Elsword Time Trouble Volume 7 Chapter 1~2 Page 88~100


Long part coming up after this section. Also watched Re:zero anime then got hooked and read webnovels up to middle of arc 5 o_o.  (KR translations for arc 5 isn’t complete qq) God arc 4 was long. I wonder if there’s ever season 2 anime they’ll be able to handle it in single season.

That’s probably 80% of what I did for entire previous week since I can’t resist reading/watching stuff that I like up till the latest released part.


Kiss with someone from the El Search Party is needed to go back.

Eun and Ignia will cooperate with Add from behind the scenes and set up the stage for him. With their help, even Add who was unknowledgeable about girls will be able to grasp a chance somehow.

But….. Add wasn’t confident if he could actually go through with the kiss when the chance came.

He didn’t know what this reluctance in his heart was….

“So is boy’s night stroll over now?”


Add didn’t look back to respond. Voice’s owner approached silently, stood beside Add then opened the window widely.

Night breeze came in through the window. Add opened his mouth first when fox standing beside him didn’t say anything.

“Why are you quiet?”

“Boy must have his own thoughts as well. He didn’t refuse for no reason.”

It was a reasonable reaction from her for once. Eun spoke serenely as she looked up at the moon.

“Things will go well since Fire Priestess is going to help. I’ll also lend my hand.”

“Just don’t get in the way.”

“Why would I after coming this far? Can’t you trust my sincerity now? Foxes only lends their tails to someone they accepted from their heart.”

Well she wouldn’t have anything else to tease him with anyways. Add agreed wordlessly then Eun made a bitter smile.

“Looks like I trapped boy within my tails.”


“Looks like I trapped boy within my tails.”

Eun’s eyes as she looked up at the moon was soaked with sorrow.

“Looking at another universe’s moon is rather enjoyable. It’s especially special since I’m looking at it together with one that’s together with me till the end of time.”

Eun spoke while still staring up at the moon.

“Do you know? Phantom Foxes gather power from basking in moonlight. First dozens, hundreds of days merely gives more vitality. Then after thousand days of receiving moonlight, you obtain wisdom, then after ten thousand days, you realize how to breathe with heaven and earth.”

“You become like that just from receiving moonlight?”

“Of course, you must first know how to breathe in moonlight. Anyways, you gather moon’s essence inside your body in this manner. That’s the source of my power. It’s basically something equivalent to the girl’s core.”


This unexpected story was rather interesting but Eun didn’t speak anymore. Add didn’t ask further and just strengthened his resolve for what will come after.

After tonight they will face off against the demons. He will achieve his goal during that battle and go back to his universe.

Final battle with D was waiting for him there.

“……I’ll destroy D no matter what.”

“Yes, I’ll cheer boy on hoping he’ll achieve his goal.”

“Don’t speak as if you’re not involved. Isn’t getting rid of D your goal as well?”

Eun only made a mysterious smile and didn’t answer. Add didn’t mind and grasped his fist lightly.

“During the road toward final battle against demons, we must obtain a way to go back and a way to defeat D tomorrow. Cooperate with me.”

“……Yes, if boy believes that hurting the girl is the only way.”

Eun’s response was as if she was lamenting and somehow mocking Add, but Add pretended he haven’t heard. He wasn’t going to hesitate after coming this far.

“But I ask you, at least keep these words embedded in your heart. Boy, just don’t become a devil.”

“Devil? What are you saying? This isn’t the time to care about ways and means. To defeat a devil, there’s no choice but to become a monster worse than a devil.”

When Add spoke sharply, Eun only made a bitter smile as if she had nothing to say in response. When Eun didn’t say anything and looked up solely at the moon, Add also looked up at the night sky as well.

That’s right. He couldn’t hesitate. He will become even worse monster than a devil so he can kill the devil.


For the sake of someone precious to him.

For the sake of people that believed in him and treated him preciously.


Because Add was resolving himself, he didn’t realize what kind of eyes Eun was staring at him with.

Fox staring at Add’s resolute face twitched her lips. Fox swallowed the words she was originally going to say then spoke to herself inside her mind.

‘The end is slowly approaching…..’


Time to close the curtains on a stage where two of them moved about together.


2.     Wandering mind


Grand Cavern where Scar is carrying out ritual to revive the demon god. You originally had to go through Temple of Fire to reach it but that was impossible now because Temple of Fire collapsed during Ignia’s battle with demons. So the group had to unfortunately use a cave that connects hot springs to the Grand Cavern.

Add who was walking on his feet without using his Dynamos spoke as if he was questioning himself.

“Why did we divide teams?”

“Because demons might be planning something. It will be better than everyone moving together and falling into trap all at once. Also, caves are rather….”

Rena walking near the front spoke when Elesis trailed her words.

“They could try to bring the entire cave down.”


Well this cave was underground so everything was over if they got buried. Ara got surprised and hastily looked around.

“Then wouldn’t demons try to bring the cave down? We have to hurry!”

“That probably won’t happen. Temple of Fire route is blocked so demons would lose their out as well if they destroyed this path.”

At Eve’s voice coming from the back, Elesis added.

“Yes, also Scar is hotblooded one. He’ll want to settle the score with me. Although I’m bit worried about Karis…….”

Add closed his mouth as he examined the group’s reaction. Dividing up the team just in case the cave collapsed was fine…. But this team composition looked totally suspicious.

Ignia who was walking at the very front looked back then smiled.

“This cave has lots of different paths so such thing is impossible. We’ll be met with fresh air if we go straight this way for 3 hours. People of Lanox call it the ‘garden’. It has a really nice view.”

“Then shall we have lunch there?”

“That sounds wonderful.”

Ara’s face brightened from hearing about a meal. Add who was listening to the conversation sighed internally.

…..Why am I the only guy here again?

Rena, Eve, Elesis, Ara, Ignia and Add were this team’s composition. But Add could guess who formed this team.

One who was responsible looked back and gave a cute wink.

……Yes, you’re rather capable Ignia.

He didn’t know what Ignia said to form the team like this, but it was a correct choice. To kiss someone you needed to raise affection points, and to do that you needed to create a situation to be face to face with the target. Aisha and Lu were exempted so this was perfect members to achieve Add’s goal.

Add was thinking about this then gasped for air when his neck was suddenly strangled.

“Why are you so quiet all of a sudden Add?”

Elesis had put her arm around Add’s neck and pulled him towards her. Add couldn’t speak even if he wanted to because his neck was in pain.

Ara nodded when Add desperately hit Elesis’ arm.

“Mr.Add must be hungry too.”

“It looked like he didn’t eat much during breakfast. Add, you have to eat a lot to grow taller.”

I’m going to die before I get to eat anything. When Add hit Elesis’ arm faster, she must have got the message because she let him go.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I was treating you same as Elsword. Did it hurt?”

“….You’re strong like a monster as always.”

When Add spoke as if he was tired, Elesis became embarrassed and scratched her head.

“Thanks for the compliment.”


Her reaction was somehow like Elsword so it annoyed Add.

Wouldn’t it have been better to send Elesis off to the other team? Noticing Add’s gaze, Elesis pushed her face closer to him.

“It must have hurt a lot. Can I take a look?”

“There’s no need.”

She might do something dangerous again. When Add hastily coved his neck and backed up, Ara stepped forward this time.

“Want me to take a look instead?”

“You don’t need to Ara.”

Eve pulled Ara’s arm to stop her. Add rubbed his neck as he muttered internally.

‘I’m getting too much attention…..’

“Why do you look so down? Is there something you’re worried about?”

“……I just have some things to think about.”

Add quickened his steps when Elesis stared straightly at him.

If team composition last time was Elesis’ scheme, Ignia was the one who prepared the situation for Add’s scheme this time.

The problem was affection points.


The garden Ignia talked about was an empty field between two steep cliffs.

Add was scanning the area for potential enemies…. When Ara looked up at the sun and made a joyful expression.

“Looking at Mr.Sun after a while feels nice.”

“Yes it does. There’s even a clear lake over there where travellers take a break.”

“Really? Then… shall we rest here for a bit?”

Elesis’ eyes gleamed then she started to rummage through her bag. Rena saw how Elesis was completely loosened up so she scolded her.

“Elesis, don’t become too relaxed. There might be an ambush.”

“That’s even better. Numbers we’ll have to face in their main base will decrease. We just have to smash through anything that comes in our way.”


Rena didn’t expect such a response so she couldn’t complain further.

“What do you mean…..?”

“It would be great if Karis showed up right now. It will be much easier that way.”

Elesis was wishing Karis to show up. On second thought…. Rena realized that Elesis’ opinion wasn’t too far fetched.

“Scar should know very well that sending minions won’t be able to stop me. But Karis also didn’t come out when I provoked her last time right? Despite her looking like an impatient type she didn’t show up. That means there’s some reason that’s preventing them from coming to face us directly.”

“What do you mean?” Eve who was listening asked.

“I don’t know exactly how demon god resurrection ritual works, but Karis and Scar that could directly threaten us aren’t coming to face us directly. It seems they can’t do anything but wait even though they know we’re coming to the Grand Cavern.”

Elesis stopped rummaging through her bag then grinned while looking around at the group.

“So its more advantageous for us if they send more minions to attack us. There will be less enemies we have to face in the Grand Cavern. So let’s take care of things if demons like In and Jin shows up.”

“…..What you’re saying is oddly persuasive.”

Ignia spoke for everyone else with an empty expression.

It was an unbelievable opinion that said it would be better if they were attacked. But it was true that the El Search Party did have the strength to back that up….

Rena also didn’t have any words to refute so she spoke begrudgingly.

“But let’s not let our guards down too much…..”

“No, we have to show them how vulnerable we are to get them to attack us. So we have to let our guards down. At least on the surface.”

“It’s not a bad idea but your motives feel strange.”

Elesis listened to Eve opinion then looked straightly at Rena.

“….What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Rena must have sensed an unhealthy intent because she trailed her words. Elesis showed clothing in her hand with a grin.

“Please wear this Big Sister Rena.”


“It’s a swimming suit, and there’s a lake over there. Ah! And there’s beautiful Big Sister Rena over here. There’s even swimsuit that perfectly fits you! Wouldn’t this be El’s providence that you should wear it? Isn’t that right Ignia?”

“…..Ah, well.”

Ignia awkwardly nodded. After getting fire priestess’s approval, Elesis held out a swimsuit while smiling.

“Here, let’s change into these and have fun Big Sister Rena.”

“…..I refuse.”

“You’re being stubborn as if I have some alternative motives. No Big Sister Rena. Didn’t I say it already? Demons will attack us only if we show them we’re vulnerable. Then shouldn’t we disarm and show them how much we’re enjoying playing in the lake? Wouldn’t demons waiting for us in that dark underground cavern become enraged and jump out on us?”

“…..You’re smiling.”

Rena understood what Elesis was saying but still looked very reluctant. This was because Elesis had face of a mischievous child looking at most entertaining event in the world.

Then Elesis made an extremely sorrowful expression.

“….Sob, I’m saddened. I prepared such a pretty swimsuit for you but you won’t wear it? Are you going to betray my efforts and expectations like this? Was our relationship only physical?”

“Story is heading in a weird direction, Elesis.”

Elesis shook her head at Eve’s cold deduction.

“It can’t be helped. I’ll have to make Eve wear it. Here Eve, wear it!”

“…..I don’t expect swimsuit prepared for Rena would fit me.”

Eve replied with a slightly hurt tone. Then Elesis spoke while looking at Rena.

“Big Sister Rena, this is a trap. A trap to lure in demons. Could it be that you, a Night Watcher is suspecting my motive?”


Conflict rose up in Rena’s face when she heard the word ‘trap’. Elesis murmured with a gloomy face.

“I thought Big Sister Rena would obviously cooperate with my plan. Fine, we’ll only do it by ourselves. Eve, Ara, let’s go have fun by ourselves.”

“…..We’re really just laying a trap right?”

Elesis grinned when Rena asked suspiciously.





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