Elsword Time Trouble Volume 7 Chapter 1 Page 35~45


Hot springs lounge, it was a place located between men and women’s bath.

Add sat down on a chair in the empty lounge then sighed in relief. It felt like he was freed from a pressure.

“Phew, this is giving me a headache. Seriously……”

Add, with his face red from just getting out of the hot spring organized his thoughts while drinking a bottle of water. He was retracing the events just now to figure out how this error, this awkward atmosphere came about…..

“So the El Search Party that I was in was just Eve, Elsword, me, Rena and Ara…..”

Chung did join later too. Anyways, other El Search Party’s relationship had been rather straightforward.

For an easy comparison, you could say Rena was the eldest sister who embraced everyone, the youngest kid was Elsword, Eve was the brainy second sister, Ara was the clumsy third sister, and Add himself…..was the rebellious eldest brother who didn’t like how things were going in the household.


Eldest brother? It was funny even though Add was the one who thought about it. Add pressed on his forehead then sighed.

Anyways, although this kind of relationship existed….. Add had never thought about love relationship amongst the old group. Making Eve turn to look at him was…..how should he describe it? It was because a cat that he was fond of was not giving him a single glance and was always playing with some strange red haired kid.

“So that means….”

But circumstances must be different in this universe and with this El Search Party. First of all, 9 of them had gathered and even Lu and Ciel joined so their relationships must be a bit different.

No, he won’t be able to arrive at the core detail if he merely said relationships.


Let’s say male-female relationships.



Although the word felt a bit reluctant, Add couldn’t deny that it was a correct expression. People with different circumstances and personalities have gathered so it would be stranger if things had progressed per Add’s previous knowledge.

He had to think of this El Search Party as similar but different group than the El Search Party he had known…..


Add might have just been unaware and maybe there had been a strange atmosphere between males and females in the 5 member El Search Party too. Add shook his head from side to side when things became even more complicated as he thought.

“This is driving me crazy…..”

He had planned to ask the guys first to obtain knowledge and information but it felt like he ended up unnecessarily touching upon something he shouldn’t have.

“Not only that, but I have to do it with someone from this universe to go back……”

If Add tried to kiss this universe’s Elesis, Elsword will come to attack him with his sword drawn. Not only that, but similar problem could happen with the other girls as well.

“What should I do?”

Figuring out a way to defeat D and stealing Eve’s core was already a handful, but did he really have to worry about male-female relationship that he had never been interested in all his life?

Add was letting out heavy sighs when he heard a voice from behind him.


A familiar voice, Add looked back to see Ara with her eyes wide open.

“Do you have something you’re worried about?”

“Mind your own business.”

Ara didn’t mind Add’s cold reply and sat beside him. Wondering why Ara was acting like this, Add took a brief glance at her but she just had her mouth shut and was looking forward.

She must have been in the hot spring just now because her skin was dyed red.

“Umm…. Would you mind if I asked one question?”

“Don’t ask.”

Ara was hesitant but nodded. She was looking at her own feet with a gloomy air about her…..but it didn’t seem like she was going to get up first.

Add frowned then changed his words.

“Just say it if you’re going to act depressed beside me. Although I won’t promise that I’ll answer.”

Ara’s expression turned bright at the approval then she asked.

“Me in your universe…… Was I successful in turning Elder Brother Aren back into human?”

“……Ran huh.”

Add’s universe and this universe were different yet similar.

It seems the fact that Ara’s older brother became a demon, and that Ara was fighting to turn Ran back into human was the same.

“Why do you want to know that? Whether you turned Ran back or not in my universe doesn’t have anything to do with you.”

“……That’s true.”

Ara acknowledged quietly then sighed. Her appearance was that of a beauty drenched in sorrow when she was keeping quiet.

Add who was staring at Ara’s face realized he was doing something he hadn’t done before in his life so he turned his gaze away while making fake coughs.

“I said this already but my universe is currently being ruled by D. Ran also works under D so he’s enemy of the El Search Party. If I find a way to defeat D and go back…..then maybe a way to turn my universe’s Ran back to human might open.”

“Really? I’m very glad!”

Ara’s expression turned bright suddenly as she clapped. How her expression changed drastically from a depressed sigh to a smile was reminiscent of a flower blooming. When Add stared at her, Ara got surprised from Add’s gaze and covered her mouth.

After a while, Ara slowly confessed her thoughts.

“Just like Mr.Add said, even if Elder Brother Aren returned to normal in that universe….it doesn’t have anything to do with me. But I’ll still be happy if that happened.”


“Because it means that there’s a possibility that I can turn Elder Brother back to normal.”

Ara spoke while staring at her feet.

“Ms.Aisha explained it to me. Parallel universes are worlds of possibilities, that they are places with all possible events that could happen. If Elder Brother Aren returned to normal in Mr.Add’s universe, wouldn’t that mean that there’s a possibility that it could happen in this universe as well?”

“You’re speaking nonsense…….”

Add cut her off abruptly.

“The theory that parallel universes are portions of possibilities is correct but it encompasses an immensely large range. It’s actually just a wordplay. Even universe where Elsword is a girl, or universe where Rena is a man can theoretically exist. According to probabilities anyways.”

“Really? Mr.Elsword is a girl?”


When Ara opened her eyes widely in surprise, Add kept quiet from being dumbfounded. But Ara must have interpreted the silence in a positive way because she made a very curious expression.

“Mr.Elsword would be very cute if he was a girl. How is she like? I want to see her too. Of course, he’s cute right now too.”

“Don’t change the topic in a weird direction. It’s annoying.”

“Ah, sorry. Did I act too excited?”

At Add’s words, Ara meekly lowered her gaze and apologized. It felt like looking at a puppy that had been energetically moving around its owner but then became saddened after being scolded.

It was difficult to ignore.

“I don’t know in detail about relationship between you and Ran in here…..but I can only say something irresponsible like try your best. It might work out if you try. I’m also willing to help you long as it doesn’t get in the way of my objectives. “

“Thank you! But Elder Brother Aren is…..”

“I’m not saying this emptily. You did…..”

Recalling past events, Ara did help Add out in various ways. In their first battle with Elesis, Ara believed in Add’s plan and bravely threw herself into the danger zone.

Come to think of it now, Ara who was in charge of front line was Add’s most trustworthy chess piece. Precious chess piece that followed his order without a question no matter how strange the order was.

He had never thanked her…..but come to think of it now, she was a very important individual.

“You did help me out in various ways after all.”

“I did?”

Ara obviously couldn’t comprehend but Add didn’t explain further. Add was confident that he knew better than anyone about feeling of wanting to get back the person precious to you.

Just like he helped Elsword who was trying to get Elesis back, there was no reason he couldn’t help Ara who was trying to get Aren back.

“I have to return soon as possible but tell me if you need help with anything during that time. You don’t even have the brains to think after all.”

Add’s tone ended up becoming like how he treated Ara that he knew. But Ara nodded innocently without complaints.

“Yes, I’ll ask right away if I have anything I’m curious about.”


So this Ara was also naive in the end. Her actions were sharper and she had strangely darker air about her but how she was well-mannered and innocent was still the same.

If you were to compare her to an animal, she’d be more like a dog or something else in the dog family? She trusts people easily and it feels like she’d readily follow you while wagging her tail if you just said couple nice things to her.

“Well, fox is also in the dog family…..”

“What do you mean?”

When Ara tilted her head at what Add said to himself, Add just waved his hand up and down in response. Then Ara’s gaze followed the hand’s movement and she nodded quietly. This was rather cute so Add unknowingly waved his hand repeatedly and Ara’s gaze kept following his hand without saying a word.


He had never thought about this before…but isn’t Ara way too easy to handle? Add who was staring at Ara with his hand on his cheek tried applying this thought while still half in doubt.




When Add spoke two times in a row, Ara tilted her head while politely holding out both of her hands forwards. She looked like a kid getting her hands examined if they were clean.

…..She really held them out? Add was bewildered but still moved on to the next experiment.

“Try doing a somersault.”


Without asking why, Ara stood up to kick the ground lightly then spun around in midair once then landed. After performing a magnificent somersault, Ara stared at Add without saying a word.

Like a puppy waiting for her next order.


Add wanted to deny the comparison that he made in his head but he was already making the conclusion. ……Ara was way too nice of a person. No, saying that she was a nice person was bit different than this.

“What should I do next Mr.Add?”


Ara immediately sat beside Add again. Add chuckled at Ara’s attitude where she seemed to be waiting for his next words.

Ara was dog-type. She obediently carries out orders she’s given and leaves question about the order for later. Add did know she had this kind of tendency before but…..

Add was thinking when Ara suddenly pushed her face closer to him. Add got surprised from the sudden lack of distance that he lost his balance while trying to back up.

Add was about to fall when Ara hastily grabbed his arm.

“Watch out Mr.Add.”

“…..T, Thanks.”

Add was in an awkward position where he was half fallen on the ground. But Ara didn’t let Add up right away and asked carefully.

“Mr.Add, do you have something you’re worried about after all?”


“Didn’t Mr.Add say you’ll help me? I also want to help Mr.Add.”


Add was about to say let go of his arm but froze from the thought that came up in his mind. Ara’s determined gaze, her exquisite facial features.

And her red lips.


Dog-type, she holds out her hands if you ask for them. She doesn’t demand an explanation for orders she’s given. Not only that but according to Eun, she’s the easiest candidate to raise the affection points of.


What will happen if he asked her for a kiss?


Add felt a strange reluctance at his own thought but his brain was running logically.

Biologically speaking, something like a kiss was just a simple membrane contact. Others seems to be all worked up over something this insignificant and applying various emotions into the act….. But Add who was an engineer could coldly conclude that it was just a simple membrane contact.

I need a kiss in order to go back, please do it with me. How would Ara react if he said this? She’ll obviously be embarrassed….but wouldn’t she agree if he spoke his words right?


Add who was deep in thought while looking at Ara’s pretty lips came to his senses when Ara called him. But he still didn’t know what to say. Should he ask her to let go of his arm? Or……

Add was thinking while staring straightly at Ara but then turned around from feeling a strange presence.

Cold gaze, Eve had appeared before anyone had realized and was staring coldly at Add and Ara who was holding onto his arm.

He really didn’t know what to say.


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