) then I’ll  start working on Volume 8. Can’t make any promises but you can probably expect to see some Volume 8 chapter 0 translations by the end of this week.

Also check out some stuff I worked on during the break :3


20 thoughts on “Elsword Time Trouble Volume 8 Synopsis

  1. V. 8 is coming holy shit YEAAAAAAAH X. X

    But there’s some things that bother me.
    First of all, why the hell are they in their base job form?

    Then, since Eun is dead (?), how will Add react? Will he try to find a way to bring her back ?
    How will he find D and how will he beat him?
    And what about the others?
    I mean, what will Elesis and Raven do? They were in the demon’s side before Add travelled to the other universe. What will happen for them?

    And, why the hell “goodbye Queen” ? X. X
    It feels as if he’s about to do a big mistake.
    But, if Eve dies, then Add is free for Ara (I know I’ll stop that’s stupid).

    Can’t wait to read it.
    Thanks Tuna for all you do.

    • 1. The answer to that is a spoiler for the ending.
      2. The last chapter of volume 7 pretty much answered this one. He cried. He has no way of bringing her back so he simply keeps going so that Eun’s death isn’t in vain.
      3. Ending spoiler.
      4. Ending spoiler.
      5. Ending spoiler and no… It’s almost like you completely ignored the whole point of why Add(TiTr) keeps on fighting in this light novel.

      Please just wait for the translation to actually find out because 2na requested people to NOT post spoilers for volume 8 (and I have no plans to provide said spoilers).

      Seriously…. You guys can be really rude.

      • Wow, keep calm dude –”
        I was JUST telling what I had in mind. I didn’t expect any answer as well.

        I’m not that stupid, I was just a bit excited cause I really want to read it, I know everything you just said. So please don’t be like this, that’s not fun at all.

      • Woah calm down geeze, no one here spoil yet. I don’t think being over excited is rude. Next time think before you types. Beside no one is rushing 2na. So please relax.

  2. Add is going to erase himself along with D and reset everything. New world/timeline will contain base Add and Eve.

    Calling it now.

  3. 2na, thanks for the superb work that you did translating this novel. Waiting patiently for Vol.8! Btw, did you bought that Elsword Artbook? I’m urging to get it in PDF since I don’t live in Korea T.T

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