Elsword Time Trouble Volume 6 Chapter 2 Page 80~93


I could have defended properly if my dynamos were normal. Add muttered and coughed after hitting his back hard on the wall. His head hurt and eyes were dizzy but judging from there being no other pains, he didn’t receive any significant injuries.

There were dust clouds everywhere.

“Cough, cough, what the……”

Add looked forwards as he coughed then couldn’t continue his words. There was a cold wind blowing in from the direction where the wall had been.

Wall had gotten blown off completely. Almost as if someone had struck it strongly from outside.


Add was about to get up quickly but winced from the strange weight he felt on top of him. He hadn’t realized because the situation was too chaotic but there was a strange sensation pressing down on him.

“Cough, cough, hello Add.”


Red haired girl who came in breaking through the wall to make Add go flying grinned. For some reason, they ended up in a position where she was sitting on top of collapsed Add as she looked down on him.

Their position in itself was awkward…..but he didn’t know why she was wearing such outfit. Add’s jaws dropped from seeing the bunny girl outfit with an impressionable red color. She was certainly carrying a sword in her hands, but she was wearing a bunny girl outfit. Bunny ears on top of her hair band were waving as a proof to this.

“……Just what’s with that getup?”

“Ah, I tried changing because I got bored while waiting alone. Big Sister Rena didn’t want to wear it though.”

I think it would be stranger to want to wear it. Seeing that Add was just staring blankly, the girl asked bit hesitantly.

“……It doesn’t look good on me after all?”

“I don’t think this is the time to be having idle talk like this.”

When Add snapped, the girl nodded then got up immediately. Then she gave a strange thanks as if she had almost forgotten.

“Thank you for catching me with your body. I might have gotten hurt if you weren’t there.”

“…..I didn’t catch you. You just came in and crushed me.”

Even while Add answered, he wasn’t able to get rid of his cautiousness.

There was a strange elegance, outgoing character and maturity coming off from this girl who was standing straightly in a room filled with dust clouds.

Her red hair fit well with her cheerful attitude. Although she’s a bunny girl.

She was a girl who’d attract attention even in a middle of ceaselessly changing battlefield. ……Although it was strange to give this kind of evaluation to a bunny girl.


Elesis was hitting the dust off her shoulders but turned around from having her name called.

“Ah, did you get hurt somewhere? Want me to spit on the wound?”


Elesis that Add knew was a terrifying foe, powerful enemy that he couldn’t surpass even though he fought turning back time multiple times. But she must be different in this universe.

Although they had same name and appearance, they were completely different individuals. Overlapping the appearance of Elesis that Add knew on top of this one was pointless.

…..He knew that in his head, but he still couldn’t help but to be restless. Seeing that Add was sending a gaze of caution towards her, Elesis tilted her head then stretched out her hand to forcefully raise Add up. He didn’t even have any moment to resist.

Although Add was bit skinny he was still a tall male. But she handled him easily as if she was handling an accessory in her hand.

“Are you angry? I’m sorry.”

Elesis gave light but serious apology then started to hit the dust off Add’s jacket.

It seemed she was about to hit the dust off his pants too if he left her alone so Add refused with a hand gesture then backed out.

“Everyone is looking for you. Why are you troubling everyone?”

“Ah, that’s……”

Elesis was about to explain but then twirled around to swing her sword. A giant fist that was flying in aiming toward Elesis got blocked by her sword.

Attacker laughed gladly.

“Hmm? So you’re not a normal bunny girl after all.”

“I was just wearing this because I was bored. I have spares if you like this outfit. Want to try them on?”

“That sounds great. Have them prepared after the entertainment.”

Small girl wearing giant gauntlets stared at Elesis pompously. Judging by the circumstances, this girl must have made Elesis come flying this way.

Blue-white girl smiled as she waved her hand towards Elesis.

“This is an entertainment beyond my expectation. Try coming at me more seriously.”

“Right back at you. You’re beyond my expectation as well. Although you’re still below Scar.”

“That displeases me because I cannot deny it. It’s true that I lost a lot of my power……”

Girl looked dissatisfied but acknowledged. Although two of them were fighting, there was a strangely peaceful atmosphere between them.

Add had never seen this blue-white girl before but those were certainly horns on her head. He could tell from a single glance that she wasn’t a human.

“…..A demon?”

“Address me as Lu, human. What is your name?”

Add was about to answer when Elesis swung her sword lightly. Wind blew across the room and dust that had settled rose up violently again.

“I’m sorry Lu, but two of our business isn’t over yet. Let’s save the introductions for later and fight a bit longer.”

“Yes, good. Keep up with me until I’m satisfied.”

Lu clenched her fists as she smiled and Elesis smiled back as she held up her sword. And Add who was watching……realized his life was in danger if he didn’t escape from this place quickly.


The village was getting destroyed.

Sword and fist targeted each other as they jumped from building to building. Red bunny girl and blue demon, shockwave that was caused each time two of their weapons clashed and struck each other annihilated the foundations and pillars of the old village’s buildings.

El Search Party all gathered from hearing this ruckus and blankly stared at this scene. Elesis and a girl they had never seen were fighting intensely.

“Who is that?”

“She looks like a demon. Shall I join in Ms.Rena?”

When Ara asked worriedly, Rena frowned and seemed to just think without answering. Raven answered instead.

“This looks strange for fighting with a demon.”

“It’s almost as if they are sparring.”

Just like Elsword said, battle between Elesis and Lu was fierce but there was no killing intent.

“To fight evenly against Ms.Elesis. That’s amazing.”

“It’s not a time to be impressed, Ara.”

Add who had barely escaped from the collapsing building and was panting joined in on the conversation.

“She did seem like a reasonable demon. She said her name was Lu.”

“Rather than just standing there, have a seat everyone.”

El Search Party all looked back from the voice that came from behind them. They didn’t know since when, but there was a table, chairs, drinks and cookies set up behind them. You could tell the table was carefully prepared to cater to just enough number of people.

Add felt dumfounded from seeing the El Search Party slowly walk towards the table to sit. He had to say something.

“Just what are you all thinking by going to sit?”


Rena who was already seated and stretching out her hand towards the teacup looked back at Add with a slightly confused tone. Elsword and Ara were already eating the cookies.

Add was embarrassed to call them his comrades right now. Add covered his face with his palm at this scene then pointed beside him with his other hand. The group turned their heads to see a man wearing a suit standing there watching Elesis and Lu’s battle.

Man who invited them to sit finally turned around when everyone’s gazes gathered on him then slightly nodded to greet everyone politely.

“I’m Ciel. Lu’s partner. How do you like the cookies? How about tea?”

“It was great!”

Ciel’s expression turned blank after seeing Ara empty her tea in one shot and put down her teacup. Ara became confused from Ciel’s gaze and asked.

“U, um was I not supposed to drink it?”

“……No, I’ll bring you some more if you want.”

When Ciel said this and stretched out his hand, space opened up and a bag of tea leaves popped out. Add’s eyes opened widely in shock from seeing this.

Wasn’t that a dimension gate? And he’s using it for merely taking out tea leaves?

Of course, even Eve could use the dimension gate and Add could use it as well if he needed to. But using a dimension gate required quite complicated calculation process…..so it was normal to use them only for battle and only in a limited way.

Storing minor objects inside then calling them out whenever he needed them was a proof that he either had enough knowledge and calculative brain to handle dimension equation freely or had a power to dominate space around him.

“That’s amazing…..”

Aisha who was intently staring at the flower pattern on the table saw what Ciel did and exclaimed. But Ciel didn’t mind Aisha’s reaction and handed another filled teacup to Ara.


“Thank you very much.”

“Drink a bit slowly…..”

Ciel tried to stop Ara but she had already gulped down her tea in one go. As Ciel made a very depressed expression, Raven asked quietly.

“I’d like to hear what’s going on, Ciel.”

“Ah, so you’re Raven.”

Ciel gave gaze to Raven’s Nasod arm then spoke as if he recognised Raven. As Ciel said this, sense of caution finally started to dwell amongst the El Search Party.

Responding to all the suspicious gazes, Ciel explained himself.

“I just researched beforehand before meeting all of you. You don’t have to be so cautious.”

“…..You guys shouldn’t have eaten so readily if you were going to be cautious.”

Add muttered and let out a sigh. He then questioned Ciel.

“So why are Elesis and your partner fighting like that?”

“When we said we wanted to join the El Search Party, Elesis told us that she wanted to test our strength. I tried to stop Lu. But…..”

Ciel trailed his words then turned his gaze up. Lu had blocked Elesis’ downward smash with her right magical gauntlet and was launching a counter attack.

Add understood the situation but had to point something out.

“But you are demons. Demons want to join the El Search Party?”

“Inner circumstances amongst the demons are complicated as well. Lu wants to stop the demons’ rampage and I agree with her.”

“…..How are we supposed to trust your words?”

Add slightly examined the other Search Party members’ reactions then asked roughly on purpose.

Demons want to become their allies? It was kind of an unbelievable story. Of course, there were multiple members from the El Search Party that Add knew who had their relatives on the demons’ side, but this and that were separate matters.

“That’s probably the reason for this test.”

Ciel said this then sighed as he waved his hand. Then more cookies fell on top of Elsword’s empty plate.

Eve who had been looking at Lu and Elesis’ battle spoke sharply.

“I know what you mean but I cannot trust demons.”

“Yes, I also can’t trust them so easily.”

Rena also agreed and kept her caution. They must have their wits together a bit more than the El Search Party that Add knew.

“Wouldn’t it be too hasty for us to decide right away?”

In that moment, Chung who was listening to the conversation opened his mouth. After gathering everyone’s gazes, Chung maturely stated his opinion.

“You can’t always hate everything that has to with demons, people might have their circumstances. This is what I learned from meeting Big Sister Ara. Not only that, but someone who’s equally skilled as Big Sister Elesis is saying she’ll help us, I don’t think there’s a reason for us to refuse.”

“I also agree with Mr.Chung. I know it’s obvious to be suspicious…..but all of you trusted me right? So how about we trust Ms.Lu and Mr.Ciel as well?”

Eve and Rena seemed to think carefully once more when even Ara joined in and agreed with Chung. Just as the atmosphere started to change towards ‘let’s think about it for now’, Elsword opened his mouth.

“Looks like it’s almost over.”

Elesis and Lu’s fight was rushing towards the end. Elesis and Lu each landed on top of a rooftop and were staring and smiling at each other while panting heavily.

Elesis twirled her giant sword once then shouted with a refreshing voice.

“This is great, Lu. It’s totally a skill worthy of a Lord of Demon Realm. You’ve impressed me!”

“You as well, the title of strongest Red Knights captain is ever more fitting. I was quite impressed as well. You’re indeed a skilled individual worthy of being called the hope of Elrios that’s on a path to ruin.”

“That’s an excessive compliment.”

Elesis grinned as she aimed her sword at Lu.

“I know we should end it about here…..but I can’t seem to cool down now. So why don’t we settle this right now?”

“Good, I’ll allow it!”

Lu who was drunk with excitement nodded then kicked the roof. Magic circle that formed below her feet launched her like a bullet. Roof tiles all got flipped over and fell to the ground after getting caught up by the force of Lu’s charge.

It was a charge with overwhelming force enough to destroy the building she used as a foothold, and also the mighty power contained in her giant gauntlet!


Even with the terrifying charge in front of her that she definitely won’t escape unscathed if she was hit, Elesis smiled joyfully as she spun around with her sword.

Strike back against powerful enemy with even more power. That’s the principle of the red knights, no, principle of Elesis!


Lu who was charging in with a mighty force and Elesis who was spinning attempting to strike back head on, it was a situation where one of them might get critically injured.

El Search Party all got startled and got up instantly but it was already too late to stop them!



Two of their final attacks crossed. But unexpectedly, there were no noises or shocks.

Elesis had stopped spinning and was lowering her sword, and Lu was also standing tall and panting heavily. Both of them were standing still and weren’t moving.

“……Who won?”

At Elsword’s careful question, Ciel answered sharply.

“Fight wasn’t settled.”

“…….Everyone, get ready for battle!”

Everyone looked at Raven confusedly when he shouted while taking out his blade. Could it be that they were going to consider Lu and Ciel as their enemies? But Rena and Ara must have sensed something as well because their expressions stiffened as they got ready to fight.

Space got distorted all around them.

Elesis and Lu proudly standing beside each other on top of a rooftop made a tired sigh then looked back towards each other.

“Why did you miss on purpose?”

“You’re the one who slashed the wrong place.”

Answer to their questions presented itself right away. Space beside Elesis seemed to crack then an Incubus fell down. Space where Lu’s fist hit also cracked and a Succubus fell down.

They had read the enemies coming in through the dimension gate and had changed the target of their attacks. Lu clicked her tongue displeasingly at the sounds of demons falling.

“That Karis is using such a boring move. Ruining my entertainment like this……”

“Shall we end the initiation test here?”

When Elesis asked while smiling, Lu also quickly loosened her expression and nodded. Their fun was interrupted during the best moment…..but one to take their frustration out on wasn’t the person standing beside them.

Enemies were coming in through the dimension gate. Demons numbering roughly over hundred were circling all around them and threatening them.

But Elesis and Lu didn’t mind the demons and smiled.

“Then let’s clean them up.”

“That’s what I wished to do as well!”

Strongest Red Knights captain and the demon empress now turned their weapons towards the enemy.


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