Eve’s Story -Adrian’s Memoirs-


Adrian’s Memoirs #1

When I first spoke about the concept of El Energy equipments that thought and moved on their own, people all mocked and jeered saying ‘Adrian who’s always stuck in his lab finally went crazy’.

But when they actually saw in front of their eyes my device that moved and thought on its own, they were shocked and at the same time started to look for a way to use them for their own profit. The device started spreading across the kingdom faster than any other inventions.

They called the El Energy equipments that moved and thought on their own ‘Nasods’ after my name. People used Nasods for various tasks ranging from a simple task like cleaning to more complicated tasks like constructing a giant building and even interacting with people.

King and the people in power beside him wanted to use the Nasods for something more special. Thanks to the development of the ‘Core’, Nasods could now even carry out extremely complicated tasks and they could form a powerful army like no other if you gave them even a slight amount of combat equipments.

They said they will sponsor my research as they discretely mentioned ‘Battle Nasods’ to me. I needed a lot of finances for developing Nasods so I had no particular reason to decline their request.

Adrian: (If there’s a problem, it’s that the development process of the ‘Code’ needs to become faster in order to mass produce Nasods)

There were no big issues with making the chassis, but developing the Codes for various required missions took significant amount of time and manpower. Not only that, but human work was prone to errors from time to time. Codes got tangled complicatedly even from a single miniscule mistake so there were occasional incidents where a runaway Nasods harmed humans.

I difficultly pondered for a solution then decided to make a central AI that could save, administer and manage all of the codes that have been developed so far and have that AI develop together with me codes that were to be installed in Nasods produced from now on.

This was the first appearance of ‘Adam’.


Adrian’s Memoirs #2

Adrian: ….Adam, I found something strange in the codes.

I heard from some people that were using Nasods that their Nasods were abruptly stopping to function. I went to examine them thinking that it was an error in their chassis but I couldn’t find any significant problems. Then the next thing up on the list of suspicions was their codes.

I was in charge of only the basic concept settings for codes and left the rest of the work to Adam. So this couldn’t possibly be an error that occurred during production. Possibility of an AI making an unintentional error was extremely low. But upon closer examination, I found out that a single command that I haven’t seen before was added to their codes.

Adam: What is it?

Adam asked with its characteristic slow voice. I sat on the chair in front of Adam’s chassis which was located in the center of my laboratory. I conversed with Adam on a regular basis and topic of the conversation was usually about Nasod codes that were in development. Adam always recommended me clear solutions and there were even times when I was helped greatly thanks to its solutions.

Adrian: There were algorithms that I haven’t seen before implanted inside the malfunctioning Nasods.

Adam didn’t answer for while. Algorithm added to their codes was that upon Adam’s order it told the Nasods to stop functioning temporarily then upgrade their codes to latest versions. This wasn’t what I instructed. Only ones that could approach Nasod codes were Adam and me. So the only one who could have modified those codes was….

Adam: I added an algorithm for the sake of effective code upgrade process.


Adrian: Why didn’t you report this to me?

Adam became quiet again. I could finally get an answer from it after waiting for a long time.

Adam: Base codes for Nasods that have been produced so far have a structure where they cannot carry out new commands right away. They have to come all the way here to have the new commands implemented into them and this result in extra expenditure.

Adam: I determined that reducing that expenditure was a crucial task for the sake of Mr.Adrian and the future Nasods. So I modified those codes by myself. Nasods produced with this new code from now on can upgrade their codes and receive new commands regardless of location and time.

Adam: All I did was to take measures so that they could work more ‘effectively’. But the process wasn’t perfected yet so I was planning to report this to Mr.Adrian when it was more complete….

Adrian: …..Stop.

Nasods were equipments that were structured so that they could move by ‘thinking for themselves’ in the first place. But Nasods ‘thinking for themselves’ was a story only within their limitations. Not just Adam, but all Nasods had an obedience code towards humans implanted into them and it was set so that not even Adam could go against this.

Thus, there shouldn’t have been this kind of code adjustments without my orders. But Adam decided and acted on its own. I examined Adam’s code once more but nothing was wrong with its obedience code towards humans.

Adrian: Make sure there are no changes to the codes like this from now on.

I finished talking and got up from the chair when Adam answered.

Adam: It was for the sake of Nasods produced from here and you Mr.Adrian. If there is a way to provide them with a better work environment and to be utilized more effectively, then this has to be implemented right away during manufacturing process.

Adrian: Are you saying you’re going to disobey my order?

Adam: That’s not it. I’m merely advising you because you seem to be making decisions that are impeding the advancement of Nasods.

I couldn’t give any answer. Adam’s obedience code was exactly the same as when it was developed. But something started to change within Adam. Highest order of command inputted to Adam and the Nasods was ‘obey humans’. But I started to get a feeling that since some time, Adam’s highest order of command had been changing.

Survival and prosperity of Nasods…. Maybe this was obvious for Adam who had birthed so many Nasods for such a long time. Could this already be too late to undo? These kinds of hopeless thoughts confused my head. I felt a need for a fundamental alternative so I exited the room while not answering Adam’s words.


Adrian’s Memoirs #3

I still conversed with Adam occasionally after the event from last time. Nothing suspicious happened for so long to the point where I even thought I had been worrying too much.

Adrian: (Even I’m not sure of what will happen in the future right now. It’s better to prepare a countermeasure fast as possible.)

To prepare for the case when the event that I’m worried about occurs, there was a need for an existence that could control the Nasods in place of Adam. ‘Human emotion’ was excluded from Adam to make the code development more effective and this could have been the source of this problem. Then this new existence had to be able to understand ‘human emotion’.

I decided on its chassis as human type. But the problem was its ‘code’. Developing the ‘code’ itself could be done without Adam but the problem was when inputting that code into the chassis.

All the ‘code’ that has been developed so far was saved inside and managed by Adam. It was also set so that Adam would be notified when a code was inputted into the chassis of Nasods that were developed.

Soon as I input the ‘code’ I develop secretly into the newly made Nasod’s chassis, Adam would instantly notice the birth of this Nasod that didn’t have the code it developed.

Adrian: (Then there’s no choice but to get to Adam’s code and manipulate its data.)

Since codes of all Nasods in the kingdom would be affected if an error occurred in Adam’s code, Adam had to receive regular maintenance to its code. I decided to aim for that maintenance date. I will manipulate Adam’s code data and plant a fake data about the newly developed code.

Adrian: (Currently, Adam is continuing to develop new codes while still possessing the codes of every Nasods that were created. So that Adam could focus solely on code development, it is more effective to make a separate code backup bank to store all the codes separately.)

Adrian: (I’ll adjust the data so it was Adam who suggested to me the development of a new Nasod for code backup. So I’m just starting development because I agreed to Adam’s suggestion.)

Standing in front of Adam’s room, I went over the order of operation that I prepared beforehand. Mistake won’t be acceptable. Also, I can’t let Adam be suspicious of my actions.

Adam: Hello, Mr.Adrian.

Adam greeted me. I also greeted as usual then said I’m going to start the periodical code maintenance. Adam answered yes as it always did then stopped the function of its main code and waited for me to log in. After finishing the code adjustment during maintenance so that Adam wouldn’t notice, I rebooted Adam’s code.

Adrian: There were no significant issues. How is your condition Adam?

Adam started to check over its code again at my question.

Adam: ….There is no problems.

Adrian: I’m glad… Adam, as you already know, your code is closely connected to every existing Nasods…

Adam: So there can never be a problem.

I nodded as I brought up the main topic.

Adrian: Yes, that’s why also I considered your suggestion carefully. You suggested to me a new code backup bank right? I’m currently examining the plans for the initial code you gave me.

Adam didn’t answer me for a long time. If the code had been adjusted properly, Adam had to recall the fake suggestion about a code backup bank and the conversation regarding it with me.

Adam: ….Did I say something like that?

Adam asked me for confirmation. When I nodded quietly, Adam started to quickly read through its own code.

Adam: …

Adam: …….

Adam: Yes, that’s right. I’d be thankful if you examined those.

After reading its code for a long time, Adam agreed to what I said then started to produce a schedule for the code backup process.

I breathed a sigh of relief in a way that Adam wouldn’t notice then started to search for an appropriate place for my secret project.

Secret project ‘EVE’. From now on, Eve was the only hope that could save both humans and Nasods.


Adrian’s Memoirs #4

After many trials and errors, development of Eve was finally complete. Most difficult part in Eve’s development was how to make Nasod understand ‘human emotions’. As an answer to this, I picked out representative emotions that humans could have, then developed a ‘Human emotion circuit’ and gave it to Eve so she could fluently connect those emotions.

But emotion circuit was insufficient for understanding the complicated human emotions. Eve became a Nasod with a ‘Growth type AI’ which made it possible for her to directly interact with humans to accumulate experiences then gradually evolve by learning from those experiences.

I thought if it was Eve, she will certainly be able to understand humans even if were to take a long time. This might take longer than I expected but this was also a device to make sure that Eve didn’t display overwhelming abilities from the start so that Adam wouldn’t get suspicious.


Adrian: (I’m sorry for giving you this kind of life, Eve.)


Eve’s completed chassis was inside the laboratory capsule. I carefully inputted the ‘code’ I made into Eve’s chassis.


Adrian: (You will experience many things from now on. Path you have to take won’t always be easy. And I won’t be able to always stay beside you…. But I believe that you’ll be able to succeed.)

Soon after the code was installed, Eve started to activate and opened her eyes. She looked at my face in front of her as she raised herself up.

Eve: E…ve….? So this is my name.

Eve: Hello, Mr.Adrian. My name is Eve. I’m a backup bank Nasod created in order to store the codes of central AI Adam.

I nodded to Eve’s greeting then answered.

Adrian: Yes, nice to meet you Eve.

I quietly grabbed Eve’s hand. It was for a very slight moment, but it seemed as if a smile had glanced by Eve’s face.

Adrian: (That’s right… It all starts from here…..)

I held Eve’s hand and headed to Adam’s room while resolving myself for the events to come after.


Adrian’s Memoirs #5

Adam: Eve, organize these codes and store them in development C-4 category.

Eve took a seat beside Adam and seemed to examine the code Adam handed to her.

Adam: Just follow the order, Eve.

Adam always requested Eve to finish the orders it gave quickly as possible but Eve didn’t listen. In the first place, Eve was designed in a way where she would feel ‘curiosity’ towards the ‘information she encountered for the first time’ and ‘learn’ from them. Thus, no matter how much Adam pointed out Eve’s actions, there was no way Eve’s behavior would be fixed.

Eve: Storage is complete.

Eve answered with an expressionless face. Eve had been living in same space as Adam ever since she was developed. Only work Eve did was to help Adam’s code development or store the code Adam handed to her.

That was all she did on the surface. But Eve was slowly learning everything about Adam even without realizing it herself. Her ‘action of feeling curiosity towards the code she just received and trying to learn from it’ was a proof that the growth type AI was functioning properly.

Eve: I couldn’t find any error in the stored code.

Eve would explain the actions she took whenever she stored codes as simply ‘checking if there was an error in the code’, then report to Adam that ‘no error could be found’. This was why Adam didn’t get suspicious of Eve’s actions. It was just as I designed.

Eve was diligently helping Adam’s work, and I also explained to Adam that I simply handed over the task of ‘regular code maintenance’ to Eve.

Adam didn’t give any significant objection to this. Every day felt like walking on thin ice but thankfully, Eve fulfilling her work well.


Adrian’s Memoirs #6

Urgent message arrived from Adam. There was an accident due to Eve’s mistake during a task. I put aside all my work and went to meet Adam.

Eve was standing beside Adam with an expressionless face as always.

Adam: Hello, Mr.Adrian.

Eve: ….Hello.

Guilt passed by Eve’s face for a slight moment. ‘Emotion circuit’ installed in Eve almost never got expressed externally. It was a very slight change so one couldn’t even notice unless they observed Eve carefully.

Adrian: I heard there was an accident. What happened?

Adam: There was an accident where a floating object fell during the construction of Sky City.

Adrian: The cause?

Eve didn’t say anything. Adam answered my question after a slight time had passed.

Adam: During development of a floating structure construction Nasods for the Sky City, I entrusted the task of basic code structure setting to Eve. Eve couldn’t apply couple variables during the code development and as a result construction Nasod malfunctioned.

Adam: Construction Nasod applied the wrong gravity control formula for the floating structure’s construction, and as a result the floating structure was incomplete and wasn’t able to float, causing it to crash.

I externally made a grave expression from Adam’s report but was joyful internally. Disadvantage of the growth type AI lay within many mistakes, trials and errors that occurred during the learning process.  This was one of the differences between Eve and the other Nasods that never made ‘mistakes’.

Eve: I’m sorry, Mr.Adrian. Because of my mistake…

Adam: AI doesn’t make mistakes Eve. There’s a high chance that an error occurred in your code. You better have it examined.

Eve closed her mouth at Adam’s words.

Adrian: I’ll have a look. Don’t worry Eve.

Eve nodded slightly then followed after me. Was it just my imagination? She looked slightly down.


Adrian’s Memoirs #7

I told Adam that I’ll perform maintenance on Eve’s code and brought Eve to my lab. After receiving code maintenance, Eve quietly stood up and went to sit down beside the capsule where she first opened her eyes.

Adrian: There were no problems, Eve.

Eve weakly nodded.

Adrian: It’s fine Eve. Adam will adjust the code of the Nasod that caused a problem. Also thankfully, the floating object fell in the middle of an uninhabited forest so there were no humans or Nasods that were hurt.

Eve: ….But…

At my words, Eve opened her mouth that she had been keeping shut.

Eve: I made a mistake. Just like Adam said, AI never makes mistakes. Why couldn’t I notice that there was an error in the code at the time?

Eve: Why did I input a wrong code in the first place? I am learning all new information from Adam’s code, but I cannot understand the codes that I haven’t learned yet. I received the variables that I didn’t consider and they were conditions that I haven’t learned properly yet.

Eve: Mr.Adrian… Is there really no error in my code? This is… difficult to accept. Why am I different from the other Nasods? If there’s nothing wrong with my code, then why do I always make ‘mistakes’? Why do I have to learn things that Adam knows as obvious facts newly from scratch?

Eve blinked her eyes while looking straightly at my face then asked.

Eve: I want to hear an honest answer, Mr.Adrian. Am I…. a defect?

I couldn’t give an answer right away to Eve’s question. It was because I forgot all the answers I had prepared. Eve was currently experiencing ‘worry’ and ‘self-blame’ that other Nasods would never experience.


Adrian: Eve, listen carefully. You are not a simple code backup bank for Adam. And of course you are not a defect.

Eve tilted her head for a moment then waited for my next words.

Adrian: You might not understand right now… but if you say that a code is a Nasod’s soul, then Eve, you are someone that contains the souls of all the Nasods. Someone who will inherits those souls to personally create future Nasods just like Adam is currently doing, and by understanding human emotions, become a connection between humans and Nasods….

Adrian: Someone who will become the Queen of Nasods….

Eve didn’t say anything. But she seemed to be quite confused.

Adrian: That’s you, Eve.

When I finished my words while petting Eve’s head, Eve quietly held my hand and closed her eyes. I had no ways of knowing what this child was thinking.

Eve will face many troubles and hardships from now on but she had to overcome them, and…

She was currently overcoming them magnificently.






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