Elsword Time Trouble Volume 7 Chapter 1 Page 61~88


Moon rose high in the sky.

All of the El Search Party’s girls gathered inside the hot springs open-air women’s bath where the golden moon was clearly visible.

“……So why did you call us out this late?”

Aisha who was rubbing her shoulders muttered as if she had some kind of complaint. Ara modestly sat beside Aisha then replied.

“Ms.Priestess called us out here.”

“Alright, is everyone here?”

Ignia sat on top of a stone with her legs crossed then spoke cheerfully. Eve who had been bathing shoulder deep inside the water objected.

“Lu isn’t here.”

“We don’t have to wake up a kid who’s sleeping. And….”

Ignia shook her head after recalling Add’s words. Lu didn’t count so she didn’t have to care about her.

‘….I don’t get why I have to be a love consultant.’

Ignia muttered internally while looking at the faces of bathing Search Party members one by one.

Aisha had a reluctant expression, Rena had a stiff face, Eve unexpectedly looked like she was enjoying the hot springs, Ara was politely waiting for Ignia to speak and Elesis was playing around by rubbing her chin on top of Rena’s shoulder.

‘So it just has to be one of these five? Ah, I can’t figure this out at all……’

Still, as someone who called them out here she shouldn’t remain silent for too long. Ignia muttered internally then spoke whatever that came to her mind.

“Since this is our last night in the hot springs. I called all of you out here to have a chat with just us girls. The reason why we’re doing this at night is because guys might try to peep.”


Aisha looked around while openly expressing hostility. It looked like she’ll attack immediately if she just saw a guy’s hair.

“Would there really be someone who’ll do such a thing?”

“There’s nothing bad with being cautious, Ara.”

When Ara made a surprised face as if that was impossible, Eve warned Ara saying she shouldn’t let her guard down too much.

Rena narrowed her eyes as if she didn’t like what was being said.

“Raven will control everybody on the guys’ side so that shouldn’t happen.”

“Well, if they show up thinking strange things, then I’ll send them off flying in a strange direction.”

Ignia sang inside her mind when Elesis grinned as if she got a chance to warm up. Everyone was worked up at what Ignia had said without much thought.

She had casted the line without any bait but they bit.

When everyone spoke their minds, Ignia measured her timing then spoke appropriately.

“Come to think of it, guys in the El Search Party seems quite nice. They are good and fighting and handsome.”

Aisha denied as if she was saying drop the nonsense.

“Ah, take Elsword out of there. He’s such a kid.”

“That’s not true, Mr.Elsword is more thoughtful than he looks.”

“Only ones deserving of that praise is Big Brother Raven or Big Brother Ciel. Although Chung is cute he’s still young…..”

But Ara disagreed with Aisha’s evaluation.

“But Mr.Chung tries his best very earnestly.”

“If you considered their mental ages, Raven would be highest.”

“Even Ms.Eve? Aren’t all of you treating Mr.Elsword and Mr.Chung too much like kids?”

“Well he’s my dependable brother…. But it’s still hard to take my eyes off him.”

When even Elesis joined in, Ara became sullen and shut her mouth. It looked like she didn’t agree with everyone else but was keeping silent to avoid conflict.

Ignia spoke mischievously on purpose to prod.

“Ooh? It looks like Ara likes Elsword.”

“……Huh? Eh? Eeeh?”


Startled voice from before was Ara’s but who’s voice was it after? Ignia and the other girls looked towards where the loud voice came from.

Aisha who suddenly became the focus of attention replied as her face turned red.

“W, why are you all looking at me strangely like that? I didn’t say anything yet.”

“Although… I do think that Mr.Elsword is cute….”

“What? He’s cute?”

At Ara’s words, Aisha forgot the circumstances and leered at Ara. It was as if she forgot being startled and now she couldn’t admit such description existing in this world.

“Just what about him is cute? Even this time he almost read the map wrong and we almost got into trouble. We were glad I was keeping an eye on him. Otherwise we wouldn’t have reached the Temple of Fire in time. He’s such a handful troublemaker. Just who does he take after?”

“Hmm, yea. I wonder who he takes after.”

Aisha who was muttering froze from the voice that came from behind her. Soft arms were hugging Aisha’s neck from behind her.

“B, Big Sister Elesis?”

“What’s wrong? I’m not being angry. It’s true that Elsword is still lacking. I’m thankful that Aisha is always taking care of him.”

Aisha pouted from what Elesis said while hugging her from behind.

“I wouldn’t have to if he was at least half like you Big Sister Elesis.”

“Oh? You flatter me Aisha.”


Aisha got surprised and twisted around when Elesis smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

“W, what are you doing?”

“I’m praising you instead of Big Sister Rena.”

“…..Why are you mentioning me there?”

Rena who had been keeping silent spoke up as if she couldn’t accept what was being said. Then Elesis who was hugging Aisha stole a glance at Rena as if she was very saddened.

“It’s because Big Sister Rena doesn’t give us goodnight kisses recently.”

“……You’re all at an age where you don’t need them.”

“But you gave them before. Are you abandoning us now that we’ve grown up? As I thought, Big Sister Rena only likes little girls.”

“Don’t say something strange when the kids are listening!”

Rena got startled and raised her voice when Elesis faked a sad voice. She knew that Elesis was just messing around but she couldn’t ignore this.

But Elesis was already in full throttle and didn’t stop.

“Sniff, I see. So since I’m taller and have bigger breasts now I’m not Big Sister Rena’s type anymore? You’re only going to adore Lu from now on? Just you wait, I’ll become younger too somehow and become Big Sister’s type! If that time comes, it won’t be any use even if you beg and cry to let you touch me because I’m so cute!”

“Like I said, don’t say something strange when the kids are listening! Just when did I ever do those things!!?”

Everyone looked curiously when Rena who usually stayed cool deny so aggressively with a reddened face.

Ara asked with a surprised expression.

“So Ms.Rena will give you a goodnight kiss if you become younger?”

“Yes, how about Ara, Big Sister Rena? Her body is mature but her face still looks young!”

“…..Let me go first before you talk about something like this. Big Sister Elesis.”

Aisha who was still being hugged by Elesis sighed.

Ignia’s couldn’t dare to butt into this mess. Things seemed to be going as she intended….but then the topic flew off to a totally strange direction after Elesis joined in.

Elesis let Aisha go then she made Ara stand up, grabbed her by the shoulder then pushed her towards Rena.

“Here, Big Sister Rena! It’s Ara! Ara who looks young, is cute and strong! Adore her instead of me! I’ll be watching while bitterly shedding tears from here.”


Rena’s face turned red as she put her hand on her forehead then sighed. She couldn’t keep up with Elesis.

“I’ll really get angry if you keep saying things that kids will misunderstand, Elly.”

Elesis shrugged then took a step back once she was called by her nickname.

“If Big Sister Rena won’t give you one, then let me give you one instead Ara.”


“If Big Sister Rena won’t give you one, then let me give you one instead Ara.”

“Ah, yes…. thank you.”

Elesis lightly kissed Ara’s cheek then let Ara go when she nodded with a dazed expression.

Aisha who was watching from a distance sighed.

“Just what kind of mess is this…..”

“Ah, did you get jealous because I was cheating on you Aisha? Don’t worry my dear Aisha, even though I kissed with Ara, I’ll always come running for you no matter what.”

“I don’t know what you mean but please take out the word ‘cheating’ first.”

Aisha muttered and Elesis laughed merrily.

When it seemed like the situation had settled down a bit, Ignia made some fake coughs then turned back to the original topic.

“Then…. what about guys other than Elsword?”

“What do you mean?”

Eve who didn’t join in on the ruckus from before because she was enjoying the hot springs opened her eyes then asked.

Ignia didn’t want to say it herself so she just shrugged.

“Well…. you all know what I’m talking about.”


Ignia felt somehow troubled at how Elesis stared at her piercingly so she hastily continued her words.

“Although I may not look it, I’m a Priestess. I can at least do something like read people’s love compatibility.”


Aisha seemed strangely interested. Ara also opened her eyes widely.

“Compatibility? Do you know how to do divination Ms.Priestess?”

“Well, I’m a priestess after all……”

There was no rule that priestesses couldn’t lie after all. When Ignia answered appropriately Elesis withdrew her gaze from Ignia then stood up.

Ignia sweated not because of heat from the hot springs, but because she became nervous. Ignia started to become cautious towards Elesis.

‘….Why did she stare at me like that?’

Ignia could tell right away that Elesis held a strong position not only amongst girls of the group but in the entire El Search Party. Even possessing playfulness and sociability, she was technically the leader of the El Search Party.

And she was bit difficult to handle right now.

Was it because she had to follow Add’s request and prod for girls’ reaction even though she didn’t want to? Ignia felt guilty for some reason as she examined the girls’ reaction.

Rena spoke dazedly.

“Love compatibility….”

“You all must be interested.”

When Ignia grinned, Aisha folded her arms then looked away.

“Love compatibility? What use would that be? There’s no handsome guys here anyways.”

“But I’m bit interested in divination. Can you read my compatibility?”

In contrast to Aisha, Ara seemed quite interested.

Ignia had been throwing anything that she could think of trying to bring about a situation where they talked about guys of the Search Party but she got a bit startled at Ara’s reaction.

“A, alright. I’ll take a look at yours after.”

“What happens if you have good compatibility?”

“Well, it means you two will get together well, Eve. Although I didn’t think priestesses could look into such things.”

Ignia felt somehow guilty from what Elesis said so she replied however she could.

“It’s just a hobby that I learned because I was bored. Don’t expect too much.”

“Then should I ask for my readings too? Although I think I’ll get the best compatibility with Elsword.”

Aisha responded sharply to Elesis’ words.

“Do you believe that too Big Sister? It’s just a baseless myth.”

“I don’t think that’s something a magician should say.”

“It’s just for fun. Why don’t you get yours read too Aisha? Maybe you’ll get a good compatibility with Elsword.”

Aisha’s face turned red.

“Why are you keep putting me together with that idiot?”

“Just like what you said, Elsword is still lacking. So until Elsword grows up, I want Aisha to stay beside and look after him.”

“….That’s something you should be doing Big Sister.”

Elesis shook her head from side to side.

“But you did great in going to Temple of Fire and bringing Fire Priestess.”

“Although Big Brother Raven and Big Brother Ciel took care of almost everything….”

“So I want to entrust Elsword to you until he becomes like them.”

“……What if I said I don’t want to?”

When Aisha replied with a tone as if she half gave up, Elesis looked back towards Rena.

“Big Sister Rena, Aisha won’t listen to me. Give me a kiss so I feel better.”

“…..I told you not to say something that kids with misunderstand! And when did I ever do something like that?”

“When I just entered the Red Knights and met you for the first time? You gave me one saying I was cute.”

“Just how long ago was that?! That was just as a joke!”

Then Elesis covered up her body with her arms then looked away as if she was embarrassed.

“I’d like Big Sister to keep playing more jokes on me……”

“….I’m going to be angry.”

It was clear that Elesis was just messing around, but Rena couldn’t help but to react because many people were watching.

Actually, Rena and Elesis had been together as comrades the longest in the El Search Party….so they knew each other’s weaknesses well. But because how their personalities were right now, Elesis was using Rena’s past and weaknesses efficiently while Rena was avoiding joking around.

Thus, Rena was overwhelmingly disadvantageous. But she still couldn’t get seriously furious from this. Two of them had been together for long and wanted to be together from now on as well.

Ignia who was watching the two’s squabble carefully opened her mouth.

“You keep talking about kisses…..”

“It was just a kiss on the cheek, Ms.Priestess! And I only did it because she couldn’t sleep from being scared!”

Rena protested with a loud voice as if she was falsely accused. It was as if she was saying how could someone like a priestess say such indecent words.

“Yes, anyways since stories about kisses keep coming up…..”

The story kept going off in a weird direction but Ignia’s objective tonight was collecting information. Ignia spoke carefully while hoping she wouldn’t sound odd.

“Anyone ever done it with a guy?”


Everyone suddenly became silent. It felt like a cold wind blew by even though they were in warm hot springs.

“…..You mean on the mouth?”

“Are you talking about that pointless membrane contact?”

Ara acted embarrassed but Eve concluded biologically. And Elesis spoke regrettably while looking at Rena.

“It would have been great if Big Sister Rena was a guy…..”

Rena must have decided to ignore Elesis because she kept silent, Aisha’s face had turned bright red and she wasn’t saying anything. It seemed like she finally got the control of this chaotic conversation so Ignia sang internally while pressing for a response.

“No one is saying anything. So none of you have done it?”

“My first kiss was with Big Sister Rena during a sweet night……”

“I’ll really get angry if you steer the topic in that direction again, Elly.”

Elesis turned around to glance at the other girls when Rena spoke sharply to her. Everyone had their own thoughts while keeping silent.

Elesis clenched her fists then nodded.

“It can’t be helped. I’ll go do it with Elsword right now.”

“What are you going to do?! No, why are you doing it!?”

Aisha got surprised and got up to stop Elesis. Elesis smiled mischievously at Aisha as if she had been waiting for her to speak up.

“Why can’t I do it? Then who should?”

“Eh? T, that’s…..”

“Is there a reason why I can’t? Is there someone already reserved for Elsword?”

Aisha’s face turned bright red at Elesis’ question and she remained silent. Ara must have imagined something as well because she asked while her face became red.

“Uh….. Is that something you must do?”

“It an pointless act, Ara.”

“It’s not pointless, Eve.”

Rena unexpectedly joined in on the conversation.

“It’s something you do when you want to convey your feelings to someone who’s important to you. I think Eve would understand too if you try it one day.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Someone important….”

Unlike Eve who responded sharply, Ara closed her mouth tightly as if she was thinking about something. Seeing this, Eve spoke as if she was reluctant to ask.

“Why are humans so interested in this ‘kiss’? Add asked me about it before too.”

“Mr.Add asked Ms.Eve about a kiss?”

Eve nodded when Ara got surprised and asked.

“He asked what I thought about kisses so I answered it’s just a membrane contact. He understood right away for someone who’s useless.”

“…..Hmm, it will be difficult to explain it in a way that Eve could understand. I think you’ll understand when you try it yourself one day.”

When even Elesis joined in, Eve looked reluctant but nodded.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“It’s good if you do it a lot once you have someone who’s important to you. Isn’t that right, Ms.Priestess?”

“…..Y, yes. I think so too.”

Ignia nodded in response when Elesis asked while staring carefully at her. Actually, Ignia who grew up as a priestess had never done such a thing before. But the opinion Rena and Elesis presented was reasonable.

Anyways, Ignia managed to turn the topic towards kiss… but it seemed difficult to ask what they thought about Add. She had originally planned to bring up each guy one by one until they got to Add, but the conversation went off in a wrong direction soon as Elsword’s name came up.

‘…..Do I have to be satisfied with just this?’

Although the result so far hadn’t been satisfactory, it would be troublesome if she tried to dig deeper than this and got caught. Even Ignia could sense that the fact that she was asked by Add to do this shouldn’t be found out.

Also how Elesis was looking at her was strangely bothersome. When Ignia didn’t speak anymore, Elesis muttered regrettably.

“But the reason why Big Sister Rena doesn’t give me kisses anymore…..is because I’m not important to her anymore right? But I’m always looking at Big Sister Rena…..”

“Didn’t you say you were always looking at me before…..?”

When Aisha spoke up from being dumbfounded, Elesis made a very regrettable expression.

“My heart is looking at Aisha…. But my body cannot forget Big Sister Rena’s passionate kiss. How Big Sister comforted me who was shivering from fear and worry with her hot and tenacious…..”


Rena finally exploded.


Late night.

Add was repairing the Dynamos when he realized it was almost appointed time and raised his head. Add was rubbing his eyes when Eun sleeping on the bed came into his view. She wasn’t in her small fox form and was instead in Ara’s form. Her 4 white tails were lying about on the bed.


Didn’t Eun originally have 9 tails? Come to think of it, there were 5 tails when he was using them as pillows yesterday and now she had 4.

“It shouldn’t matter……”

Add exited the room and headed downstairs. He examined the condition of his Dynamos floating around him. Number of Dynamos that could be used now were 5, he just needed to repair one more.

He would like to pull an all-nighter to finish the repairs… But the El Search Party was heading out for the final showdown with demons early tomorrow.

“Although, it doesn’t look like I’ll have to fight much.”

Every individual in this El Search Party had enormous combat capabilities. Almost to the point where even D would struggle against them.

Of course, due to law of the universe it will be difficult for them to face each other…..

“After time travel, it’s now universe travel…. How ridiculous.”

Add looked back at his life and chuckled while walking along the hallway.

He was researching time travel then arrived at a distant future, Eve who held the key of him going back to the past was being destroyed by demons and finally one who was commanding those demons was his future self.

Now he escaped into another universe to avoid getting killed and to search for a way to get rid of his future self.

What a ridiculous life. Although Add didn’t usually dwell in self-pity, just recalling his life made him sigh.

Add stopped at the stairway landing heading downstairs then leaned on the wall and closed his eyes. She didn’t arrive even though it was little over the promised time.

Just when Add was thinking about going to see her, footsteps were heard and red haired girl appeared.

Ignia who somehow looked exhausted walked up the stairs while shaking her head then spoke after noticing Add.

“You’re rather early.”

“And you’re late. Try to be on time, time is….”

Precious? It seemed quite empty when Add was the one saying it.

When Add stopped in middle of his words, Ignia walked up the stairs and complained.

“It’s not like I was late because I was dressing up, I was listening to your request.”

“So, the information?”


Add asked Ignia to find information on what El Search Party’s girls thought about him.

To figure out who would be easier to kiss.

“We should refrain from asking the girls directly from now on. Don’t expect too much.”

“I wasn’t joking….”

“No, this is because we might get found out.”

Add who was about to lecture her stopped. Ignia spoke as if something was hanging on her mind.

“Elesis was giving me a weird look. It looked like you were going to get found out if I asked more specifically. That would be bad for you right?”

“….That girl is really a bother.”

She was too strong as an enemy and really a bother as an ally. Add nodded after acknowledging Ignia’s troubles.

“I got it. Just tell me whenever you get any more useful information. It’s probably better not to raise Elesis’ suspicion.”

“Okay. So what I got from today was….”

Ignia paused for a moment then spoke.

“Most of them seems to be interested in Elsword.”


So you’re popular even in this universe? Add’s frowned from his mood turning fowl.

“I don’t care about that idiot. I need an information about me.”

“I’m sorry but I couldn’t find out that far. Elesis kept making the conversation go astray whenever I tried to go in detail. Although she probably didn’t realize I was doing it because you asked…..”

Girls of the El Search Party are mostly attracted to Elsword, Hahahaha!

….What use did this information have for him? As Add’s made a very agitated expression from the information that was better if he didn’t hear, Ignia raised and wagged her index finger adorably.

It was strangely cute.

“Don’t get so frustrated like that and think positively. You can cross out girls that like Elsword from the list instead.”

“So, who are those?”

“Aisha and Ara….? Maybe not her. Anyways, I think we should give up on Aisha.”

“I know that too.”

Wasn’t this something that already came from Eun’s affection point(?) parameter? Raising affection point of that very prideful and arrogant Aisha wouldn’t be easy.

“And…. It seems Elesis and Rena had kissed each other before.”


What kind of crazy talk is this? Ignia explained herself when Add looked on with an empty expression.

“She was acting as if she was joking…but although Elesis expresses physical affection freely towards other girls….. It didn’t look like she knew a lot about guys. She did get embarrassed when I asked if she had ever kissed with a guy.”

Even though Ignia had been cautious of Elesis, she did manage to examine her reactions. Elesis had continuously steered the mood by teasing or playing with other girls but she couldn’t answer properly to the question asking her if she had ever kissed with a guy.

Saying she’ll go kiss with Elsword….was also probably something she said to steer the mood.

“I don’t intend to put Elesis in list of candidates….”

“What? Did you already make up your mind? I’m not going to be fussy or arrogant because I’m a priestess or anything…. But if you’re going to make me do something for you, shouldn’t you explain what you want more in detail?”

“No, that’s not what I mean….”

Kiss with Elesis? He couldn’t imagine it no matter what. When Add kept quiet, Ignia narrowed her eyes then asked.

“Wait, could you possibly….”

“Don’t say it.”

“Have not kissed with a girl before?”

I told you not to say it. Please.

Add glared at the wall as if nothing was wrong then replied while hoping he sounded cool as possible.

“Stuff like that isn’t important.”

“It’s very important.”

Ignia was waving her arms then stopped. It seemed intended to lightly smack Add’s head with the spear she usually carried around but she was barehanded right now.

Ignia put one hand on her waist then looked straightly at Add.

No, she was glaring at him.

“What is this? You asked me to look into girls’ hearts but you’ve never done it either? Is this a joke?”

“…..Because there were more important things.”

Saying that someone important to him gave him one before as a sign to grow up well would make him sound pitiful.

Ignia became furious when Add tried to evade the topic.

“Are you joking? You said you must go back so that situation in your universe can be solved right? So are you going to do things this half-heartedly?”

“I’ll deal with it when the time comes by myself.”

“That’s funny coming from a guy who never kissed with a girl. Have you even held hands with a girl?”

“Hey, I at least did that much. Not only girl’s hands but…..”

Add got furious for a moment and tried to retort but stopped after realizing what he was saying. It was such a low-class conversation.

Ignia scoffed.

“Since you said it so boldly that you needed a kiss to back…. I thought you were some kind of infamous womanizer in that universe……”

“….I’m not doing this because I want to. And I wouldn’t have asked you if I was knowledgeable about this kind of thing.”

Ignia must have accepted because she nodded then sighed.

“So you’re saying… you can only go back if you kiss a girl from the El Search Party except Lu and me, but you’re a complete brattish kid who’ve never kissed a girl?”

“…..Who’s a brattish kid?”

“This stupid guy right in front of me.”

Ignia spoke sharply as if to say don’t try to refute her then muttered again.

“……I thought your way of speaking was strange from the start. So I can assume that you don’t know anything about a girl’s heart?”


Why? Do you need to know that to time travel?

But Ignia who couldn’t possibly know about time travel was groaning as if she was struggling to think of a solution. This was Add’s problem but it looked like she was worried about it as if it was her own problem.

Ignia spoke with a tone as if she made up her mind.

“Fine, let’s narrow down the candidates. Aisha is excluded. Do you have any particular requests?”

“Not really.”

“How can a guy lack so much backbone? Speak more clearly, like who you want to kiss, or who you’re attracted to, stuff like that. Didn’t you say you travelled with the El Search Party on your side as well?”

“I’m an engineer…..”

Ignia looked at Add as if she discovered most useless mechanical part in the world.

“Ah, is that so Mr.Engineer? So you were struggling with mechanical parts all your life that you don’t know anything about girls and haven’t even held a girl’s wrist, is that it? And you’ve never thought even once about girls?”

“….Even if the El Search Party in this and other universe have same names and faces, they aren’t completely same people. It’s questionable if they should be treated as same.”

Add expressed a logical opinion but Ignia laughed it off.

“What you said is morally correct but let’s push it aside for now and speak about something immoral. If it comes to worst, we’ll have to tell this directly to the El Search Party’s girls and ask for their cooperation.”


“What do you mean what? If you reveal that you need a kiss from a girl to go back, wouldn’t they help you out of pity?”


Just listening to it felt very repulsive. Wasn’t it too stupid and pitiful?

It was basically begging on one’s knees. Feeling like a beggar, Add shook his head furiously.

“I don’t…. want that.”

“I don’t want to go down that route that too much either. It’s such a low class and non-delicate way. But we have to consider this option as well since you’re saying you’re Mr.Engineer who never held a girl’s wrist. Got it?”

“…..I did hold hands with a girl before.”

Although he didn’t want to say it because it sounded sad.

At Add’s final protest, Ignia scoffed coldly then she suddenly held Add’s hand.

“There, it’s second time now right?”


Add couldn’t say anything in protest. Although he was offended because it felt like he was being looked down upon, he could feel that unlike Eun, Ignia was being sincere. It was true that Add had been only interested in Nasod research and time travel that he had never taken interest in girls.

Ignia was much more logical and better assistant than Eun. When Add acknowledged, Ignia let go of Add’s hand then started counting with her fingers.

“So, what should we do then….. So summing it up again, you have to choose who to kiss from Rena, Eve, Elesis and Ara? I took out Aisha since it felt like she’d be difficult.”

“Well, probably…..”

Add agreed to Ignia’s seamless continuation of the main topic. Although he didn’t like Ignia’s tone and her descriptions of him, he couldn’t deny that she was speaking reasonably.

“Alright, let’s think about who to choose together from now on. When do you have to do this by? Is there a time limit?”


Add couldn’t say that it was until he stole Eve’s Core so he replied appropriately.

“Before we destroy Scar and other demons, or right after.”

Repairs of Dynamos will finish by then and even if it wasn’t, El Search Party will be weakened from battle against demons. It was the perfect time to act.

“Alright. Got it. Leave the big picture to me. I’ll try to craft a situation where you can control.”

“…..I’ll be counting on you.”

Although Add didn’t know what Ignia was thinking, he didn’t have any reason to refuse her when she was saying she’ll help. It was just that he didn’t think she’d help this actively.

After Add’s answer, Ignia walked towards Add. Add instinctively backed out when Ignia suddenly closed in and they were at a distance where their chests were almost about to touch. But Ignia didn’t stop even when Add backed out.

“What are you doing?”


Ignia approached without answering Add’s question so Add had to back out to prevent each other from making contact. But this place was stairway landing, it wasn’t such a wide place so Add’s back hit the wall.

There was no way to run. But Ignia thankfully stopped her steps at a risky distance where they were almost touching.

It felt like something will happen so Add became alert…. Then Ignia spoke with a pointy voice.

“You’re really a wimp…..”


He’s been through all sorts of dangers and obstacles and this is the evaluation he gets? Add became furious but Ignia ignored him and stood on her tiptoe.

Not just her chest but her face was getting closer. Add had to stop being angry and close his mouth.

Ignia spoke after bringing her face closer.

“You’re trying to escape when a girl is coming closer. What else are you but a wimp?”

“….What are you thinking?”

If what Eun did was a tease, Add could feel that what Ignia was serious.

This was because just like how Add was forcing himself to hide his uneasiness from standing so close together, Ignia’s face also looked like she was uneasy as well.

“…..Let’s say I help you and that perfect time comes. Are you confident that you can do it at that time?”


To describe it simply, Ignia was asking if Add could finish the meal properly if she cooked it for him. Add was about to reply of course but his words stopped when he stared at Ignia’s eyes looking up at him from a close distance.

Ignia’s face was bright red as well.

“When the chance comes…. Can you do it without hesitating?”


If you compared this to proving theory using experiments….. Scientific experiments are done by changing the variables continuously in order to prove a theory.

The reason Add could say he can control Dynamos as if they were his hands and feet was because he went through enormous effort to reach this state of mastery. He wasn’t proficient at it from the start.

The point was that…. No one was ever good at something from the start. One needed a lot of effort and experience in order to be good at something.

But never mind kissing, Add hadn’t even been interested in girls before.

Ignia was pointing this fact out. When the time comes, can he actually do the act properly?

“…..So what are you getting at?”

When Add asked coldly on purpose, Ignia lowered her gaze slightly.

“I told you. I’ll help you in any way I can.”


So, did this mean he should kiss Ignia to gain experience so that he didn’t make mistakes later? Add did assume this was the case but actually hearing it made his mind go numb. He understood that Ignia was correct but felt an indescribable reluctance at the same time.

“……You kept talking about how I haven’t done it before, but did you?”

“……Do you think a priestess would have done such a thing?”


Ignia’s face turned red as she criticized. She was completely different from when she was scolding and blaming Add before.

It was no doubt that this situation where she was so close to Add was very embarrassing…and difficult to withstand for her as well.

When Add didn’t say anything, Ignia kept quiet as well.

It was a moment where both couldn’t decide what to do next and was wondering if they should close the distance or not. Awkward moment where they were looking at each others eyes then looking away continued….then it seemed Ignia finally made up her mind as she pushed her face closer.

And Add moved as well.

“…..I’ll handle it okay even without doing this.”

Add spoke clearly after grabbing Ignia’s shoulders. After getting stopped, Ignia looked at Add with a blank expression for a moment then made a bitter smile as she took a step back.

“You’re really naive aren’t you?”

“…..Why do I have to be called that?”

“Shouldn’t you accept right away if a pretty girl like me asks for a kiss? You won’t say that I’m not pretty right? I’ll roast you if say it.”

“I’ll look forward to the big picture you’ll come up with. Try your best. I’ll act according to that.”

When Add turned his head away to avoid her gaze, Ignia made mysterious expression then backed out while putting both of her hands behind her back.

“Alright, fine. Continuing to ask after being refused isn’t classy as well. Like I said, tell me if there’s anything I can do to help. I’ll cooperate with anything I can.”

“….Just go back for now. They’ll get suspicious if you’re away for too long.”

“Refusing Fire Priestess’ first kiss. I don’t care if you get cursed.”


When Add didn’t answer, Ignia plodded down the stairs. When her footsteps couldn’t be heard anymore, Add sighed as he closed his eyes.


He did stop Ignia because…. that feeling of reluctance. But he rightfully deserved to be called a wimp.

That petty membrane contact, wouldn’t it be better to experience it few times to get used to it? Add knew as an engineer how important previous experiences were.

And that he might hesitate or make mistakes if the times comes.

“I’m…. really foolish.”

Add sneered at himself then looked up at the moon through the window. The moon was shining brightly regardless of how bleak Add’s mind was.



8 thoughts on “Elsword Time Trouble Volume 7 Chapter 1 Page 61~88

  1. This Elesis seems to be more of a Blazing Heart than a Grand Master :O Just my personal opinion. And Ignia… well… :O

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. I’d almost want to believe she’s not a bitch in sheep’s clothing in this world, but holding one’s breath on things like that can be hazardous to the health.

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