Elsword Time Trouble Volume 7 Chapter 4 Page 211~250



4.     Farewell to Meet Again

Fight with Karis who swallowed the dark El, no, fight with True Karis was escalating into a fierce battle. Fierce battle as in….it was getting worse.

“Hold on tightly!!”

Add hugged Eve then raised the Dynamo’s altitude much as possible. A tentacle was chasing them from below!

“Ahahahaha!! Ahahahahaha!!!”

Tentacles pierced out of the ground as if answering to True Karis’ command when she raised her hand while laughing. Purple tentacles thick as a regular person were indiscriminately attacking anyone in the area.

Add and Eve were evading with Dynamo’s flight for now…. So only ones left on the ground were Ignia, Lu and Ciel.


Tentacles weren’t able to reach Ignia because of the fire barrier surrounding her. They all burnt away like weeds just from coming near her. Trail of flames followed Ignia’s spear with each swing and turned any tentacles they touched into ashes…… But the speed that True Karis summoned the tentacles was faster.

“There won’t be an end like this!!”

They could probably take out the tentacles in a large scale if they used Ignia’s special skill, rain of fire. But True Karis looked like she could still summon many more tentacles…. And the rain of fire was too powerful so it couldn’t be over overused on this platform.

The platform held out last time but there was no guarantee that it will hold out again.

Not only that, but the ground was already unstable due to True Karis summoning tentacles that pierced out of the ground. What would happen if they added Ignia’s rain of fire? There was no way the platform will hold.

The problem was… True Karis had wings but Ignia, Lu and Ciel had no means to fly.

True Karis must know this as well because she was continuing to summon the tentacles without considering the platform’s condition.

“Ahahaha!! Great!! This power! I can erase everyone with this power! I can obtain everything!!”

“……Didn’t she merely become crazy?”

Ignia muttered with a sickened expression. Not only did Karis’ appearance change after swallowing the Dark El, her mental condition didn’t look stable as well. She was tenaciously attacking the party in an overly joyful manner as if she was drunk.

Looking at True Karis with worm and snake like tentacles squirming behind her…. brought disgust to everyone that was watching.

Lu waved her magic gauntlets to root out the tentacles then performed a leap to land beside Ignia.

“It hasn’t been long since her power went rampant so her mind can’t keep up yet. We have to defeat True Karis before she regains her rationality and starts using her powers proficiently!!”


They obviously wanted to stop True Karis but the situation didn’t look good at all. While still glaring at Karis, Lu yelled strongly to call her soul companion.


“Is there a way, Lu?”

Ciel who approached by skillfully dodging the attacks of the tentacles asked in a composed manner. He looked like he was used to the chaotic battlefield because he didn’t look particularly troubled by all of this.

“There is one way.”

Lu spoke resolutely.

“….If what Karis has been saying to me are her true feelings then she won’t be able to ignore me. I’ll become the bait. Can you follow up after me?”


“I know. I’ll obviously be in danger. So come to save me. And defeat that bad demon while at it.”

Ciel noticed that Lu already made up her mind so he answered after a short moment.

“I’ll prepare assam tea for tonight’s dinner.”

“Prepare cookies as well!”

Lu spoke energetically then ran forwards without hesitating. Ignia who had been listening to the conversation stared at Ciel in surprise. Even if Lu was volunteering to become the bait, he was just letting her go alone?

But Ciel merely pulled the trigger calmly to shatter the tentacles trying to wrap around Lu. Ignia who missed the timing to follow after Lu had no choice but to focus on clearing the tentacles immediately around her.

Add frowned as he watched the situation from above. From above, the mayhem True Karis was causing…..felt like looking down at a bucket of squirming worms.

It was sickening to watch the rampaging tentacles fill up the platform.

Anyways, True Karis’ attention must be occupied with the group on the surface because she didn’t attack Add and Eve that escaped into the air. The problem was, two of them couldn’t assist the El Search Party while floating in the air like this.

“Useless, let’s go down quickly.”

“…..Call me Add.”

Eve who was being held in Add’s arms snapped harshly.

“Merely watching from here is useless, cowardly and stupid. I’ll call you useless-coward-stupid from now on.”


It seems his titles just got increased. Add put strength in his arms in surprise when Eve forcefully tried to shake off Add’s arm.

“What are you thinking?”

“Even if useless-coward-stupid might get scared and run, I’m different.”

Although she said this, Eve stopped trying to shake Add’s arm off. It was because of a worry that tussling on top of this small area on the Dynamos from this height could be dangerous.

Worry? Wrong. She was being considerate. Eve should be fine even if she fell from this height but there was no way a normal human like Add would be fine.

After realizing that Eve was worrying for him despite how she was acting tough….. Add quickly came up with an excuse.

“…..I’m thinking of a plan. Stay still.”

“Formulate it within 10 seconds.”

Add carefully avoided Eve’s gaze as she demanded while looking straightly at him. He instinctively managed to escape the scene soon as Karis turned into True Karis and situation turned chaotic…. but this wasn’t the most optimal solution.

It was basically abandoning the group on the ground and running away since he could fly. Eve reprimanding him was just.

“…..I need a bit more data on that True Karis.”

“We can obtain that while fighting on the ground. Why are you being so hesitant?”


Add closed his mouth because he couldn’t answer. Eve stared straightly at the side of Add’s face then asked straightforwardly.

“Are you scared, Add?”

“Me? Scared of a mere crazy demon?”

Add became furious for a moment. Of course, you could tell True Karis was strong from a single glance. But there was no reason for Add to be afraid of her. No matter how strong she was, would she be stronger than Elesis? Or D?

He’s been in life-threatening fights against overwhelmingly strong foes all this time. There was no reason for him be afraid now.

“Then why are you running away from the battle?”

“Who’s running away?! I’m……!”

Add reacted emotionally at the word ‘running away’ without realizing. That’s right, running away. Add ran away to this universe to escape from D. While leaving behind everyone who threw their lives away to stop D.

Eve stared at Add calmly when he unknowingly denied in a furious voice. At her gaze asking ‘then aren’t you moving?’, Add replied while not being able to quell his emotion.

“I’m not afraid of fighting.”

“Then what are you afraid of?”

At the continuing question, Add finally realized what he was afraid of.

Unknown powerful enemy, fighting against a powerful enemy didn’t scare him. He wasn’t scared of it. Actually, it was just what he wanted. Since he had to train against strong foes to become stronger and defeat D.

What Add was afraid of was…..watching Eve get destroyed again.


It was seriously a ridiculous story. Add was at a loss for words after examining his mind. Eve here(Code: Empress) was much stronger than Add(Time Tracer). Rather than protecting her, he was being protected by her instead.

Does it make sense for a cat to suggest to a lion that they shouldn’t fight because cat was afraid of lion getting hurt?

It didn’t make sense… but Add was still afraid. He knew he could turn it back using time travel in the worst circumstances. But he still couldn’t shake off the fear.

As Add kept his feelings suppressed, Eve suddenly changed the topic.

“I’m not particularly interested but was I also in your universe?”


“How was she?”

Eve’s voice was extremely pompous. Her tone was as if Add didn’t need to speak he didn’t want to.

A tone as if saying ‘I’m not interested but I’ll listen if you say it’.

It was such a lax question to ask when their allies battling below…..

“…..She has a different combat method than you.”

“But she’s competent, right?”

Was that important? Add’s feelings had settled but he was still at a loss for words. But then Eve spoke sharply.

“Add, I don’t know what’s going on in the universe you were in. I have no idea what D is or what the circumstances in your universe is. I won’t be able to truly understand even if you described it to me.”

“……That’s right.”

“But I know that you came here to solve the problem in your universe, and that you’re desperate.”

Eve continued after pausing for a moment.

“and that there’s a reason for you keep touching me.”


Wait, what’s with her choice of words? Add got startled and looked around to see if anyone had heard. (Although it was a needless worry since they were flying).

Eve looked as if she was confused as to why Add was showing such a strange reaction.

“You touched my face and hands.”

“That was…..”

Add almost retorted but felt like it was a waste of time. As Add stayed frozen, Eve told him calmly.

“I don’t know what’s making you so afraid, or what you’re worried about. But I’ll help you in any way I can.”

“…..How come?”

Wasn’t there no reason for this Eve to be so generous towards him? Eve hesitated for a moment then spoke in a prudish tone.

“Training someone who’s useless-stupid and making them competent…..is duty of a queen as well.”


“Anyways, let’s go down. We can’t delay any longer.”

Eve urged after seeing Lu charge into True Karis by herself. Add also clenched his fist then made his decision.

Eve was right. The situation won’t get better by him escaping because of his fear.

“Just promise me one thing.”

“I already promised I’ll kiss you.”

“….Not that.”

Add suppressed his nervousness from how Eve spoke that word without any restraint as he mentioned his condition.

“Don’t do anything dangerous, never.”

“It’s ten thousand years too early for you to worry about me, useless.”

…..Add didn’t know if he should glad that his title returned to normal. Add headed towards the surface as he sighed.

It was time to finish this. Either they finished True Karis off….or the El Search Party will get finished.

Dozens of tentacles struck Lu at once as she ran towards True Karis by herself.

But tentacles blocking Lu’s path got torn like paper once Lu swung her magic gauntlets without backing down. Tentacles that were trying to suppress Lu as she charged triumphantly…. Suddenly changed their movements.

They didn’t assault Lu anymore and moved aside. Lu read their intentions as well and slowed down to a leisurely walk.

She was all alone in middle of enemy territory. Lu wouldn’t survive if the tentacles attacked her all at once no matter how strong she was. But Lu walked with a relaxed expression as if she was taking a stroll.

Karis, sitting voluptuously with countless tentacles behind her back, was looking at Lu while smiling joyfully.

As they got closer to a distance where they could converse, Lu stopped her steps then looked up. True Karis looked down at Lu in ecstasy.

“Lord Luciela, you came all the way here to become my slave. I’m so happy.”

“I seriously don’t understand why you’re doing something this foolish…..”

Lu let out an honest sigh as she shook her head. Karis was running rampant in joy right now but her life was on a time limit now.

“I wouldn’t have chased after you if you admitted defeat and ran away. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll forgive you. I would have chased you down eventually. But stopping the demon god resurrection ritual is more urgent right now. So how come…..”

“Why am I going this far?”

“Yes, is Scar holding something over your head?”

True Karis giggled loudly as if she heard something amusing.

“He’s so stupid that he would never think about something like that. Lord Luciela, you should know better than me how he’s a beast that only relies on his strength. Do you know how much trouble I went through doing everything that required a brain?”

“…..I have no intention of having an idle chat with you.”

When Lu frowned and urged for an answer, True Karis stretched her arms then lightly bent her neck towards left then right.

Her ample breasts shook from following her movements.

“Why did you come alone if you weren’t going to chat? You’re here to talk with me after all.”

“I came to finish you off. From the start…..”

Tentacles moving aside so Lu could approach meant Karis ordered them to. Karis wished for this conversation.

Actually, Lu just had to attack Karis without listening. She was in a position where she could easily attack Karis and she did harbor much grudge against Karis.

“Still….. I can at least listen to your final words.”

“Because of old times?”

Karis was now lying forward and resting her chin on her hands as she spoke in a mocking tone. Lu closed her eyes then nodded.

“Although you betrayed me and committed unforgivable sins…. You were my subordinate. Although you foolishly destroyed yourself because of your greed for power…. Still….”

“Still what?”

Lu clearly drew the line when True Karis urged in anticipation.

“It’s true that there were times we spent together.”

“Aww, we still have much more time to be together. You’re getting ahead of yourself, Lord Luciela.”

True Karis spoke while bobbing her legs scampishly.

“You asked why did I choose to fight instead of running away? Of course, not because of any loyalty towards Scar. It’s just….”

True Karis frowned.

“It all became boring. What will remain if I ran away with tail between legs? It’s better to win in a most wild way possible then destroy everything.”

“Even if the result is your demise?”

“That doesn’t matter now. Elrios will be destroyed of course and I’ll destroy the Celestial Realm as well….. then I’ll destroy the Demon Realm next. Even Scar won’t be a match for me now.”

Lu wasn’t particularly surprised from hearing that Karis was going to destroy the demons as well. Karis was a pleasure seeker in the first place….and wouldn’t have laid her hands upon space-time if she was sane.

“Of course, you will get to witness all of that from beside me. You’ll get a front row seat to watch the destruction of this universe. Be excited, I’ll destroy everything then kill you last.”

“You said you loved me and now you’re saying you want to kill me? I already know you lost your mind from the Dark El but I’m still at a loss for words.”

“I can’t live for much longer now anyways. If that’s the case…. I can’t die by myself. Lord Luciela, you’re going together with me at the very end when everything is over.”

True Karis’ intent of taking the whole universe down with her since her days were limited was outrageous…. But she had the power to make it come true.

Although she couldn’t control her power properly right now, once the time passes and the Dark El in her body stabilized, and if she could use her time controlling abilities again, there will be very few that could stand in her way.

Lu wasn’t sure if she could win even with her original powers.

“I see, there are more reasons to end your life now. I’ll send you off painlessly as possible.”

Just when Lu resolved herself, True Karis laughed then asked out of the blue.

“You left the others behind and came to meet me alone because… you believed I would open a path for you, right?”


What kind of delusion did she have? But True Karis was blushing like a girl in love. Lu’s head felt numb after seeing the terrifying existence that could destroy the world blush.

Lu had somewhat hoped from True Karis’ sudden confession and her obsessive attitude that she might let her guard down if she attacked her alone…..but seriously?

Karis was quietly waiting for an answer like an embarrassed girl waiting for an answer after confessing her love.

It was difficult to ignore her….and commence fighting.

“Karis, I……”

“I’m True Karis now.”

The moment when True Karis smiled while answering embarrassedly….. All the tentacles that had been staying still suddenly swarmed towards Lu. Lu urgently turned around to wave her magic gauntlets, but her reaction was slightly late.

She defended against 1st wave of attacks but she couldn’t keep up her defences after 2nd and 3rd waves.


Lu was completely wrapped up by the tentacles due to endless incoming attacks. Tentacles were tightening their grasp as if they were determined to not let go of her. No matter how much she tried to escape, she couldn’t exert her strength properly while being tied and hung up by the tentacles.

As if making an offering to their queen, tentacles brought Lu in front of True Karis.

True Karis pressed her finger on Lu’s forehead while smiling.

“You’re too soft-hearted Lord Luciela. You let your guard down because you seriously considered my confession.”

“I didn’t think you’d……”

Lu bit down on her lips in frustration. She never thought Karis would do something so underhanded. No, Karis had always done underhanded things…. But she never imagined Karis would do it in this manner. She had been confident she could retaliate up to certain extent despite being at the center of enemy’s lair. She didn’t think she’d get captured so easily like this.

As Lu made a frustrated expression, True Karis stroked Lu’s cheek as if she was handling her favorite doll.

“Your angry face is so cute. I like Lord Luciela from before but I like this weak and tiny Lord Luciela too. I’m fine with both.”

“Stop saying things that you don’t actually mean. All you’re doing is trying to ridicule me.”

“Oh my? But the part about my love for Lord Luciela is true.”

True Karis answered tenderly then hugged Lu as if she just obtained a treasure.

Karis hugged Lu tightly with the strength that would have crushed normal human beings, then she spoke with an excited tone.

“Now Lord Luciela, I’ll show you everything getting destroyed like I promised. I’ll love you as my finest slave.”

“…..You wouldn’t call that love.”

True Karis didn’t mind Lu responding in disgust and hugged more tightly. She rubbed Lu’s cheek with her hand then stroked her hair as if each and every strand was lovely.

“But only thing that comes into my eyes is Lord Luciela. What else could this be but love?”

“Your mind has become sick.”

“That doesn’t matter. Because you’re already mine, Lord Luciela. Let’s watch…… everything get destroyed with just the two of us.”


“Because you’re already mine, Lord Luciela.”

Karis spoke alluringly as she stroked Lu’s lips with her finger. Lu let out a thin sigh then gazed directly at True Karis.

True Karis was looking at Lu blissfully as if she was staring at something dazzling, she was like a child whose gaze had been captivated by the precious toy she finally managed to obtain.

“Karis, even if the world ends I cannot be together with you.”

“That’s fine. I don’t have any intention to listen no matter how much Lord Luciela complains, denies or begs me. Because Lord Luciela is my slave and I’m the master.”

“That’s not the issue.”

Lu calmly and slowly gripped her fist. True Karis was looking at her as if she couldn’t comprehend. Lu opened her mouth to teach her.

“One who’ll spend the eternity with me has already been decided.”

“Ah, if you mean that foolish man, he’ll be soon….”

“His name is Ciel, he’s my soul companion and the one who I’m together with until the day when the world ends.”

True Karis frowned but Lu ignored her as she began to raise her power. Lu could do it, she couldn’t defeat True Karis by herself but two of them could do it.

Not alone, but with two!

“I’ll teach you what being two and one means! Come to me, Ciel!!”

Immediately after Lu’s shout…..Ciel appeared beside Lu. True Karis’ eyes widened from Ciel’s sudden appearance.

Just how? It wasn’t a teleport, how can this be…….?

But even before True Karis opened her mouth to ask, Lu and Ciel raised all the power they had and shouted together as if they had planned this beforehand.

“Castle of Abaddon!!!”

Their voices and powers joined as one, everything the two of them possessed formed into a harmony as…..the castle Lu resided in the past, Abaddon was summoned!!


True Karis got terrified and flew up hastily. Getting directly exposed to Abaddon’s attack was dangerous no matter how powerful she had become!

“…..You won’t escape from here!”

Clear voice rang out and rain of fire started fall as if it was waiting for the moment when True Karis flew up. True Karis gritted her teeth and tried her best to dodge but there was no way to dodge the heavy downpour of fire.

The reason True Karis fought on the ground despite having the ability to fly was to prevent clashing directly with Ignia’s firepower. Ignia couldn’t fight properly if she fought on an unstable platform.

But Ignia could attack without restraint once True Karis fled towards the sky!

“Fire Priestesssss!!”

True Karis got surrounded in flames and screamed deplorably as she fell to the ground. Although her wings and various parts of her body were burnt from getting hit directly…. Karis still had the tenacity to survive.

But she couldn’t do anything about falling back down towards the platform. And on the ground, Abaddon that finished its attack preparation was waiting!!


She couldn’t dodge now! Abaddon started to pour infinite number of magic spears at True Karis as she screamed in terror.

Blinding blue light disappeared. Ignia withdrew her rain of fire then murmured quickly as she narrowed her eyes.

“….Is it over?”

Movements of the tentacles were gradually slowing down. Their plan of Lu creating an opening then having Ciel join her to attack with all their strength and Ignia shooting True Karis down if she fled to the air seemed to have been successful.

But they couldn’t confirm True Karis’ death because tentacles were in their way. Add and Eve who had been fighting approached Ignia who wasn’t letting her guard down.

“……Looks like the plan worked.”

“It’s not the time to relax yet, useless.”

Ignia nodded to agree then grasped her spear. True Karis was her hated enemy that brought war to Elrios and took the lives of those kids that were precious to her.

She wanted to finish her off personally no matter what.

“I’ll go check. You two wait here.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if we moved together?”

“She might use some kind of large scale magic. It’s hard for me to use this if you guys are nearby.”

Ignia said this then conjured a wall of fire around her. Ignia’s raw power and abilities were impressive but it did seem to lack in discerning allies and foes.

As Ignia went ahead to confirm True Karis’ death, Add put his hands into his pockets.

“If Karis is done for…. Only one left is Scar now?”

“It should be.”


Add stole a look at Eve’s face from her answer. The fight in Lanox was gradually coming to a close. He even got a promise from Eve for a kiss. Eve who is prideful of her own words won’t change her mind so the stage 1 was clear.

Only thing left was to steal Eve’s core.

The problem was that the other Search Party members will become his enemies soon as Add assaulted her. It was impossible for him to survive if that happened…. And he somehow didn’t want to create such a situation.

Add spoke quietly while following half reason and half emotion.


“I’m listening so you can speak, useless.”

Eve was on alert just in case the tentacles around them started moving again.

“When this fight ends, I have something to say to you alone.”


Add had thought of various excuses for the case when Eve asked why they needed to be alone but on the contrary to his expectation, she cleanly accepted. Add was about to ask why she wasn’t suspicious of him at all but closed his mouth.

Something he shouldn’t say was seeping out of his mouth.

“Just why do you trust me so mu….”


Add who had been confessing his emotion raised his head due to Eve’s short shout.

Giant scythe was sweeping across the ground. Both of them will get caught in its trajectory like this.

And the arm Eve stretched out toward Add was to push him away so he didn’t get caught in the scythe’s trajectory.

Add grasped the situation in an instant…..then calculated with a surprisingly cool mind.

This Eve was strong after all. Not only did she push Add away from danger, she was dodging the scythe herself as well. But it wasn’t perfect.

Add would be completely unharmed like this…. and Eve will lose an arm. She could also lose her right leg with 0.4 seconds of difference.

Humans would die of shock from this but Eve was a Nasod, she wouldn’t die from this much. No matter how much Add’s skills lagged behind Eve……even he had a chance against Eve without one arm and leg.

The situation was completely going in his favor. Eve’s combat capabilities will drastically decline if he doesn’t do anything.

Forget combat, she’ll have troubles with daily activities for a while.


He could easily achieve his goal if he did nothing, if he pretended he didn’t notice, if he pretended he was really useless and didn’t do anything.

Add bit down hard on his lips. Eve’s surprised face, her arm stretched out to secure his safety no matter what.

He couldn’t hold back after all.


Dynamos activated soon as Add waved his arm while laughing loudly. Invisible barrier enveloping both Eve and Add was created. The scythe flew in as if it was about to cut through anything that stood in its way…..


But it couldn’t pierce through the Dimension Distortion field and got deflected. Add who was getting pushed back smiled joyfully. No matter how large and sharp the scythe was, it couldn’t break through the Dimension Distortion field.


Add’s back hit the ground because he wasn’t paying attention behind hi. But he smiled satisfyingly as he looked up at the Grand Cavern’s ceiling.

“Kukukukuk…… Uwaaack!”

Add who had been laughing energetically screamed from the sudden weight that crushed him. Then a prissy voice scolding him was heard.

“Don’t make a weird sound.”


Eve who had thrown her body had fell on top of him. Eve was basically lying face down above him and he felt the weight strongly on his chest and stomach.

She was heavy! But…..he didn’t want to say it aloud!!

As Add desperately withheld himself from saying the fact aloud, Eve looked down at him quietly……then spoke with a low voice.

“I not going to thank you for this, Add.”

“…..Kukukuk. I don’t get what you’re saying because I’m useless.”

Add replied by forcing a smile to hide his inner struggle. Hearing Add’s answer, Eve didn’t say anything and turned her gaze away from him. She must be quite embarrassed of what she just said.

Add stopped playing around and closed his mouth. His gaze unknowingly checked Eve’s arms, legs and other places to see if she was fine…. He became satisfied after confirming she was unharmed.

“I don’t want to see it after all…..”

Add knew this was such a stupid thing to do…..but he still didn’t want to ignore it. He didn’t want to see Eve get destroyed again. Even if he knew it hadn’t been a life threatening attack or that ignoring it would have made it easier for him to achieve his goal.

Even so…..he didn’t wish for her to be harmed.


Eve didn’t ask for what Add meant. Add didn’t have any intention to explain either so he closed his mouth.

Anyways, Add didn’t know how long Eve was going to stay on top of him. He wanted to tell her to move because she was heavy but he somehow felt like he shouldn’t say that. At least in this situation, saying something like that was a bit…..

It was a moment where he had to hide his pain.

Even her final attack failed. True Karis lay fallen on the ground and panted heavily as she looked forward. Lu was looking down at her with a bitter expression.

“Hah? I don’t get why you have a face like that when you’ve won, Lord Luciela. You should be happier. Your old subordinate who betrayed you is waiting for her death. Isn’t this the time when you scold me more sternly and lecture about how I should receive divine punishment?”

“How foolish…..”

Lu shook her head with a complicated expression. Not a single drop of blood was flowing from True Karis’ broken legs. You could see the cross section with veins and bones…..but how there was no blood made it eerie to look at.

Not only did True Karis lay her hands on time, she ate the Dark El as well…. Her body was in an abnormal condition. Of course, Karis’ life force and mana was on the strong side amongst demons so she could somewhat maintain herself in this abnormal state long as she wasn’t hurt.

But she received a critical damage from Ignia, Lu and Ciel’s attacks. True Karis possessed enough strength to destroy everything in the world, but balance in her body was extremely unstable so it was almost impossible for her to recover once she received damage.

No one in the world could restore True Karis to her original state now. Lu asked quietly while sighing.

“Do you have any last words?”

“Please spare me.”

“……Don’t be ridiculous.”

But True Karis smiled desperately as she looked at Lu then begged. It wasn’t just her words, she gathered two of her hands together as she pleaded.

“Ah, it hurts, it hurts so much! Lord Luciela I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I’m regretful for what I did. I betrayed you when you adored me so much! I’ve always regretted my actions and was searching for a chance to apologize to you. I’m really sorry. I was too foolish.”


Lu closed her mouth tightly. True Karis should know better than anyone that begging like this had absolutely no value and that Lu had no reason to listen to her even if she was truly remorseful.

And True Karis was pleading for her life despite knowing all of this very well.

“……You’ll kill me even if I say this. Isn’t that right Lord Luciela? You won’t forgive me. And that’s why I’m begging you to spare me.”


“Lord Luciela, you must kill a subordinate who’s begging desperately for her life. Understand?”

True Karis smiled refreshingly as she stared at Lu. With the parts below her knees amputated, She used her hands to slowly crawl closer to Lu.

So that she could reach a little more closer.

“Please spare me, Lord Luciela.”

So her words could leave a little more scar on Lu’s heart.

“Please, I’m sorry.”

Karis had abandoned her attachment for life the moment when she swallowed the Dark El. The reason she was going out of her way to desperately plead for her life despite this was to leave an incurable wound on Lu’s heart.

“You’re foolish even in the end…..”

The hand True Karis was stretching out yearningly after crawling closer to Lu, she was looking at Lu as if she was dreaming. As if she was staring at a sacred idol, she was disregarding her dying body as she desperately tried to leave her existence in Lu’s heart.

Lu slowly raised her arm while watching the hand that True Karis stretched out towards her yearningly. This wasn’t something she could stop now. True Karis smiled brightly soon as she noticed Lu had made up her mind.

Because she was certain that she could live on in Lu’s heart even if she died.




True Karis who had been smiling in satisfaction blinked with a blank expression as if she was taken by surprise. There was an unexpected distraction between the two of their communion……and a hole had been dug in True Karis’ forehead.

As True Karis’ body fell backwards from the shock, she turned her eyes to seek the culprit. The man who she once killed was looking at her composedly.

“You again. Getting in my way even at the end…….”

As True Karis fell backwards while glaring at Ciel with sorrow and regret, she made a mysterious smile.

“Still….two of you suit each other.”

Thud. True Karis fell after leaving her last words then her body got scattered into dust. Lu watched her disappear quietly then spoke slowly once she heard the footsteps approaching from behind.

“I should have done it.”

“That’s why I did it.”

Ciel standing beside Lu spoke calmly for someone who just exacted vengeance.

“Since two of us are one.”


Lu seemed to let out a big sigh then nodded. Refreshingly, as if she had shaken off everything.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Ciel smiled then lightly petted Lu’s head. Lu smiled lightly from Ciel’s touch then raised her tightly clenched fist up towards the air.

“Then shall we go punish that Scar?!”



Elesis was wearing out after exchanging hundreds of blows with Scar. In contrast, Scar was still tirelessly launching heavy attacks towards her.

“You’ll lose your head soon as you stop moving, Red Haired Knight!!”

“How kind of you to tell me that.”

Elesis parried the sword Scar smashed down then backed out while staggering. Elesis had faced countless strong adversaries before but Scar was too much for her to handle after all.

In the first place, Scar was a type that didn’t particularly utilize strategies or tricks. Him being revered amongst the demons was because he was literally the strongest amongst them. Scar’s followers were types that were attracted to his pure strength.

‘……Do I rely on tricks too much?’

Elesis’ personal skills were also strong enough to boast about being strongest in Elrios but she was also recognised for her leadership skills of commanding the Red Knights. Not only that, she was also familiar with social skills and politics.

To summarize, Scar reached the position of Demon Realm’s strongest with his sword alone while Elesis reached the position of Elrios’ strongest with various abilities. Is that why there was such a difference between their capabilities right now?

Elesis shook off the unnecessary thoughts digging into her head then quickly parried Scar’s upper slash.

“All you do is run away!!”

As Scar clicked his tongue displeasingly, Elesis asked while forcing a smile.

“Scar, I’m asking this because I’m just really curious…. But what do you think would have happened if we fought in a large-scale war as commanders of our respective armies?”

“What’s the point of your question?”

Despite how it was advantageous for him to press his attack, Scar stopped to converse with Elesis. One could have easily suspected that this was Elesis’ trick to buy more time but Scar showed no signs of suspicion.

“I’m just really curious.”

“I would have probably lost.”

Scar readily acknowledged as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Scar was a warrior but wasn’t adept at commanding others. No, he just wasn’t interested in it. In, Jin and Steel Lava demons followed him because of his terrifying skills and pure personality…. They didn’t expect commanding skills from him.

Scar, the supreme captain of the demons lured the El Search Party into a trap then all he did after that was have a 1 vs 1 fight with Elesis.

This current situation was a proof that he wasn’t well suited as a commander.

“Although I got nothing to say either after letting my blood get pumped….”

Elesis shook her head while smiling bitterly. Fighting Scar strangely made her joyful and made her heart beat. It was to the point where she got thoughts about wanting this fight to last longer even if she were to lose.

Scar asked suddenly.

“Do you want to rest more?”

“…..I didn’t ask this so I could recover my stamina.”

Elesis answered before she realized when she actually should have bought more time by saying she wanted to rest longer. She had a feeling that she shouldn’t be doing this…..but Scar was coming at her so cleanly that the desire of wanting to answer to his pure fighting spirit was surging up from within her.

“Ah, I shouldn’t be like this…..”

During her long time as captain of the Red Knights, and as a member of the El Search Party, Elesis had been so busy worrying about various circumstances and other people that she rarely had the chance to prioritize her personal desires. It’s been a long time since she was in this kind of situation where she could purely clash swords without thinking about anything else.

Scar smashed his sword on the ground when Elesis positioned herself. In that moment, Elesis kicked off on the ground with her toe then blazed past Scar with a terrifying speed while slashing his waist.

“I was wondering when you’d use that!!”

Elesis’ specialty, Rushing Sword, this skill slashes the enemy while blazing past them, and it doesn’t end with just one slash!

As Scar who just got slashed roared, Elesis turned around instantly and slashed again. She’ll finish this fight with this skill!

But Scar wasn’t attempting to counter even after the second slash. Normally those that witness the Rushing Sword will get flustered from its unfair speed then succumb to it. But Scar should have seen this skill before in their previous fight so why wasn’t he responding……?

Elesis thought this as she attempted to pressure even more with Rushing Sword then her eyes widened in shock. Scar was spinning around widely.

Elesis felt a twinge across her skin! Something big was coming….but the problem was that she already lunged her body towards Scar!!


Formless shockwave swept over Elesis’ body and sent her flying far backwards. She barely covered her body with her arms to avoid critical injury…. But Elesis now knelt on the ground on one knee and couldn’t get back up.

It felt like her entire body had just gotten shattered. Her sword was still in her hand but she didn’t have the strength to hold it up anymore.

“……I won!”

Overflowing with confidence but slightly disappointed, Scar raised his sword. Although Elesis got struck by a huge blow just now, her body was still intact so she would be able to move again after some time.

But Scar was determined to take her life now. It was a hopeless moment, but Elesis asked cheerfully despite the looming threat of losing her life.

“Were you…. saving that move so you could counter my Rushing Sword?”

“I was beaten by that skill last time. Do you have any last words, Elesis?”

“I don’t know….”

Elesis examined the condition of her body but she couldn’t move after all. Scar nodded then held up his sword.

“It’s over!!”


It ended in a result she expected after all. Elesis closed her eyes in resignation.

She was already somewhat prepared for this, rather than fear of death…. worries about the other members was more prominent.

Will Big Sister Rena regain her smile? Will Big Brother Raven’s body return to normal? How about Aisha recovering her mana? Will Chung meet his father again? Will the day when Ara turns Ran back to normal come? Will the original Add return safely again?

And will Elsword…. be alright?


Elesis’ eyes opened widely from the familiar sound of metal.

Red haired boy had jumped in between Elesis and Scar and was meeting Scar’s blade with his own. Judging by their size differences, it wouldn’t have been strange for the boy to get blown away soon as their blades met, but the boy was holding his ground with pure willpower.


Scar must have been surprised as well and let out a voice of admiration. But that only lasted for a moment as Scar started adding strength to his arm and the boy’s feet started to slide backwards as a result.

Then the boy shouted urgently.


“I know already! Fire Ball!”

Ball of flame that flew in from behind Elesis struck Scar’s body directly. Of course, Scar wouldn’t be beaten by this much magic….but the shock at least made him take a step back.

The boy started to pour all his strength into his sword soon as Scar’s sword wavered.


The boy was the one pushing Scar back this time. Elesis who had been vacantly looking at the boy’s back came to her senses from the hand that grabbed her shoulder.

“Are you okay, Big Sister Elesis?”

“How….did you guys get here?”

Elesis turned to look at Aisha and asked numbly unlike herself. She had been prepared for death. This was such a miraculous timing.

Aisha spoke quickly while examining Elsword who was fighting Scar.

“We were fighting the demons and a dimension gate opened once we defeated them all. We entered it and arrived here.”

Dimension gate? Didn’t Scar want to settle the score with her 1 on 1? Elesis felt suspicion from this but she couldn’t afford to stay down like this.

Aisha dissuaded when Elesis pushed up on the ground to force herself up.

“Big Sister, don’t overdo it! Others will arrive too if we hold on like this!”

“I’m not that hurt.”

Every joint in her body hurt from Scar’s last attack but she could move now since some time had passed. When Elesis spun her arms around as if it was no big deal, Aisha slapped Elesis’ back while sulking.

“What are you saying?! It would have been really bad if we arrived even a moment late! Stop being stubborn and just leave all it to me, Blizzard Shower!!”

Aisha seemed to gather her mana then conjured an ice storm aimed at Scar who was in middle of a battle. Scar immediately froze up from the sudden ice storm.


But despite clearly being frozen solid….. Scar shattered out of the ice by himself as if it was nothing then continued to swing his sword again.

Aisha’s jaws dropped as if she couldn’t believe it. He escaped on his own despite his entire body being frozen solid?

“…….Is that really possible?”

“He’s strong, right?”

“How come you sound so happy?!!”

Aisha retorted from being taken aback. She always heard that Scar was strong but she never imagined he was this kind of untouchable monster. But the one Elesis was looking at wasn’t Scar.

“Not Scar, my little brother.”


Elsword was facing Scar and attacking ferociously without backing out.

Elsword knew he’d be at a disadvantage if their swords clashed directly so he was facing Scar with the strategy of dodging all the attacks he could while parrying anything else. Of course, the difference in their skills was clear….so each exchange of attack and defense left a cut on his hair or light injuries.

But he didn’t submit, he wasn’t scared, and continued to face Scar with perseverance.

As Elesis proudly stared at her little brother, Aisha sighed then spoke to return Elesis to her senses.

“This isn’t the time to be impressed…..”

“Yes, that’s right. I’m so proud of my little brother but this isn’t the time to be admiring him.”

Elesis said this as she collected her breath then dashed forward like the gale. Her condition wasn’t too good after Scar’s attack…. but she could somewhat move for a short while because she rested for a bit.

If you can’t win alone……

Scar’s eyes noticed an abnormally as he was about launch a downwards smash aiming for Elsword’s head. He hastily raised his sword to block Elesis’ sideward slash.

Scar’s face was filled with discontent.

“Your strength has dropped. You’re no match for me now, Red Haired Knight.”

“Yes, you’re right. I’m no match for you. You must have been honing your skills all by yourself but I was bit busy taking care of various other things…..”

Elesis launched multiple sword strikes even while she was speaking. As Scar who blocked the strikes backed out few steps, Elesis checked on her little brother that was standing beside her.

Elsword’s face was completely soaked in sweat as he panted heavily.

“H-he’s incredibly strong…..!”

“He’s stronger than me, right?”

“……Why do you sound so proud of that?!”

Aisha who had been listening to the two talk didn’t hide her frustration and shouted. Even while shouting, she fired bunch of lightnings to hold Scar down so he couldn’t attack carelessly.

Elsword who had been collecting his breath denied.

“No, no matter how strong that guy is, you’re much stronger, Big Sis.”

“Oh, my little brother knows how to flatter now?”

Elesis pulled on Elsword’s cheek in a friendly manner despite how they were still in middle of a battle. Elsword didn’t care and was only silently glaring at Scar.

Scar shook his head after easily withstanding Aisha’s lightings.

“This is breaking the mood.”

“Yes, I’m a little bit sorry, Scar. It’s true that I’m slightly lacking in a 1 on 1 fight but it’s also true that I want to keep fighting you to the end to settle our score. I’ll cleanly admit my wish of wanting to keep fighting you 1 on 1.”

Elesis shrugged then gripped her sword.

“But this isn’t the time to prioritize my own feelings. What we’re currently fighting is war. I’ll take you down with the help of my little brother who’s stronger than me.”

“That brat is stronger than you?”

Scar expressed his discontent by speaking in a tone as if saying ‘don’t joke with me’. Elesis grinned as she pulled Elsword’s head towards her.

“You might mistake him for being weaker than you and me right now, but this guy will become the strongest man in the world. I assure you.”

“……Big Sis, it’s stifling.”

“Hold on for a bit, you should be showing how cool you are right now.”

Elsword closed his mouth as if he understood. Scar who had been staring doubtfully at the siblings waved his sword widely.

“How lame. Just come at me all at once!”

“Let’s go, Elsword!”

Elesis spoke then started running. Elsword also started running without hesitation. Despite not even discussing beforehand, two siblings attacked side by side after leaving just enough gap between them so they wouldn’t get in each others’ way.

In this moment, the minds of the siblings were united as one.

If they couldn’t win alone…..they just had to fight together.

Let’s fight against an adversary stronger than anyone else, together besides a comrade they trusted more than anyone else!


Elsword jumped up high then smashed his sword down towards Scar’s head. It wasn’t an attack he should launch against someone much stronger than him, but Elesis was with him now! Soon as Scar tried to receive Elsword’s attack, Elesis dove in deeply and struck with an upwards slash.

It had been a chance to strike down Elsword but Scar couldn’t ignore Elesis.

As Scar backed out with a frown, Elesis didn’t miss this chance and chased after him. Scar tried to swing his sword to face Elesis coming right at him, but Elsword who just landed spun around exquisitely aiming for his side.

He’ll get done in by one if he blocked the other. Scar backed out again as he groaned.

Elesis’ skills were only slightly below Scar while the skill gap between Elsword and Scar was far greater. Having more numbers might look advantageous from the first glance, but the fight between Scar and Elesis, the fight where strongest beings between the worlds clashed wasn’t something that just anyone could join in. It should have been normal for Elsword to only get in Elesis’ way if he tried to help.

But….that wasn’t the case.

Elsword’s skills might be lacking but his cooperation with Elsword was phenomenal. He was reading Scar’s wide attack range and continuously attacking him by precariously jumping in and out of the attack range.

Elesis and Elsword kept exchanging the role of the main attacker and support, pressuring Scar with ceaseless torrent of attacks.

They were strong! Much stronger than fighting Elesis by herself!!

Joy seemed to dwell on Scar’s face then he made a large swing with his sword. Elsword who was in middle of running in blocked the slash but got pushed back. However, Elesis ran in using this opening to aim for Scar’s arm. It was an attack aiming for the opening created immediately after Scar’s attack. Scar backed out to evade much of the attack as he could but couldn’t help but to receive a slash wound on his chest.

Drip, Scar didn’t mind the blood dripping from his chest and burst out into a broad laughter.

“He’s indeed someone worthy of your confidence!”

“Yes, Scar!”

Elesis who blocked Scar’s downward slash laughed also in response. Behind Elesis, Elsword who had gotten pushed back was running in with all the strength he had.

Hesitating from trying to block Elsword’s sword will cause an opening for Elesis to push in. But Scar couldn’t finish Elesis off quickly then face Elsword because Elesis wasn’t that easy of an opponent.

He’ll be defeated like this. Scar wanted to continue fighting…… but he had to finish this at once!

Elesis was facing blade to blade with Scar, then caution rose in her face when Scar started to gather energy around him again. The shockwave that incapacitated her from being hit before, that formless attack was about to strike once more.

Elesis quickly pulled back then had a flash of worry for Elsword and turned to look back. Elsword who knew nothing about the shockwave was only bravely charging towards Scar.



Scar shouted loudly and unleashed the shockwave…..then Elsword jumped up high as if he was waiting for this moment. Scar who just unleashed all the power he had looked up vacantly.

“Rolling Smash!!”


In middle of his high jump, Elsword spun rapidly in mid air as he brought down his sword….to slash widely across Scar’s chest. Scar could have blocked Elsword’s attack under normal circumstances but he was late this time because he just unleashed the shockwave.


Scar didn’t fall even after getting slashed directly but Elesis quickly dashed in and swung her sword.


Elesis slashed in an exact opposite trajectory that Elsword drew with his slash, causing a X shaped scar to get embedded on Scar’s chest.


Scar who was quietly looking down at his fatal wound laughed.

“I lost, Red Haired Knight.”

“….No, I’m the one who lost. I actually wanted to keep fighting with you by myself.”

Elesis spoke quietly after slowly withdrawing her sword. She had wanted to finish the 1 on 1 fight with Scar, and cleanly accept the result…. But she couldn’t once she considered the fate of Elrios. War wasn’t something that you fought alone and the fight wasn’t the end to everything.

But she still couldn’t hide her regret.

Scar smiled bitterly after seeing Elesis’ face.

“I tried to become stronger alone…. and you made others stronger. There is no difference between us.”


“Stand proudly, Elesis. You’re the victor. Don’t look back at the defeated.”

Scar scolded Elesis then sighed quietly.

“Still…. I want to fight you once again.”

“Me too.”

“Kuhaha, if demons can go to the netherworld as well….. then I’ll wait for you there. Don’t lose to anyone until you fight me again.”

Scar said this then looked up at the hole in the air. The hole gathering mana to resurrect the demon god was becoming vague due to Scar’s defeat.

Scar made a regretful face for a moment then proudly closed his eyes.

“This is goodbye, Elesis.”

“Farewell, Scar.”


Scar gave a dissatisfied, but strangely satisfied scoff then his body slowly crumbled.


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