Chung’s Story -Boy’s Resolve-


Boy’s Resolve #1

Father was praised as the most powerful warrior in the Seiker family. It was to the point where not just everyone in Hamel, but everyone in Elrios continent knew the name Hamel’s White Colossus, ‘Helputt Seiker’. But father had one worry and it was that for a long time he didn’t have an heir to continue the family lineage.

As if there was a blessing from the goddess, father finally had a son and that was me ‘Prince Seiker’. Father once told me while smiling that he almost shed tears the moment when he saw the baby smile while looking up at him with blue eyes as if he had inherited the energy of Hamel, the blue city of water.

I was sick often when I was young and my appearance looked like a girl so there were many that sent me worried gazes saying that I wasn’t fit to inherit the Seiker family lineage.

Every time father heard them talk like this, he boasted saying ‘this child will grow up to be the greatest warrior in Seiker family’s history’. But they took this as a funny joke and sometimes sternly advised father to think about it seriously.

Chung: I’m sorry father…. For always being sick in bed….

Whenever I apologized while looking with hazy eyes at father’s large hand due to high fever, father would always stroke my head as he said.

Helputt: You don’t have to be sorry, Chung. You’re a strong child so you’ll be able to overcome it and get back up in no time.

Father called me by a nickname as he stayed beside me until I fell asleep. Only time I could see my busy father’s face properly was during training but unlike his strict side during training, I liked my father’s kind side so much that I sometimes wished I was sick.


Boy’s Resolve #2

There was a special tradition that was passed down in Seiker family. Upon birth, boys of the family received their own guardian stone at the family’s altar. This guardian stone would resonate with its master in the future to generate a weapon and armor that would fit the personality and traits of its master.

Guardian stone was supposed to be received upon birth but father for some reason convinced the family elders to grant me my guardian stone when I grew up a bit more.

I was also curious about this so there was time when I asked father carefully. Father told me that ‘it’s because the emotions from the moment when you receive your guardian stone in your hand, towards the future of the family and firm resolution you make for Hamel is something special that you can only feel in that moment’.

Chung: (I couldn’t understand him at the time. But I think I might be able to understand now.)

I was finally able to receive my guardian stone on my eighth birthday. How much rigorous efforts had been put into by so many people to get that small stone on top of my palm… and what kind of resolve I needed to make from now on for the sake of Seiker family and Hamel…. It was a moment where so many emotions intersected.

Helputt: You also possess a guardian stone now as a member of the Seiker family. I think you know how you have to act from now on.

Father spoke to me with a strict face. I nodded silently then stood in front of the altar for a long time so that I won’t ever forget the weight of the guardian stone on my palm.


Boy’s Resolve #3

Kid 1: But I don’t want to team up with Prince…

Boy who paired up with me trailed his words as he looked around. I occasionally had training with the kids around my age and we were going to have a pair mock battle today. But I couldn’t find a partner even until all of the other kids found theirs.

Kids said the battle must be ‘fair’ so they paired me up with a strongest kid amongst us. But kid who paired up with me muttered while looking gloomy.

Chung: I won’t get in the way….

My partner didn’t answer me.

Kid 1: You’re a boy, so how come you’re so weak?

We ended up losing the battle. Kid who paired up with me fumed with rage.

Chung: I’m sorry…

Other kids gathered around that kid and me.

Kid 2: That’s right! You’re so weak and even look like a girl!

Kid 3: Sir Helputt is so powerful so why are you so weak? Are you really his son?

Chung: What?! How dare you?! I’m the son of Hamel’s white colossus Helputt Seiker!!!

I pushed away kids in my way then left the training field as if I was running away. It felt like shouts were coming from behind me but I ignored them and randomly ran into a forest in the outskirts of the town that people didn’t visit often.

Chung: (… It’s not like I wanted to be born like this…)

My face that got reflected on the water was no doubt a girl’s. Not only did I lack stamina and strength, I also lacked skills. Father is ‘Hamel’s White Colossus’ but the son is…. did his father dote on him too much? I became disappointed in myself whenever people looked at me like this.

Chung: (Will I…. be able to continue father’s legacy like this…?)

I wanted to be strong like my father so I always trained until I got exhausted. But the result was always same. Never mind father, I couldn’t even catch up to the kids around my age.

Chung: (Is there something that can’t be achieved by effort…?)

Main characters from the books I read when I was young became heroes that saved the world after going through tremendous efforts and defeated the evil demon lord. There was no way that something couldn’t be achieved by effort. I shook my head strongly then got back up.

Chung: (I’ll work twice as hard. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just have to work tree times as hard!)

I realized that time was still passing by even while I was like this. I hurriedly headed to our family’s training field.


Boy’s Resolve #4

Seiker family was a family that had protected the Principality of Senace’s capital, Hamel for generations. As a member of the Seiker family, I had to someday become a person that could lead the family so I received combat training from father ever since I was very young.


Father that I met in training was stricter than anyone. Only father and I could enter the training center during training hours.

Chung: Hundred… and thirty….eight…..

Helputt: Prince Seiker, you broke your form. Raise your wrist a bit more.

At father’s scolding, I hurriedly fixed my pose and put strength in my arms that felt like they wouldn’t move anymore. Father usually called me by my nickname ‘Chung’ but it was different during training. He never moved until I completed the given quota, and I also put in effort to complete the quota.

But the result was always disappointing. I had never completed the training quota even once.

Chung: Kugh…hundred and…….thirty….

In the end, I couldn’t complete the quota today as well and let go of the spear in my hand. My two arms didn’t move anymore. Father walked past me who was looking at the spear on the ground with my head down then left the training center.

Helputt: We will end today’s training here. Go rest.

Father never said anything but it was obvious to me that he was disappointed everyday at his weak son not being able to complete even a simple training.

Chung: (He must have been disappointed today too….)

I sat and held up the spear.

Chung: (I want to do this properly too… But my body won’t listen…. That makes it more frustrating….)

I felt like screaming loudly.

Chung: (Move… move!)

I got up with much effort and tried to swing the spear, but even holding it up in a correct pose was extremely difficult for me.

Chung: (Damn….)

I threw the spear at the ground with all my strength then collapsed on the floor again.

Chung: (Effort cannot beat talent…)

I was so frustrated whenever I had to accept my limit and lacking skills that I couldn’t stand it. Thinking about how tomorrow will be the same as today made me feel more miserable.


Boy’s Resolve #5

Two years after I received my guardian stone, the time when I had to make my armor and weapon using the guardian stone was approaching. Weapon and armor tended to be made with different sizes and shapes depending on the owner’s abilities.

Chung: (….Will my weapon even be made properly?)

My skills were hopelessly lacking. I received strict training everyday but I fell way behind others.

Chung: (It’s said that guardian stone resonates with its owner. If the weapon is created according to owner’s abilities… maybe my weapon won’t even get created.)

Honestly, I sometimes wished for the day to not come. I didn’t want to become everyone’s laughingstock.

Chung: (Father will get ridiculed by other people again because of me. All because of me….)

Because I’m weak…. Because of my appearance… other people didn’t like Sir Helputt getting mentioned by people through his son. I also didn’t want that. That’s why I worked harder than anyone else. But….

Chung: (I’m still like this in the end.)

I sighed while putting down the spear I was swinging. I had to make my weapon and armor in a month. Will I be able to become bit stronger during that time? I asked this to myself but the answer was always ‘I won’t be able to’.


Boy’s Resolve #6

Helputt: Chung, let’s talk for a moment.

Time went by fast. Time to make my weapon and armor was in four days. Father called me who was lying on the ground not being able to complete my training quota as always.

Chung: What is it about?

Father stretched his hand towards me. I held my father’s hand and got up. After leaving the training center, I wordlessly followed father. Place we arrived at was a garden behind the mansion.

Helputt: Is the preparation going well?

I answered hesitantly to father’s question.

Chung: …Yes.

Father finally stopped his steps after arriving at a place with few other presences. I went beside father and sat on a chair.

Helputt: In the past, one boy was born into the Seiker family. That boy barely managed to survive when he was born and wasn’t too healthy as he grew up. He was weak and sickly so people always said he won’t live for long.

This almost sounded like my story so I held my breath and listened carefully to father’s words.

Helputt: But that boy never once threw away his dream that he’ll become a guardian who’ll protect Hamel. At first he fell behind other kids, and always lost even when he tried to catch up to them. But he never gave up and always devoted himself towards one direction.

Helputt: And as a result…. That boy became Hamel’s guard captain who’s recognised as the best ever in the Seiker family. Boy’s effort finally saw the light.

It was the same conclusion as heroes I read about in books when I was young. For me who had one day given up by concluding that ‘effort cannot beat talent’, father’s story was filling me up with a hope saying that ‘you can do it too’.

Chung: Who is that person? Is he someone I know? A famous person from the family? Tell me, father!

Father petted my head and gave a small smile.

Helputt: That boy’s name is Helputt Seiker. This is my story.

I couldn’t continue my words for a while. Father as a child was much sicklier than me, but through effort became to be called ‘Hamel’s White Colossus’.

Me on the other hand always got disappointed in myself, thought that ‘I can’t’ and gave up even before I started. It’s already been long since I had given up the ‘dream’ of wanting to achieve something.

Helputt: I think that you’ll grow up to become even greater than me and achieve your dreams. Focus on what you want no matter what others say.

Helputt: True powers that people have aren’t related to body’s weakness or their appearance.

I nodded largely as I looked at father. Dream that I wanted to achieve… I felt that I could achieve the dream of someday following after father and becoming a great warrior.


Boy’s Resolve #7

In front of the door to the altar, I took a deep breath and was settling my complicated mind. Father put his hand on my shoulder and asked with a resolute expression.

Helputt: Are you ready, Chung?

Chung: Yes, father.

There was no fear. I was only thinking about the self I wanted to be and believed that the guardian stone will answer to my thoughts.

I realized now that all the trainings up till now weren’t in vain. Everything up till now will make me strong. I’ll protect Hamel with my power as a member of the Seiker family.

Chung: (I’m ready.)

I nodded as I settled my mind and carefully held up my guardian stone that was lying on the altar. As people from the family watched, the guardian stone started to give off blue light.


I heard sounds of astonished people talking amongst themselves. I quietly opened my eyes that I had closed. In front of my eyes were a full white armor and giant cannon that shined unbelievably brightly.

Chung: (Armor that will surround my frail body, I’ll name it ‘Freiturnier’. And the giant cannon that will be my strength….that will make me strong, I’ll name it ‘Destroyer’.)

I took Freiturnier and Destroyer and headed to where father was standing. Father was quietly nodding as he smiled.

Chung: (I’ll start over from today. Prince Seiker was reborn today.)

I made a resolve while looking down at the guardian stone that I somehow felt warmth from. That Prince Seiker in the future who has become guardian of Hamel will be looking over other children from the Seiker family from this spot, that he will have become stronger than anyone else in Hamel.




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