Elsword Time Trouble Volume 7 Chapter 5 Page 261~294 (Volume Complete)


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5.     Back to the Ending

Left alone in the Grand Cavern. Not a sound could be heard.

Add stood alone amidst the complete silence as he slowly reached inside his jacket. Add placed sleeping Eun on top of his hand then sighed deeply. Eun slowly opened her eyes.

How she rubbed her drowsy eyes with her tiny hands was cute.

“Why do you sigh so deeply, boy? Do you have some kind of worry?”


Add threw Eun in a fit of rage. Eun performed a somersault in midair then turned into Ara’s form.

“You’re treating a fox too harshly. I thought my small form was objectively cute.”

“You….. Shut up for a second.”

“Come to think of it, shouldn’t you be chasing after the girl and stealing her heart? Why aren’t you hurrying?”

“I told you to shut up.”

Eun smiled quietly then only wagged her tail as Add glared at her menacingly. Only moving thing right now was a single white tail, where were no traces of her other tails.

Add pressed on his forehead with his hand then spoke while controlling his rage much as possible.

“You…… you lied to me again.”

“What’s with the sudden ridiculous accusation?”


Eun made a face as if she really didn’t know anything but Add couldn’t be fooled anymore.

“Boy must have developed a hobby of persecuting me for no reason. Be more cool-headed. Why would I lie to you after coming this far? We should be joining our strengths to go back to the original universe and defeat D. So why do you not trust me?”

“Yes, that’s normal. That’s normal and logical.”

Add responded with a dumbstruck sigh as he continued to speak.

“You shouldn’t have been lying to me after coming this far. It just can’t be possible, not at all. You can’t be lying to me after I found out D’s identity and crossing together with me to this universe…… especially after the whole situation ended up like this. Logically speaking that is.”

That’s why after coming to this universe, while Add was startled by the outlandish things Eun had said, he didn’t suspect her. Why would she lie now after D’s identity was revealed?

Because Eun’s goal was solely defeating D…..she would unconditionally cooperate with Add.

That’s how it should be logically. That was the human logic…..but this being was a fox. Not just any fox, but a fox with nine tails!!

“Boy seems to be furious at me right now. Then give me a proof. Just what kind of lie did I…..”

“About everything!!”

Eun closed her mouth from Add’s roar. After cutting Eun off, Add demanded for an answer while trying to be calm much as possible.

“Why didn’t you ever ask me for a status update?”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“You never asked me for an explanation about what happened so far.”

Add sighed then spoke resolutely. There was a strange sense of irregularity. This was an irregularity that anyone could notice. The fact was, people usually didn’t know about the events that happened outside their presence. That was normal.

But Eun spoke and acted as if she knew everything already.

Even now after parting with the El Search Party, it should be normal for her to ask what happened or where did the others go. But she didn’t.

“I never told you what was going on and nor did anyone else. But you had a natural understanding of everything that transpired. Something like that is impossible for regular humans…. No, for regular creatures!”


“There are only two ways how that’s possible! Either you time traveled or can look far ahead into the future!!”

Eun narrowed her eyes then shook her head.

“Boy said it just now. I have the power to look ahead into the future…..”

“You said it yourself that seeing the future is disclosing secrets of the universe, that it’s not something you can do easily. Don’t you remember?”

“……I could have known because I looked ahead despite the losses.”

She fell for it. Add pressuring her until now was to make her say this line.

Add sneered while staring at the fox that fell into his trap.

“Is that so? So you had the general idea of what was going on without my explanation because you looked into the future?”

“That’s right. You’re questioning me as if I’m some kind of criminal.”

“There’s no reason for me to treat kindly a fox that’s not making any sense.”

Add spoke sharply then glared.

“You just fell into my trap. If you knew everything because you looked ahead into the future….. then you should have stopped this future from happening.”


“That kiss Eve gave on my hand, I don’t know if that will work as a return trigger. But I still haven’t found a way to defeat D. No, I did find it. It’s the core of Eve from this universe!”

Eun closed her eyes when Add reproached her quietly. It was as if she anticipated which words will come next.

“Then you should have helped me with trying to steal Eve’s core. You should have persuaded and forced me to steal it even if I hesitated!! You should have made me succeed no matter what it took!!”

“……Will the excuse that I became sleepy more often not work?”

“You should have known that things will come to this if you looked into the future.”

That’s right, Eun’s words didn’t fit with her actions. If Eun really wanted to help Add obtain the power to defeat D and return to the original universe…..then she should have told Add the future she saw and assisted him with his goals.

She should have avoided the outcome of Add parting with the Search Party and being left alone.

“I even said I’ll help boy turn back time…..”

“You only said it and didn’t actually do it. In the end, you did nothing in this universe and only slept while watching my failure.”

“You’re being too pushy. Girls get troubled by impatient men.”

Eun smiled bitterly but Add ignored her. This suspicion had existed since long before. In the first place, if Eun had the power to look into the future, then she should have used it without any restraint to support Add.

How about affection points? Advices related to the kiss?  Eun did give those advices but Add ignored them. He could understand Eun’s lies regarding those since apparently Add’s obsession towards Eve was the key that turned him into D.

But Eun kept her mouth shut regarding the method of obtaining the power to defeat D. She said she didn’t know at first and Add assumed she was speaking the truth….. But things didn’t fit once you thought about it.

Add needed to obtain Eve’s core to defeat D.

If Eun agreed to that, then she should have given various advices so Add could obtain the core. Much more if she had the power to look into the future.

But she didn’t do anything.

All she did was say that the method to return was a kiss and that a clue to defeating D was in this universe somewhere. Eun didn’t do anything other than that.

“You aren’t going say that we should go back using time travel now, right?”

“…..That will be difficult even for me.”

Add glared menacingly at Eun who was smiling bitterly.

Add could ignore many mishaps that happened between him and Eun before, like Eun hiding D’s identity or other information she hid.

“So you want to control my actions in the end. You said my obsessions towards Eve turns me in to D and wasn’t too fond of my conclusion that Eve’s core was the key to defeat D. There is some kind of result, a conclusion that you want and you’re trying to force me into it.”


“That’s why even though there were many chances you could have helped me or told me the truth, you kept your mouth shut and just watched. Do you remember the dice explanation you told me before?”

Add made a twisted smile.

“The one where you just had to roll until you got the result you wanted. That’s what you’re doing with me right now. You say you want to help me on the surface but you keep rolling the dice until you get the result you want!!”

Eun didn’t answer and only made cynical smile. She was basically acknowledging that Add was right. Add demanded furiously.

“So do I have to time travel again since I don’t have a way to defeat D yet? Should I go back and steal Eve’s core? Or is this part of your plan too? Are you sure you don’t know how to defeat D?”


“Have you ever spoken the truth to me even once?! You damned fox!!”

Add was seriously feeling intense hatred towards Eun right now. It was true that he could time travel and got out of many tight spots with Eun’s help until now….. But he couldn’t throw away the suspicion that even that was within her calculations.

Eun closed her eyes then replied shorty.

“Truth huh….. I’m not too interested in something like that.”

“I don’t care about your interests! I’m asking if you’ve properly told me the truth even once!!”

Eun gave a clean answer to Add’s rage filled shout.



“There was never a time when I’ve spoken the truth.”

Eun agreed so refreshingly that Add became dumbfounded for a moment. Then murderous intent rose from within him at the same time. It meant she was toying with him all this time. Was she seriously……

But Eun didn’t care at all as she spoke clearly.

“Let me say this first, the thing about needing a kiss to go back was a lie. You can just go back without it.”


Even that was a lie?

Blood pumped up to Add’s head as he was about to commence attacking. Eun suddenly waved her hand then pulled out a slingshot. Eun held up a white stone then smiled beamingly.

“This stone is the boy.”

Eun said this then placed the stone on the slingshot and pulled strongly.

“And this here is this universe.”


Stone went flying off far into the distance when Eun let go of her hand. Eun shrugged.

“And that’s the boy returning.”

“……An artificial force is being applied just from me staying in this universe? So I can just go back if that force is removed?”

Add couldn’t hide his intellectual curiosity even in the middle of his rage. When Eun nodded, Add asked while clenching his fists.

“Just why did you lie to me all this time? I can understand why you hid D’s identity. But…..”

“Wait a moment.”

Add closed his mouth when Eun asked for some time to organize her thoughts. Eun smiled bitterly.

“Boy seems unexpectedly defenseless and emotional but his mind is terrifyingly sharp. He never misses even the slightest flaw or hole in the logic. But it seems he was a little late in realizing it this time.”

“……I wasn’t thinking properly.”

At Eun’s confession, Add held his fist tighter while blaming himself.

How Eun always talked smoothly but never took action was a logical hole that he should have realized sooner, no, immediately.

But he had been so caught up with being in another universe and the need to raise affection points……

“I never imagined you were still plotting something…….even after all this.”


Add had at least believed Eun was being truthful after the point when D’s identity was revealed. Eun did look remorseful after revealing the fact that Add’s obsession towards Eve turned him into D.

He came to believe her. Trust her.

No matter how sly of a fox she was, Add believed that two of them were looking at the same goal and traveling down the same path. After accepting Eun’s apology, he developed a trust for her as they spent their time together.

That’s why he didn’t doubt her.

“…….Go ahead, explain yourself.”

Add’s voice diminished when Eun didn’t talk back. He strangely felt a slight regret once he had thrown up all his emotions.

He didn’t know what this feeling was…..but he hoped Eun could give an explanation that he could accept.

“I only have a single goal. To have the boy defeat D and return the universe to its original state. Then…have everything head towards its original direction.”

“Do you expect me to believe that after you’ve given me false information to control my actions all this time?”

“To guide, not control.”

That was the same thing. Eun shook her head when Add kept staring at her angrily.

“Boy becoming angry at me is obvious. But I wanted you to realize directly with your own flesh. There’s no meaning to the answer that I give you.”

Eun narrowed her eyes then asked instead.

“Then let me ask you instead. Why is boy questioning me right now? Shouldn’t you be urging me to turn back time and trying to steal the girl’s core?”


“No, stealing it first then asking me for answers later is the proper procedure. But why did you let the girl leave? Didn’t you know very well that the girl will stay by herself if you formed your words just right?”

Add bit down on his lips at Eun’s question.



Add swallowed the words he was about to say. It was certainly more efficient to steal first then ask Eun later……. But he didn’t want to…..

Unless the situation gave him no choice, he didn’t want Eve to……..

Add changed the topic for a moment when it became difficult for him to say it aloud.

“……Why did Add B that was originally here in this universe reveal the fact that he came from the past?”

“He’s called Mastermind according to the space-time coordinates.”

Add ignored Eun’s indication then continued speaking.

“Maybe my methods are fundamentally wrong. I determined that Eve’s core was the key that will enable me to time travel, and that it will make me much stronger. But……”

“The part about time travel is somewhat correct. Her core assists the boy’s space-time coordinate calculation.”

“……That means other methods are wrong.”

Add closed his mouth while sighing. Eun was strangely sparing her words in regards to Add who was certain that Eve’s core was the key. It was strange come to think of it now.

This wasn’t something that could be ignored so easily.

“Then is the key to defeating D the Memory of Time and Space after all and not Eve’s core? Can I defeat D if I awaken that? Could it possibly be…….that you know how to awaken it?”

Eun gave a totally off topic response at Add’s assault of questions.

“Why did boy protect the girl from True Karis’ final attack? The girl’s combat capability would have drastically dropped if you ignored.”


“But boy still saved the girl. Why did you block the easy path of achieving your goal?”

Eun asked calmly.

“You wouldn’t have made such a choice just because you believed in time travel. Boy is scolding and suspecting me for my ignorance….. But boy also chose the path that didn’t align with his goal.”


Add didn’t answer. Eun continued her words as if she read his thoughts.

“I’ll assume you didn’t want to, you didn’t want to see it happen. Am I right?”

“………That’s right.”

Add nodded after long moment of silence. He didn’t know what face he should make as he said this so he murmured while looking down at his feet.

His face felt hot for some reason.

“This will sound stupid….. But I didn’t want to disturb this universe because of our universe’s problem. I didn’t care at first, I was determined to do anything to destroy D…..”

Eun didn’t say anything. Add forced out the words that got caught on his throat.

“…….I didn’t want to do it.”

“So that’s what happened….”

“Don’t get me wrong, I know this Eve is different from Eve that I know. Although they aren’t completely different…… But I didn’t hesitate just because of Eve.”

That’s right, he hesitated. He hesitated and hesitated…… then gave up and said farewell to the El Search Party once he became suspicious of Eun’s actions.

Add closed his eyes then carefully gripped his fist.

“I didn’t want to do something like that…… to those guys in this universe…. I….. didn’t want to do something like that to the El Search Party.”


“I know, they are different people with only same faces. I think so too but they still had similarities. And those guys wholeheartedly……”

His words were becoming more incoherent. But at the same time, he understood that this was something must say.

“Accepted me. Eve was concerned for me sincerely. And others too…. They worried about my problem as if it was their own. But I was going to……. just to solve the problem in our universe….. steal their…..”

A single thin sigh.

“…….I didn’t want to steal Eve away from them.”

“That’s a strange description. Are you saying you didn’t want to cause a disturbance to this universe?”

“It’s different. I don’t care about anyone else. Who cares if this universe is in turmoil or if people I don’t know are dying? It’s just that…..”

Add shook his head then forced himself to continue speaking.

“I didn’t want to…… destroy the El Search Party.”

El Search Party will all turn into Add’s enemies the moment he stole Eve’s core. It won’t end just there and the El Search Party itself will collapse. Add hadn’t known before but the El Search Party members were bound together with emotions they held towards each other, with their relationships. There were various exchanges of emotions between them. They were an organization being maintained because of their bonds with each other.

If Add stole Eve’s core, if he destroyed Eve, then the El Search Party will collapse. They won’t be an organization that united and fought by believing in each other anymore, they will be completely shattered.

Once he had this thought….. He couldn’t move his hands to act no matter how much he tried…..

Another universe’s Add suddenly appeared by bouncing way the original Add. He was someone that would have been natural to suspect. But the El Search Party didn’t discriminate or suspect him and instead accepted him as one of their own. They allowed him to spend his time together with them.

While smiling, they gave him words of encouragement, told him that they’ll always come running to help if he called, and wished for the day when they’d meet again.

“I didn’t want to…..”

He didn’t want to betray their feelings. This was seriously a soft-hearted, naïve……and ridiculously stupid choice. But this was the result of Add’s self-examination.


As Add thought, his face was suddenly met with a very soft sensation. Add got extremely surprised as he tried to back out quickly but Eun’s hand was pushing his head down firmly.

Even though he wanted to push Eun away, he didn’t know where to touch her. As Add stayed still shivering from frustration, Eun hummed quietly.

“There, good boy. Relax.”

“……What are you doing all of a sudden?”

Add realized Eun was holding him tighter the more he struggled so he stopped resisting. Eun giggled as she caressed Add’s head.

“Don’t men like this kind of stuff? You were quiet when you received this from Rena so I don’t get why you’re complaining so much when getting it from me. Is it the breasts? Is it the breast size that’s lacking after all? Normal men should have been satisfied with this body that’s materializing Ara’s potential….. It seems boy who already had the taste of a super sized heaven cannot be satisfied from a mere large sized heaven.”

“…..Get away from me.”

“Let’s stay like this for a bit.”

Eun told Add with a tone as if she was thinking and with a strangely compassionate tone. It felt different from any pranks she pulled before so Add decided to stay still.

Eun spoke serenely as she slowly caressed Add’s head.

“Yes, we finally arrived at this conclusion.”


“Boy has finally earned the right to fight against D.”

Add unknowingly tried to raise his head to look up at Eun’s face but it was impossible because her hand was pressing down on him. Not only that, but it was difficult to move because he’ll end up rubbing his face against Eun’s chest if he tried to resist.

The fact that he was conscious of all of this was embarrassing. Add just hoped Eun wouldn’t find out. He’ll be teased because of it forever.

“That’s right. Boy’s supposition is correct. I even know how to defeat D. But I was worried about what will happen after. What will happen to the boy…..once he destroyed his own future?”


“The devil is boy’s ruined future. There’s no rule that another devil won’t be born once the devil is defeated.”

It was a cold and chilling story. Add tried to demand why she didn’t point out this part before. But Eun must have read the timing because she pulled Add’s head towards her even stronger. So Add couldn’t even speak and froze up.

This damned fox…. She was using her body to seal Add’s resistance!! Add tried to say all kinds of curses but they only dwelled inside his mouth as he was buried in Eun’s chest.

Add barely managed grab Eun’s arm then slightly distance his face from her chest. He gasped for air because he was slightly out of breath from being embraced too tightly.

“I thought you’d be furious but you’re rather calm. So men forgiving anything no matter how angry they get once they become buried in women’s breasts was true after all.

Eun snatched away the timing for Add to deny then spoke simply.

“Didn’t I say from the beginning? I only have a single goal. To restore the broken universe to its original state. All lies were means to achieve this goal.”

“You were…..”

“Yes, how boy sought the answer, hesitating, wandering, suffering….. They were all necessary steps. According to my thoughts at least.”

Eun spoke while gently caressing down along Add’s neck.

“Not from me teaching you or telling you what to do. I wanted the boy to figure out the correct answer for himself amidst the situations he faced. And it looks like the boy has finally found it.”


Seeing that Eun was looking down at him ever so kindly, Add bits his lower lips then pushed Eun away. He was finally freed from Eun’s restraint.

Ignoring his internally worry if his face was red, Add asked with a calmest voice he could manage.

“So what’s that way?”

At Add’s question, Eun summoned the wooden board with lattice marks on it that was shown earlier. White stone placed on the center of the board, and another white stone on top of that white stone.

Add knew that this represented Add and D’s relationship. As Add stared quietly, Eun cutely put her thumb and index finger together then flicked the bottom stone away.

“Future is coming!”


What did that mean? But Eun was staring at Add with an extremely glad expression.

“Boy is smart so he must have realized with this.”

“Stop speaking nonsense and explain properly. We should now be going back to destroy D……”

“I can’t come with you.”

Add froze from the words Eun just spoke lightly. He obviously believed he was going back with Eun for the final confrontation with D, what did this mean?

Add’s eyes blankly stared at Eun. Her white hair, red eyes and one tail.

One? Not nine?

“Energy is required to travel across universes. Very enormous amount of energy……”

Add couldn’t continue to talk from the chill that traveled down his spine. The slingshot performance Eun showed before, there was an external force pulling the slingshot.

Thus, the source of the force that made it possible for Add to cross into this universe was Eun!

That’s why she came with him!!

“Wait a moment, if we can just return……”

“You would have realized everything already, boy.”

Eun’s reply was short but Add had already realized everything. When he was saying farewell to the El Search Party, Ara’s hair was white with red eyes and white tails.

Thus, Eun was residing in this universe’s Ara as well and lending her powers. Could it have been some other power and not Eun? But that was unlikely…… since this universe’s Eve knew about Eun and naturally conversed with her.

Add was in this universe after bouncing away the original Add that was here before. But what about Eun? If there was Eun already in this universe, then she would have gotten bounced off as well.

But Eun who resided in universe’s Ara(Yama Raja) and Eun who was with Add was coexisting in this universe together. This went against Eun’s explanation from before.

Trickery. Borrowing Eun’s description, cheating.

“Same entities cannot exist in the same universe. But I was pardoned because I’m a fading existence. But it looks like even that pardoned time is about to end. I can’t even properly materialize this Ara’s potential. See? The outfit is imperfect.”

Eun smiled bitterly as she stroked the bare skin on her shoulder. Add clenched his fists from the sensation of his heart being struck with a punch.

“What have you done……”

Unbelievable truth, he never imagined Eun would do something like this. But Eun was only looking up at the ceiling without an answer.


Grand Cavern’s ceiling suddenly shook loudly then collapsed. Then… a giant red beast jumped down amidst the falling rubbles…… Red body, burning yellow eyes, giant wings.

It looked like the incarnation of destruction. It felt like this being had the power destroy the entire world if it decided to.



Add’s eyes widened in shock. He didn’t know just where did this Dragon come from but it wasn’t something they could face by themselves. No matter how strong Eun was, two of them were no match for this giant dragon. Only good news was that the dragon was still far away so they still had some time to react.

They’ll barely be able to face it with everyone gathered.

“Let’s go back quickly!! We have to fight this thing during the time when the El Search Party is still here…..”


Eun spoke heavily.

“I can’t turn back time anymore.”


No, what did she mean? Eun had said multiple times before that they could turn back time if necessary…….

That’s right, I lied.

Was being able to time travel a lie too?! Add glared at Eun as a chill ran down his back. How come they can’t time travel now after performing it so much before…..?

The last lonely remaining fox tail waved from the wind.


Add couldn’t speak from the sight of Eun’s life literally fading away. Eun should have seen this future but she accepted it without any complaints.

“Boy, everything is at stake in the final battle against D. Give it your best.”

“…….What are you saying?”

“This is far as I can come with you.”

Eun spoke with a smile. Add felt like he was about to have a stroke from his blood surging up to his head so much.

This damned fox was saying she was going to send Add back by himself while she fought this ruthless dragon alone.

“Don’t make me laugh! Do you think I’ll accept that? We have to go back together and destroy D!!”

“I’d like to help with that too… but my allowed time is almost up.”

Eun smiled as if it was unfortunate then touched her tail. The nine tails that had gradually decreased until only one remained.

And Eun’s hand passed through that last tail.

Add’s eyes widened from seeing the half-transparent tail that looked like it was about to disappear at any moment. He didn’t know the exact mechanism…..but his clever mind instantly understood everything.

Add staying in this universe itself was something that was allowed because Eun was burning away her life. Eun had literally burnt away her own life to bring Add to this universe.

She didn’t become sleepier for no reason.

“Wait! It will all be fine if we go back now!”

“I was fated to disappear in the first place the moment I forcefully broke the seal and separated from Ara. Nothing will change even if we go back now.”

Add only blinked vacantly from the ridiculous truth. Words he absolutely couldn’t accept were being spoken…..but Eun was only smiling like the usual.

It wasn’t the attitude of someone who was about to die.

“Alright, this is goodbye, boy.”

“……Don’t make me laugh.”

Add clenched his fists. He knew what Eun’s calculations were but he didn’t have a slightest intention to follow along with it. He just needed to drag Eun back with him no matter what…..then return her to Ara.

If that didn’t work, he just had to find a different solution.

Add even traveled across time and universes. There shouldn’t be anything that he couldn’t accomplish. Extending the life of a single damned fox shouldn’t be that difficult!!

Add grabbed Eun’s shoulders then shouted strongly.

“Did you keep your mouth shut because you saw ahead into this time?!! Don’t make me laugh!! It sickens me to let you conclude this however you want! I’m not going to let it happen!!”

“You’re being angrier than I expected.”

“Don’t you dare think about toying with me all the way till the end!!”

Eun who could look into the future would have known about this outcome. But she didn’t make any efforts to change this outcome.

Despite knowing everything, knowing that she’ll meet her end.

For Add who decided to jump through time to change something that has already happened, he couldn’t accept Eun’s values no matter what.

“Isn’t Ara precious to you?!! Then you should be thinking about going back no matter what!”



If she won’t listen to him then he’ll have force her to return with him. He’ll drag her back by the collar. Add was about to generate a space-time wormhole when suddenly, a soft sensation met his lips.

Eun, after closing the distance between them was pressing her lips against Add’s lips.

The moment Add realized this, his body suddenly became paralyzed…… and some object went down his throat.

Eun made a vague smile after pulling her lips back.

“…..It’s a payment for going back.”


Add couldn’t speak. Add knelt down while grabbing his chest as he desperately tried to say something. The thing that just went down his throat was heating up his body as if he was being burnt alive.

“You, just what did you…..”

“I’m sorry, boy. The part where you needed a kiss to go back was a lie but it was not a lie at the same time. Even my lie was a lie.”

Just what did she feed him? Some foreign object entered his body then he became paralyzed from his entire body was burning up. Never mind his hands and feet, he couldn’t even budge his tongue to speak. Eun explained as Add stayed down while shivering.

“Fox orb, it’s my essence that gathered the moon’s energy for hundreds of years. Powers I use to fight and look into the future are all contained inside.”

Eun pressed her finger on Add’s forehead then shook her head.

“Boy won’t be able to move right now. But your body will accept it after some time. Think of it as a farewell gift.”


Even his mouth didn’t move. Eun shook her head as Add shivered in pain from the sensation of his body being burnt alive.

“Fox orb is the source of my life. It’s not something I can hand over even if I wanted to. But it’s also true that we’re both foreign entities in this different universe. It was possible to hand it over because we’re in a situation where the differences in entities can be fooled.”


“Boy has changed so much. He only thought about the girl’s core at first, but he started to care for others after experiencing much. He learned to risk his life to fight for others, and became able to feel shame from not doing so.”

Eun smiled satisfyingly.

“Heart and will to risk everything to fight for your comrades. I waited a long time for the boy to possess this heart. Only then will the true conclusion be reached.”


“And boy has now finally obtained the right to enter the final fight against D. With the power to see into the future, boy should be able to fight on equal grounds against his own future. I’m just giving what should be given. Don’t worry.”


Why was she doing something this stupid? She could have just fought from beside him. Why did she hand over the fox orb that was basically her life?

Judging by her tone, it meant that she was beside him all this time so she could hand over the fox orb, only waiting for this moment.

Eun merely smiled as Add who couldn’t speak glared at her hatefully.

“I can’t see the future anymore. But I believe that boy will defeat D and restore the broken world to its original state. Boy, just like you are right now, always cherish the comrades around you.”

Eun pleaded with desperate voice.

“No matter how precious the girl is…..don’t become a devil, at the least.”

Add wanted to spit this thing out and return it to her right now. As Add tried to get up somehow, Eun placed her hands on top of Add’s hands.

“Please take good care of Ara.”


Eun spoke incomprehensible words towards Add who finally managed to open his mouth.

“If the angel sent you here then the devil has to send you back. Dynamo! Code: Diabolic!!”

Then the Dynamos started changing forms as they spread out while connecting with each other. They started to change into a sphere that imprisoned Add. Add got startled from the feature that even he, the developer of the Dynamos didn’t know, but his body still wouldn’t move.

Eun smiled as she said her farewell.

“The times we spent together was fun, boy.”

Dynamos started vibrating as they began to obstruct Add’s view. Add shouted with all his might towards Eun who was turning around without any lingering attachments.

“Who said I agreed to this kind of…..!!!”

The sphere seemed to give off light as Add disappeared along with his cry.

Eun who was momentarily staring at the now empty spot where Add had been with a complicated expression sighed then turned around. Red dragon that landed on the ground was slowly cracking his neck left and right.

Eun leaned her spear on her shoulder then spoke cheerfully.

“It’s first time and has been a long time I’ve seen you, Perkisas.”


Perkisas’ eyes moved to focus on Eun.

“To think there was someone who’d come over from another universe. It should consume enormous amount of energy, why did you come here?”

“There was something I needed to do so I’m here with my life as the payment.”

Perkias’ eyes narrowed. Even Perkisas had noticed from a single glance that Eun was dying.

This was much duller situation than he had expected so disappointment came to him first.

“Where did your essence go?”

“I gave the orb to the boy and sent him back. There’s none left for you.”

Perkisas made an astounded expression when Eun answered cynically. Perkisas’ facial expression was easy to read for a dragon.

“You gave the Spiritual Beast’s essence to a human? There shouldn’t be any insect who’d be worthy of it.”

“The reason for me coming here in the first place was…..to hand over the orb to the boy.”

Perkisas stomped on the ground from being outraged. Ground shook as gale was created and stone debris flew about.

“You came on a suicide trip to hand over your essence to a human? You’ve gone completely insane!”

“Situation in our universe is a bit complicated. Boy needed an extraordinary power to fight against the king of time and space. That’s all.”

“I don’t understand! I don’t understand at all! Although lesser than me, you’re still a Spiritual Beast like me, why did you hand over the essence of your power to someone like that!?”

Greedy dragon roared ferociously. Using the demons then abandoning them was all according to his plans. Opening the dimension gates to let the El Search Party regroup was within his calculations as well.

But the final part went wrong. Perkisas was angry from not being able to obtain the essence for himself, but most of all, he couldn’t understand Eun’s decision at all.

“You’re insane! You’re going to die here! How dare someone without even an essence try to confront me? Of course, you didn’t stand a chance even with your essence!!”

“Yes, I’m probably no match for you.”

Eun nodded readily to agree then fixed her stance. A girl directing her spear forwards versus a gigantic dragon that was towering over the girl.

It was a fight with such an obvious outcome but Eun was smiling.

Add asked her to go back with him but that was impossible. Eun had already used up most of her power and life energy to jump towards this universe together with Add.

Still, she could hand over the fox orb to Add because they came to this universe together.

Add who obtained a new power will definitely defeat D.

Of course, she could have handed over the fox orb then attempted to return together with Add. But she wouldn’t have lasted until they arrived at the original universe even if she were to go with him.

“Although he may not look it, boy has a very soft-heart. He’ll try to turn back time again even if a fox who always tricked and made mockery of him died in front of his eyes. But him doing so will ruin everything.”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“That’s why my life must fade away here. Although you wouldn’t understand.”

Perkisas looked quite discontent from hearing Eun speak refreshingly. But his discontent only lasted for a moment as the dragon moved on to his next order of business.

“Then shall I ask why you committed the sin of disturbing my universe?”

“Not your universe. It’s everyone’s universe.”

Eun shook her head to deny Perkisas.

“Lifeforms that will defeat you, end all the fighting then reclaim peace also live here in this universe. Even you who knows no fear is defeated by them and peace finally returns to Elrios.”

“You speak as if you can see the future.”

Perkisas scoffed at Eun’s declaration.

“You say that, but you still haven’t realized your own future. How foolish.”

“I have no excuse if you evaluate me as such.”

Eun smiled bitterly to agree then fixed the grip on her spear.

“But even so….. I absolutely love the story where a boy fights for a girl’s sake.”


“Don’t you know? A story. That fiction woven by humans and people, life and another life. Drawn from culminating hopes of each other.”

Eun was smiling satisfyingly.

“The story where a boy stands strong and continues to run ahead despite being hurt, failing, and repeatedly making mistakes, so that he can save a girl. I love that kind of story so much. I hope this story ends properly and meets a proper conclusion.”

Eun spoke with all her heart.

“I came running this far for a long time with only that feeling in my heart.”


Perkisas raised his body as he prepared his claws to strike. Gigantic dragon positioned himself to stomp down on the tiny fox.

“Giving away your essence, burned to death as an empty shell in a foreign land. What a foolish death.”

“But it wasn’t a foolish life.”

Eun replied pleasantly then gripped her spear tightly. Perkisas took a deep breath as an enormous blaze started to gather on his mouth.

Flames that could burn away the entire world was waiting in front of Eun’s eyes. She’ll turn into ashes soon as she confronted it.

“No, it was a satisfying life instead.”

But Eun ran forward with all her strength. Even if overwhelming flames came down upon her, even if she was facing an overwhelming enemy, this was for the sake of what she desired so she had no regrets.

“Red Demise, I’ll be your opponent……!”

Although she couldn’t be together with the boy till the end, she believed that he will shatter that broken universe. That’s why she could fight without looking back.


White fox run through the flames.


Until her life fades away.

Metal sphere the Dynamos had created.

Add was blinking vacantly while he was trapped inside the metal sphere just big enough for one person to sit inside.

“Just what……”

Eun forcedly sent him back. Along with the words saying her life was already over, that her job was done since she handed over the fox orb.

“What, just what……”

Add bit down hard on his lips from the strong aching in his heart.

Rage and dejection was surrounding his entire body so he didn’t exactly know what he was feeling right now.


After blinking vacantly for a long time, Add realized he could now move his body by little. There were still aching pain all over his body but it wasn’t to the point where he was going to die from it.

A foreign substance. Add’s eyes looked down at his hand. He saw the white accessory that Eun placed on top of his hand before she forcedly sent him back.

Hairpin with a white fox ornament.


Tears started welling up in his eyes as he numbly looked down at it. Add suppressed this indescribable feeling.

Lamentation and rage passed through his lips.

“You damned fox…….”

That fox only told him a lie from beginning to the end. She subtly hid the truth despite knowing everything. She had been lying even when he thought he knew the truth.

The fox never showed her true intention just like a fox.

She must have known how she’ll meet her demise since she could look out into the future. But…..she still accepted that fate, and thoroughly concealed her real intentions so that she could hand over her essence to Add.

It wasn’t a method Add could accept no matter what.

“You always lied to me, toyed with me…. And now you’re going end this however you’d like?”

Add bit his lips in frustration.

“I’ll never forgive you. I’m never going to forgive you. Doing whatever you’d like from start to finish…….”

His voice shook.

“Doing whatever you’d like……”

She died.

“Doing what-…….”

She died. Although she was an eyesore and he didn’t like how she teased him whenever she liked…. That damned fox fought side to side with him for a long time. They shared many hardships and surpassed many obstacles together.

That fox gave Add the courage to stand back up when he had given up from despair after realizing D’s identity.

He can never see her again.


Something flowed down along Add’s cheek soon as that thought reached his head. Add realized what it was after numbly touching his cheek…… then slowly began to despair soundlessly.

No one could hear his cry amidst the darkness. That’s why he could cry much as he wanted.

There was two when they arrived but only one when they returned.

Boy ran piercing through the darkness after losing even someone that was together with him all this time.


He ran towards the last fight, towards the final battle that will end everything.

[Elsword Time Trouble] Volume 7 End


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