Elsword Time Trouble Volume 6 Chapter 4 Page 205~215


Should take around 2 more posts for chapter 4 to end. Then chapter 5 is kind of like a slightly bigger epilogue.

Ground shattered suddenly and pillars of water shot up towards the sky. Mermaids screamed and scattered everywhere but not all of them could dodge the water.


“Y, your highness!!”

Water pillars had risen up in ten places already and didn’t seem like it was going to stop. Water was so hot that you could feel the heat from far away. Maybe mermaids might be okay after getting hit by it, but there was no grantee of humans surviving it.

Add noticed the danger and prepared the Dynamos for flight, and Elesis skillfully stuck close to Add’s back and tied her arms around his neck.

“Let’s go!!”

She was speaking so shamelessly but he couldn’t leave her behind. Add muttered as he quickly raised the altitude. He focused dodging the water pillars by moving from side to side but Dynamo was originally a 1 seater, and he could only use 4 right now.

“Ah, this feels nice. Will you give me a ride time to time from now on?”

“I’ll drop you if you say something stupid one more time.”

Add gritted his teeth and spoke angrily but Elesis even ordered Add with a tone as if she didn’t care.

“Ah, you can’t go right, turn left, go straight!”


Add didn’t know how Elesis did it, but the geysers rose up just like she said. Add was barely managing to dodge the geysers despite having to mobilize the Dynamos that were creaking as if they were going to fall apart at any moment.

“Are we just going to keep dodging like this? What’s you next plan?”

“…..You must have been really angry.”

What Elesis said with a bitter smile wasn’t a proper answer but it was an explanation that Add wanted.

He couldn’t see Elesis’ face but she was indeed feeling sorry.

“I’m sorry, I tested you a bit.”

“On what?”

“If you can be really trusted.”

Elesis telling Seirena that she’ll hand over Add to her wasn’t because she really was going to, it was to see Add’s reaction.

“……What a nasty personality.”

He was beginning to understand what kind of girl Elesis was.

She was bold and feisty no matter what happened and acted first, but it wasn’t like she didn’t think. She was a type that solved matters through powerful force and ability to adapt to circumstances.

It was admirable…..but it still made Add angry. There was no way one would feel joyful about being put on a scale.

“So did I pass you test? Am I to your liking?”

“……Ah, you’re really angry. I’m sorry. This won’t happen ever again.”

Elesis apologized once more as she rubbed her cheek against Add’s. He couldn’t understand what kind of apology this was…..and he could feel warmth coming from her cheek that was touching his.

Continuing to be angry was difficult when she was apologizing repeatedly and this wasn’t the situation to worry about such things.

“I won’t forgive you…. if you do something like this one more time.”

“Yes, I’ll be careful.”


While Add was still feeling very hurt, he suppressed his feelings and turned back to the reality. Geysers were still rising up and threatening the Dynamos. Not just the Dynamos, but his life would be at risk if he were to dodge even a second late.

“It probably wasn’t just me you were testing….”

Add turned widely once to turn towards Seirena. Seirena who was standing in middle of dozens of geysers was glaring at them.

“Me and that mermaid, you tested both of us at the same time right?”


Elesis readily acknowledged. Seirena who was talking normally with Elesis suddenly lost her mind. These geysers were Seirena’s attacks, she was attacking the two of them without any regards to safety of her servants.

She was completely out of it.

“Then hurry up and take care of it.”

Seirena had a powerful ability to manipulate geysers however she liked, but Elesis probably could deal with her without much difficulty.

But Elesis confessed with a troubled tone.

“Ah, I don’t have my sword.”

“…..There won’t be any time to go find it. Should we run away?”

Add also couldn’t activate all 6 of his Dynamos right now so performing flight and attack at the same time was difficult. Not only that, but he was also carrying an extra weight called Elesis.

“No, retreating right now will make the situation more complicated. Let’s take care of this with just us two.”


An absurd answer returned to Add who asked somewhat expectantly.

“Throw me towards Seirena.”



Add didn’t have any chance to question Elesis because she tightened her arms around Add’s neck even more. Seirena must have realized she couldn’t catch the two of them with only geysers so she had summoned 4 giant water bubbles. These bubbles were so huge that each of them could fit at least 4 people.

It won’t be easy to dodge them. But Elesis shouted energetically.

“Don’t get scared and charge, Add!”

“Damn it! Don’t treat me like a horse!”

Add trusted that Elesis had some kind of plan so he started to fly directly forwards. Seirena’s bubbles flew in towards them.

Add’s Dynamos quickly flew upwards to dodge the bubbles. Performing such a maneuver would make the passenger hanging on fall off but Elesis endured without making a sound.

“Fine, I’ll do as you asked!”

Add shouted then started to fall towards Seirena. It was a sudden drop much faster than how he flew up before. It wasn’t a speed that the bubbles that were chasing them could catch up to.

He could see Seirena looking up at two of them with a surprised face.


Elesis who measured the timing let go of her arms around Add’s neck then fell downwards. It was a sudden drop with even force of gravity added!

Seirena saw Elesis falling on top of her head and quickly waved her spear but Elesis easily deflected the spear away by waving her arm.

She then clenched her right fist tightly.

“Take this….and come to your senses!”

Elesis dropped down her fist with all her strength on Seirena’s head.


A terrifying sound difficult to believe that it was made by a fist was heard. After being hit by a punch filled with potential energy from a high vertical drop, Seirena staggered then fell down on her side. Add’s was preparing for an additional attack but his jaw dropped from surprise.

Elesis who landed after punching Seirena’s head wasn’t completely unscathed. She staggered from the shock of the freefall…..and a hand she punched with must have hurt because she waved it frantically.

“Owowow, it hurts.”

Elesis who was frowning from pain looked up at Add and waved her hand.

“It’s over! Come down.”


It was such an absurd way to solve things. Add wouldn’t have believed it if he didn’t see it first hand. As Add numbly descended, Elesis was examining her own body to check if nothing was wrong.

“Ah, flying around feels nice after all. Let me ride next time as well Add!”

“You’re not getting on from now on.”

“Why not? You were having fun too right?”


Add didn’t know how to answer. One thing he was sure of was that he was very glad Elesis wasn’t his enemy.

‘Although she is an enemy on the other side……’

While Add was sighing internally, Elesis examined Seirena’s condition and nodded.

“Thankfully, she’s just unconscious. She’s alright.”

“Think before you hit……”

It was generally impossible to kill someone with just a single punch, but it felt like Elesis could do it easily.

Elesis pretended to listen to Add then looked around. Almost all servant mermaids had run away and some that got caught up were on the ground unconscious.

“It was just like this during Ash Covered Village. I think there’s something to this.”


Add who was about to answer quickly stretched his hand out to pull Elesis’ shoulder. Elesis opened her eyes widely and let herself be pulled towards Add.


A sword grazed by the place where Elesis’ head just was. Elesis frowned and looked around. A woman who they never realized had appeared was withdrawing her weapon.

Serpentine sword. It was an unique sword that could be swung like a whip to cut things.

“Thanks Add, But who’s that?”

“I’ve never seen her before either.”

She was a demon judging by her horns, but the woman didn’t seem like she wanted to introduce herself because she held her two serpentine swords and just quietly stared at Add and Elesis.

Elesis was also unusually not charging in immediately, when a dimension gate opened beside the woman and a cheerful laugh was heard.


The man that appeared along with the laugh was also a demon. Similar armors, you could tell easily that those two were on the same side.

The man that appeared beside the woman stared at Elesis with a strange gaze.

“So you are……”

“Are you Scar’s minions?”

Elesis cut off the enemy’s words and asked sharply. It was a cold voice without her normal leisure.

The man who was speaking shrugged then nodded.

“Yes, I’m general Scar’s servant In. And this here is my twin sister.”

The man who revealed his name as In pointed towards the woman, but the woman didn’t say anything. In frowned exaggeratedly then shook his head from side to side.

“No, you can’t do that. Even if we’re going to kill them soon, you should at least introduce your name.”


The woman silently ignored her twin brother’s words and was staring straightly at Elesis. It was a direct hostile gaze.

“General Scar will hate you if you lack class.”


The woman opened her mouth at those words.


“….Yes, introductions took a bit long.”

Elesis nodded then took at step forward.

In and Jin revealed themselves as servants of Scar who was trying to destroy Elrios. They looked quite powerful just from a single glance.

In clicked his tongue as he looked at unconscious Seirena then waved his hand. Then a black barrier was formed and surrounded Seirena.

“It was difficult to entrance her but it broke so easily. Should I try one more time?”

“Did Scar order you two to conquer the hot springs?”

“We volunteered. General Scar is busy.”

“…..A test.”

Jin spoke shortly then fixed the positions on her serpentine blades. Sword that had an adjustable length was troublesome to face. And In was holding strange looking orbs….although how they functioned was unknown, they must be a weapon.

Add was formulating a plan in his head when Elesis turned slightly to glance back at him. She spoke carefully so enemies couldn’t hear.

“…..You think you can run away by yourself Add?”


Add who was obviously thinking of fighting back glared at Elesis wondering what kind of nonsense she was talking about. He thought it was some provocation trying to test him again but Elesis’ face looked grave.

“They are pretty strong. I’ll try to buy much time as possible so join up with rest of the group and come up with a plan.”


“I don’t have my sword, but I can at least buy you enough time to get away.”

Elesis was still barehanded and there were two enemies. They were also Scar’s servants so they certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Add gave an empty laugh then stretched his hand forwards.

“Void Impact!”

Jin backed up from the sudden attack with a slightly surprised face then waved her sword. Then the collapsed space returned to normal.

Add clicked his tongue as he glared at Jin.

“So demons here know how to block it too….”


“It’s a fair handicap. Who do you want to take?”

Elesis was staring at him with a surprised face but Add ignored her on purpose.

Elesis didn’t have her sword and Add’s Dynamos weren’t perfect. Retreating was the best option but In and Jin wouldn’t stand idly and let them run away.

So one remaining behind and other bringing reinforcements was the next best option. It was better to sacrifice just one rather than both.

But Add didn’t want to make such choices anymore. He would rather die fighting together…..He didn’t even have an inch of desire to leave Elesis behind.

Of course, this Elesis wasn’t Elesis that Add knew. But there was no difference. Add collected his mind as he glared at In and Jin.

“Didn’t you say wills are connected even if universes are different?”


Elesis smiled bitterly then cracked her fingers.

“I’ll take the guy.”

“You’re telling me to face the sword?”

Well Elesis was barehanded right now, it would be difficult for her to handle swords that can change their lengths dynamically. Although they still didn’t know what In’s weapon was……

“Alright, then let’s see who takes them down faster.”

“You’re talking like Elsword, Add.”

Elesis smiled as if she enjoyed what Add said. Add would have normally became furious being treated same as Elsword but just let it pass for now.

To think that a day would come where he would fight for his life shoulder to shoulder with Elesis. He had never imagined this would happen even in a different universe.

“I’ll go first.”


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