Elsword Time Trouble Volume 7 Chapter 2 Page 124~147 (Chapter Complete)


Finally getting to battle scenes

Ordered Vol.8 this week so it will arrive around end of next week?

:/ But I got final exams starting next Wednesday so might not finish Vol.7 until I get my hands of Vol.8. (I expect to get pretty close to finishing though)

Add assumed Eun had something in her mind so he arrived at the lake after 5 minutes. Rena, Elesis, Eve and Ara had already changed into their swimsuits.

Elesis and Rena were swimming across the lake as if they were having a race.

“So laid back…..”

They were going to battle Scar tomorrow…. Just what kind of farce was this? El Search Party was always naïve but this was the first time he saw something so ridiculous.

Eve spoke while looking back after noticing Add had arrived late.

“You’re late, useless. Demons might attack so be on your guard.”

“Mr.Add, water here is very clear. Let’s go in quickly.”

Ara in her swimsuit saw Add too and waved her hand.

“I cannot swim…..”

Add was about to answer but his gaze got stuck on Ara’s head. Fox ears on top of her white hair. She had red eyes and three tails. Ara gave a cute wink when Add kept staring numbly.

……It wasn’t Ara. It was Eun.

When Add kept standing numbly, Eun stuck close beside Add and spoke brightly.

“Then let’s walk together with three of us. View here is very nice, Mr.Add!”


Eun had imitated Ara’s way of speaking before but she had never seriously disguised herself as Ara like this before. Just as her motives were being put into question, Eun waved her hand towards Eve.

“Come here too Ms.Eve. Let’s all be friendly.”

“…..It can’t be helped.”

Eve reluctantly held Add’s hand. As Add was being startled by this unexpected development, Eun started to walk forward as if nothing was wrong.

Eun could imitate Ara’s appearance…. And she was trying to make use of that to fool Eve.

Add decided to follow along for now.


How Eun was disguising as Ara to guide Eve’s actions was confirmed.

Eve was walking hand-to-hand with Add as if she was only doing so because Ara was.

Game board was set. The problem was how to improve their relationship a step further.

Add’s original plan was to use his Nasod related knowledge to buy Eve’s interest then create a mood where they can have a debate, thus increasing the number of communications between them. Understanding each other through a fired-up debate then seeing each other in a new light at least just a little…. This kind of methodical plan of his was already set.

But this kind of walking along the lake while holding hands wasn’t in his plans. It was uncomfortable because it strangely made his heart beat and made him nervous.

Eve was walking wordlessly while just looking forward.

The silence between the three of them continued then Ara(disguised Eun) started a conversation.

“Would everything be alright on Mr.Elsword’s side?”

“Even if Elsword makes a mistake Aisha will correct it. There’s also Raven so there shouldn’t be any big problems.”

Eve spoke shortly then looked at Add discretely.

“Don’t stay quiet and say something. Ara is getting bored.”

“I’m fine Ms.Eve. Just walking together like this is fun for me.”

“No, Ara. Although I only know from information, human males have to do their best for human females in this situation. It’s rude otherwise. I won’t accept it even if you’re okay with it.”

At Eve’s stern attitude Ara(Eun) made a bitter smile then changed the topic.

“Come to think of it, this place is quite wide.”

“It looks like a basin created between cliffs. Since there’s a lake there must be a passage where water is flowing in. This place must have been created from radical changes in terrain. Lanox seems to have many volcanic activities so that must be the reason.”

Add who was keeping quiet between the two girls opened his mouth. This was his specialty.

Eve must have been a bit surprised at Add’s explanation because she looked around. Then she winced from Add’s gaze and pretended to not have seen anything.

Add did a terrain analysis before just in case and it came in handy in this situation. Finally getting the chance to speak, Add continued the conversation.

“So we’re supposed to arrive at Grand Cavern tomorrow….. It’s final battle against the demons. Are you ready?”

“Of course. We must not let demon god resurrect!”

“I’ll can handle myself. But Add…..”

Eve suddenly changed the tone of her voice.

“Did you find a clue to defeating D?”


He couldn’t answer that it was her core. Eve who had no idea what Add’s silence meant spoke calmly.

“After defeating Scar, we’ll prepare for our battle against the dragon. But you’re not from our universe so you should have things to take care of in your own universe. I understand your motives of trying to find a way while helping us on this side, but you can’t afford to stay here too long. Am I right?”


“You must go back to fix the problems in your universe. We’ll handle our universe’s problems by ourselves.”

She was absolutely correct. Add agreed as well.

“Yes. I’m thinking about going back after business in Lanox. It will be bad if I stayed here too long. And….”

Add spoke calmly while suppressing his feelings.

“I already found a way to defeat D.”

“Really? That’s really great, Mr.Add!”

Ara, no Eun exclaimed even though she knew Add was lying. But Eve who didn’t know asked coldly.

“I’d like to know what that is. We might be able to use it against our battle with the dragon.”

“It’s something only I can do.”

“I can just order the original slightly useless Add who will come back when you leave.”

So I’m a useless Add and the one who was originally here was a slightly useless Add? Add was about to retort but then asked a question out of sudden curiosity.

“Come to think of it. What kind of person was original Add from this universe?”

“He was overly fastidious and slightly useless researcher. I don’t want to talk about him too much.”

Original Add must have been quite competent. Add felt bitter for some reason as he asked.

“Was there any other traits?”

“What do you mean?”

At Eve’s calm question, Add focused his gaze on the core on Eve’s forehead. Come to think of it, this was strange.


Why was Eve still unharmed?


It didn’t mean it was wrong for her to be unharmed…. But despite some discrepancies in personalities and abilities, Add B and him seemed like a same person at the base.

Just like how Ara was Ara and Eve was Eve, Add was Add as well.

Then Add B would have obviously went after Eve’s core since he needed the technology to go back to the past and become stronger. You had to say there was some other reason for Eve being unharmed despite D not being here.

Add was thinking when Eve spoke stiffly.

“Recalling it now, slightly useless Add did say he time traveled to here from the past.”


You imbecile.

Eve added as Add’s head became numb and he just stared blankly into space.

“Although I ignored him since it was a gibberish like always.”

“He didn’t tell me exactly but he must have had a very difficult time in the past.” Eun spoke as if she knew what Eve was talking about.

“…..Ah, is that so?”

It didn’t sound like he kept it a secret at all. He basically announced, hey everyone I came from the past!

Add suppressed the feeling of wanting to twist Add B’s mouth off as he forced himself to smile.

“Kukukuk, I-I didn’t know there was a weirdo like that.”

“Although that’s you.”

Eve spoke sharply then shook her head soon after.

“He’s you but not you at the same time. Slightly useless Add and very useless Add…. But it still doesn’t change the fact that you are both useless.”

“Anyways, I can’t tell you about…..how to defeat D. I cannot tell you since it’s related to our universe.”

“But we won’t ever cross to your universe anyways. I don’t see any problems in you telling me.”

Eve unexpectedly asked persistently. Fight against the dragon won’t be easy so she must want to prepare much as possible.

Add agreed with her wholeheartedly but shook his head.

“It’s a secret. I cannot tell you no matter what.”

“Eve, you won’t be able to accept me if I hold a secret against you. That’s what slightly useless you who’s not you said.”


Was he a blabbermouth? Why didn’t he just confess that he was after her core as well?

“I still can’t say it.”

“Ms.Eve, Mr.Add seems troubled. You should stop……”


Eve stopped her persistent attitude then closed her mouth when Ara dissuaded her. She reacted quite softly to Ara(Eun). He had to make good use of this……

Add was thinking this when Ara suddenly hugged his arm and stuck close to his side.

“We have to fight tomorrow so let’s relax and play today.”


Add understood her intention but he wanted to avoid this type of excessive physical contact. Most of all, since Ara was in her swimsuit attire, it was touching his arm…….

Eun spoke in a prissy tone without caring about Add’s troubles.

“Mr.Add, do you not like being with me like this?”


Eve was glaring at Add with an ever so cold gaze. One who hugged him first was Ara but Eve didn’t seem like she cared.

“Ms.Eve. Let’s all be friendly. Friendly.”

“…..I don’t understand what you mean.”


“Ms.Eve. Let’s all be friendly.”

“…..I don’t understand what you mean.”

Eve stuck close to Add’s opposite arm while sighing.

Add’s face heated up and turned red when Ara and Eve stuck close to him from both sides. He also felt annoyed at himself at the same time. He was frustrated at himself for not being able to keep his cool in this situation.

Should he just play along with them to achieve his goal?


Although Eun’s bold actions got on his nerves a bit, shouldn’t he be glad that Eun was creating opportunities?

That’s what he thought but he couldn’t stop his face from turning red.

He wanted to give up everything and run away. Falling into a situation that he couldn’t control was too unfamiliar and scary. It felt like sky diving without Dynamos.

“…..This is why I hate biology.”

There were too many uncontrollable variables. Add himself was also uncontrollable in this case.

He knew he had to use this chance to get something out of Eve…. But his body couldn’t move.

Damn biology, mechanics for the win, engineering is the king of all studies.

Add was muttering when Eve abruptly started to be on guard.

“Ara, no… are you Eun?”

“Hmm? What are you saying Ms.Eve?”

Eun’s personality didn’t always show even when Ara was in Celestial Fox state. Eve must have known this and wasn’t guarded at first but Eun must have overstepped her boundaries.

Eve unhanded her arms holding Add despite Eun’s denial.

“I thought I told you not to do whatever you want with Ara’s body.”


Eun was about to say something while narrowing her eyes……


Then shockwave occurred as a dark hole opened in the sky. Succubi and Incubi poured out from the dimension gate.

Rena and Elesis must have anticipated this beforehand because they were looking up with sharp gazes. Eve also completely switched into battle state but they were all unarmed because they had been taking a break.

No matter how strong the El Search Party was, taking care of hundreds of demons unarmed was…..

“Here, everyone catch!!”

Then with a shout from Ignia who had been absent, a spear, sword and a great sword flew in. Everyone caught the weapons that came flying towards them.

This was a plan to lure in demons in the first place. Ignia had been on standby at a hidden place waiting to hand over the Search Party’s weapons.

Elesis still in her swimsuit and now carrying a sword shouted with a grin.

“Alright, then let’s clean them all up!”

It was a declaration of victory filled with confidence despite the hundreds of demons in front of them.


Late night when everyone was asleep.

Add and the other El Search Party members were resting in a secluded area in the cave. They will arrive at the Grand Cavern tomorrow. It will the final battle against demons.


Add confirmed that everyone was asleep and slowly got up. Add looked at the campfire for a moment then sighed as he scratched his head.

Battle this afternoon was overly bland. Only small fries appeared and they were annihilated by the El Search Party with Elesis and Rena in the lead.  It was a complete victory without anyone having even a strand of their hair harmed. Long as this El Search Party stuck together, they should be able to win no matter how strong of a demon Karis and Scar were.

And Add can change the result with time travel otherwise.

“…..I’m not strong enough.”

Add’s original plan was to take advantage of chaos of the battle to steal Eve’s lips and her core.

But the El Search Party was much stronger than he expected.


To think he’d be in a pinch now because the Search Party was too strong. Add let out an empty laugh as he shook his head from side to side. Ignia was being cooperative right now but he couldn’t expect her to stay as his ally after he stole Eve’s core.

No, the entire El Search Party becomes his enemy soon as he steals Eve’s core.

Wasn’t it obvious? They won’t forgive someone who killed their comrade.

“……This is unexpected.”

Add smiled bitterly as he looked up. He didn’t like how the low cave ceiling was.

Add had been certain that it was a piece of cake for him to steal Eve’s core in the original universe’s 5 member El Search Party.

Only danger was Rena but he was confident he will be successful if he used the element of surprise.

Of course, the difficulty did go up after Eve and Ara awakened to Memory of Time and space and Chung joined……


But each individual in this El Search Party had much superior skills. Add probably couldn’t beat anyone if he was to fight them 1 on 1.

He thought if attacking Eve while the team was divided like this would be better…. But he didn’t obtain the return condition called the kiss yet.

‘Should I just turn back time? Go back and raise Eve’s affection points step by step?’

Although he didn’t know how to increase a lot of affection points at once, he might get the hang of it if he tried it over and over again. Add was struggling to figure out an answer when he sensed someone wake up.

Eve who had been sleeping with Ara hugging each other raised her upper body then turned to look at Add.

“I thought there was ghost wandering around but it was just you useless.”

“……There’s no such thing as ghosts.”

“So there aren’t any in that universe?”


Does that mean they exist in here? Add suddenly felt the chills but didn’t let it show and asked.

“Why did you wake up? What do you want?”

“Nasods don’t need to sleep.”

“You can sleep if you want but you don’t have to right?”


Add let out a small laugh when Eve paused with a surprised expression. He was a Nasod Researcher so this was basic of basics.

“Come sit beside me if you have something to say.”

Well, he might make some progress while talking to her. When Add made a room for her, Eve quietly sat beside him.

Sound of campfire burning, sound of water drops falling somewhere.

Add and Eve sat side by side amongst the harmony made by fire and water. Eve revealed her intentions after a long silence.

“My recent attitude might have been bit harsh. I apologize Add.”

“I won’t understand if you say it vaguely like that. Because I’m useless.”


Add had an idea what Eve was trying to say but he answered sarcastically on purpose. Eve must have not expected this kind of sharp response so she looked at Add with a startled expression.

It was more entertaining reaction than he thought. Actually, continuing to call Add useless every chance she got already made her reactions full of emotions.

This Eve expressed her emotions much more openly than Eve that Add knew. This was intriguing.

“I see. I should explain more in depth so it’s easier for you who’s useless to understand. Although how you’re useless is true, I might have hurt you somehow by kept mentioning it. I might have been careless.”


Wasn’t this a provocation rather than an apology? Add became bewildered as he looked at Eve but Eve pompously finished her apology(?).

“I’ll be careful from now on, Add.”

“You don’t need to. It’s true that I’m weak. I got nothing to say in response if I hear that I’m useless. It’s correct to struggle in order to improve if you don’t have the skills. You shouldn’t care about ways or means to get stronger if you’re desperate.”

Well, Add wasn’t particularly offended from Eve keep saying he was useless.

Because it was true…..and being conscious of it wasn’t something bad.

Add was determined to do anything necessary to achieve his goals and became stronger because of it. Since he needed even more strength to defeat D, realizing his strength was lacking was important.

“What you said was motivational.”

Add took a glance at Eve’s core. Everything will be solved easily if he could just obtain that.

Of course, it wasn’t like he instantly became stronger like magic when he obtained it…….

“….No, I seemed to have acted too harshly so I was reflecting on my actions.”

Add lowered his gaze from the core after hearing Eve’s words. Eve who was hugging her knees spoke while looking at the campfire.

“I determined you were pulling a prank on Ara so I overreacted. I’ll admit it. Although I won’t apologize.”


Add wasn’t too surprised because he had expected those words from Eve.

“Ara pestered me to apologize but I won’t apologize for this. I’ll act the same way even if I can turn back time.”

So she admits she went overboard but she doesn’t regret it or will apologize. Add snickered at her rigid reaction.

Eve must have interpreted this as mockery because her eyes became cold.

“If you’re really serious about Ara then treat her seriously.”

“You must have some weird imagination……. But I don’t have any particular feelings towards Ara.”

“Aren’t you confusing your emotions from that universe?”

Her words were compressed but Add knew what she meant instantly.

She was asking if Add was confusing feelings he had for Ara in the other universe with Ara from this universe. Add shook his head.

“Both here and there, I’m not particularly interested in that idiot.”

“She’s not idiot, she’s Ara.”

Eve warned then asked as if she couldn’t understand.

“I judge that Ara is an attractive human female. Of course, Rena and Elesis are attractive as well but from human male’s perspective, isn’t Ara someone who you’d like to protect and be together with?”

“…..So what are you telling me to do?”

Add’s compressed words meant ‘So are you telling me to be interested in Ara or not? You misunderstood me for being interested in her and became wary on your own’.

Eve understood what Add said right away as well and retorted.

“If you want to be together with Ara, you must be cautious, careful, mannerly, situational, prudent, patient, delicate and gentle.”


Just how many precautions were there? How to describe this situation…..? Mother-in-law saying a man like you isn’t good enough for my daughter~?

Eve strongly finished her words.

“That’s the minimum requirement.”

“Why do I need your permission to interact with Ara?”

“Then will you take Elesis’ examination instead? I already consulted this with Elesis.”

…..Do you want to fight a bear or a tiger? Add didn’t understand why Eve was giving him this kind of question. When Add looked confused, Eve warned stiffly.

“Ara doesn’t know about this. I won’t forgive you if you tell her.”

“I don’t intend to. Although I don’t understand why you’re so protective of Ara……”

“It’s natural for human males and females to meet each other. Ara trusts in other people too much so I’m concerning myself.”

Well although this was bit outrageous…..was Eve the only one who could take care of Ara by the elimination rule? Rena would normally be in charge of something like this but her personality changed like that…..and it was not something you’d leave to a guy so Eve was right person for the job in the end.

“I don’t know too much about this but I’m planning to try my best within my knowledge.”

“Like I said, what’s the reason for……”

“Because she’s my comrade.”

Eve said this proudly then looked sideways at Add.

“It’s obvious to be concerned about comrade you’ve been together with all this time. Wasn’t it like this in your universe?”


Add unknowingly put strength in his fists.

El Search Party standing against D to buy Add time to escape. He could recall the image of their backs whenever he closed his eyes.

He probably won’t forget that scene for rest of his life.

Add was clenching his teeth…. When a small sensation touched the top of his fist. Add looked in surprise to see that it was Eve’s hand.

Eve who put her hand on top of Add’s hand spoke calmly while only looking forward.

“I won’t ask what kind of hardship and worries there were in your universe. So you don’t have to say it.”


“You’re our comrade too long as you’re here. Me and anyone else here will fully support you in defeating D and returning to your universe.”

Add’s face was empty for a moment then he unknowingly frowned.

“You’re all too soft.”

“That might be true.”

Calm answer.

“….Things in this universe should already be difficult enough but you’re saying you’ll also care about me who came from a different universe? You’re all seriously too soft.”

“Even though useless, you’re still our comrade. We can give you a hand.”


Not anything like a comrade. Add swallowed the words he was about to say. He became emotional without realizing.

Long silence started again. But the small hand on top of Add’s fist didn’t move.

“What if…..”

At the end of the silence, Add spoke up without realizing. There was a thought that he shouldn’t be doing this, but feeling that he just could turn it back with time travel came first.

“The one I long for is you?”


He said it. Eve turned to look. She was wordless but it was certain that she was surprised.

It already started. Add let out the words inside his heart.

Feelings that have been trapped inside all this time, across time and universes, slowly flowed out.

“Over countless fights, across time and even across universes…..what if the one I longed for and was obsessed about is you?”

“…..I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Of course you wouldn’t know. I’m not saying this to you….. No, no one would ever know.”

Add sighed then slowly stretched out his hand. Eve only blinked and didn’t evade even though she saw Add’s hand coming close to her.

Add laughed in a low voice as he slowly stroked Eve’s face.

“Kukukuk, seriously…..”

This Eve wasn’t the Eve he knew, and nothing would change even if this was the Eve he knew.

For Add, Eve was a bridge, a method to go back to the past, a research material at best.

What kind of value, what kind of feelings was he supposed to give to her? Add was proud of his Dynamos….Yes, he might have an attachment towards it.

Just like the feeling he has towards his Dynamos, did he have a same feeling of attachment towards Queen of Nasods?

“Attachment….. what a stupid story.”

But according to Eun, Add becomes D because he was too obsessed with Eve. He didn’t want to admit it but he had a feeling Eun’s words weren’t a lie.

“Everything I did for you, what I’ll do from now on, you’ll never know. I’m not asking you to understand. But…..”


Eve slowly shook her head then grabbed Add’s hand then started push it aside.

“I’m not the one who should be hearing this.”

“I know that already…. But I can’t help but to say it.”


Revealing his feelings to a Nasod with just the same face was a meaningless thing to do. Wasn’t Add planning to steal this Eve’s lips and core then run away in the first place?

What kind of hunter shows a gap in their heart, a weakness to their prey?

“Here’s one…..”


Eve didn’t answer but didn’t push Add’s hand away further. His hand was at a distance where he could stroke Eve’s face again if he just moved the tip of his hand. But Add restrained himself.

Nothing will change no matter how much he touched her. It will only increase the gap in his heart.

“Will you cooperate with me if needed…..so I can return to my universe?”

At Add’s words Eve stayed still for a moment then nodded slightly. It felt like he got a permission so Add grabbed both of Eve’s shoulders then slowly moved his face closer.

Eve stared intently at Add’s face getting closer to her.


Add stopped at the closest possible distance. The prey was completely off guard, he could end her life just with one wave of his hand…..

But her quiet gaze…..

“.,….Thanks for that.”

Add whispered quietly then backed out as he took his hands off Eve’s shoulders.

Eve blankly stared at Add.

Add lay down hoping he looked natural as possible then pulled up his bedsheets.

“I’m tired. I’m going to sleep first.”


No answer came from behind him but Add forcefully closed his eyes. He didn’t know if stopping what he was about to do was right….. It seemed he won’t be able to sleep easily.

Because his heart was beating strangely.


Grand Cavern.

Karis approached Scar who was looking at a giant hole in the air. Karis looked extremely furious unlike how she usually composed herself in front of Scar.

“Just what are you doing Scar? Only my minions got destroyed by the El Search Party! Those twins said they couldn’t assist because of your orders! Why did you let only my minions go to waste?!”

“I should have told you already to just let them come.”

When Scar spoke rigidly, Karis got bewildered and retorted.

“Don’t you know that situation can always change? Then are we not going to do anything and just let them come here?”

“This place will become their grave in the end.”

“Just what makes you so confident? I admit you are strong. But…..”

Scar smiled bitterly when Karis folded her arms and glared detestably at him.

“Why are you so impatient Karis? The demon god resurrection ritual is already reaching its final stage.”

“I won’t let them die peacefully after mocking me. I have to make them beg for their life!”

“Don’t worry. We’ll finish them off here soon.”

As Scar spoke and gripped his fist, blue flames rose from his hand.

“Red haired knight, I’m the one who’ll end her life.”

“That’s why…..”

Shouldn’t they smash the El Search Party now while they were divided? Scar was acting too confident. Even he should know that the El Search Party banding together will make it troublesome to defeat them. Of course, Scar does possess enormous power so his overflowing confidence was understandable…. But shouldn’t they at least be slightly cautious just in case?

However, Karis who was trying to get Scar to change his mind became surprised by his next words.

“Dragon is coming here.”


There was only one being Scar could be referring to. Karis got shocked and looked around. Scar smiled bitterly at how Karis was on guard thinking maybe dragon was already here.

“We’re on the same side until demon god is resurrected. And if the demon god resurrects, even that dragon cannot stop us.”

“…..That’s true. But can we trust him?”

Karis stopped trying to convince Scar after realizing his source of confidence. She spoke with an uneasy voice.

With In, Jin, Scar and Karis that were already here… and if that dragon also joined them, then this place will certainly become the El Search Party’s grave.

“Then do you think that dragon join with the El Search Party and disrupt the demon god resurrection ritual? He’s not someone who’ll do that. Haha”


At Scar’s laugh, Karis sighed then turned around.

“I’ll go prepare for the battle. You should get ready too.”


Scar raised his head and looked up at the air when Karis walked away. The giant hole was gathering enormous amount of mana.

Demon god will resurrect soon.

“Red Haired Knight, we’ll finally settle our score this time…..!”

The moment when grand wish of the demons will be fulfilled was approaching, and the moment when he’ll settle things with his arch nemesis was ever so close. Scar clenched his fists from excitement.

El Search Party? Priestess? There was no way they were going to leave this Grand Cavern alive. Even Karis who had been uneasy before acknowledged.


Dragon was coming.

Red Demise, the most ferocious, greedy and strongest dragon that’s been ever recorded in history.




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