Elsword Time Trouble Volume 6 Chapter 1 Page 36~49


After retrieving the Dynamos for repairs, Add arrived at the Lanox central inn where the El Search Party was supposed to be staying. The way to the inn was complicated so Add didn’t expect much path finding from Ara, but she didn’t get lost.

Add asked because he was marveled by this. Ara told him the reason.

“Don’t you remember Mr.Add? I was getting lost so much so you taught me how to memorize.”

“……Did I?”

He of course didn’t have any recollections of this. But this wasn’t the first time things like this had happened. During Add’s multiple failures in Elder, he returned to the past to find out that Elsword had grown up and that details of some past events had changed.

Fight where they had struggled against Nasod miners had changed into a fight that they won easily.

‘Although the changes right now is bit difficult to digest…..’

It seems Add was indeed the one who called Eve to his house and taught Ara how to find the inn. Add followed Ara into the inn then saw familiar faces immediately.

They were Elsword and Chung sitting on the lounge sofa.

“It’s Big Brother Add.”

“Mr.Add is here.”

Add let out a sigh of relief when Elsword waved his hand. Ara and Eve had changed strangely so he had been worried. But Elsword and Chung were same as ever.

Not only that, Elsword was in his grown up form that awakened the Memory of Time and Space.

“…..That’s great.”

“Did you meet with Ms.Eve?”

Add nodded to answer Chung’s question then sat in front of Elsword. He first needed information to figure out how the situation was turning out, what and when this timeline was and how things have changed.

Add ordered lemonade from the counter then slowly looked around the inn’s interior. It was an inn he never seen. This was a time he had never seen but he felt more at ease after seeing Elsword’s familiar face.

Add started the process of gathering information after he got his lemonade.

“So what’s the situation right now?”

He purposely asked vaguely like this. Asking like this would at least grantee him some information then he could use that to figure out their current situation.

“Big Sis and Big Sister Rena went to scout together. They’ll be back soon.”

“I’ll go and tell Ms.Eve that I finished patrolling the town.”

Ara said this then went upstairs. So Eve was upstairs…. And Elesis was their ally as if it was natural.

Add frowned then asked.

“Elsword, who’s the enemy we must defeat?”

“Demons of course. Why would you ask something like that, Big Brother?”


So demons were their enemies after all. But the culprit controlling everything behind the demons was D, the future Add.

Chung who was listening added gravely.

“That’s not all. Dragons that colluded with the demons cannot be taken lightly as well.”

Cough! Elsword and Chung widened their eyes in confusion when Add who was drinking lemonade suddenly started coughing and beating his chest.

“Big Brother?”


Elsword stood up and tried to pat Add’s back but Add forcefully pushed his hand away.

“……Dra-, what?”

“Dragons. Mr.Add should know about them as well.”

“That’s right, those guys are persistent…… Although they don’t seem to be in Lanox right now.”

Elsword and Chung were conversing leisurely but Add’s mind as he listened went numb. He knew what dragons were but he didn’t get how they popped up in this conversation so naturally.

Did they join D because they are Dragons?

Add was so shocked to the point where he unconsciously got these stupid thoughts.  Seeing that Add had a blank expression with his mouth opened, Elsword who was conversing idly with Chung looked at Add strangely.

“Big Brother, what’s going on? Are you hurt somewhere?”

“…..Wait. So Not just demons……but dragons are our enemy too?”

Seeing Add groan while pressing his hand down on his forehead, Elsword raised his sword as if it was obvious.

“That’s right, we have to fight and protect Elrios.”


This was strange. Add bit down on his lips then shook his head.

The starting point when Add became reluctant about time traveling was……after witnessing Elsword’s drastic growth.

He was afraid that time traveling would bring about a huge change that couldn’t be handled. But he stopped thinking about such things ever since he started turning back time to save the lives of the Search Party members.

Fear that he had long forgotten became a reality.

Eve and Ara’s subtle changes and this unfamiliar place called Lanox was one thing. But dragons? Scale of the changes had changed immensely.

Add’s was sighing heavily from a headache when footsteps coming downstairs were heard. Add unknowingly turned around to look thinking that it was Eve, but froze up.

Heavy looking Nasod arm.

It was Raven.


“Ah, Big Brother Raven. Are you alright?”

“I had a good rest.”

Raven spoke composedly as he approached the sofa then sat beside Add. Raven noticed Add staring at him blankly so he turned to look.

“What’s wrong, Add?”


Well, Elesis became their ally. Raven becoming their ally wasn’t strange at all! Raven was recently their enemy in Add’s impression. But judging by the way he acted, he was totally their ally right now.

This was an obvious conclusion judging by how Elsword and Chung were accepting Raven being here naturally.

“It’s nothing. I was just thinking that time is fair after all……”

Raven didn’t say anything in response to Add’s incomprehensible words and instead went into a deep contemplation while drinking tea. Add internally calculated their current situation then clenched his fists.

This was an unexpected gain. Elesis and now even Raven became their ally. They lost two enemies and gained two allies. The difference in strength between allies and foes had narrowed drastically.

Well, things called dragons were added to their list of foes. But…..that didn’t matter.

Elesis, Rena and Raven were all together. Not only that, they had Ara, Elsword, Chung and Eve as well.

This was literally a party straight out of a dream, a dream team.

“I’ll ask just in case….. Aisha isn’t here right?”

“Big Sister Aisha went to discuss things with Ms.Edel.”

Add suppressed the feeling of wanting to stand up straightly and cheer. He was about to go crazy. He was going to die because he was so happy.

He had asked just out of curiosity, but Aisha was here too!!

“S, so everyone is gathered……”

Other three didn’t seem to understand what Add was saying sparsely but it didn’t matter. He was so happy that he was about to go crazy.

Add looked down at his knees while grinding his teeth.

“Kukukuk, that’s right. As to be expected from me. Perfect, this is a perfect plan. Kahahahaha!!”

He almost gave up everything because of D’s overwhelming power but the story was different like this. Gap in strength between allies and foes had narrowed drastically.


They could win.

Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve, Chung, Ara, Elesis and Add.

With these 9 together, they even had a chance against D. Best members were gathered!


Add was shivering with joy when Raven suddenly stretched out his right arm to touch Add’s head. Even while caught up in joy, Add wondered what Raven was up to and tried to push his arm away. But Raven asked seriously.

“You became shorter, Add.”


Add unknowingly frowned after getting the topic he was sensitive about touched upon. He never cared too much about his own appearance but he should at least be above average. He had never heard from anywhere that he was short.

Add was about to leap into rage but Raven stared seriously.

“Was there some kind of problem?”

“Come to think of it, Big Brother Add. You look……a bit younger.”


Add blankly stroked his own face from Elsword’s words. His cheeks felt a bit smooth but he couldn’t tell if this was anything different than usual.

No, of course. How many guys were out there that cared about smoothness and bounciness of their cheek?

But Raven silently stroked Add’s head, shoulder and arms then asked gravely.

“You’re injured. Did you do some kind of dangerous experiment?”

“……..Well, you could say that.”

At Add’s words, Raven nodded then backed up while withdrawing his hand.

“Be careful.”

“Kukuk, you don’t have to worry.”

Add couldn’t think of any better answer so he answered appropriately. He then put the Dynamos on the table and started the repairs. They were completely destroyed but this could be covered with the spare parts he had.

Add normally did this kind of repairs alone in his room but this time was an exception. He wanted to listen in on other members’ conversation and gather information.

Seeing Add focus on repairs and Raven silently drink tea, Elsword spoke up.

“So Big Brother Raven, Big Brother Add, how are we going to fight from now on?”

“I’m planning to listen to what Rena and Elesis has to say. Their judgements should be accurate.”

“Maybe I should have followed Big Sis too.”

“Only Ara could possibly keep up with those two. It’s better for us to stay behind.”

Raven answered sincerely. Add stopped his repairs and stole a glance at Raven. Judging by how Raven spoke, he could tell that Raven was a sincere and thoughtful man.

And he didn’t even need to confirm his skills.

‘……Why did Elesis and Raven join D?’

Because they couldn’t win against D? Because they wanted to be on the winning side? Add was sure these weren’t people that would act according to such materialistic desires. D who broke the world, judging how Eun’s plan was to destroy that broken world, two of them must have had thoughts of their own regarding this matter.

Elesis’s decision seems to be related to Elsword, but he didn’t get Raven’s decision.

Add asked abruptly after recalling the last scene before he time traveled, Raven raising his blade while carrying unconscious Rena.

“I got something to ask you, Raven.”

When Raven stared back, Add asked seriously.

“What will you do if Rena was in danger?”

“I’ll fight and save her.”

Raven answered first then asked.

“Why are you confirming this?”

“…..What if an overwhelming enemy stands in the way and she couldn’t be saved?”

At Add’s question, Elsword suddenly made fake coughs. After getting everyone’s attention, Elsword reprimanded calmly.

“Big Brother Add, I don’t know what you’re thinking….. But why are you asking such a thing to Big Brother Raven?”

“It’s fine, Elsword.”

Raven shook his head then answered composedly.

“You asking this must be related to our plan. If I’m not able to save her…..I’ll fight together with her till the end.”


Add nodded silently from the weight of Raven’s answer. Raven wasn’t joking when he said those words which meant he’d rather die together with her if he’s not able to save her.

“…….I’ll keep that in mind for the plan.”

He could somewhat guess why Raven stood on D’s side. Rena was the most powerful member amongst the previous 5 El Search Party members. But even she had moments where she almost lost her life.

Fighting against D will result in a certain defeat. So he’ll go far as to join the demons if it was for saving Rena.

That must have been Raven’s decision at the time. Looking from Add’s values of doing anything possible in order to save his precious person, Raven’s decision was totally understandable.

Add was organizing his thoughts when Raven hesitated for a moment then added.

“I meant that I want to support her much as possible since she’s overworking herself due to the Elf race being at the brink of extinction.”


It seems I’m getting surprised a lot today. Add thought this to himself but could hide his shock. Dragons and now crisis of the Elf race. Another strange information had come up.

“I’ll obviously fight to save you too if you are in danger, Add.”

“Whatever. So wait, Elves are in danger?”

“What’s wrong, Mr.Add?”

Judging by how Chung was making a strange expression, this must be obvious information as well. Add shook his head while sighing.

“…….Seriously, what is going on?”

Dragons come out of nowhere and now Elves are at a brink of extinction? Too many things had changed from this time travel. More he found out, more things got complicated. But Add focused his thoughts on one point.

These trivial changes didn’t matter. Important point was that 9 of them, the full power El Search Party was assembled.

It wasn’t like there was a concrete plan yet, but he could see the hope of defeating D. Add was letting off a delightful smile…..when a loud noise came from outside the door.


Then a man broke through the door and rolled inside. All of the El Search Party members’ eyes focused on the unconscious man who rolled all the way near the sofa.

“What’s going on……?”

Elsword was about to quickly stand up when a furious voice rang out from outside.


“…….Ah, it’s Big Sister Rena.”

Add asked again when Elsword who was about to stand up sat back down. Add knew all he’s been doing was asking questions but he couldn’t help but to ask again.

“What? Who?”

“That was Big Sister Rena’s voice.”

Add’s face turned blank when Elsword waved his hand as if he wasn’t interested. Of course, there was no need to doubt Rena’s skill. No one probably needs to go outside to help her.

You could tell from a single glance that this guy who rolled inside the inn was a small fry. Add didn’t even need to get his hands dirty.

“……That was Rena?”

Well, the voice did sound a bit familiar. Seeing that Raven had already gotten up and was heading towards the door, Add also stood up and followed him. Recalling the voice again, it was indeed Rena’s voice but he somehow wanted to deny this.

Add followed Raven and came out to the streets. Then he groaned with a blank expression.

“……That’s Rena?”

Beauty that one couldn’t avert their gaze from was fighting a group of men by herself. Looking at her face, it was indeed Rena…. But how she was waving her sword and weaving through bunch of heavily built men felt strange.

Sword? Rena?

Why was someone so skilled at archery to the point where she could be praised as goddess of archery carrying a sword and fighting in close quarters?

Of course, Rena was Rena so those men went flying crashing into a wall or fell on the floor each time her sword flashed. She looked ferocious like a lion that jumped into a herd of sheep. It looked as if she was going destroy everything that stood in her way.

Those men will cower in fear from just seeing Rena’s shadow from now on.

Looking closely, the sword was only for threatening. She was using a clever technique of swinging her sword to lure out enemy’s weak points then finishing things with physical strikes. Those men dodged Rena’s sword only to go flying from her kick or get knocked out from getting hit by her elbow. It was 1 vs many fight with weapons involved but not only was Rena threatening her opponents, but she was taking them all down while not letting even a strand of her hair be harmed.

Although she was fighting up close with a sword rather than a bow, the fact that Rena was an outstandingly skilled individual didn’t change.


Although she was fighting up close with a sword, the fact that Rena was an outstandingly skilled individual didn’t change.

“How dare you make mockery of Elves in front of me!”

From Rena’s furious shout, Add unconsciously looked at Raven standing beside him. But Raven was just staring at Rena quietly. At how Raven was accepting this situation as if it was natural, Add asked slowly.

“……That’s Rena?”

That woman who was throwing those men around and knocking them out like an enraged lion? Not just that, but her expression was so cold to the point where ice would be jealous. Never mind smiling, her mouth was stiff and her eyes were sharp.

She was still extremely beautiful…. But the atmosphere was different.

Raven must have interpreted Add’s question differently because he answered calmly.

“People that just arrived in Lanox must have messed with an Elf.”


That wasn’t the answer Add was looking for so he just continued to stare forwards blankly. The fight was almost over. 1 vs 25, but one was overpowering 25. She wasn’t stopping her storm of attacks which completely crushed her opponents to the point of leaving them with trauma.

She was still beautiful and strong. But…..

“……..That’s not Rena.”

He didn’t know what to say.


Dozens of men were sprawled out on the ground thanks to Rena who fought as if she was dancing. People who were observing were all surprised and were making a face pondering if they should clap or not. But Rena didn’t care about their reactions and put her sword back in its sheath.

Not even a single drop of blood got on her sword from the fight just now. Add who was watching was filled with feelings of not knowing what to say. She did hold back, but this Rena who struck strongly like an angry horse was way off from Rena that he had known.

Rena was wiping the dust off her hand after finishing the situation when she noticed Raven and Add then approached them.

“You were watching?”

Cold and stiff voice, it was to the point of suspecting if she was mimicking Eve. Add had a blank face but Rena didn’t care and spoke to Raven.

“I’ll go explain this to Edel. Stay here until then, Raven.”

“No, I’ll go to Edel. You must have just returned from scouting the Ashen Land. Get some rest, Rena.”

“They were just small fries. Also, it was a problem related to Elves so I’ll…..”

“All of us were asked by Edel to keep public order in Lanox. So it’s not just your problem.”

Raven ended their conversation like that then approached the unconscious men. Rena looked for a moment at Raven’s back as he determined who to arrest. She then turned around towards Add.

“Add, who’s in the inn right now?”

“…..Everyone who should be.”

Add was reluctant but answered. How she beat down those men mercilessly, cold low-pitch voice coming from that stiff face…. This Rena was very different from Rena Add had known.

Eve and Ara were bit different too but Rena had changed drastically. The difference was clear as spring breeze and winter gale.

“Then I’ll report the results of my scouting. Tell everyone to gather.”

“I’ll do that…..”

Add nodded hesitantly. Unfamiliar events were occurring continuously but he had no choice but to follow for now.


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  1. This version of Rena… don’t like me very much for start. At first view seems the type of person that could join D if given the opportunity… Or kill a team member if angered…

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