Elsword Time Trouble Volume 6 Chapter 5 page 257~262 (Volume complete)


The fight ended. The devil withdrew his hand.

El Search Party that charged in bravely all fell. Ara was collapsed on the floor with broken spear in her hand. Chung’s head was crashed into the wall with his armor and Destroyer broken. Elsword was kneeling and didn’t move anymore.

And Eve.

Moby and Reby were sadly circling around Eve who lay collapsed on her side. The devil stared at this scene for a long while then asked quietly.

“Will you still continue?”

“……Huff, huff.”

Aisha was breathing heavily and barely standing by leaning on her staff. The fight was decided already, the devil quietly stared at her.


“Stop, it’s boring now.”

When the devil snapped his finger, magic energy gathered on tip of Aisha’s hand disappeared. It wasn’t that he rewound time in a certain area. He had changed the location where the magic energy gathered instead.

This meant that the devil had seized not only time but space as well.

Aisha still forced herself to stand despite knowing everything was over. The devil spoke quietly.

“You’ve done well hindering me for such a long time. I’ll suggest for the last time out of respect for your volition.”

“Sounds like….huff, you’re going to say…..huff, something funny……”

“Come to me. I’ll create a time and space that you desire.”

Aisha frowned from the devil’s request.

“That’s not funny at all.”

“Why? Why do you refuse when I’m giving you a time and space you want? Wasn’t it your wish to be together with Elsword again, Dimension Princess?”

The devil asked because he really couldn’t understand. Aisha who didn’t even wipe the blood continuing to drip down from her head shouted with all her strength.

“Wishes….are something you achieve with your own strength! I’m a failure as a magician if I entrust my wish to someone else!”

“Funny thing for a loser to say.”

“Lose? Who?”

Aisha smiled.

“I didn’t lose yet. Don’t you have something you have to do…..in order to rewind time?”


At those words, the devil closed his eyes then opened them again. He had a slightly surprised expression.

“You couldn’t have….”

“Do you get it now? The fight hasn’t even started yet!”

“But you’ll go down right here.”

The devil nodded coldly then stretched out his hand. Aisha didn’t submit and put strength in her eyes to glare at the devil.

“You’ve been through a lot of hardships all by yourself. Rest now, Aisha.”

“…..Your hardships has only just started.”

Devil didn’t answer and withdrew his hand. Short shockwave tearing apart space blew by and sound of a body collapsing was heard. But the devil didn’t look back.

There was no one left who could stop him.

“Time has come…..for me to become the king of time and space.”

“Congratulations lord D!”

Karis was flattering him from behind but the devil didn’t look back. He didn’t intend to look back at anyone or anything.

He has come to far to look back.

“This universe is now mine.”

It wasn’t an exaggeration, it was just a simple truth. Who could possibly protest when someone who could freely wield time and space was saying he wants to rule the universe?

Anyone who could stop him had fallen and no one was left.

It was the time to achieve his long-cherished ambition. Those eternally long fights, eternally long pains, eternally long days.

Countless times and times again, all those short-lived events.


He remembered all those hundreds, thousands, ten thousands of years of time that has flowed without an exception.

He had no choice but to remember. He came this far for that sake.

The devil who was recalling the old memories one by one closed his eyes and opened his mouth with an indifferent tone.



Hoping no one knew about the longing and regret contained in his voice.



[Elsword|Time Trouble] Volume 6 End



Someone’s kiss is needed to go back to the original universe.

Intersecting feelings because of this.

Dishonest lies and misunderstanding.

Unexpected betrayal and sacrifice.

Long awaited embrace and tears.

And truth that’s finally revealed, Add has to make a decision in order to return to the original universe.

Decision to deceive, steal and sacrifice.


8 thoughts on “Elsword Time Trouble Volume 6 Chapter 5 page 257~262 (Volume complete)

  1. Wait. If D’s now able to freely manipulate time and space, then what is he going to do with his past self. I mean, Add, who’s in another universe? He can easily do whatever he wants with him.
    And if Add kill himself in the present, will D disappear as well?
    Nyaaaawrh there’s so much questions in my head. I can’t wait to read v. 7.

    Thanks for translation!

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