Elsword Time Trouble Volume 6 Chapter 4 Page 215~236 (Chapter Complete)


Jin didn’t show any reaction even when Add slowly circled around her. No expression, she was completely ignoring Add who was looking for a chance to attack.

‘Shall I test her a bit?’

Add tried firing a space distortion aimed at Jin’s head. But in that moment, Jin swiftly ducked to dodge then let her sword fly. The description was bit weird…. but you couldn’t describe it any other way than an angry snake bouncing off the ground to fly towards you!


Add quickly raised his altitude to dodge as a powerful counterattack came back from his light check. But when Jin slightly turned her wrists, her sword rose up in midair and flew in aimed towards Add’s head as he was flying up.


Add unknowingly sighed in relief when the blade barely grazed by his cheek. He was thankful that he was cautious from the start, he would have gotten killed otherwise.

“She’s very strong.”

Serpentine sword which was a mix between a whip and a sword. Add knew what it was but it was the first time he had faced one. Not only that, but it must be a special kind because it had an unusually long attack range.

Jin seemed to look at Add after missing her attack then she jumped up high. …….She jumped at least 5 meters high!


Add got startled and quickly backed out but Jin had already jumped up to Add’s eye level and was swinging her two serpentine swords sharply. Stretched out blades rushed in aiming for Add’s neck.

Quick vertical ascension or not, Add won’t be able to escape from these blades.

“Void Impact!!”

Add hastily collapsed the space in front of him to ward off the blades coming at him. It would be obvious Jin’s weapon will be damaged if her blades got caught up by the collapsing space. Jin gave up aiming for Add’s neck and withdrew her weapons.

Tap, Jin landed lightly on the ground then looked up at Add with a cold expression. Add’s altitude right now was 8 meters high. It wasn’t a distance Jin could reach even by jumping. But oppositely, it wasn’t a distance where Add’s space distortion or Void Impact could reach.

Then Jin turned her head sideways. Add quickly descended when it seemed like she was looking at Elesis who was facing off against In.

Add didn’t like this choice but he couldn’t let both Jin and In attack Elesis at the same time.

“…..This isn’t good.”

There was also his Dynamos not being in a perfect state…… but this woman was strong. Add had to be careful even if he was in a full shape.

Add let out a sigh of tension then scanned Jin’s movements. ‘Attack first to win’ was something you said when you were confident you’ll win….. Defeat could come from even a single miniscule mistake when fighting an opponent of this level.

And it won’t just be Add’s defeat…. Elesis who was fighting In will lose as well.

Jin noticed Add didn’t intend to move first so she lightly swung her right arm horizontally. Serpentine sword flew towards Add again aiming for his neck.

Jin will move towards Elesis if he dodged by flying up. When Add escaped by moving left, the serpentine sword winded in midair as it chased Add. It looked like it was going to keep chasing him. Add realized the enemy’s attack range was immense so he tried to use Void Impact again but paused.

Jin was swinging her left arm.


It wasn’t a double pronged attack. They were two attacks with some time in between them. If Add dodged, she was going to watch his reaction then finish him with a second attack. But Add still couldn’t give up the calculations that were already in his head.

Hesitating here would get him killed by the attack right in front of him!!

“Void Double Impact!!”

Add collapsed both spaces in the trajectories where the serpentine swords were flying in from. Jin didn’t seem to have anticipated this because she quickly withdrew both of her swords.

Add panted from having to use Double unexpectedly as he observed Jin.

Slide. Jin made her serpentine swords short again then looked at Add indifferently.

“Not bad.”


Add would have normally replied lightly but he just smiled right now. Pain in his arms was bad. Wounds that haven’t healed yet got opened and was seeping out blood.

It hadn’t been too long since he injured both of his arms during the fight with D. Even though he treated them with a potion, it wasn’t like it magically healed the wounds instantly, they just enhanced natural recovery. Also, Double took too much burden on his body right now.

Jin ignored Add’s smile then turned her head to look at In. It was too much of a leisurely action to be taking in the middle of battle but she could get away with it because she was confident that Add didn’t have any close quarter attacks and that her skills were above Add’s.

Add also examined Elesis. Elesis who had to settle the fight barehanded was struggling quite a bit as well. Orbs that In threw displayed a binding force, it made boulders and various objects get pulled in then get shredded into thin pieces. Not even a bone would remain if humans were to get caught up in it.

Elesis who had to face In who was ceaselessly throwing these orbs at her was dodging nimbly and was just waiting for a moment to strike. It looked like she could settle the fight if she could just get close up, but In knew this as well and was surrounding himself with orbs.

Compatibility with their opponents was bad. It might be different if Elesis had her sword, but she couldn’t approach In who was only cautiously keeping Elesis at bay from a long range.

If we just change our opponents instead…..

“It’s over now.”


Jin must have read Add’s conclusion because she kicked the ground and rushed in. Enemy who was stronger than him was attacking. Normal people would quickly run away and try to preserve their lives. But….!


Add laughed joyfully as he started to fly lower. Jin was certainly powerful, it was obvious he had to risk his life in this fight.

But she was still no match for Elesis who appeared as their enemy. No matter how swift Jin was, no matter how threatening those serpentine swords were, there was no way she was stronger than Elesis who faced and overwhelmed the El Search Party just by herself!

“Try to make this entertaining, demon!!”

When Add provoked her while moving backwards, Jin frowned slightly then made a wide swing with her left arm. Serpentine sword flew towards the sky then started to fall on Add’s head. Vertical slash as if chopping a firewood, Add wouldn’t escape unscathed if he got hit by this attack with even potential energy behind it.

It didn’t end there and her right arm was being swung horizontally. Second serpentine sword was drawing an arc as it flew towards Add’s neck. Lethal attacks were coming in from both sky and ground, but Add just smiled haughtily.

No matter how strong Jin was…..she still had two arms, she only had two swords.

“Void Impact….. Triple!”

Spaces in the trajectories of two serpentine swords collapsed and space where Jin’s head was exploded simultaneously as well. Jin must have never imagined this kind of counterattack because she quickly withdrew both of her serpentine swords then turned her body to dodge but she couldn’t avoid her cheek from being torn and blood starting to drip from it.


Jin rubbed her cheek that was dyed in red then glared at Add coldly. Just until now she was looking down on Add, but her gaze now held signs of caution. Add twisted his lips in order to make a smile but couldn’t tell if it worked.

There was no feeling in his right arm.


Thankfully, it started to hurt slowly. Add laughed gladly from the pain which confirmed his arm didn’t fall off. His laugh was half a bluff to make sure Jin wouldn’t attack carelessly and a half from real joy.

No matter strong Jin was, Add could win if he fought without considering his own health. He could crush her if he fought with the intention of giving at least one of his arm away.

Realizing how to close the gap in their skills made Add feel really joyful.

“Although that guy seemed to use five as a basis.”

D didn’t even show any signs of fatigue or being burdened after using five Void Impacts at once. Add who could barely move his arms after using three at once could somewhat measure the gap in their skills.

Jin had carefully lowered her stance and was looking for a chance to strike. It was a simple numerical calculation, Jin had two weapons but Add could attack three times at once. That’s what she must be thinking. Add made a composed smile.

Pain as if his arm was going to tear off was rising up but he couldn’t let it show. Then Jin will notice right away and come to attack him.

Void Impact Triple gave too much feedback to Add’s body. Not just that, but not all of his Dynamos were present so it gave burden to his brain, making his vision blurry.

He honestly couldn’t hold out for long.

“Add! Can you help me out?”


In that moment, Elesis shouted towards him from far away. Add looked towards Elesis wondering what she meant. She had just dodged In’s attack and was collecting her stance.

At this sudden conversation, In, Jin and Add’s attentions all focused on Elesis.

“I’ll take him down if you help me just once!”


Asking for assistance right in front of their enemies? It was the first time Add witnessed such a bold strategy meeting. In had a blank expression for a bit then burst out laughing.

“Ahahahahaah!! Alright, humans. Both of you can try coming at me at once!!”


“Don’t stop me Jin. I’ll explain to General Scar later.”

Jin looked reluctant but didn’t complain anymore.

In grinned then held out his hand as if he was granting mercy, as if he was giving one more chance to the lowly.

“I’ll give you two a chance.”


At Elesis’ short call, Add said what he had to say.

“Go crush him.”

“Alright! I’ll put in a good word for you to Eve later!”


Add was dumbfounded and tried to say something but it was already after Elesis had dashed out. It was a charge that only looked forwards and In was grinning at the end of it.

It looked reckless on the first glance but Add didn’t come to assist for no reason. Void Impact Triple, even if Add didn’t care about his own health, two, no one more will be the limit. But will Jin who became cautious after seeing blood fall for it?

But In was timely saying he’ll accept the challenge. So Add will….. take In down right now using triple for sure. Then they’ll take down remaining Jin with cooperative attacks!


In laughed merrily as he continuously threw the orbs in his hand. Getting sucked in by those orbs would mean the end. But Elesis didn’t care about the orbs and was still just charging forwards.

She’ll die if left alone. Add who was watching got surprised and quickly came up with the necessary calculations.

As Void Impact exploded, orb that was flying in towards Elesis got deflected and turned in a wrong direction.


To think the orb will merely get deflected after making contact with Void Impact which could shatter space. These were no ordinary orbs after all.

“Ahahaha, you seem to have an interesting trick!”

In laughed as if he was entertained then threw an orb towards Add this time. Add was about to dodge but paused after noticing In was trying to throw a different orb towards Elesis.

Elesis would be hit if he dodged.

“Void Double Impact!!”

Enough force was needed to change the trajectory of the orbs so space distortion wouldn’t do. Add quickly took care of two orbs with a Double.

In’s face turned serious when his attack failed for the second time.

“Not bad.”

Orb in In’s hand divided into four. Four attacks at once, Add had no way to block them. His body was in tatters with just Triple already, Quadruple, 4 times was absolutely impossible.

But then Elesis who was charging towards In shouted.

“Add, 10 meters to the front! 30 meters to the right”


As Add was wondering what Elesis meant, she stopped charging forwards then circled around. Add was doubtful but fired Void Impact towards locations where Elesis had pointed out.

Then orbs that flew towards Elesis got deflected on their own. In frowned and was trying to throw more orbs but Elesis turned drastically to the right in that moment. In had no choice but to throw the orbs towards her new location.

Add who was watching was extremely shocked. Elesis was luring the enemy so he could fire only towards certain directions then made Add plant Void Impacts beforehand.

It was completely innovative. This wasn’t something that was easy to come up with and the bait for luring the enemy was her own life. It was over if there was even a single mistake in cooperation but Elesis didn’t hesitate even for a bit.


In realized the situation too and his jaws dropped. Attempting to throw his orbs towards Elesis who was closing the distance would only end with her moving away with an intricate rhythm and having multiple orbs taken out by a single Void Impact.

“In that case…..”

Let’s take Add down! In was making his decision when….. Elesis kicked up high from the ground.

“It’s too late.”

In opened his eyes widely as he saw Elesis dropping from up high like a hawk sweeping down to snatch a rabbit. Her fist was clenched tightly, In wanted to throw his orbs but he had just used them all up.

He had nothing in his hand, but enemy was coming straight for him.

Crash! Thud!!

Sound of an impact rang out and the ground shook loudly. Elesis stayed still for a bit with her fist pressed down on the ground. A large crack had formed on the ground where the fist had hit.

It was a punch that knocked Seirena unconscious in a single hit. It could easily take In out in one hit too.

If it landed.

“……I told you not to interfere.”

“It was dangerous.”

Jin who had just tied her serpentine sword around In’s arm to pull him towards her responded coldly. In was about to say something angrily but staggered. Wind pressure from Elesis’ punch had grazed by his forehead and had torn off his skin.

Drip. Jin pointed towards her cheek to show In who was touching the blood dropping from his forehead in shock. In frowned after seeing the blood on his twin sister’s cheek then nodded soon after.

“Thanks for the help.”

“Let’s do this properly.”

While the demons were talking amongst themselves, Elesis slowly withdrew her fist then stood straight up. Add approached her while still being guarded against In and Jin then spoke.

“Let’s change opponents. I’ll take the orbs and you face the swords. That should be better.”

“I don’t think that’s going to work.”

The reason why it wasn’t going to work was appearing before their eyes.

Dimension gates opened beside In and Jin then demons poured out. In who had withdrawn his smile declared with a serious face.

“Time to end this.”


It’s over. Demons burning with blue flames were continuing to pour out even while Add was sighing in despair.

Approximately around hundred….. and each one of them looked more powerful than regular demons.

It might work out if they just had to take care of these demons….. but there was no way In and Jin would stand by idly.

“What should we do?”

“I’ll stop them so run away, Add.”

“Stop saying nonsense and give me an actual way to win.”

Should they run away quickly on the Dynamos? Add was trying to measure a safe route but there were demons appearing from behind them as well. There were also incubi and succubi flying in the sky.

Escape still looked possible with high speed flight that Add could perform on his own…. But it was impossible to escape with Elesis.

“This is a way to win. They probably won’t kill me right away. Scar is out to get me personally. Escape from here and join up with the others then come to rescue me.”


It was a quite reasonable suggestion. Add would only die if he continued to fight here. Elesis smiled cheerfully.

“I always wanted to at least once try playing the role of a princess who gets captured by a bad monster then waits for a prince to come rescue her. This looks like a great chance.”

“That’s a worst miscasting in history.”

When Add answered indifferently, Elesis asked with her eyes. She meant do you have any other ideas. Add reached inside his jacket pocket without answering.

Add placed sleeping Eun on top of his palm then poked her with his finger to wake her up. Demons surrounding two of them were waiting for In and Jin’s orders.


“Wait a bit.”

In was displaying a strange interest in Eun that Add had just brought out. Eun who got awoken from her sound sleep yawned then stretched her arms.

“How could you wake a woman who was sound asleep? Not just that, but there are many faces that I should be seeing for the first time.”

“Get ready.”

Add spoke sharply then took a deep breath. It was better to turn back time than leaving Elesis behind and running away by himself.

Eun took a slight glance at Elesis then smiled slyly.

“It seems boy’s preference changed while I was sleeping. After going round and round, it’s Elly now?”

“This isn’t the time to jok…..”

“It’s time to joke. Why did boy become so impatient?”

Eun said this then hopped on top of Add’s shoulder. Add was trying to question why was she so calm when he realized Eun was looking up towards the sky.

As if she was looking at a welcome guest.

“One who should have been there is running here right now. It’s a scene I drew longingly for a long time.”


Add also followed Eun’s words and looked up. Elesis also looked up, In, Jin and other demons looked up towards the sky as well.

A meteor was falling.

A meteor emitting blue light was falling on top of the demons. Her long hair waving in the wind, with a confident smile on her face, clenching her fists filled with fighting spirit.

She shouted cheerfully to the whole world.

“I’m here!!”

Boooooom!! Ground broke with a sound of heavy shock as huge dust storm blew across the area. Even before both allies and enemies could react to this sudden appearance…..demons suddenly started to get flung away.


Lu was running amok hitting, throwing, breaking and swinging her fists in the middle of demons. Demons that got caught up in her attacks helplessly flew up and dropped on the ground.


“Don’t mind her. Attack!”

Jin opened her eyes widely in surprise and In ordered cheerfully. Lu was performing superbly throwing demons away but her landing point was quite a long distance away from Add and Elesis. Add was quickly formulating a plan as Steel Lava Fighters came to attack them. But then a dimension gate opened and Oberon appeared.

As Oberon who had half of his body destroyed for some reason swung his tonfa to block the Steel Lava Fighters, Add turned to look around. It wasn’t just Lu, Eve had come as well.

Just as Add had expected, he saw Eve hastily coming up the stairs. She was still far away but they could join up with her if they held out a bit longer.

But Oberon who supposedly came to rescue them was surrounded and getting beat up by five Steel Lava Fighters. At least his endurance must be top notch because he was holding out even though he was half destroyed, but he was not too much of a help for Add and Elesis.

“Elesis, we have to escape for now!”

They had to meet up with either Lu or Eve. Add who had superior mobility had to step up. Elesis realized Add’s intention and was about to turn around but suddenly laughed.

“I don’t think we’ll have to.”

As her words ended, a sound of air being torn was heard as the ground in front of Elesis shattered.

Giant sword was stuck on the ground, it was Elesis’ sword.

Elesis smiled brightly then expressed her gratitude.

“Thanks, Big Sister Rena.”

“Let’s leave the talk for later.”

Rena who was standing on top of a Steel Lava Fighter answered shortly then turned around. Both enemies and allies hadn’t known Rena had appeared before she spoke up. Even the Lava Fighter that was getting stepped on only noticed when it heard Rena’s word then frantically shook its head trying to shake Rena off.

But Rena easily matched her balance with the shaking Lava Fighter’s movements as she lightly slashed with her sword.

Slash, a sharp sound was heard then five demon soldiers fell all at once. After easily clearing the vicinity, Rena jumped up to land on top of another group of soldiers.

Steel Lava Fighters that were getting stepped on quickly tried to attack but Rena hopped to another soldier each time as she slashed with her sword. She was using a reliable tactic of taking them out one by one.

And Elesis grabbed her sword.

“Then…. shall I go!?”

Elesis made a big smile as she swung her sword while jumping into the enemies.

Booom! With sound of a shockwave that one couldn’t believe a human had caused, dozens of demons soldiers flew up all at once. She was literally matchless, she was displaying a scene reminiscent of an angry boar charging everywhere as she launched all demons she came into contact with.

In and Jin’s expressions changed now that Lu and Rena appeared and Elesis got her weapon back and was starting to sweep through the demons.

“This is dangerous.”

“Don’t get scared. We still have the advantage!”

In threw his orb at Elesis. But at that moment, Elesis’ eyes seemed to flash then she stomped hard on the ground. After shattering the ground to plant her feet firmly, Elesis held her sword with both her hands and swung widely.

Towards the orb.


Clank!! Elesis literally hit away the orb that was flying at her. She hit away an orb with powerful binding force with just her raw strength and perseverance.

As In stared unbelievably at what just happened, orb that went flying into the sky displayed its binding force to destroy Succubi and Incubi that were waiting for their chances.

Screams and blood of demons were everywhere both in ground and sky. It was a chaos that In hadn’t expected even a minute ago. In’s face turned pale when orbs that he took pride in were treated like toys but then Jin spoke with a low voice.

“Come to your senses. Let’s focus our attacks on the weakest one first.”

In calmed his mind at his twin sister’s words. It was impossible to take Rena, Elesis and Lu all at once. Then they had to attack the weakest one first.


In and Jin nodded as they threw both an orb and serpentine swords toward Add at the same time. Add was facing the Steel Lava Fighters but then his face turned stiff when he saw the focused attacks flying at him all at once. It was an attack he might barely survive if he used Void Impact Triple…..but that was impossible now because he was too tired.

Should he block it? Can he shake it off using mobility? He wasn’t sure about both options.

“It seems you’re still useless.”

Add was struggling to make a choice when a cold voice scolding him was heard. Familiar voice, her next words came even before Add turned around.

“Just take care of one of them.”

As if drawn by her words, Add fired a Void Impact to deflect the orb away. Remaining blades of two serpentine swords were flying towards him but he didn’t think it would be dangerous.

Because Eve was beside him.

Electron ball and Ophelia deflected away two serpentine swords. Add sighed in relief and finally turned around slowly to look.

Eve was scanning the battlefield with a prudish expression.

“I learned that humans improve as time goes on but it seems you are devolving instead. Try reflecting on yourself.”

“Yes, I’ll do that.”

Add admitted willingly. Even putting aside top tier fighters like Lu or Elesis…..he had a thought that maybe he was the weakest amongst this universe’s El Search Party. This was probably correct.

“……It’s good if you feel remorseful.”

Eve looked surprised as if she didn’t expect Add to acknowledge so willingly. She mumbled for a bit then fired an electron ball to save Oberon who was struggling from being surrounded then muttered.

“I don’t understand why I have to take care of you each time.”

“Thanks for saving me again.”

She saved his life so he should be thankful. Eve got very startled when Add thanked her sincerely.

“I, I didn’t say it to you. I was talking about Oberon because he was dawdling. Even if he’s injured he shouldn’t be getting beaten this badly.”


“Ehm… .ehm…..”

Eve made two fake coughs on purpose then carefully glared at Add.

“Even if you’re a same person from parallel universe, there shouldn’t be any reason my response towards you should change. Prideful Nasods do not hesitate to protect those that are weak.”


“So stay close to me. It’s dangerous.”

So I have the immature kid position now. Add thought but didn’t try to refute and just gave an empty laugh.

He was somewhat confident in his skills, but he had no choice but to admit that it didn’t work too well in this universe and that he was the weakest member amongst the current El Search Party. He felt a bit lighter after admitting it.

At Add’s laugh, Eve spoke after a moment of silence.

“Maybe if you want to become a bit stronger, I can give you a Nasod style training.”

“We’ll talk about that later.”

Add nodded then blew away the demons with a shockwave. He didn’t want to stand around doing nothing even if he was being treated as a weakling.

In’s face turned grim from despair after Eve joined to protect Add and more demon soldiers started getting defeated. There were still many demons remaining but they weren’t fighting aggressively now because their morale had been hit quite heavily.

Jin level-headedly made her decision.

“Let’s retreat.”

“Run away now? What will we say to General Scar?”

Jin couldn’t find any words to reply when In scowled and protested. These siblings could do anything for Scar and didn’t want to disappoint him.

In and Jin were hesitating when a sharp voice was heard in the middle of all the screaming and falling demons.

“……..You won’t escape from this place!”

There was deep anger and determination inside that voice. Everyone was trying to find the voice’s owner……when a catastrophe fell from the sky.

Countless balls of fire were falling from the sky.

Hail of fire was falling towards the ground as if they were determined to not leave even a single demon behind, as if wanting to turn the ground into a sea of fire.

“Everyone gather!”

Reacting to the sudden disaster falling from the sky, Add called his comrades to his side then opened the Dimension Distortion. It wasn’t very sturdy because Dynamos weren’t in perfect shape, but it was better than nothing.

Thankfully, the fireballs were aimed towards the demons so they didn’t fall anymore towards where the El Search Party had gathered. Endlessly falling fireballs stopped instantly when there were no more demons standing.

Extreme firepower had annihilated all the demons.

“…..Is it over?”

Add disassembled the Dimension Distortion then became astonished. Ground had turned into a sea of fire in such a short time. Flames were so strong that the ground was wavy from being melted.

As everyone was keeping silent from being overwhelmed, there was a shadow moving through the flames. As the shadow slowly walked towards them, Add went on alert thinking it was In or Jin.

“Those twins got away.”

Girl with a red hair and red clothes who was holding a spear in her hand spoke regrettably. From what she said, this girl was the culprit behind the sudden rain of fire.

It didn’t seem like she was an enemy but no one knew who she was. But the girl who had a dark expression saw the El Search Party then suddenly smiled brightly as she waved her hand.

“Ya-ho, You guys are the El Search Party right?”

“I see, so you are…..”

Elesis nodded and was about to ask when the girl smiled brightly and twirled her spear once.

“Yea, I’m Priestess of Fire, Ignia.”


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