Elsword Time Trouble Volume 7 Chapter 0 page 11~26(Chapter Complete)


Sorry it took bit long to start Vol.7, some delivery troubles went on.

While I’m glad that the quality of story in this volume went up, it worries me at the same time that if I can translate it well enough to match :s

Anyways, progress might be bit slower compared to previous volumes because it’s school season right now.

0.     Reversed Relationship

Add’s obsession with Eve turns him into D.

Add sighed due to this hypothesis dwelling in his head then pushed away Eun’s hand that was ticking his chin.

“That was a long sigh…. You don’t believe me?”

“So you’ve played all your cards with this.”


Eun frowned then backed out when Add responded calmly.

Add suppressed his chaotic mind and dizzy head while repeatedly closing his hand into a fist then opening it again to compose himself.

The reason Add becomes D, it was difficult to accept all at once but it was somewhat understandable.

“So I guess it means if Eve was the start, then the end is Eve as well. Kukukuk….”


Eun saw Add laughing emptily then slightly dropped her gaze. Add shrugged and asked with a raspy voice.

“So? Is there anything else you wanted to say?”

“…..It seems you believe what I said but your reaction is bizarre.”

“What reaction did you expect? Denial that it cannot possibly be true? Or did you want me to burst into tears in despair?”

Add smiled coldly as he gripped his fist so tightly to the point where his hand felt like shattering. The pain revived his sense of judgement.

“I believe what you said. I’ll believe you. But what I must do doesn’t change. I’ll return and get rid of D. Then…..”

“You’ll steal the girl’s core and go back to the past?”

Add shook his head left and right. That was what he was planning originally but there was another way now.

“I’ll steal the core of this universe’s Eve. I’ll apply its data to my tech to enhance my Dynamos and defeat D….then I’ll return to the past. It’s perfect.”


Eun had a blank face after hearing Add’s plan then she let out an empty laugh.

“Will that really go well as you think?”

“Is there any other reason why we came to this universe?”

In this universe, there was another Eve and she also possessed the core. This couldn’t be a coincidence.

But Eun only smiled coldly.

“Boy must have not understood what I told him. I said it’s boy’s obsession toward the girl that brings him to ruin, so why isn’t he fixing his habit of always thinking with the girl as the center?”

“Because that’s the fastest way. Or is there any other way? If there was another way to defeat D, then you either would have told me already or it was a failure.”

Add opened his arms widely.

“You and I have failed countless times. You could say that we exhausted pretty much every other option. But this must be the first time that we used this method of escaping to another universe right?”


“If D knew about this beforehand, he would have prepared a countermeasure already. The reason I’m safe right now is because this action had never been done before and wasn’t something D had expected.”

Add smiled gladly when Eun gave a silent nod.

“So this method is correct.”

“I cannot agree to it. I don’t understand why you’re concluding that there’s only one way.”

“Then what else is there?”

At those words, Eun pointed towards Add’s pocket. She was pointing towards Memory of Time and Space inside.

But Add pointed out the flaw in her suggestion.

“Memory of Time and Space…. Yes, I’ll surely become stronger if I awaken to this. Others became stronger too after all. But can you grantee that it will give me enough power to defeat D?”

“…….Boy being too smart is problematic.”

“Elsword, Ara…..and Eve all awakened their Memory of Time and Space but couldn’t defeat D. I don’t think the result will change even if I awakened it.”

Other El Search Party members that awakened their Memory of Time and Space couldn’t handle D…..So will it make any difference even if Add joined in?

“Even if there is a difference, I have no idea how to awaken this. So we’re discarding this option.”

Eve, Ara and Elsword all awakened theirs but Add still couldn’t do it and there wasn’t any grantee that he’ll be able to.

It was a lottery that he haven’t scratched to see the result yet….. But he had no idea how to scratch it in the first place.

“We can’t rely on luck. We’ll target Eve’s core.”

“I should have said the obsession boy has towards the girl is the source of all problems. I disagree with this.”

There was no reason for him to get dragged around by Eun now. Add purposely made a mocking smile.

“Your agreeing or disagreeing isn’t important. I’m not interested in that. We’ll do things my way from now on.”

“As I thought…. I immediately get treated coldly.”

Add stayed firm despite Eun’s bitter remark.

“There’s no more information I need to get out of you. Or is there any information you’re still hiding from me?”


The reason Eun could half control Add’s actions until now was because she was concealing information.

It was only possible because she had hidden things like D’s identity, that Add had failed countless times and the reason Add turned into D.

But Add now obtained all the information he needed.

“Now we’ll do what we need to do. I also want to get rid of D after all.”

He didn’t know why D wanted to become the king that ruled over time and space but it didn’t matter. D wasn’t someone that could be negotiated with so there was no other way but to get rid of him.

“……What happens after he’s defeated is the bigger problem.”

“What more problems could there be? Are you thinking I’ll threaten Ara after D is defeated? I’ll promise that I wont.”

Add made his final decision.

“Everything will be solved if D is defeated. Do you have any objections?”

“……That’s true at least on the surface.”

Her words had a strange nuance but Add didn’t ask further.

He had finally turned the tides of his quarrel with Eun to determine who had the lead in their relationship. All Eun could do now was assisting with time travel if needed.

It was a situation where he could get his revenge on her for deceiving and messing with him all this time. Eun had to assist Add in order to defeat D anyways…..so she had to put up with at least light payback.

Wasn’t there a phrase ‘get rid of the dog after the hunt is over’? Wait, isn’t it ‘get rid of the fox after the hunt is over’ now?

Add laughed with a low voice. Eun would have already seen ahead that Add would think this way. That was why she had hidden various information until now.

“Don’t do anything useless to distract me. I won’t take them lightly anymore.”

“…..So you’re not going to bring up old grudges?”

Eun sharply raised her eyebrows as if she was puzzled.

“My course of action has already been decided, you joining in will just be a needless distraction. Just watch from the sides quietly.”

“I revealed this while being prepared for boy’s vengeance. That he’ll let out all the hatred he harbored against me all this time. Isn’t this a time to let all the pent up shady desires explode?”

“…..Target who we’ll raise the affection points of will be Eve.”

“I’m at a position where I’ll have to bark or even strip if boy tells me to. But will he really let me go with just a warning?”

When Eun shrugged, her disheveled clothing slid down slightly. Well, both sides ignoring each other and saying only what they had to say couldn’t be called a conversation.

Add had no other choice so he replied.

“Stop saying nonsense and put your clothes on properly. And don’t cut me off when I’m trying to say something. It’s a waste of time.”

“Isn’t this a time where you say I’ll give you hell! Or how dare you hide this information from me all this time! then make me suffer? I revealed this preparing to go through all kinds of insults and humiliation. It’s time for all of boy’s suppressed desires to burst into a huge explosion!”

Well…. it was true that he had a lot of piled up negative emotions against Eun. But bringing up past events just for just a petty vengeance wasn’t Add’s way of doing things. He would rather just destroy or kill if necessary.

“What will I get out of doing such a thing? Venting my anger out on you will just waste my time and buy your hate. It doesn’t help me in any way for what’s to come.”

“I’m prepared to willingly take any punishment boy gives me.”


What is this? Does she want him to whip her or something? When Add stared in disbelief, Eun wagged her tails.

Five tails that was less than the usual amount moved softly.

Should he tell her to stop moving her tail because it was annoying? Add was about to warn her when Eun sighed sweetly.

“Haah….. Since boy is so rough and cruel, I who’s powerless have no choice but to do whatever he says. Even if that may be some odd fantasies boy had been hiding deep inside his heart, I have no choice but to follow what he says.”


The reason Add couldn’t answer was because he was too dumfounded. Who was it that threw Add into the hot springs just before?

But if you only looked at the way Eun was sighing, she looked like a frail girl who was captured by a terrifying monster and worrying about horrible things that might be done to her.

Add was staring in bewilderment when Eun dropped down on the bed as if she was pushed by something. Her belt must had been untied because her shoulders got revealed and front part of her collar widened dangerously.

Then she stared at Add miserably with a teary gaze then lowered her eyes…. It objectively looked like a frail and innocent girl being oppressed with sorrow. But looking at her subjectively, it made Add so dumfounded that he was about to pass out.


“Don’t do it too roughly. I understand boy’s heated heart, but this bed isn’t that sturdy.”

He wanted to punch her. He really wanted to…… but wasn’t Eun stronger?

Add did take the upper hand in their relationship…. But considering two of their raw strengths, Eun was much more powerful so nothing had changed.

Add had no idea how to react because Eun became half naked like this.

He couldn’t hit her, she was getting on his nerves …. but she might strip even more if he was not careful.

Add sighed from the bottom of his heart then shook his head from side to side. Closing his eyes or turning his head away would have been better…..but showing such startled reaction will make him get caught up in Eun’s pace.

“Stop saying nonsense and put your clothes on properly.”

“I’m serious right now.”

Seeing her dangerously lift the hem of her skirt and waving it made him really want to punch her. But Add kept patient as he possibly could.

All the light-colored skin made his vision dizzy but complaining wasn’t going to solve anything.

“I said I wasn’t going to bring up the past events. And I’m not going to something so ……”

What should he call it? Add paused because he didn’t know how to say it when Eun smiled and told him.

“Something so erotic.”


“Doesn’t the word something so erotic make your heart beat loudly?”

Add’s heart was beating so much from rage that he was going get a high blood pressure. No, he was about to have a stroke already.

She shouldn’t have any information to control him anymore…. But she was trying to harass him and keep him in control by creating a strange atmosphere like this.

There were previous cases of Eun temping and provoking him like this before and he just could have ignored or sternly scolded her each time. If those didn’t work, he could have just attacked her.

But….. it was a bit different this time. When Add hesitated, Eun spoke to him with a seductive voice.

“If I’m going to be punished by the boy anyways, wouldn’t an erotic punishment be more fitting? I’d also like to strengthen my partnership with the boy with this chance.”

“There’s no such partnership in the world.”

“Boy, you don’t understand how the world works at all. Relationships between man and a woman is always like this. Isn’t it an eternal truth that no matter how angry a man gets, he becomes soft in front of woman’s breasts?”

Eun smiled then spoke about something practical this time.

“Doing something erotic with me should also help you get a kiss from one of the girls in the El Search Party later.”

“It hasn’t even been 1 hour since you confessed that you don’t know much about human emotions.”

Add spoke sharply but Eun didn’t pretend to listen to him and was just stroking the wrinkles on the bedsheet.

Light-skinned fingers moved about on the bed dizzily.

Should he just ignore her and leave the room? But Add forcefully ignored this choice. It felt so awkward that he wanted to give up everything but nothing would be solved by running away from here.


“Call me more sweetly if possible.”

Eun’s was giving a bold request, but this was the time for Add to speak honestly. He cleared his throat and spoke to Eun seriously.

“I won’t say that I have a positive feeling towards you. I don’t like your way of doing things, and how you deceived me all this time makes me angry. But I don’t intend to nitpick or take revenge on you because of that.”

“How come?”

Eun who lay sideways on the bed sunk her face halfway into the bedsheet and asked.

“Your help will also be definitely needed in defeating D. That’s why I won’t bring up past grudges and I’ll pretend they never happened if we can get rid of D.”

“Burying the past wouldn’t be that easy.”

“It’s possible.”

If he could just achieve his goal by defeating D, Add had no intention of bringing up Eun’s past misdeeds. But Eun who basically almost had her chest revealed shook her head from side to side lightly.

She looked like a playful cat when she did that while her face was buried in the bedsheet.

“Maybe boy can move on like that but that’s not possible for me.”


“Boy might be able to say it’s just something that happened in the past and forget but I can’t do that very well. I’ve lived and fought for too long.”

Add who was a victim was saying he’s not going to make a big deal about troubles of the past…… but Eun was saying that Add shouldn’t do that. Add was feeling confused when Eun stopped rubbing her cheek on the bed and got up. Her clothes got dishevelled even more because of that and her cleavage got revealed.

But Eun didn’t even bother fixing her clothes and stared at Add with a strange gaze.

“Boy might be able to ease his mind like that but I can’t do that. How much more embarrassing words is he going to make a girl say?”


Add thought for a moment at these unexpected words.

Add had been cooperating with Eun so far but wasn’t too fond of her. Her various harassments were annoying…. And it was obvious to be suspicious of someone who orders you around while not sharing much information.

There was no way you’d be fond of someone who orders you around while sitting on top of your head.

But…. Add had never thought about how Eun felt about herself in those situations. Add not being fond of Eun was obvious, but what did Eun think about her own situation?

They had conversed many times but she had almost never revealed her inner thoughts.

“If you….”

Have a sense of guilt or a guilty conscience? Add was about to instinctively say this but closed his mouth. Eun’s gaze right now, this wasn’t an harassment that she had done up till now.

She was serious.

“…..If you think you’ve wronged me in the past then repay me by cooperating with me from now on. That should be fine.”

“Like I said, that kind of conclusion is just considering boy’s perspective.”

One who should be giving the punishment, one who should be taking revenge was saying he was just going to let things slide, but the perpetrator was demanding that she couldn’t accept this.

“What I mean is, there needs to be something to tie things up for us to shake off all the negative feelings and fight together.”


This stupid seduction was for that sake? She wasn’t provoking him?

When Add stared dumbfounded, Eun flapped her collar.

But Add didn’t turn away his gaze this time. He clicked his tongue instead and spoke as if telling Eun to listen up.

“What a stupid fox……”

“I may not look it but I’m….”

“That wasn’t even a seduction. How useless.”

Eun frowned when Add spoke sharply. But Add’s words were faster than Eun’s response.

“I can’t trust you in the first place so doing something like this will just make me think you have something else up your sleeves. Do you think I’m an idiot?”

“It’s normal for men to just jump in when they see women’s breasts.”

“That’s something only mindless beasts do.”

Well Add didn’t know what other men were like and he wasn’t interested anyways. What was important right now was his method.

“Stop trying to gloss this over with something stupid like this. It’s not like I’m going to trust you if you do this, and what you’ve done won’t be erased. I said I won’t make an issue of it, I didn’t say I’ll forget about everything.”

“That’s why…..”

“So if you have any sense of guilt or aching conscience……”

He had never thought Eun had such emotions, but if it was true, then there needed to be something to tie this all up.

“So cooperate properly with me until the end.”

“That’s why….”

“I have the upper hand now so why are you keep doing something that I didn’t even ask of you? Not only that but you even threw an injured person into the hot springs, you’re keep making me say tiresome things.”

Talking with her won’t get anywhere. Add boldly approached the bed and sat.

Eun seemed slightly surprised but Add didn’t pay attention to her and lay down putting his head on her tail.

“At least your tail is useful. I’ll use it as a pillow from time to time.”


“This is my first demand. I’m tired so I’m going to sleep for a bit.”

Add said this and closed his eyes.

Well, if Eun really had a guilty conscience then there needed to be a gesture of reconciliation. Add could also accept if it was just borrowing her tail.

Also, it was comfortable when he slept on it before.


Add could hear Eun’s sigh but he ignored by pretending he was asleep. Then other tails moved to cover Add’s body.

“Boy is also too soft-hearted.”

Add wanted to refute her but he was asleep right now, let’s ignore her. When he didn’t answer, Eun didn’t say anything more.

Add who was covered by tails sighed in relief internally then started to make plans for his future actions.

Problem with Eun was roughly resolved, only Eve’s core and getting a kiss from the El Search Party remained. He should also defeat Scar while at it.

There were various issues but he just had to solve them one by one. Add was coming up with an order to solve these issues but then got startled when he actually started to get sleepy. But he gave up resisting.

He wasn’t fully healed yet…..and the real fight started tomorrow when the other members arrived. It was a reasonable choice to sleep in order to prepare for tomorrow.


Her tails were warm.



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