Elsword Time Trouble Volume 6 Chapter 1 Page 49~58(Chapter Complete)


Rena’s return from her scouting mission.

Elsword, Eve, Chung, Ara and Add gathered to listen to Rena’s short explanation.

“We finished dealing with Ash Covered Village. We were originally only going to scout it out. But…..we got found out so Elesis and I took care of it.”

“Weren’t there a lot of enemies?”

Rena shook her head at Ara’s question.

“No, enemies were acting strangely. It was like they weren’t fighting out of their own will so we took them down easily.”

Rena continued after confidently revealing that she and Elesis took care of all the enemies on their own.

“I discussed about this with Elesis too and we determined that there was no strategic value in Ash Covered Village. But Demons were occupying that place despite this. Scar, he must be provoking us to draw us in.”

“……Is it okay to respond to their provocation?”

Scar? It sounded like he’s a leader of the demons. Is he a general? Add asked anyways because he didn’t like how they went out of their way to liberate a village despite knowing it was a provocation. Rena replied coldly.

“We need to secure a foothold in the middle anyways in order to advance to the Grand Cavern. Even if that’s what Scar was aiming for.”

“Securing a forward base with only two of you, impressive.”

“Now we can head to the Temple of Fire.”

“Yes, and Scar will be…..waiting for us in the Grand Cavern. It’s time for the final confrontation.”

It was a grave atmosphere where everyone was resolving themselves for the final fight. But only Add listened with a blank expression. He somewhat had a guess by now…. But it still felt like he was left out of the conversation.

“Wait, wait.”

Add raised his hand and everyone’s gazes gathered on him. He didn’t want to say something like this when everyone was enflaming their fighting spirits……

“I’m sorry but I have no idea what you guys are talking about. So explain it so I can understand easily.”

“Talk nonsense when you are alone, Add.”

Eve warned coldly but Add didn’t back out. Well, it was true that Eve’s reaction was very cold but it was understandable.

He would look like he’s spoiling the mood when everyone was seriously preparing for the final battle.

“I’m sorry….. But I seriously don’t understand what everyone is talking about. Well, let’s say my recent memories disappeared due to the effects of accident during my experiment. So explain what’s going on to me.”

“Are you okay, Mr.Add?”

“You can rest if you are tired, Big Brother Add.”

Add shook his head at Chung and Elsword’s kind words.

“I can tell by the atmosphere that this is not a time to rest. So explain in detail how the situation is turning out.”

“So we were……trying to stop Scar who’s plotting to destroy Elrios right?”

Ara trailed her words unconfidently. Rena nodded.

“That’s right. Elrios will be complete destroyed if Scar resurrects the demon god. We must stop him.”

“……So who’s Scar?”

“He’s a demon general.”

It wasn’t a name he had heard before. Add groaned as he organized his thoughts. New locations like Lanox, Temple of Fire and Grand Caverns were coming up one after another.

Not just that, name of their enemy was different.

“I’m going to ask just in case…… You all know about D right?”

When Add asked after a hesitation, El Search Party members all looked confused.

“No, who’s that?”

“Is it a new enemy?”

“I’ve never heard about this.”

“Is it a new demon?”

Rena coldly concluded.

“Add, we’re in middle of a strategy meeting. Drop idle talk.”

“…….No one had heard about him?”

Add’s heart sunk. Elsword and Ara could be understandable but not even Rena had heard about him? Everyone was acting like they just heard that name for the first time.

Raven and Aisha weren’t here but it felt like they’d give the same answer. Add sighed while pressing down on his complicated head.

“I see, so a new demon appeared, and we joined together to stop him. ……So what’s our plan from now on?”

“Elesis is waiting for us in Ash Covered Village. We’ll go join up with her.”

“And after we join up with her?”

Add was asking about their long term plan. Rena gave additional explanation.

“We have to join up with Fire Priestess who’s supposed to be at the Temple of Fire soon as possible. Then also find out about movements of Scar and the other demons.”


This was something he had never heard before as well. But everyone looked as if they knew about it already. Add bit his lowered lips as he shook his head widely. This time, this world was too different.

This time travel had changed too many things.

Well, 9 El Search Party members joining together wasn’t something that had happened in the previous time travels in the first place.

“Fine, I roughly understood our situation. So when are we heading towards Ash Covered Village?”

“We’ll head out right away when Raven and Aisha comes back. We can’t leave Elesis by herself for too long after all. Everyone, get ready to depart.”

At Rena’s word, the El Search Party members all nodded then got up from their seats. Add waved his hand while sighing.

“……I’ll be repairing the Dynamos while everyone gets ready.”


When everyone went up to the 2nd floor, Add started numbly repairing his Dynamos. Dynamos were basically equivalent to his hands and feet. He had repaired them so many times that he could even repair them with his eyes closed.

“Just….what’s going on around here?”

New town, Search Party members’ changed personalities…… Well, these could be understandable. Elsword’s personality had changed from growing up too.

But it was strange that no one knew about D.

“Could it be that D had a hand in this too?”

He was someone who disrupted the world saying he’ll rule over time and space. He certainly was capable of creating this strange situation.

“I still don’t get it.”

So many new situations were coming up that he even had thoughts about discussing with everyone after honestly revealing about time travel.

“Everyone is busy preparing to depart, why is boy the only one lazing around?”

Add lifted his clothes from the voice that came from inside his jacket. Eun jumped out of the inner pocket then landed on the table lightly.

“It’s troublesome because I’m getting sleepy more often. Well, it’s to be expected from getting older.”


“Boy must think of me as granny who tells you old tales. You keep asking me for a story every time you see me.”

“I’m not in the mood for jokes.”

Add stopped moving his hands and glared at Eun. But that only lasted for a moment as Add withdrew strength from his eyes then shook his head. A heavy fatigue rushed in as his head started aching.

It hasn’t been too long since he left his comrades behind in front of D. Also the time he arrived now was so nonsensical.

“Alright, I’ll explain. What should I explain to you?”

“Where is this place?”

“Didn’t they say it’s Lanox already, boy?”

He didn’t even have energy to get angry. Add loosened up then re-explained the current situation.

“I’ve been the one choosing the time period in time travels up till now. But this is a place we’ve reached due to the emergency code you activated….. It’s much too different from the place I know.”

“I’ll say this now, I’m not the one who chose this coordinate.”

“……But you should know the reason why.”

Eun nodded meekly.

“It’s to defeat D of course.”

“There’s no D in this place. No one knows about D. Did he hide somewhere?”

Eun was about to answer when footsteps coming downstairs was heard. Add quickly tried to hide Eun but she swiftly dodged Add’s hand.

“It’s not something you should hide forever anyways.”

So did time paradox not matter? Add thought Eun had her reasons and turned around to see that it was Eve who had come downstairs. Eve’s gaze slowly moved from Add to Dynamo that was in middle of repairs. Her gaze finally fixed on Eun who was sitting confidently on top of Add’s lap before Add had realized it himself.

“What is that?”

“I’m Add’s pet fox, Geum. I’m in similar circumstance to Ophelia that girl commands.”

Add was dumbfounded from Eun’s answer but Eve seemed like she understood.

“So you made a helper, Add.”

“……I guess.”

He shouldn’t have to deny it. When Add looked at her nervously, Eve stared straightly back at him for a while then slightly turned her head away.

“Did you call for me today to show me that helper?”

“It wasn’t because of that……”

“Then why did you?”

“……I’ll explain later. I’m bit tired right now.”

It was a rare chance to speak with Eve but Eun’s explanation was more urgent right now. It should be much faster to question Eun for information than asking Eve in a roundabout way.

Eve was staring at Add straightly then turned around.

“I don’t need something like your heart, Add.”


Eve didn’t answer and left the inn. Add was frowning from not being able to understand the words Eve left him when Eun giggled.

“Girl is chilly even here. Raising those affection points again will be rigorous, so rigorous.”

“What do you mean by affection point….?”

“Oh, you don’t know? Future becomes easier if you manage the affection points properly. Leaving affection points empty for a long time will make them sink bottomlessly so be sure to check them often. I’ll become an exemplary textbook for you.”

Add ignored the incomprehensible words as he grabbed Eun by the collar then sat her back on the table.

“Just finish what you were talking about before. So what am I supposed to do from now on?”

“You should first repair the Dynamos and heal up. You might as well have to solve this world’s problem too. Since there’s one process that’s needed to go back to the original world.”


The words she used felt odd. Seeing Add frown, Eun let off a cold smile. It was a very sharp smile even though she had a small and cute appearance.

“Boy is too obsessed with time. That’s why your thought process is getting blocked. Are you thinking that this is merely a place that has a time trouble?”

“What do you mean? I certainly entered through a space-time wormhole…..”

But it wasn’t Add who determined the destination this time. Add was about to reply while pondering Eun’s words then he froze up.

“Wouldn’t you agree that it’s difficult for the situation to change this drastically by merely going backwards in time?”


A chill went down Add’s spine from Eun’s words. That’s right, Eun was right. Too many things had changed……..to consider this a butterfly effect happening after time travel.

This was a space-time that had more things Add didn’t know than things he knew. What has to happen…..to make such a thing possible?

Add asked while doubting himself. He couldn’t believe his conclusion.

Preconceived notion had formed in Add’s head due to his multiple time travels. Solve things with time travel if things go wrong. That’s why he had thought this was a time travel as well…..

“Did I…..not time travel?”

Eun erased her smile as she nodded. She looked far off into the distance as she declared indifferently.

“Place that’s similar but different, different but similar, describing it as a place like this should be easier to understand. There are things boy knows and doesn’t know, a world that has been running on its own rules and time. We’re outsiders here.”

“That means…..”

Eun declared after hearing Add’s groan.

“To escape from D, we jumped to another universe.”


This wasn’t a place he arrived due to time traveling.

This was a completely different world, a different universe.


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