Aisha’s Story -Lost Power-


Lost Power #1

Aisha: So this place is…

A giant gate that you could easily sense the grand flow of time from was in front of the girl. Girl took a deep breath. There were complicated ancient spells surrounding the gate but the girl didn’t seem like she minded too much.

Aisha: A place where the Ring of Mimir is hidden….. I never thought it would be such an amazing place.

When the girl carefully stretched her hands out towards the gate, the magic aura around the gate crawled up her hands with a stinging sensation. The magic aura finally engulfed the girl’s entire body and started to tighten around her. But the girl merely frowned for a moment and didn’t withdraw her hands.

When the girl’s two hands reached the emblem on the center of the gate, the magic aura started to shake the ground violently. Girl showed no signs of being startled as she took a deep breath one more time then closed her eyes as she started chanting a spell composed of ancient Elrian language.

The magic aura instantly reacted to the girl’s spell and started to quell. As always, the girl didn’t fail this time either.

Kuenbaran: Aisha!

What the old man who later came down the stairs panting saw was the scene where the girl had already opened the gate to the ancient ruins. Old man looked back and forth between the girl who was muttering how it still stung and the ancient ruins inside the gate then sighed as he put his hand on top of his only granddaughter’s head.

Kuenbaran: Did you open this gate by yourself?

Aisha: Yes, grandfather! The emblem on an old piece of paper I saw earlier and the one on this door were exactly the same! So I thought the spell on that paper was related to this door and gave it a shot!

Old man recalled that he had never taught his granddaughter the ancient Elrian language. But he also knew very well that the girl was extremely bright, wanted know anything that was related to magic and that she had already looked up everything up to even most miniscule details beforehand.

Kuenbaran: The spell should have been in ancient Elrian. How did you know?

Aisha: I found a book about the Elrian kingdom and deciphered it on my own.

Answer that the old man expected came directly from the girl’s mouth. It took him three years to gather the data and two years to decipher the said data. The time when the girl encountered the old man’s data was one year ago and the time she began showing interest in it was six months ago.

Kuenbaran: (Deciphering ancient Elrian language in just half a year…..)

Old man let out a dispirited laugh while looking at how the girl was looking down at inner part of the ruin with glimmer in her eyes. It was a moment where he wasn’t regretful that he handed over the title of grand magician to his young granddaughter.

The girl’s magical powers were increasing by the day. The girl possessed a great magical power that wouldn’t fall behind any magician in the Elrios continent and her abilities to utilize that power was outstanding as well.

Old man believed firmly that by the time this girl grew up safely and became an adult, she’d become a great magician that would leave her name in the history.

Aisha: Grandfather, hurry up!!

The legendary artifact, Ring of Mimir which was supposed to hold infinite magical energy was hidden somewhere inside this ruin. If they could find that ring, and if this girl could freely control the magical energy contained in that ring…..

Old man gulped as he walked down the stairs while hiding his shivering hand.

Kuenbaran: Don’t get too hasty. This place is very large and complicated…. You won’t be able to leave easily if you get lost.

Aisha: Don’t worry, grandfather! I’m the granddaughter of great sage Kuenbaran after all!

Old man wordlessly followed after the girl who went ahead while smiling confidently.

Inside of the ruin was like a labyrinth. There were certainly immensely precious treasures hidden inside various parts of this ruin but one had to risk an equivalent amount of danger in order to obtain them.

Girl and old man had to face exactly ten dead ends and three dangerous traps before they were able to reach the center of the ruin. In a place they finally arrived after passing through these rigorous trials, there was a stone slate with bunch of Elrian language written on it that girl and old man weren’t able to read. Girl couldn’t hide her disappointment as she sparsely tried to read the Elrian language.

Aisha: Only the knowledge in the ring…. umm… the gods…. doesn’t possess….

Aisha: I can’t read it…. How about you grandfather?

Old man waved his head at the girl’s question. This slate with multiple erased and unrecognisable words was certainly speaking about the secret hidden inside this ruin. But he could only conclude that the ‘Ring of Mimir’ was hidden somewhere here from this.

Aisha: The ring must mean Ring of Mimir right? We didn’t find out anything from this… oh well. Let’s just go, grandfather!

The girl passed by the slate with cheerful footsteps. Old man who was looking at the slate for a long time while nodding also moved his steps to follow after the girl.

But it was strange. The girl who should be in front of him wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Kuenbaran: Aisha! Can you hear me? Aisha!!!

Old man’s urgent shout lingered in midair. But the girl’s answer couldn’t be heard.


Lost Power #2

Aisha: Grandfather!!! Grandpa!!

Girl’s desperate shout filled the ruin but the old man’s appearance was nowhere to be seen.

Aisha: W, what is this all of a sudden…. Where is this place?

Where in the ruin was this place? Where was the exit? Where was her grandfather? Everything was so confusing for the girl who was suddenly alone. She pulled herself together and tried to sense her grandfather’s magic energy but not even a single magic energy could be sensed in the place where the girl was.

Aisha: Calm down… calm down Aisha. This won’t be solved by getting anxious… Let’s think… So the point when I got separated from grandpa was…

Aisha: ….

Aisha: The place with that giant slate….

The girl who was deep in thought as she sat leaning on the wall recalled the point when she had stopped sensing the old man’s magic energy. Girl had sensed an extremely miniscule amount of magic when she had passed by the giant slate. Its power was barely an amount to give notice to so she hadn’t given it much thought.

But come to think of it right now, it might have been just enough power to notice the intruder and activate a trap. Girl murmured about how she got tricked squarely as she stood up.

Aisha: I can’t get out just by staying here anyways… I should try moving. Grandpa would certainly trust that I’ll come to the place where the ring is likely to be so he should be heading there too.

Girl shouted that she won’t miss any small changes this time then proudly stepped forth into the darkness.

Girl had wandered inside the labyrinth for so long to the point where she couldn’t tell how long she had been walking anymore. But then she rubbed her eyes from a stream of light that could be barely seen far away.


Aisha: That places is…. Could it be….!?

Girl who had been moving her steps carefully wondering if her eyes were mistaken or if this was a trap inside the ruin was already dashing before she had realized.

Aisha: I can’t believe this… It really existed….

Girl stood numbly in front of the giant altar. She then walked up the stairs as if she was possessed by something. Before long, the legendary artifact, ‘Ring of Mimir’ was in front of her eyes.


Aisha: So this is…the Ring of Mimir that had been only told through legends….

Girl who had been wordlessly looking at the ring that was giving off radiant light and somewhat familiar energy slowly stretched out her hand.


Lost Power #3

When the girl came to, Ring of Mimir was already on the girl’s finger.

Aisha: S, since when did I…..? It’s almost as if I was possessed….

Girl who was wordlessly staring at the ring giving off radiant light shook her head strongly then moved her hand towards the ring.

Aisha: Grandfather said it might be a dangerous object so it shouldn’t be used carelessly… I better take it off.

???: That’s a wise old man.

Girl was hastily trying to take the ring off but paused and slowly turned around her head at the voice coming from behind her. Even before she had realized, man with a large hood on was glaring at her.

Aisha: Who are you? Could it be…are you also after this ring?

Girl strengthened the grip on her staff while hiding her other hand behind her back. Staff responded to the girl’s magic energy and started to give off light. Mysterious man stared the girl’s reaction quietly then scoffed as he approached the girl.

Aisha: Back off, I’ll fire this orb at you if you come any closer. It won’t be easy for you to dodge my attack in this narrow place.

Girl bit down on her lips as she carefully examined the man’s appearance. She felt an ominous aura from the man. Also, this aura had already seeped into the entire room.

???: You’ll be able to save yourself if you hand that ring over quietly.

Aisha: Hmph, you took the words right out of my mouth. This is an object that our family has been looking for generations! Do you think I’ll hand it over so easily?

Girl examined the surroundings while backing up to distance herself from the man. Unfortunately, the surroundings were all blocked off with walls and the man was blocking the only exit.

???: What a daring brat… that ring isn’t something you people should covet. If you won’t hand it over quietly… I’ll have to use force.

Chilling aura from the man reached the girl. Staff that girl gripped strongly so it wouldn’t shake was giving off even brighter light than before.


Lost Power #4

Aisha: Hohoho… grateful! There aren’t many chances to fight properly against great genius magician Aisha!

Girl quickly hid herself then collected her breath. Useful magics to use in this situation and plans to obstruct the enemy’s vision and escape was formulating in her head.

Aisha: You won’t last against me for long!

Three orbs that got created from the girl’s staff rapidly flew into the man. Man threw his body to dodge the orbs then raised his head again and looked for a place that the girl might be hiding.

Aisha: Where do you think you’re looking?!

Girl didn’t miss this chance. Fireball that flew into the man’s back made a large sound as it exploded.

Aisha: (…..It won’t end with just this. This is my only chance to escape.)

Thick smoke filled the room. Girl quickly searched around for the man’s shadow. Maybe he hid himself or fell from the unexpected attack, the man couldn’t be seen anywhere.

Aisha: (Alright, this is my chance!)

Girl fired couple more fireballs to clear the smoke as she dashed toward the exit. But just when she almost reached the exit, a giant wall of shadow blocked the exit.

???: You thought you could escape this place? How foolish.

While the girl was still startled, three orbs flew towards her back. Girl barely threw her body to dodge, but almost as if it was revenge from before, the man immediately fired a fireball towards her.

Aisha: (They are exactly same magic that I used before…. Just how….?)

Girl barely managed to put up a barrier to block the attack then glared at the man while panting heavily. Man was standing right in front of the girl.

???: I can let you off right here. Hand over the ring.

Aisha: (….He’s stronger than I thought. It will be difficult to escape unless I defeat that guy…)

Girl backed up as she hid her hand. She smiled confidently as she held up her staff towards the man.

Aisha: Hah! This was just a preview. I didn’t even fight properly yet!

Aisha: (I need more power to defeat this guy…. Ah…. The ring…!)

Girl recalled power of this ring that she was wearing. ‘Ring of Mimir’ was an object that the Landar family had been looking for a long time. It was supposed to be an object that contained infinite amount of magic energy. But it was said that they didn’t even know if the ring actually existed, and even if it existed, it was an ancient artifact so it shouldn’t be used carelessly.

Aisha: (But this is an emergency. There’s no other choice.)

Girl sent magic energy through her staff. Staff started to give off light again.

Aisha: (Lend me a bit of your power!)

Man distanced himself from the girl then gathered the shadows that were blocking the exit around him to prepare for the girl’s attack. Girl used this chance to focus all her nerves on the ring.

She felt something that was familiar and warm. Then she felt an infinite power that she had never felt before flowing into her body.

Light from the ring instantly started to envelop the girl.


Lost Power #5

Ring’s light completely surrounded the girl.

Aisha: (So this is…. Ring of Mimir’s power…!)


When she carefully added power to her staff, light with different size and shape started to gather in her staff this time.

Aisha: (So this is what they meant by…. infinite magic energy without measurable limit.)

Aisha: (I can defeat that guy with this…)

Just when the girl was about to fire an orb at the man, ring started giving off different light than before and started to absorb the girl’s magic energy and all other magic energy from the surroundings. Girl got startled and tried to take the ring off but couldn’t help but to drop her staff and collapse due to her power being drained.

???: I told you. It’s not something humans can handle.

Ring quickly swallowed up magic energy from the girl’s body.


Aisha: W…what…. How..?

She tried to somehow focus her blurry vision but the ring was even taking the girl’s consciousness.

???: I’ll be taking the ring. Be glad that it ended with just this.

Girl’s consciousness faded soon as the man took the ring off the girl’s hand. Man put the ring that was giving off radiant light again after absorbing the girl’s magic energy inside his coat then leisurely walked away.


Lost Power #6

Kuenbaran: Aisha…? Aisha!

Old man hastily headed to the altar from the powerful magic energy that he felt from far away. But he realized he was too late when he saw the ruined altar and the girl collapsed on the ground.

Kuenbaran: Just what happened….?

Old man carefully carried the girl on his back as he bit his lips. He looked back once more to examine the altar.

Kuenbaran: Aisha… just what happened here…?

The altar was quiet as if nothing had happened. Only the old man’s regrettable sighs could be heard.

Aisha: Ugh…

Girl raised her body which felt heavy like the soaked cotton.

Kuenbaran: Aisha! You’re awake.

Aisha: Grandpa…?

Girl looked at the old man confusedly then examined the surrounding with an uneasy expression. She realized she was in an unfamiliar room and quickly tried to get up. Old man comforted the surprised girl then got her to lie back down on the bed. He then asked if the girl was feeling okay. Girl nodded while sending an uneasy gaze to the old man.

Aisha: Why am I here? I certainly found the ring in that altar….

Kuenbaran: Do you not remember anything…?

Girl shook her head at the old man’s sigh filled voice. The altar was in shambles when the old man arrived, the girl was unconscious and collapsed at the altar’s entrance and the ring was nowhere to be seen. After the girl heard all the explanation from the old man, she desperately racked up her complicated head to recall the situation when she found the ring.

Kuenbaran: You should take it easy for a while.

Aisha: …Yes.

Kuenbaran: Are you really alright?

At the old man’s worry filled question, girl frowned and opened her mouth from the unfamiliar feeling that she’s been feeling since she woke up.

Aisha: It’s strange, grandpa. Magic energy… my magic energy… I can barely feel any,

Kuenbaran: As I thought…

Old man nodded as if he had expected this then grabbed the girl’s hand.

Kuenbaran: Don’t be surprised and listen, Aisha. Currently, almost all the magic energy you possessed disappeared.

Aisha: T, that… that can’t be…

Kuenbaran: It’s been an entire week since I brought you out of that altar. I don’t know what happened at the altar but no matter how much magic energy you consumed, it shouldn’t take more than a week to recover them.

At the old man’s words, girl raised her two shaking hands and desperately tried to focus. But just like the old man said, she couldn’t feel as much magic energy as before.

Kuenbaran: Ring of Mimir is a special ring made using the power of El. I can’t explain it any other way than to say that all your powers were stolen by that ring.

Aisha: Then… I’m now….

Old man hugged the girl and patted her on the back. Girl’s shivering slowly eased.

Kuenbaran: Don’t worry, Aisha. Ring of Mimir was made by using the El’s power, so the clue to get your power back must lie within the power of El.

Girl nodded as she closed her eyes at the old man’s comforting words. Her head was still complicated and it seemed it would take more time for her to accept this radical situation, but the girl looked like she had understood her situation up to certain extent.


Lost Power #7

Kuenbaran: Aisha…. Are you researching data gain? You should rest a bit…

Girl munched on bread that old man brought as a breakfast as she sat in a table filled with books while writing down something quickly.

Aisha: Of course! I feel more at ease doing something… And I might be able to find a clue about my magic power from some book!

Girl smiled brightly as she looked at the old man’s face. After realizing she lost almost all her power, the girl shut herself in her room and kept thinking about something for couple days. But one day she suddenly started to visit all the bookstores in the area and gathered every book written about the El.

Kuenbaran: You still can’t stress yourself. You should rest…

Aisha: No, grandfather. I’m completely energetic! See? I’m eating well.

Girl swallowed the bread remaining on the dish as she drove her head into the books again. She then raised her thumb towards the old man.

Kuenbaran: I see… so did you find some clues?

Old man also felt more at ease after seeing the girl regain her cheerfulness. She did lose her magic power but her granddaughter was standing in front of him cheerful as she had always been.

Aisha: Hmm… I’m not sure yet. There’s almost no data about the Ring of Mimir… and there’s so many data about the El that it’s hard to pick anything out.

Girl started rummaging through the messy desk and finally held up an old book that had been buried deep within other books. On that book which was filled with ink marks, there was a picture of large tree and El.

Aisha: It’s a place called Ruben. I heard that the El Shard here is bit special. It’s said that the ring was made from the power of El. So maybe it might react to the power of El Shards as well.

Old man nodded from the girl’s theory then examined the details written in the book. Information about El Shard in the Ruben forest filled the book.

Kuenbaran: Will you leave for Ruben?

Aisha: Yes, not just Ruben. I’ll follow everywhere that has El Shards. That’s the only thing I can do after all…

Old man smiled as he nodded from seeing how his granddaughter was filled with determination. It was a wordless approval of her journey.

Aisha: Thank you, grandpa…! I promise! When I come back…

Girl smiled like usual then dived into old man’s arms.

Aisha: Not just the ring and my power…. But I’ll have become much more powerful and awesome Aisha!





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