Elsword’s Story -Oath-


Mokey_YuGiOh_Wiki_Perfil  sorry for the delay on the light novel. These things came out of nowhere and I was caught working on translating these. The fact that you have to do entire 5 dungeons within level range for each character to unlock 1 part out of 7 of the character’s story didn’t help.

From In-game Story Quests:

Oath #1

Young boy’s shouts were heard in a desolate and barren field. Boy was only focused on swinging his sword even with the scorching sunlight beaming down upon him.

Elsword: ninety eight, ninety nine…..

Boy finally collapsed after shouting up to hundred then wiped the drops of sweat on his forehead. It’s been a week since he managed increase his maximum possible swings but as he was right now, he could only barely get to hundred. Boy grabbed a water bottle that was nearby while massaging his shaking arms.

Elsword: (This is still not enough…..! I still have long ways to go if I want to be like…..big sis….and father)

Boy recalled his older sister’s light and disciplined movements. Boy’s older sister was famous to the point where you couldn’t find anyone in the kingdom that didn’t know her name. Despite her young age, she finished the El Search Party course in a shortest time ever with her outstanding vigor and skills. She had a bright future as ‘Kingdom knights’……

Elesis: Elsword! Elsword!!! It’s time for food!!

A cheerful voice calling the boy’s name was heard from far way. Boy grabbed the sword he had dropped on the ground then got up as turned his head towards where the voice had come from.

Elsword: Alright, big sis!

Girl with a same red colored hair as the boy was waving her hand. Boy sighed as walked towards the girl.

Elesis: What’s wrong? Did something bad happen?

Elsword: Huh? N, no it’s nothing….

Boy smiled awkwardly as he hid his arms behind his back. Girl took a look at her younger brother’s shaking arms for a moment, and then opened her mouth while grinning.

Elesis: Today’s lunch is a rare meat that village chief gave us.

Elsword: What kind of meat is it?

Elesis: Umm….. I forgot….

Girl scratched her head as if she was taken aback then put her hand on top of the boy’s head while smiling brightly.

Elesis: Well….that’s not important right? You should eat a lot. You’ll grow faster that way!

Elsword: Stop that!! I know that already.

Boy escaped the girl’s hand then entered the house. He laid his sword on the corner then went to sit at the old looking meal table. There was a whole piece of unrecognisable and slightly burnt meat on top of the table.

Elsword: (Big sis…. Are you telling me to eat this….?)

When the boy had barely managed to slice the portion of the meat, the girl also sat directly across from the boy. There were three seats in the meal table but the third seat remained empty.

Elesis: It might have got burnt a bit.

Elsword: It doesn’t look like little…..

Boy replied while munching. It still didn’t taste too bad.

Elsword: I don’t think you should cook big sis.

Elesis: Is that a thing to say to your big sister who worked so hard to prepare this?

Girl bonked boy’s head lightly so it wouldn’t hurt then looked straightly at the boy’s face while putting a thin slice of meat into her mouth. After their father had left to join the kingdom, only ones left in the house were girl and her younger brother.

Thanks to their father’s request, villagers were helping the siblings out with their livelihood. But the vacant space they felt from their father’s departure was still too large.

Elesis: (Maybe I should help him with his sword practice tomorrow….)

While the girl was deep in thought, sound of someone knocking was heard from outside the door. Girl stopped the boy who was trying to stand up then carefully opened the door.

Elsword: Big sis, what is it?

Girl received a small letter from a person outside the door then started reading the letter while not answering the boy’s question.

Elsword: Big sis? What is it about?

Elesis: …..It’s a message from father. It’s a request for reinforcements from the Velder army.

Boy unknowingly dropped the knife he was holding at the girls words. Knife made a loud noise as it rolled on the floor.

Elesis: I have to go right now, Elsword.

Girl glanced at the boy’s surprised expression for only a moment then started to busily move around the house.


Oath #2


Elsword: Let me go too, big sis!

Boy shouted as he stood in front of the girl to block her. Girl seemed to stop for a moment then walked past the boy as she sighed.

Elesis: No, Elsword. Do you even know what kind of place that is?

Girl shut her mouth as she packed some clothes inside a small bag. But boy didn’t give up and walked up to the girl then stopped her hand from packing.

Elsword: I also know what kind of place it is! Father is fighting the enemy for our kingdom right?

Elsword: I’ll also fight together and help father and big sis! I can do it too!

Girl listened quietly to the boy’s words then delved into her thoughts for a moment. But in the end, she answered while shaking her head.

Elesis: Elsword… it’s still too early….for you to go to that kind of place.

Elsword: T….that’s not true! I know I can fight well! Here, look! I haven’t skipped sword practice even for a day!

Boy was about to raise his sword but lowered his hand when the girl’s answered right after.

Elesis: Promise me, Elsword. That you’ll stay here and protect our home and village until father and I come back.

Elesis: I’ll also promise you, that I’ll come back home for sure… with father.

Boy stood still without any words for a while. He then nodded slightly and answered as if he was muttering.

Elsword: …Okay.


Oath #3

Girl finished her preparations by putting couple small breads and completely filled water bottles lying on the sideboard inside her bag. Boy wordlessly sat in the meal table and watched the girl as she packed.

Elesis: Elsword… You are plenty stro…

Sound of knocking came from outside even before the girl finished her words. Girl opened and closed her mouth couple more times trying to finish her words but she gave up in the end and opened the door.

Solider that delivered the letter to the girl was waiting as he kept impatiently tapping the ground with his feet.

Soldier: Sir Elkashu… No, your father is waiting. Let’s go now if you’re ready.

Girl nodded as she picked up her sword lying near the door. Boy still didn’t say anything. This made the girl worried and she couldn’t easily move her step.

Elesis: Elsword… I’ll be going.

Boy nodded twice. Girl looked straightly at the boy’s appearance for a while then smiled brightly as she said her farewell.

Elesis: You’ll certainly have become much stronger when we meet again. To the point where I won’t even be a match for you.

At the girl’s words, boy smiled and waved his hand as if it couldn’t be helped.

Elsword: Come back safely, big sis.


Oath #4

House was quiet. Boy dropped on the bed and closed his eyes.

Elsword: (I’m alone now…)


It felt like a strange emotion was rising up from the corner of his mind. Loneliness, fear, sadness, helplessness…. All the emotions got mixed up and made the boy waver. Boy covered his face with both of his hands and recalled image of the girl’s back as she was leaving the house.


The girl’s back somehow looked similar to their father. Just like the girl, their father also left the house suddenly without any prior notice.


Elsword: (I didn’t know at the time that I won’t be able to see dad for so long. I was just smiling because dad with his sword on his back looked so radiant.)


Boy recalled himself holding the girl’s hand and smiling brightly while waving his hand to his departing father. Big Sis at that time for some reason grabbed my hand strongly with a stiff expression, boy smiled slightly as he murmured.

Elsword: (Does Big Sis remember that time too…..?)

The girl’s last appearance was still vivid in the boy’s eyes as if she was standing in front of him right now. Boy opened his eyes and stared at the girl’s terrible cooking for a while then wordlessly got up and headed to the meal table. Boy took bite out of a piece of meat without hesitation as he thought.

Elsword: (Big Sis’s expression at that time…. She must have had the same thoughts as me right now.)

Boy wordlessly sat for a long time while looking at the shut door.


Oath #5

Elsword: Mmm…..

Sunlight was so bright that boy pulled up the bed sheet and sought more sleep. But he sighed then got up after 10 minutes because he was unable to sleep.

Boy greeted the morning alone today again.

Elsword: Ouch… who put this here?

Boy frowned after bumping his toe on a cup that was lying on the floor and held up the cup annoyingly. The house was an unorganized mess.

When he was with his father, he cleaned the house together with the girl due to his father’s scolding. And during the days when only the girl and boy were in the house, they would put off cleaning until someone was hurt just like today then clean everything together. And now after he was alone….

Elsword: (….It’s too bothersome.)

Everything was just bothersome.

Elsword: (What should I do to spend the day today…..?)

Everyday had been so long for the boy before. But both days and nights felt like they were twice as longer recently.

Elsword: (I’m not particularly hungry….maybe I should take a stroll….)

Boy stretched his arms then grabbed bread randomly lying on the table and went out of the house.

Elsword: (What a nice weather…. Perfect day for training.)

Boy munched on the bread as he headed to the empty field at back of the village where he used to swing sword at.

Elsword: (…For it to feel so unfamiliar because I didn’t come for couple days…)

Boy patted the roughly made training dummy then sat down.

Elsword: (Dad…big sis…they are both fighting bravely in the battlefield…. But why am I here?)

Boy sunk his face into his knees then closed his eyes.

Elsword: (Because I’m weak…. That’s why I was left behind. I wasn’t of help to ….both dad… and big sis.)

Father was one of the best knights in the kingdom and the girl was highly desired talent by the kingdom who was called by everyone as a ‘genius’ who completed the El Search Party course in shortest time ever. Boy had always followed after two of their shadows. And during that time, his admiration towards the two kept getting bigger.

Elsword: (If I had bit more power… I can be of help to dad and big sis…)

Boy who was murmuring the word power suddenly looked up towards the sky then got up as if he was mesmerized by something. He then went back the road he came.

Elsword: I’m an idiot….! Every moment I spend like this…. is separating me from dad and big sis even further…!

Boy quickly ran back to the house. In the corner of the house, there was boy’s sword covered in dust leaning on the wall same as it had been on the day when the girl left. Boy quietly raised his sword then dashed out of the house again.


Oath #6

Elsword: Hundred thirty eight… hundred forty nine…

Again and again, boy swung his sword carefully until he shouted up to hundred fifty then put his sword down. The sword he hasn’t swung for a while didn’t feel too heavy like before.

Elsword: (Let’s become stronger. Then I can catch up to those two.)

Boy instantly emptied a water bottle then grabbed his sword again.

Elsword: (I have to become stronger for when dad and big sis come back. To do that…)

After collecting his breath, boy started swinging his sword in a different stance. Boy’s sword accurately stuck the wooden training dummy’s head and body.

Elsword: (There’s no other way but to train… I’ll become stronger. Then…I’ll become strength to those two this time.)

Boy’s sword skillfully grazed by the training dummy’s neck. Training dummy’s neck instantly got cut and rolled on the floor.

Elsword: (I’ll obtain power to protect dad and big sis… and everyone else!)

Boy shouted loudly as he withdrew his sword then looked at the training dummy’s head rolling on the floor and grinned.


Oath #7

Boy neatly folded the bed sheet then looked around the house. Cleaning for table, bed, room… finished. Ventilation… finished. Boy counted down the house’s condition with his fingers then nodded. He then grabbed four breads and two water bottles from on top of the table.

Elsword: Alright! Time to go!

Boy exited the house with light footsteps then merrily greeted the villagers he saw as he headed to the usual open field.

Elsword: Good, today…. I’ll work on a way to break the enemy’s balance.

Boy stretched his arms as he looked around the open field. There were broken trees and shattered stones with deep sword marks scattered all over the field.

Elsword: Hmm… If I swing widely once first then spin around to swing downwards…

Boy moved his body almost at the same time he spoke. It didn’t look like his move went the way he wanted but the boy’s face was filled with a smile.

Elesis: (You’ll certainly have become much stronger when we meet again.)

Boy energetically swung his sword while recalling the girl’s words.



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  1. I thought elsword and elesis father would be named Elscud like in grand chase.. it would be great if they linked elsword and grand chase worlds even more, i think it would make things more interesting

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