Elsword Time Trouble Volume 7 Chapter 2 page 100~124


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Girls had to change into swimsuits so Add got kicked out from the lake.


Since he got kicked out anyways, Add lay down and put his hands on his back as he looked up at the sky. Sky had a detestable red color because they were near Lanox.

“This is giving me a headache…..”

He understood what the big picture Ignia spoke about was. She was probably trying to create a situation to where Add could improve affection points by making a party only comprised of potential candidates.

“In the end it will be either Eve…. or Ara.”

Ara was easy to handle, she gets one point for being easy to convince. She was the easiest candidate just like Eun said.

“What is the reason for putting the girl in that list again?”

Eun poked her head out from Add’s jacket pocket. She wasn’t Ara’s form anymore and was in small fox form.

“I don’t know what you mean by me being obsessed with her….. but Eve cannot be excluded from the list. This is a cold and level-headed conclusion.”


“Stealing the core and going back. Both can be solved with Eve.”

This was the logical choice, Add had a good reason for this choice.

“And approaching Ara won’t be easy. Eve is being too protective of her right now.”

“There’s a saying ‘if you want to shoot the enemy’s general, then aim for his mount first’. Yet boy only intends to go for the mount?”

Add had never heard of such saying but he understood what it meant. Eun sitting on top of Add’s chest rested her chin on her hands then looked straightly at Add.

“So boy is going to steal the girl’s lips by seducing her with sweet words then mercilessly rob her heart? What a horrible man.”

“…..I didn’t say I decided on Eve.”

All he said was it could be Eve or Ara if you narrowed down the candidates. He haven’t made any concrete decisions.

Although choosing Eve was most efficient since it would satisfy both requirements of obtaining a way to defeat D and going back.

Add asked causally when Eun didn’t respond.

“You’re not going to stop me?”

“If that’s boy’s decision then it can’t be helped.”

Eun had so far worked hard towards making Add interested in girls other than Eve. Her methods had been improper……but she was giving up quite quickly for working towards that goal for so long.

Eun shrugged.

“Even with the power to turn heaven and earth upside down or power to peer into all creation, one cannot do anything about a person’s heart.”


Eun spoke poetically then went to hide inside the pocket again as if she was done speaking.

Since there was no one to talk to anymore, Add closed his eyes then thought. Awakening Memory of Time and Space would make him stronger but he didn’t know how to activate it….. and it won’t give him enough power even if he awoke it.

Then would he be able to beat D if he obtained Eve’s core?

“Hmph, when was I sure of anything in the first place….?”

He’s been jumping over time and space. So desiring certainty was already lost to him at this point.

Add was making up his mind when sounds footsteps on the grass was heard.

“I didn’t expect you to be waiting here so quietly, Add.”


What else was there to do except wait here?

Add opened his eyes to see Elesis with a thin smile.

She kicked him out saying they was going to change but her clothes were still the same.

“What is it?”

“Big Sister Rena is changing. I came to keep an eye on you just in case.”


That didn’t even sound like a joke but Add quietly raised his upper body. Even if she really came to keep an eye on him…..she didn’t have to reveal that fact.

Thus, what Elesis said just now was an excuse.

“So there’s something you want to talk about with just us.”

“Do you have something you should say to me……”

“If this is about what Ignia did. I asked her to do it.”

Add cut off Elesis’s words then spoke sharply. Elesis looked surprised. She must have not expected Add to confess so easily.

“I didn’t think I’ll be able to hide it from you in the first place.”

Wasn’t it Elesis who figured out Add’s identity the first amongst the entire Search Party? Even putting that aside, her senses and insight was extraordinary.

‘You could guess she noticed just from how the story in the hot springs went off in a different direction…..’

It was probably Elesis noticing Ignia was up to something then changing the topic in a weird direction.

“Okay, then tell me what you’re up to.”

“No, you’re the one who should be telling me.”

Add stood up calmly but spoke with anger in his voice. It was true that Elesis was difficult to face but he had to clash with her eventually.

And now was that time.

“I asked Ignia to help me with something in my universe. Although I have nothing to say back to you if you suspect that I’m plotting something else.”

Although Add was secretly acting behind the scenes, he didn’t have any shame about what he did.

The kiss part was quite troublesome…. but everything in the end were just means for the result he needed.

“But what excuse do you have for me?”


“Don’t play dumb with me.”

Add threw a rage filled gaze at Elesis’ calm answer.

“Why are you in such a hurry?”


“Clash between Lu and Rena, your purpose did make sense but there was no reason to hurry. It hasn’t even been that long since they met each other and yet you put them through such a situation.”

The excuse Elesis gave at the time did make sense but Add couldn’t accept it…. Even if he could accept it, there was absolutely no reason to hurry.

“Even how you tested me by saying you’ll hand me over to that mermaid. There was no need to use such a forceful method if you wanted to test my intentions. Just observing me over time would have been enough.”


This was the conclusion Add arrived at. For some unknown reason, Elesis was being hasty as if something was chasing her.

Elesis responded with a face devoid of smile at Add’s question.

“Would saying I did it because I believed in Big Sister Rena’s personality….make a good excuse?”

“Don’t say something stupid.”

All of Elesis’ methods that Add observed so far were actually close to a gamble.

Everything was working out because of Elesis’ overwhelming strength and her leadership to keep the El Search Party in check. Normal people wouldn’t be able to use the same methods as her.

“Why do you keep rolling a dice? What are you trying to obtain?”


“Even this situation right now is the same. You’re going to have a swimming party to lure in demons? Is that really your intention?”

Add shook his head.

“Wasn’t it to create a situation where you could question me about Ignia’s actions?”

“It’s true that I want to ease Big Sister Rena’s mind…..”

“Stop it already.”

Add suddenly felt fatigued and rubbed the back of his neck. Having to question someone so much stronger than him gave a headache.

Threatening with force suited Add better. He wasn’t used to trying to understand others like this so it was making him tired.

“Elesis, I revealed this already but you’re our enemy in my universe. I was sick of you because you were disgustingly strong. ….I had no idea what was on your mind or why you became our enemy.”


“But since you are part of the El Search Party in here and is basically acting as their leader, tell me what’s on your mind. I don’t know what’s making you so desperate but I might be able to help.”

Add spoke while looking straightly at Elesis.

“I experienced situations and information in the other universe that you don’t know about. I might be weaker than you but I might know something you don’t know about.”


“I’ll keep this conversation a secret.”

Elesis made a small sigh then grinned.

“You better not break that word.”

“Tell me already. Just why are you so….”

Elesis cut off Add’s words then started to speak.

“Umm, to put it simply….”

It must have been something difficult to say because Elesis hesitated despite opening her mouth. Add felt anxious but kept patient. This was a good chance to know what kind of circumstances were driving Elesis’ reckless actions.

“It’s because I might get killed.”


Just who would kill this girl? Wouldn’t diseases get scared of her and run away?

Add looked at Elesis confusedly but her expression was serious. She didn’t look like she was joking so Add replied seriously as well.

“Killed? By who?”

“This final battle in the Grand Cavern, there will be many variables but there’s a high chance I’ll get done in by Scar. My chances of surviving this battle is probably less than 30%.”


There’s only 30% chance for Elesis to survive? This was unbelievable but Elesis wasn’t joking.

“Yes, I was in a hurry. I wanted everyone to accept Lu and Ciel as comrades quickly….so we can enter the battle in best shape possible. It’s not like I want to die… but I had to add those two to supplement our strength just in case there are losses.”


“Although I knew doing this would increase the burden on Big Sister Rena’s mind.”

Elesis had a dark expression but her voice remained calm. She probably had never revealed these thoughts to anyone, even to Rena or her own brother Elsword.

Add understood this then made a thin groan.


“It will drop our morale if we talked about our losses even before we started fighting….. But I’m in a position where I have to think about it. El Search Party is the strongest group in Elrios at the moment to face the demons.”


Elesis continued to speak without wavering.

“I wanted to clear things up much as I could since chances of me dying in this fight was too high. That’s why it must have looked like I was being hasty.”

“……Is Scar really that powerful?”

“Yes. He almost got me last time and he would have become even stronger now. I honestly cannot grantee I’ll be able to beat him.”

Elesis’ expression was dark. Her usual cheerfulness or mischievousness was nowhere to be seen.

“No, never mind not being able to grantee a victory…. If Scar and I fought one on one, my chances of survival probably won’t even be 20%.”

“Then you could…..”

“But we must stop demon god’s resurrection. And others might get sacrificed if I don’t face Scar myself. I’ll at least… try to take him down with me.”

Add could tell Elesis came to this conclusion after much deliberation.

Elesis’ reckless actions became more understandable now. Her hasty way of handling things must have been based off her decision that she won’t survive the battle with demons.

“Elesis, how old are you again?”

“Nineteen….. Ah, isn’t it rude to ask something like that?”

Elesis answered then became upset for some reason. At her answer, Add looked over Elesis from her feet to head.

Elesis must have thought something strange because she took a step back.

“…..You’re not thinking about something rude right?”

“It’s nothing like that so be quiet for a second.”

It never crossed Add’s mind since he was always overwhelmed by Elesis…..but she wasn’t even twenty years old and yet was standing as a vanguard for the battle that will decide the future of Elrios.

Even while knowing she won’t survive that battle.

Add tightened the grip on his fist without realizing. Feeling that he couldn’t distinguish rose and his mouth opened on its own.

“You deprived the chance for Rena and Lu to reconcile properly.”


“If you know Rena then I know Rena as well. Even though her personality changed like that…. they will certainly understand each other with some time. But you left the scene knowing that they will have a huge fight as if you were rolling a dice.”


Elesis must have lots of words to say as defense.

Like not wanting to fight while it’s uncertain if Rena, Eve, Lu and Ciel would cooperate with each other, or it couldn’t be helped because she didn’t know what might happen after she died.

But Elesis composedly admitting she was wrong.

“What irritates me the most is…..”

Add paused before he spoke. He never imagined a day would come when he would say something like this.

To think he’ll say something he won’t say even in his dream.

“Why don’t you believe in others?”


Elesis looked surprised but Add ignored her best he could. His ears would be red if he were to look in the mirror right now.

But he couldn’t stop the words he already started to speak. These feelings were bursting out from him.

“Scar is stronger than you? So what? Didn’t we El Search Party always fight against demons stronger than us? It was so at least in my universe.”


“You were recklessly trying to tidy things up while hiding your feelings because you feared Scar….? You were afraid you couldn’t defeat Scar by yourself? Don’t make me laugh……”

It wasn’t like he didn’t understand how Elesis felt. No…. he knew that feeling the best across all universes.

This was because Add fought recklessly up till now by turning back time.  Even now he was fighting to get the result he wanted.

Add raised his head and glared at Elesis. Her eyes were wide open and she had a blank expression. She must have not imagined Add out of all people to say something like this.

Yes, even Add never imagined it himself. But everything was already in motion.

“I’ll tell you a phrase that was popular in my universe. If you can’t win this time…. you just have to win next time!”


“This is how everyone fought.”

If you can’t win this time then you just have to win next time. Suppress your shame from defeat and collect yourself for the next fight.

Everyone believed in this and bought Add the time to escape from D.

“Next time? Such thing is…..”

“I know. If that demon resurrection is dangerous as you say then it should be stopped now. So…..”

Add conveyed the words that came directly from his heart.

“If you can’t win by yourself then fight together.”


Elesis’ methods weren’t completely wrong since the battle against a powerful enemy was approaching. Add used time travel so far to create a result where no one in the El Search Party was killed, but Elesis couldn’t do this.

Telling Elesis to relax since Add can time travel was one way. But that would unnecessarily complicate the story. This was the only way to convince Elesis without revealing that.

Believe in others and fight.

“Isn’t that what stupidly soft El Search Party is?”

Add raised up his tightly held fists.

“Since you’re extremely strong you must have never felt the need to borrow other people’s strength, but that’s wrong. If Scar is that powerful, then think about winning with help from others. Why are you only thinking about an ending where you fight by yourself?”


“Your chance of survival is only 30%? Don’t make me laugh. Do you think I’ll let that happen? Seeing someone that doesn’t think about living irritates me the most!”

Add could jump across time or even universes to save someone precious to him. He could understand people that did anything possible to save people precious to them. He was even willing to lend them his hand long as it didn’t get in the way of his goals.

In contrast, it enraged him to see someone like this who lacked the will to live. Add shouted as he stretched his fist out towards Elesis.

“Stop saying stupid things and live with all you got!! Think about how you’ll survive along with everyone else!!”


Elesis who was listening quietly suddenly burst out laughing. It felt awkward for Add to withdraw his fist now.

Just when Add’s face was becoming red….. Elesis shook her head then slightly met Add’s fist with her own.

“Yes, you’re right. I was being too closed-minded. Thank you for the good advice Add.”


Add wanted to hide somewhere. He just wanted to end this conversation now that the heat was gone. But Elesis wasn’t done talking.

She looked far away with a sentimental expression.

“I must have gotten some bad thoughts too…..after watching Velder Kingdom’s destruction. That’s right, I should be thinking about how to survive with everyone. I can’t be thinking about dying. I still have to protect Elsword after all…..”


I can stop doing this now since she’s talking by herself right? Add thought this as he carefully tried to withdraw his fist, but Elesis’ fist followed his fist like a magnet.

“What’s wrong Add? Weren’t you trying to convey your passionate heart to me?”

“That wasn’t my intention.”

When Add angrily pulled his arm behind his back, Elesis didn’t say anything more and withdrew her arm. She was smiling but it didn’t look like she was going to tease him anymore.

“Thank you Add, things have been so hectic that I’ve forgotten. We’re the El Search Party…..”

“……If you understood then don’t do anything weird anymore.”

“Yes, I should also apologize to Big Sister Rena and Lu too.”

Elesis said this then turned around with her hand behind her back. She turned her head back to look at Add.

“Come to think of it, you must have been pretty upset at what I said to Seirena. You’re not going to bring that up?”


It did upset him a lot at the time, but her reason was understandable…..and it was somewhat bothersome to bring it up himself so he passed on it.

When Add kept quiet, Elesis lowered her head and apologized.

“I’m sorry Add. I wasn’t thinking correctly. We’re comrades even if universes are different…. I shouldn’t have doubted you.”

“……It was a necessary process.”

It also felt awkward to receive this apology since he was ultimately aiming for Eve’s core. Elesis spoke quietly when Add tried to move on.

“As sign of apology, I want to help with what you’re trying to do. Can I help you together with Ignia?”


Will everything be solved easily if he asked her for a kiss here? Add pondered for a moment but quickly shook his head.

“It’s already in progress. I don’t need any more help. Just don’t get in the way even if it catches your eyes.”

“Alright, just tell me if there’s anything I can do to help.”

Elesis said this them smiled again. It was a refreshing smile as if she was eased from a burden.

“Thank you for scolding me from bottom of your heart, Add.”

“…..Others would have changed into swimsuits already. Go ahead.”

Elesis stared at Add quietly for a moment then walked away when Add turned his head away to avoid her. Add sighed when Elesis’ footsteps became further.

It was good that Elesis became friendly towards him…. but he didn’t know if it was to the point where request for a kiss would work.

“No, in the first place…..”

How much affection points do you need for it to be ‘kiss switch, on!’? How do you make it a situation where kissing won’t bring about any troubles?

As Add thought, Eun spoke from inside the jacket.

“I’m surprised at boy’s skills. Cooking Elesis like that in one go.”

“We’re excluding Elesis anyways…..”

It seems Add did buy some affection from Elesis although unintentionally…… But he wasn’t sure if it was a switch-on state. Not only that, but Elsword will react if he approached Elesis.

“That guy seriously only causes trouble……”

Raising Elesis’ affection points was pointless in the end because of Elsword. Add finding a way to defeat D, and getting kiss to go back was important…. But the El Search Party coming out of the battle in Grand Cavern without losses was important as well.

So he had to refrain from doing something that will cause disturbances or fracture within the El Search Party.

“I’m seriously……”

Soft hearted too. He had a feeling of not wanting to see anyone in this universe’s El Search Party get killed as well.

Add was muttering when Eun said something strange from within the jacket.

“To think boy would tell someone to believe in others and fight. I honestly would have never imagined.”

“……I wasn’t serious.”

That’s what he said as an excuse since he couldn’t tell Elesis that he could stop the result she feared by turning back time. Add was trying to change the topic when he heard footsteps.

Ignia was approaching. There must have been not enough swimsuits because she was wearing her usual clothes.

“Elesis came from this direction. Did she say anything?”

“It was just an idle conversation. Don’t mind it.”

Ignia nodded then stated her business.

“I didn’t form teams like this for no reason. I’m bit worried about Elesis…. but it’s time to act Add.”


I have a bad feeling about this. Add thought this as Ignia made a fake cough once then announced with a confident voice.

“Operation, Oops! My hands slipped!!”


Why does it sound like an operation that would break his hand?

Add reluctantly followed Ignia back to the lake.

“So what’s your exact plan?”

“First of all, this might be hard for you to hear…..”

Ignia walking at the front looked back slightly then spoke.

“I don’t think you’re that attractive as a man.”


Ignia stopped her steps then tilted her head.

“You’re not that tall or muscular. I guess only your proportions and face is alright.”

“…..I can’t do anything about that.”

Add had never been interested in his and other people’s appearances. He had his hands full with researches so there was no time to spare for things like body building. He wasn’t a type that battled physically in the first place….. Never mind Elesis, Add would be beaten by even Ara or Rena in physical strength.

…..No, Add was most likely weakest amongst the group in terms of physical strength. Could he say he was stronger than Lu who looked the youngest?

Add was looking back on himself when Ignia spoke blatantly.

“Raven and Ciel looks very attractive from perspective of girls. No words are needed for Raven and Ciel looks very manly as well.”

“…..Is it the chest after all?”

Is it because I have smaller chest? So do men need big chests too?

Add bit his lips in frustration after remembering what happened in the men’s bath. To think this ridiculous reason would hold him back now.

Should he pay more attention to his physique if he gets some time later?

“Chest…..? Ah, well.”

Ignia peered at Add’s chest then smiled briskly.

“You still have a future. Cheer up!!”

“…..Drop the fake consolation. So you’re saying I lack manliness because of my physical appearance?”

Appearance was important for creatures to raise affection of member of other sex. The key point was how they appealed.

“In ecosystems, males tend to appeal how superior they are when trying to win over a female. So what you’re saying is I lack appeal as a male right now so supplementing that part should be advantageous in raising affection points of the girls. Peacocks use their fancy feathers and cicadas use loudness of their cries to appeal their superiority…..”


Add analyzed coldly without realizing Ignia was staring at him with a disgusted expression.

“Thus, I just have to figure out how humans males can appeal to females then supplement that part. So how should I do that Ignia? Tell me your opinion as human female.”


“I can’t do anything about that right now. There’s no time to develop a drug that increases chest size. And even if I do, it won’t show any effect in short term.”

“Does that mean it can be effective in long term?!”

Add nodded cleanly when Ignia asked in surprise.

“My major is Nasods and mechanics….. but I know some biology as well. I’ve refined anesthetics couple times before. Human body is comprised of mostly protein and fat. If you wanted to increase your chest size you just have to attach some muscles. I can develop a steroid for that.”

“…..Oh, h-how about just supplementing with fat and not muscles?”

“What I mentioned right now was for males only. To apply it to females…..”

Add was answering readily to student’s(?) question then his gaze coincidentally stopped at Ignia’s breasts. Ignia hastily waved her arms at Add’s gaze.

“Don’t say it! Don’t say it!”

“…..I think that’s sufficient for your age.”

“I told you not to say it.”

Add switched the topic when flames formed in Ignia’s hand.

“Anyways, taking fat out of certain body part is possible. I tried constructing a theory about it out of curiosity before. If there’s a plus then there’s a minus as well so oppositely, it should be possible to supplement fat in certain body parts as well.”

“…..R, really?”

“But biology isn’t my speciality after all and there’s high chance there will be side-effects. This is why I don’t like biology….. Mechanics is simple and beautiful because everything fits perfectly, but in biology there’s too many side effects that you cannot predict.”

Add was enjoying talking about his speciality but stopped after realizing he wasted too much time.

Ignia was slightly peering down at her breasts…. But Add ignored her.

“I understand I lack manliness in the outer appearance side of things. There’s nothing I can do about that right now so I’ll make up for it in the other side.”


“So what’s the plan you came up with? You wouldn’t have evaluated my appearance for no reason. You must have something in mind.”

Operation, Oops my hands slipped. Add didn’t like how it sounded but Ignia could have thought of something useful since she was a priestess.

Ignia replied to Add’s hopeful question.

“This might sound cruel but you lack appeal as a man. Even though I divided the teams like this….. there’s totally no air of anyone being conscious of you as a man.”

“So you were behind it after all. How did you convince Elesis and Rena?”

“I told them I had a prophetic dream. I’m a priestess after all.”

Ignia spoke as if it was an easy task. Add asked in surprise.

“Prophetic dream? Is such a thing possible?”

“Of course not. If I could…. I wouldn’t have lost those two.”


When Add kept silent, Ignia brightened the tone of her voice unnaturally.

“Anyways, there’s not much air of being conscious of you even though I divided the teams like this. So you’ll have to make them be conscious of you as a man while we’re playing in the water. It will all depend on your appeal after that.”

“Make them be conscious of me as a man….”

It hurt Add’s pride but according to Ignia’s observation, Add wasn’t even being accepted as a man to girls of the Search Party. Well…. it did make sense. It was true that Raven and Ciel looked much more manly even in Add’s perspective.

If you considered only manliness…. wouldn’t even Elsword be better than him?

Ignia spoke to console Add when he let out a tragic groan.

“Well you have a pretty face so it’s fine. Wouldn’t you look more manly when you grow up? Although the pretty impression is stronger right now…..”

“So what do you want me to do precisely?”


Ignia was silent for a while then wordlessly raised up her thumb.

There was a bad feeling about this. Ignia spoke sternly but seriously.

“Cause an accident.”


“Didn’t you say you have to finish this until we finish things with Scar? Go cause an accident.”

Accident while playing in the water? It didn’t make him want to hear the details too much. But Ignia was serious.

“There’s not much time. Let’s go with My Hand Slipped!”

“…..Just what is that? Want me to take off a girl’s swimsuit saying it was an accident or something?”

“H, how could you say something like that……”

Ignia raised a flame in her hand as if trying to threaten Add then suddenly covered her mouth and thought.

“….Yea, that’s good. Do it! Isn’t there that old story? One about woodcutter stealing a celestial maiden’s robes then marrying her. Although it’s a swimsuit this time!”

“I refuse……”

Ignia didn’t seem to be too bright in romantic affairs either because she grew up as a priestess. She does have regular curiosity and basic tastes but things become a wreck when she goes in details.

She was still better than completely clueless Add. Although she gave various ideas she wasn’t completely reliable.

Well, was it too much to ask for someone with no romantic experience?

“Didn’t you already prepare yourself? I know this whole thing is irrational…. But wouldn’t it work out somehow?”

“Even nonexistent affection points will get shaved off if I do that.”

That was basically saying to become a criminal. Wouldn’t it be strange if girls didn’t get furious? ……Although he did get caught up in similar situations in the past thanks to Eun.

“Forget about this. What is your original plan?”

“Event where you ‘accidentally’ make the target moderately sprain their ankle then carry them in your arm?”


“Man who carries an injured woman dearly in his arms. Wouldn’t it be a chance to make them see you in a different light? Other girls will think you’re manly too.”

Add answered coldly when Ignia spoke lively like a dreaming girl.

“I get what you’re saying. But…..I don’t have enough strength in my arms to do that.”


Sorry, I don’t have enough arm strength to carry a single frail girl to a safe place. If that was possible I wouldn’t have had to worry about my lack of manliness.

“Although it would be possible if I used Dynamos.”

Ignia scratched her head at Add’s honest confession.

“Fine, then let’s go with Oops My Hand Slipped 2 that you suggested. Say it was an accident then…!”

“I told you I refuse to do that. Anyways, I’ll handle this somehow by myself so you go back first.”

“…..Well fine. Just tell me if I can help you with something.”

Ignia readily nodded then went ahead. Add slightly pressed on his jacket when Ignia couldn’t be seen anymore.

Then Eun poked her head out as if she was waiting.

“That was quite an entertaining conversation. I had trouble keeping myself from joining in.”

“What do you think about Ignia’s indication?”

There was no choice but to agree with the observation that girls weren’t conscious of Add as a man.

“It does make sense. Girls of the Search Party all packs a serious punch….. and aren’t they stronger than boy? It should be impossible to appeal with combat skills.”

“…..As I thought.”

It was impossible to appeal manliness with his appearance and having them see him in new light by showing off combat skills was no good either.

Add wasn’t a peacock nor cicada. He didn’t have fancy tail feathers or a cry to seduce someone.

Add walked forward as he fixed his jacket.

“….So the answer is Eve.”


“Ara might be easy to approach like you said. But I lack elements that I can appeal to her. I need a same topic of interest to close the distance between my target but Ara and I don’t have anything like that. Ara uses spear arts in combat but I have zero physical combat skills.”

This evaluation was more like self-reprimanding but Eun didn’t say anything as if she accepted. It was true that Ara was easy to talk to and deceive.

But Eve was on guard being protective of her.

“But Eve is different. There’s a same topic of interest between us called Nasod and engineering. Even if Eve is treating me coldly, it’s better to have an element where we can have an argument about. Raising each other’s voices should be better than having no conversation at all.”

“…..When did boy make that kind of judgement?”

“Just now.”

He just thought of it while talking with Ignia.

The reason peacock spreads its tail feathers? That’s to appeal to members of other sex. Thus, fancy feather of a male peacock looks like an appealing element to female peacocks.

“Knowledge is all I’ve got in the end. Only way I can appeal how I’m different from other men is engineering.”


Since Add was an engineer, only candidate he can improve relationship with within short period time was Eve who had a same topic of interest as him.

Eun didn’t complain anymore and hopped down.

“It can’t be helped if that’s what boy wishes. Change into a swimsuit then come after 5 minutes.”


Eun didn’t explain herself and quickly dashed off.


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