Elsword Time Trouble Volume 6 Chapter 2 Page 93~109 (Chapter Complete)


Demons attacking through dimension gates.

“…….This doesn’t change even in another universe.”

Add shook his head bitterly then manipulated his dynamos to send an electric current. Number of functional dynamos right now was three, big skills like Vioid Field or Star Dust Shower couldn’t be used, but he could fire smaller skills like shockwaves or Void Impact.

Add was glad that he set the dynamos so they could be series activated with only 3 just in case. Add easily disposed of an Incubus jumping at him then took a look around the battlefield.

Rena was mixing sword and bow to perform outstandingly both in front and back lines. Elsword and Ara were still in charge of the frontlines and Raven was also performing excellently at the front. Chung was destroying the enemies by swinging his Destroyer and Aisha was summoning lightning and ice storms to support everyone.

Add looked to see how Ciel who he had no information on was fighting. Ciel was dispatching the demons with a weapon that looked like a gun.

“……There’s nothing for me to do.”

11 allies, it was almost 2 times more than the El Search Party that Add was in. Not only the numbers, but each of their skills was extraordinary.

Add observed relaxingly from the back and thought. According to Eun, this universe travel was planned beforehand. There must be some meaning to it. Of course, it was to escape from D’s grasp but that shouldn’t be everything.

Just like Eun said, you had to say there was a clue to defeating D in this universe.

“Just what is that……?”

Was it going back to the original universe with this powerful El Search Party? But movement of a same entity will bounce off the inhabitant of the original universe. Add B who should have been here got bounced off after all.

Add sighed while looking at a succubus falling down after being hit by Rena’s arrow. This El Search Party was indeed really powerful…..but they won’t be of help in defeating D. Not only will it be difficult to universe travel with all of them but doing such a thing will make his original comrades fly off to some unknown universe.

It will be like burning one’s entire house down to get rid of the mice.


Add snapped out of his thoughts due the sound of an impact that came from behind his back and looked back. Nasod he saw before, Oberon was slowly withdrawing his tonfa. Incubus was slowly falling to the ground, it must have been aiming for Add’s back while he was deep in thought.

“What are you doing meditating when everyone is fighting? You’re not only useless but also lack sincerity.”

“……Then how about you?”

Eve who was scolding Add was sitting pompously on her gears. It was totally not an attitude to show in a battlefield.

“I’m fighting. Ophelia!”

Ophelia who was summoned by Eve’s order sent off an electric current to electrocute a Succubus that was flying in the air. Then Oberon charged forwards to initiate attack on demons in front.

Eve didn’t even move a finger even though her servants were busily fighting.

You could feel composure and majesty from how she only commanded others even in the battlefield.

“And I’m also useful. There, try to say something to refute.”

Add strangely felt disheartened when this Eve snapped aggressively at him. She was Eve, but she wasn’t, but you couldn’t help but to call her Eve.

His conclusion was that he still didn’t know how to deal with her.

Add’s mind was still not settled yet so he didn’t know why Eve was acting so aggressively towards him.

“What do you want from me? Want me to thank you for saving me?”

It unintentionally became a sarcastic tone. Eve must have been slightly offended because she frowned then told Add severely.

“Express your respect towards technology of the Nasod civilization.”


“Aren’t I protecting you who is useless? You don’t have to thank me but I’d like your re-evaluation about the Nasod technology.”

Eve requested in a quite emotional tone. Add had experience with talking with Eve from before……and according to those experiences, it seemed like she was acting like this because of some pent up emotion from events that happened before.

The problem was that he didn’t even have a clue as to what that was. He didn’t get why she was treating him like this.

“……Ah, of course.”

Person this Eve was getting angry at was Add B who was supposed to be here. It was obvious that Add who arrived here from universe travel wouldn’t know. One who invited Eve to his house, one who offended Eve all this time was Add B.

‘…..Just what did he do?’

Add B(should he say himself? Let’s not because it feels repulsive) must have done various things to offend Eve up till now.

Eun’s word that Eve’s affection points were at the very bottom wasn’t an exaggeration.

“I’m sorry. It seems I must have done lots of things to offend you…. I’ll apologize. I’ll watch out from now on.”

Let’s apologize first. Add apologized just like how he was taught from Ara. Eve looked quite surprised.

Eve who was frozen for a while from surprise turned her head away abruptly.

“It’s fine long as you realized your mistakes.”

“Also, thank you for protecting me.”

Since he apologized anyways, he also thanked Eve for what happened as well.

Eve had known that Add was currently injured and his battle capabilities had dropped due to broken dynamos so she had protected him. It would have been dangerous if Eve hadn’t been considerate.

Eve must have gotten even more startled from Add’s honest expression of gratitude that she couldn’t answer right away. She replied slowly after a bit.

“…….Even though you’re useless you’re our comrade. Of course I’ll protect you.”

“I see.”

Although she was bit more sassy, she was Eve after all. She’ll accept if you apologize and thank her honestly.

Add nodded as he sighed. Ara and Rena’s images had changed quite a bit as well but they also shouldn’t be too different if you talked to them honestly.

“You’re…..bit strange today, Add.”

“That’s how I feel like today.”

Add answered appropriately then looked straight at Eve. He had a momentary impulse of wanting to touch her face but restrained himself.

Add left behind Eve he knew to be killed by D. Recalling her last appearance as she looked back towards him made his blood rush. It was so frustrating and painful that he was filled with desire to go back right now to fight again.

But he couldn’t. Everyone gave their lives to give him a chance. He absolutely couldn’t fail.

He must find a clue to defeating D here before going back.



But…… he was already stretching out his hand to stroke Eve’s face.

This Eve wasn’t Eve that he knew and doing this wouldn’t convey anything.

Nothing will change by doing this.

But because he knew that although very little, there was a worry hidden inside this voice calling his name, inside her expressionless face…… He wanted a slight moment of consolation.

“……You’re not hitting me saying that I’m rude.”


Eve who had been sitting blankly became startled a bit later. But Add already suppressed his lingering attachment and had withdrawn his hand.

He turned his back towards Eve.

“Sorry, I’ll explain later. Although I won’t be able to tell you everything……”

That’s right, this Eve doesn’t know anything. She must have fought together with her comrades in this universe without D. Stretching out his hand to touch her right now was just Add’s foolish and silly impulse.


Although touching her wouldn’t be able to erase the guilt of leaving her behind.

Although the fact that it was him from the future that had been endlessly destroying Eve wouldn’t disappear.

Although he knew very well that the girl in front of him wasn’t the girl that he knew. Even if they looked ever so similar they weren’t the same.


Still, knowing that there was a world where she could be safe…… made him happy.


Still, knowing that there was a world where she was safe…… made him happy.

“…….I’ll get rid of him for sure.”

Girl that Add knew could also be liberated from her long suffering once he gets rid of D. Add resolved himself then started to move his steps.

The battle wasn’t over yet.


Demons were like leaves before the storm from the El Search Party’s attacks. El Search Party members each caught their breaths and examined the condition of their comrades after defeating over 100 of Incubus and Succubus in less than 10 minutes.

After confirming no one was injured, Elesis leaned her sword on her shoulder then murmured.

“But these don’t look like Scar’s minions.”

“They are servants of Karis. Those two must have joined forces.”

Lu’s words gathered everyone’s eyes on her. Ara’s expression turned stiff.

“Karis? She’s here?”

“Do you know who that is Big Sister Ara?”

“She’s a demon who contributed to the great disaster in Velder. I’ve fought her before, she an extremely powerful demon.”

Ara was explaining tensely when a voice came from nowhere.

“Ahahaha…… hecklers.”

El Search Party all turned their heads towards where the seductive voice came from. Dark hole that looked similar to a dimension gate started to open then a waving dark smoke gathered in one place to turn into a beautiful woman with red hair.

She wore a seductive outfit as if to show off her voluptuous body but you could tell from a single glance that there was an evil aura about her.

“This is my first time meeting you all, El Search Party.”

Person in question also wasn’t intending to hide her personality because she was making a sinister smile while licking her lips. In that moment, Elesis dashed in like the gale and swung her sword.

Her foot left the ground soon as ‘first’ was said and her sword had already struck Karis’ neck at ‘El’.

It was such a swift movement that Add felt the pressure from facing Elesis as an enemy again.

But the sword she swung just pressed deep into Karis’ neck then bounced off. It was as if she struck a bouncy chunk of rubber. Elesis wasn’t surprised in the slightest and was about to strike again but Lu dissuaded her.

“Stop, there is a mass but she hasn’t actually appeared here so it’s no use.”

Lu glared coldly at Karis after stopping Elesis.

“How shameless of you to show your face in front of me, Karis.”

“Lu, stay calm.”

Despite what Ciel was saying, he was also glaring at Karis with an expression that had a fair amount of emotions mixed into it.

You could tell instantly that these two had an ill-fated relationship with Karis.

“Hoho, it’s been a while Lord Luciela. It seems you’re actually managing to stay alive by crawling around on the ground. I’ll go and stomp you out of your misery soon.”

Karis bowed to Lu while letting off a sinister smile. Although her words were polite her hostile intents were conveyed clearly.

“Hmph, you’re the one who should be crying and begging for mercy right now. Begging me to spare your life should be the only thing you can do right now. Of course, it’s not like I’ll spare you even if you beg.”

“What can you do with that smaller body and weakened power? I was planning to kill you painlessly for old times’ sake……but it looks like you’ll need some punishment. I’ll make you beg me to kill you-……… what the heck are you doing?”

Karis who was boasting in front of Lu snapped in frustration with a sharp voice after seeing Elesis’ hand get waved in front of her eyes.

After the sword strike didn’t work, Elesis was now experimenting with various things like punching Karis’ face, touching her horns and stretching out her cheek.

Although Karis’ form that appeared right now had a mass, it was only a dummy. It was only projecting Karis’ image so they could converse.

There wasn’t any damage to Karis’ actual body no matter what Elesis did. Still, here Karis was setting the mood to have a serious talk with her old master. But some red haired human girl was making fun of her.

Elesis didn’t listen and repeatedly poked around at Karis’ cheek then pressed on her chest next.

“Can’t you see that we’re talking? Get lost, human!”

“Wait a bit.”

Elesis ignored Karis’ protest then continued to touch various places on the dummy. It totally ruined the atmosphere Karis was setting up for her talk with Lu.

Not only that, but Lu was now biting down on a lollipop that Ciel gave her because the conversation was broken. Mood for a serious conversation was already long gone.

“……You’ll regret it forever if you don’t back out right now, human.”

Of course, even though Karis said this she didn’t actually have any ways to attack Elesis. Just like how the El Search Party couldn’t do any harm to Karis, Karis also couldn’t affect the El Search Party in any way either.

Karis patiently suppressed her rage and waited for Elesis to get bored. With Karis’ personality, she’d normally get enraged and try to kill everyone but that was impossible right now, and Elesis wasn’t listening to anything she said.

It’s probably better to be patient and find a moment to resume the conversation.


Elesis nodded as if she understood then finally took her hands off Karis and backed out. Karis who was getting continuously bothered up till now made some fake coughs then tried to resume the conversation. But Elesis wasn’t finished yet.

“Wait a moment, Big Brother Raven, Big Sister Rena. Can you two come here for a second?”

When two of them approached confusedly, Elesis made Raven stand in front of Karis.

“Can you take off your top for a bit?”


Even while puzzled, Raven thought that Elesis had something in mind so he took off his top clothing. Robustly built man’s chest appeared in front of Karis who was just trying to resume her conversation with Lu.

After getting suddenly intervened again, Karis suppressed her boiling rage and repeated ‘patience, be patient’ in her mind.

She had been trying to send her minions to set up the atmosphere then ridicule Lu. How did things go so wrong? But backing out after coming this far was also laughable so she had no choice but to be patient.

When Raven took off his top clothing in front of Karis, Elesis declared strongly.

“Just as I thought! Big Brother Raven’s chest is bigger!”



“……..Big Sis.”

Not just Karis but even the El Search Party became dead silent. Single word that Elsword spoke almost like a groan was representing everyone’s feelings.

Karis unconsciously stared blankly at Raven’s chest due to such ridiculous words then glared at Elesis while grinding her teeth.

“…..Just what are you doing, human?”

“Big Brother Raven has bigger chest than you Karis. You can tell by just looking right?”

Elesis spoke while grinning. Karis seriously wanted to kill everyone right now. And Raven wanted to put his clothes back on quickly.

Karis who was shaking in anger snapped while stuttering her words now.

“A, are you joking? It’s already bad enough that a mere human got in the way of conversation between demons……”

“You can’t admit defeat because Big Brother Raven is a man? Alright, then Big Sister Rena.”

“……W, wait!”

Rena realized what was about to happen and tried to escape but Elesis had already gone behind Rena and forcefully pushed her towards Karis.

Elesis pushed Rena tightly towards Karis to make two of their chests touch then grinned as if she was saying ‘I told you so’.


“There, you see now right? We El Search Party have two entire people that have bigger chest than you, demon.”

“Just what is that supposed to……..”

Karis had never imagined something like this would happen. Elesis spoke sharply after seeing Karis shake from bottomless humiliation.

“So you don’t have to come out all the way here to show off your chest, small-fry. We’ll come for your head soon. So just stay put quietly in an empty room shivering in fear. We’ll certainly make you pay for disturbing Elrios.”

“H, how……”

Karis who was shaking and at a loss for words disappeared in an instant. She had decided that talking with Elesis would only hurt her image even more.

Seeing that Karis disappeared, Elesis let go of Rena and clicked her tongue.

“She’s didn’t come out…….”

Rena’s face turned red after suddenly being forced into a chest contest. She was about to protest to Elesis but paused. Elesis’ face looked really regretful.

Elesis had been trying to provoke Karis to make her actual self come out through the dimension gate. To strike her neck soon as she came out.

Elesis apologized honestly when her efforts failed.

“I’m sorry, Big Brother Raven, Big Sister Rena. It didn’t work out even though two of you cooperated.”

“……Don’t do something like this from now on.”

Raven reprimanded maturely and Rena looked like she didn’t know what to say. Elesis grinned.

“You know I love you, right Big Sister Rena?”

“I’ll get angry if you do something like this again.”

“Can’t you get angry beforehand? I can’t make any promises.”

“Why you…..”

Other Search Party members that were watching from the distance were just staring blankly. They understood Elesis’ intentions…… but they couldn’t say anything because it was so mind blowing.


But Add who was watching blankly came to his senses then burst out into a refreshing laugh. He wasn’t intending to laugh but the laugher just burst out from within him. It was so funny that his head felt numb.


You could tell instantly that Karis was strong, that she was a powerful demon in this universe as well.

But for that Karis to be so humiliated!
Add laughed to the point where he was shaking regardless of how the other members looked at him strangely. It felt like all the weariness in his mind that he built up from deadly struggles against demons and jumping through time was getting cleared out completely.

Elesis grinned brightly.

“You must have liked it, Add.”

“Kukukuk, yes, it’s fun, it’s so fun!”

This El Search Party was strong. They weren’t just strong…..they had the leisure to laugh at the demons.

For Add who had been dwelling in deep discouragement and despair because he’s been through too many desperate battles and now was blocked by a giant obstacle called D, just watching this scene refreshed his heart.

“Alright, I’ll help out since I came all this way!”

He should be able to find a way to get rid of D while hanging out with this group. This conviction made Add make a smile filled with lunacy as he clenched his fists tightly.



Karis threw a mirror away to shatter it then panted heavily. Succubus and Incubus massaging her shoulders and legs quickly bowed then backed out.

“Just who’s that barbaric human? She ruined everything!!”

She felt like going through a dimension gate right now to kill all of them. Karis got angry more she thought about what happened that she took out her frustration by throwing any objects she saw.

A heavy voice was heard when Karis was fuming with anger.

“Calm down Karis.”

“……Why are you here?”

Voice that she knew, someone she couldn’t treat lightly.

Enraged Karis sighed then settled her mind a bit. When Karis suppressed her rage and turned around to look, a giant demon, Scar was standing there.

“She must have got you good. That’s why I said you shouldn’t do such a thing.”

“……You must know who it is.”

“Of course, I’ve fought her before.”

Karis didn’t like the tone of how Scar spoke about the red haired girl but didn’t want to ask any further. Karis brushed up her hair then made a huge sigh.

“Can’t I just go there and kill them all?”

“No, we have to stay here in order to revive the demon god.”

“It’s such a strange system…..”

Scar smiled bitterly when Karis expressed her dissatisfaction. Karis couldn’t take Scar lightly, but Karis in Scar’s point of view was somewhat the same.

It was more correct to say they were respecting each other for now because they had the same goals.

“I’m going to send my minions as a test. Do you have any requests?”

“……Make sure to bring Luciela and that red hair alive. I’ll finish them with my own hands for sure. I’ll make them pay for humiliating me.”

“Not the Red Haired knight.”


Karis glared in a surge of anger but Scar’s expression didn’t change.

“I’ll be the one to finish her.”


Karis frowned. They had the same goal of destroying Elrios but Karis didn’t like Scar too much.

She could respect him but their personalities didn’t fit too well.

Well, there were almost no demons that Karis respected. Isn’t that why she betrayed and tried to kill her old master Lu, no Luciela?

“…..Fine, but kill her in front of my eyes. Is that fine with you?”

“If possible.”

“Is that all the business you had?”

Scar spoke in a heavy voice in response to Karis’ tone that was telling him to go back now.

“Dragon sent us a message.”


Karis’ face stiffened.

This wasn’t just any dragon. Dragon that Scar was referring to was truly a terrifying existence. An existence that even she who shouldn’t be afraid of anything didn’t dare to face so easily.

“He said a foreign substance entered our universe.”

“Foreign substance? What does that mean?”

“I don’t know. But he told us to contact him if we find it.”

Scar said this then turned around. While listening to Scar’s footsteps getting further, Karis leaned her chin on her hands then sighed. She wholeheartedly agreed with annihilating Elrios but she didn’t like joining up with dragons, especially that one.

“Although there were positive outcomes because of it…..”

Karis who was deep in thought for a moment shook her head soon after. Her pace got messed up because of that red hair. No matter who the enemy was, no matter what the situation was, all she had to do was enjoy, taunt then kill them.

“Fine! Come, El Search Party. I’ll kill you all.”

Beautiful demon laughed sinisterly.



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