Elsword Time Trouble Volume 6 Chapter 5 Page 237~257


5. Desires of Future Past


Phantasmal Geysers became El Serach Party’s territory thanks to Ignia’s efforts in driving away all the demons including In and Jin.


Temporary lodge in the Geysers. Elesis visited and spoke to Add who was observing wounds on his arms.

“It looks like Seirena woke up. She was entranced by demons just as I thought. She thanked us and said she’ll cooperate with us all she can.”


Add answered appropriately as he tied bandages around his arm. It was difficult because he had to tie his right arm.

“Stay still.”

Elesis snatched the bandages Add was struggling to tie then tied it around Add’s arm herself. Add missed the timing to stop her so he just left her to it.

“What about that priestess?”

“Ignia seems to have arrived earlier than the others. Others will also arrive in a day. Lu and Big Sister Rena had a big fight just like I thought and are now in a cold war like state. Also, Add’s room here is coincidently on the 3rd floor. You might be able to peep at the girl’s bath from here…. but I’m going to punish you if you do.”

Add merely frowned when Elesis warned him while grinning. Elesis made a strange expression when she didn’t get any answer.

“What? Were you really going to peep?”

“Nonsense. Why would I do something like that?”


Elesis made a mysterious sigh then petted Add’s head. Her hand felt like it was soothing a sulking cat. Add pushed away Elesis in annoyance.

Elesis willingly got pushed away then gave Add a strange gaze.

“Everything worked out alright because of you. Thanks.”


Elesis smiled as she patted Add’s shoulder.

“There’s also men’s bath in this hot springs so rest up. Also, Eve looks like she wants to have a talk with you so go talk to her sometime.”

Elesis said strange words then left the room while smiling. Add who was left alone let out a heavy sigh then looked up at the ceiling.

Dynamos weren’t perfect in this fight, but even if they were perfect…..could he have beaten Jin?

He knew very well that he couldn’t have. Add’s battle capability was reaching its limit. He had been reinforcing his lacking firepower with Double but there were many skilled individuals that this didn’t work against.

“That’s the key…..after all.”

Add suppressed his anxiety as he recalled Eve’s core. He wanted to steal Eve’s core and become stronger soon as possible. Then he wanted to quickly return to the original universe to defeat D and solve everything once and for all.

“Calm down. I can’t fail this time…..”

Everything will have been for nothing if he focused only on stealing Eve’s core and couldn’t get the kiss. He had to be able to go back to the original universe.

“Let’s first rest up…..”

Let’s think of how to get the kiss while talking to others. Since such act seemed like what people did on regular basis…..there was no reason Add couldn’t do it. His head just couldn’t keep up because he had never imagined himself doing such a thing. But there was no particular reason Add couldn’t do something that people did often during their lives.

“Kukukukuk, yes. It should be simple once I find out the formula. Affection point or whatever, I’ll take care of them all at once.”

Add was about to stand up to go collect information when Eun came out from his jacket pocket.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you look so happy, boy.”

“We’ll be going back soon. If you have things to prepare, do them soon.”

“So you found a way to defeat D?”


Add answered simply because he didn’t want to say out loud that it was Eve’s core. Eun frowned then changed the topic.

“Then what will you do about going back?”

“I’m about to go gather some information regarding that. Something will come up if I go ask around.”

“You can’t be thinking of asking a target for the kiss directly right? No matter how blind boy is about male female relationships, I trust that he isn’t that ignorant.”

“That Fire Priestess is in the El Search Party. Maybe she might know something.”

Eun shook her head from side to side.

“No, why are you travelling so far to ask when I’m right here? It’s sad, sad indeed. Boy can probably do anything if he obediently listens to what I say.”

“Do you think I’ll trust the words of a fox?”

Eun wasn’t trustworthy because she had so many previous records. Then Eun hopped down and wagged her index finger.

“Then is it fine if I’m not a fox?”

Eun closed her eyes then seemed to perform a somersault…….

Then Ara suddenly appeared.


She had white hair, red eyes, fox ears and tails but her face was certainly Ara’s. But she was different from Ara that Add knew. You could sense a voluptuous aura not just from her atmosphere but in her white outfit as well.

“There, how do you like it?”

“…..What kind of trick is this?”

“Geez, Why do you have such a cold face when I ambitiously when out of my way to present this to you? Ara might not be an overwhelming beauty but she is still very beautiful.”

Add didn’t even pretend to listen. He didn’t want to get caught up in a fox’s prank.

“This form is one of the possibilities that Ara possesses. How does she look? Isn’t she beautiful?”

Eun who borrowed Ara’s appearance lowered her upper body as if to show Add. Her deep cleavage started to get revealed even more, …..Add couldn’t ignore even if he tried so he closed his eyes and spoke sharply.

“Stop. I’m not going to play along with your jokes right now.”

“You speak as if you ever did. You always refused.”

Add just closed his eyes and tried to ignore her. But he couldn’t help but to open his eyes again when he heard Eun’s footsteps moving. Eun casually lied down on the bed Add was sitting on before then gently waved her hand towards Add.

“Why don’t we share some stories on the same bed tonight? I’m fine if we share something other than stories.”

“I told you to stop joking around.”

It was Ara’s appearance but it looked seductive when Eun was the one who was acting. Then Eun spoke softly.

“Anyways, did you choose whose affection point to raise? The method changes depending on who you choose. For Ara, I can help you very well with, and for Elly, you just became close to her so you just have to handle things well from now on. Rena is cold, but she should still be fine. Lu….hmm, can be exempted. Aisha will be a rigorous journey as well.”

“I’ll take care of that on my own.”

Add ignored and was about to stand up when Eun’s voice became cold.

“You couldn’t have chosen girl as your candidate right?”

When Add didn’t answer, Eun abruptly grabbed Add’s wrist. Even though Add ignored and tried to get away…..he couldn’t beat her in strength.

“Let go.”

“You should know that I won’t let go even if you say that. Who lets go of a hand they grabbed on to the bed?”

How she said such things with Ara’s face was uncomfortable. Add prepared Dynamo’s formulas as he looked back.

“Are you saying you want to fight?”

“Fight with boy on the bed, I was looking forward to this.”

“…….This is my final warning. Let go.”

Eun grinned.

“Aren’t we both souls separated from our original universes and are now wandering the purgatory? I just want us to deeply share our affections. Boy gets embarrassed too much.”

Add’s patience ran out.


Hot springs, girls bath.

Elesis had her body immersed shoulder deep inside the water and was exhaling in a relaxed manner. Eat and rest well after the fight. Hot springs was the perfect resting spot for her.


Elesis was relaxing by herself then a sound of water splashing was heard. Elesis opened her eyes and saw a long hair across the mist.

“Oh, Big Sister Rena. You’re here?”

“…..You were inside already.”

Rena answered indifferently as she approached. Elesis pointed to the spot beside her asking Rena to sit down but Rena just quietly looked down.

“Why did you do something so reckless like this?”

“What do you mean?”


When Rena bit down hard on her lips, Elesis stopped playing ignorant and sighed composedly.

“How was it fighting Lu? She was strong right?”


Even Rena who couldn’t look at demons so kindly, no, who only had negative feelings towards demons had no choice but to admit Lu’s skills.

Rena asked quietly.

“Why did you make Lu and me fight?”

Rena also had a hunch that Elesis didn’t divide teams like this and broke away from the party for no reason. She also knew that she had to cooperate with Lu to prioritize rescuing Elesis.

But she ended up having a big fight with Lu despite knowing this. She couldn’t help but to fight. She couldn’t withstand without fighting.

“Should I say it was something like……casting out negative feelings?”

Mixed feelings dwelled in Rena’s face when Elesis said this. She fought to the death with Lu…..but there was no way all her feelings would be settled from that. This wasn’t some quarrel amongst kids, everyone becomes friends after fighting? It was absurd.

She wouldn’t have fought so furiously in the first place if her feelings could be settled so easily.

“Elesis, sorry but I……”

“There’s nothing Big Sister Rena has to apologize about. You don’t have to say such things.”

Elesis waved her hand as if telling Rena to stop talking about nonsense.

“It makes less sense to ask you to accept Lu and Ciel willingly as comrades. I don’t have any intention to make such an impossible request and won’t in the future.”


“Same goes for Eve. I won’t ask something like accept Lu and Ciel from bottom of your hearts. That would be same as asking Big Sister Rena and Eve to pretend as if your painful memories never existed.”

Elesis sighed and stood up.

“Chung and Ara get along well as best of friends but that isn’t something easy to do. There are so many things we lost….and asking to treat those painful memories as if they never existed is ridiculous.”

“……Then why did you do this?”

“First of all, I wanted to examine Add separately. He strangely catches my fancy.”

Elesis made a serene smile as if she really hadn’t expected this.

“What else?”


Elesis hesitated for a moment then laughed cheerfully.

“I would like it if you don’t mind what I’m about to say too much, Big Sister Rena.”

“Alright, so tell me.”

“Big Sister, how long do you plan on fighting?”

Elesis spoke as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“Our immediate objective is to defeat Scar and stopping his plan of resurrecting the demon god. Then we have to stop the dragon also. But what about after that?”

“What are you getting at?”

“Are you planning to eradicate all demons in the world?”

Rena’s face froze. Elesis knew she was speaking harshly. She was asking many of your people were killed and was driven to brink of extinction……so how much vengeance will you exact from that?

“Are you planning to invade the Demon Realm and kill every last one of the demons?”

“……I never thought about doing something like that.”

“But if someone asked if Big Sister had a right to do such a thing, most people in Elrios will agree that you do. Eye for an eye, it’s a simple principle.”

Rena carefully bit her lips.

“You probably aren’t telling me to actually do that. What are you saying?”

“Big Sister could actually do it. But I would like it if you didn’t.”

Rena didn’t answer for a long time at Elesis’ quiet request. She let out a thin sigh then switched the topic.

“Then how about you? From what you’re saying, it seems you’ve already made up your mind. What will you do after defeating the demons? You…. also lost your kingdom.”

“I’ll rebuild the Velder Kingdom. I’ll gather all the scattered people and give them a place to live.”

Elesis spoke shortly then looked up towards the sky. Sky looked beautiful when looking at it from the hot spring.

“Of course this is just my choice so you can’t say that this might be the right choice. But I don’t want to see Big Sister Rena not being able to forgive the demons and waving your sword even after the war.”


“I know this is just my selfishness. So let’s just say that I was being selfish.”

“Did you get captured on purpose merely because of that? You’re reckless as always.”

“Merely? It’s not merely. It’s been such a long time since Big Sister Rena smiled.”

Elesis lowered her gaze from the sky and smiled as she looked at Rena.

“I would like Big Sister to smile just like before.”

“Such luxury is…..”

“I know. That’s why I said this is just me being selfish.”

Rena didn’t say anything for a while then shook her head.

“I can’t answer because this is so sudden.”

When Rena turned around, Elesis nonchalantly hugged Rena from the back.

Elesis rested her chin on Rena’s shoulder then sighed.

“You came to a hot spring and you’re leaving without even dipping your body in the water?”

“I’m just trying to think by myself for a bit.”

Elesis sighed when Rena answered seriously while pushing her away.

“Like I said. You became too serious, Big Sister Rena. Even if you have an important role of leading the Elves, can’t you loosen up a bit when you’re with me? Look, there’s no extra flabs on your belly.”


“Like I said. You became too serious, Big Sister Rena.”

Rena got startled and looked back when Elesis playfully pressed on various places of her body.

“You’re getting thinner each day but how come your breasts are still the same? Not all Elves seem to be like this. Just what kind of cheat are you using Big Sister Rena?”

“What do you mean by cheat….”

“It’s a rare chance to relax so let’s get a gooood long rest, alright?”

Rena closed her eyes and sighed when Elesis requested persistently. Looking back on the conversation right now, she felt embarrassed about not being able to overcome her emotions and fighting with Lu.

She had no choice at the moment….. But actually she shouldn’t have done that. Having done something so childish was embarrassing.

“Alright, alright so get off me.”

“Why are you so embarrassed?”

“……I said it’s nothing.”

Rena struggled to suppress her feelings as she shook her head. Elesis was staring at her with curious eyes but she couldn’t reveal feelings right now. It’s been such a long time since she fought together with Elesis….but she just found out for the first time that Elesis had been caring about her even with something this delicate.

“What you said. I’ll think about it carefully.”

“Yes, thanks.”

Elesis smiled as she hugged Rena tightly. Rena was hesitating if she should speak more about how she felt right now…. But then she sensed a sudden presence and raised her head.


Water splashed up and a ripple got spread across the girl’s bath. Elesis and Rena exchanged glances then looked towards the source of the ripple.

“What just fell?”

“……We’ll know if we go check it out right?”

Elesis looked at the ripple with a serious face then grabbed her sword that she placed at the hot springs entrance. Then both of them slowly approached the source of the ripple…. Rena spoke confusedly.

“There’s nothing here.”


Elesis confirmed with a doubtful expression but there really was nothing. Rena had a puzzled look but Elesis thought for a moment then laughed.

“So things like this happen too.”

Elesis closed the issue appropriately then stole a glance at the lodge El Search Party was staying. 3rd floor, window of Add’s room was open.

Unlike before.


Add’s bedroom.

“Huff, huff……”

Add who was entirely soaked with water tried to catch his breath. In front of him, Ara was lying down sideways voluptuously on the bed with her eyes opened narrowly. She was humming thinly. She poured liquor in the cup she was holding and drank.

She had Ara’s appearance but this was Eun.

“……..You, you just had to!”

“Oh, did you have a good sightseeing boy?”

Eun waved her hand in a tone as if she was asking how you’ve been. Add was shivering in anger but he couldn’t easily attack her.

Eun was strong. Even before Add who ran out of patience got a chance to attack, she lunged in like a spectre and suppressed Add with a close quarter combat. If that wasn’t enough, she threw him into the girls’ bath.

This was totally not how you treated an injured person, but putting that aside…

“Why did you have to throw me into the girls’ bath?”


Eun didn’t answer and sipped on her drink. Effects of alcohol must have been kicking in because her face heated up and turned red.

Eun had thrown Add in there on purpose without a doubt. Of course it was funny for him to ask since he tried to attack her too…..but there was men’s bath too, she didn’t have to throw him into the girls’ bath.

He thankfully escaped using a teleport with all his might, it would have been a disaster if he was caught by Rena or Elesis.

“I thought boy was acting too nervous so I thought he might loosen up if he watched some bodies of beautiful women.”

“Do you call that an…..”

“Stop with the boring answers already. Why don’t you just say Elly or Rena aren’t good enough for you? And I’d be really happy personally if you said you liked Ara.”


Add didn’t even want to answer now. Trying to emotionally argue with someone like this was foolish. Add was gritting his teeth in displeasure when Eun smiled and slightly pressed on her breast with her finger.

How her glamorous breasts waned looked very suggestive.

“If you don’t have any courage to speak to Ara personally then how about me?”

“Just how much are you planning to get on my nerves?”

“That should be given. One that boy wants isn’t me after all.”

Eun didn’t even blink an eye at Add’s angry response. She spoke as if she was a passerby, as if it was no big deal.

“The girl is the only one boy desires after all. No matter what I say or suggest, boy doesn’t even pretend to listen. Even if I purposely bring up other women he doesn’t even give them an eye or make a move on them. The one boy’s heart desires is only the girl so he doesn’t even look at other women.”


Do foxes get drunk too? When Add scowled, Eun stood up while wagging her tail.

Her eyes looked dangerous for some reason.

“You look as if you want to refute what I said. You look as if you want to be angry at me. Go ahead and get angry all you want. Long as that can change the direction of the arrow in boy’s heart.”

Add unknowingly back stepped when Eun got up and approached him. Eun slowly drove Add into a corner without letting him escape.

“Boy is cool-headed but is emotional at the same time. He prioritizes rationality but is suppressing emotion so he is cold but is hot at the same time. He especially burns up regardless of consequences when it’s about the girl.”


“Stop with the boring answers. Boy’s responses are too trivial. He just says ‘that’s not it’ or ‘when did I ever?’ and just tries to threaten me. I won’t deny there’s significant amusement in teasing you but isn’t it about time you try doing something called thinking?”

Add’s face turned stiff at Eun’s last word, her mocking tone. It sounded strange for something a drunk person would say and it somehow hurt his pride.

Eun threw a question as she approached closer.

“Why am I doing this?”


“Have you ever thought why I would do something like this? Why am I doing this? Have you ever thought why I would I go out of my way to do things that get on boy’s nerve repeatedly? Why do I make you fall into strange situations with other women? Because it’s fun? Because I’m bored? Because I have nothing better to do?”

“……What do you mean?”

“Would I really do such a thing? Do you think I’m that foolish? You didn’t trust me and suspected me all this time so why do you conclude that these actions I take are simply jokes and pranks?”

Something was strange. Eun smiled coldly when she saw Add’s nervous face.

“Does boy think I’m an idiot?”


She wasn’t an idiot. Eun was sly but her brain was working properly. How she hid D’s identity an absolute secret was one example.

“Do you think I act however I wish without any thoughts? I admit I have a tendency to do things just for my amusement and to ease my boredom. But is that really everything?”

“…..Just state your point.”

Add felt like this was something he had to listen to. Eun stretched out both her arms to press on walls beside Add’s head. After positioning herself to trap Add, Eun smiled sorrowfully and seductively.

“Why have I been doing things that boy wouldn’t like?”


“Would I not have known that boy will hate me if I threw him into the girls’ bath where Rena and Elly was? Did I really not know it would cause boy to build grudge against me?”

“……You mean there’s a reason?”

Just what reason would that be? Eun was just trying to ease her boredom. She was provoking Add just to make him angry……

Add’s face froze. Eun smiled as if she was saying told you so.

“Yes, boy must have realized by now. What reason do I have to make boy angry?”


“Boy and I have the same goals of wanting to defeat D. But why have I been going out of my way to do things that makes boy angry at me? Especially when we have to work together in order to return to our original universe?”

This wasn’t the first time. When turning back time in Elder, Eun purposely dropped Add in middle of girls bathing.

But that was a device to make Add apologize honestly and gain the group’s trust….

“…..That wasn’t the only time.”

There was also a time when she was waiting naked when Add woke up. Although things got complicated after Eve saw that scene.

Add’s face turned stiff as he backtracked the events one by one.

“……When rewinding time to fight Elesis again, you had to drop me into where Rena was changing.”

“Yes, you must remember now.”


Add had treated these as nasty pranks. That it was Eun being ill-natured at the cost of helping to rewind time. He was treating them as Eun making fun of him and was putting up with them even while being angry.

Add had treated those situations as sort of a wage that he had to pay so he had half given up trying to question them.

“But that was just you…..”

“Prank? Me?”

Eun burst out laughing as if saying stop talking about nonsense.

“Why would I? Of course, I’m a fox so I like pranks. But why would I go out of my way to pull pranks that can ruin my relationship with the boy?”


But it can’t be explained any other way than that…..

If it’s not a prank, then why did she drop him in a place where girls are bathing or changing clothes? Just what in the world was she doing?

“Yes, boy would like to make that conclusion. Boy just wants to push all the blame upon me. Because I’m an untrustworthy fox, because I’m wicked enough to hide my intentions all this time, boy just writes me off as a bad fox who likes to mess with him.”

Eun let out a bitter laugh.

“He never even imagines that there’s a proper reason behind it.”

“…..If it isn’t a prank then just what is it?”

Add’s voice shook. It felt ominous, it was dangerous.

He had a feeling that something outrageous was waiting for him, but he couldn’t stop himself from asking.

“It’s true that I like pranks….. But I wouldn’t do it to the point of provoking boy’s anger. Of course, boy and my standards are different……”

“So what’s the reason!? Just why…..did you make me see such things?”

Made him see. Yes, this expression was correct. When Add asked nervously, Eun didn’t answer for a while then slowly moved her hand.

Eun slightly stroked Add’s chin with her hand then answered gently.

“Because it was needed.”


“…..Just why? Could it be that putting me in those kind of situations was needed for defeating D?”

Add got impatient and asked whatever that came to his mind…..and an unexpected answer came back.

“Yes that’s correct.”

Nonsense. What does watching girls bathe and change have to do with D? Add was about to laugh in disbelief but paused.

Eun’s face looked ever so bitter and sorrowful.

“I don’t know about delicate emotions of humans so I could only use a crude method like this…..but it must not have had any effect.”

“So just what do you mea….”

“Boy had to be drawn to a woman other than the girl. I couldn’t think of a clear way so tried various things.”

Add’s tongue froze. If you combined D, who Add absolutely couldn’t believe was his future self and what Eun just said now, a totally unbelievable story comes out.

A story he absolutely didn’t want to say with his own mouth, rode on Eun’s lips and trickled out.

“Time to end this forever long journey is approaching. Shouldn’t you realize it by yourself already, boy?”

“What you’re saying is that….”

“Yes, it seems you understood now.”

Eun stroked Add’s face with a sorrowful expression.

“Boy’s lunatic obsession with the girl turns boy into D.”


He didn’t want to admit it.

“Boy jumped over time in order to save the girl. Do you honestly think he can’t go even further?”


He couldn’t admit it.

“He doesn’t hesitate to knead, disturb and destroy the universe according to his own greed. He traps everything on top of his palm and makes them dance endlessly.”


“Obsession towards the girl, yearning to obtain the girl even if he has to throw away everything, that’s what creates D.”

Add closed his eyes. Many words trying to refute rose up but he couldn’t say any one of them aloud. What dwelled in his heart was lamentation and despair.

“……That’s what happened.”

What came out was a disheveled sigh.


He fought jumping over time in order to prevent Eve’s destruction.

Then was there a reason why he couldn’t destroy the universe in order to obtain Eve? Was there a reason why he couldn’t tailor the universe to his own tastes and control everyone’s destinies?

“So that’s….what happened.”

He couldn’t help but to understand why his future self turned out like that.




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