Elsword Time Trouble Volume 6 Chapter 1 Page 21~37


1. New Comrades


Add made Eve go back for now.

Eve looked quite upset from being called then sent back for no reason, but she still ordered Ophelia to treat Add’s arms.

During that process, Nasod called Oberon got badly scolded by Eve for knocking all the books off the bookshelf, dropping the anesthetic on the floor and scattering the bandages on the floor.


After sending Eve back, Add dropped down to sit on the floor then sighed.


He tried to laugh but couldn’t. Anesthetic and potion’s effects were kicking in so he could somewhat move his arms now.

But the situation analysis in his head wasn’t showing any improvements.

“Did I travel back in time too many times? Or did those 20 million failures bring about some unknown variable?”

Well, it was already strange how D, Add from the future and Add right now could coexist.

Was it even possible for him from the present and him from the future to exist in the same time?

“…..Time paradox.”

Looking back now, Add jumped through time many times but had never thought to deeply about this word. In the first place, Add’s first time travel was coming from the far past to the present. This wasn’t something that would cause a time paradox.

He haven’t had any leisure to think about such things during his first time travel in Elder (not first according to Eun) in order to save Eve. And there wasn’t much trouble during the next time travels so he had stopped thinking about it.

“I’m going to go crazy. No, it seems I’m already crazy…… hahaha.”

Add shook his head after recalling his self from the future. You couldn’t call that anything else but an insane devil.

Becoming that guy was his future? Just why? He couldn’t deny that form was his future but he didn’t understand what kind of process would turn him into such a being.


This unknown time he is seeing for the first time.

Coexistence of present and future that ignores the time paradox.

Him from the future that’s caught up in lunacy.


This whole situation was all tangled up complicatedly but there wasn’t even a clue that would help him solve it. His head felt like it would explode.

Add was organizing his thoughts one more time…. When a sound of someone yawning was heard from behind him.

“Yaaaawn, I don’t know why boy is making such a gloomy face.”


Add turned around to see the small fox stretching her arms. She wagged her white tails then smiled with her eyes.

“Shouldn’t you be glad that you survived from D?”

“Just explain what’s going on.”

Add urged while suppressing the rage surging up from within him. But Eun lied down on the floor leaning her chin on her hand. She looked up at Add while only making long yawns.

“If you won’t explain…..”

“I’ll explain. But before that, shall we look around this city first?”

Eun shrugged.

“Now that you know about D, it’s now time to solve the questions. I’d like to explain while looking at how the situation has changed.”

“I said……”

“Would you believe so easily even if I just told you? It would be better to show you the proof rather than giving you just words. Also, it’s not like this offer right now has no meaning.”

Eun held out her cute little hands. Eun pouted when Add only looked at her with angry eyes.

“Boy has quite a talent for putting girls to shame. What I’m saying is, let’s talk while getting some fresh air.”

Add clenched his fists and stood up.


Dynamos were broken and couldn’t be used right now.

Add wasn’t too keen on walking around because Dynamo which gave him multiple features including transport and defense couldn’t be used. It felt like walking in the streets without wearing underwear.

“Don’t worry too much boy. I’ll help if it becomes dangerous.”

Eun sitting on Add’s shoulder poked his cheek with her tail as if she read his thoughts. He would have normally pushed her off his shoulder but she was difficult to handle because she was so small right now.

When Add ignored, Eun smiled as she looked forwards.

“This is quite a lively city.”

Streets of Lanox were quite busy. Add asked while frowning from having to move through crowds of busily moving people.

“Why did you become so small?”

“Isn’t space-time wormhole a 1 seater? I became like this because I went out of my way to make various arrangements.”

“……It would have been better if you just disappeared.”

Eun sighed when Add snapped.

“Cursing and telling me to die, boy must have been quite upset at me.”

“Don’t joke with me! I…..!”

It was no different from Eun’s usual mockeries, but Add raised his voice while clenching his fists. His voice was so loud to the point where people passing by were stopping to look at Add and Eun on his shoulder.

Becoming the center of attention, Add closed his lips tightly then turned around. This was a city that he had no clue about, it didn’t matter if anyone saw or not. But this wasn’t a topic to talk about while there were people listening.

After entering an empty alley without other presences, Add glared at Eun on his shoulder. Eun sighed then jumped down.

Eun looked back after landing on top of pile of boxes.

“You’ll get sick if you hold back things you want to say for so long. Go ahead.”

“You knew everything. About who was standing in my way, how the cause of this entire situation was that thing…..”

He could have just said himself from the future but he couldn’t bring himself to. So he spoke vaguely instead. Small Eun sitting with her legs crossed nodded.

“That’s right. I knew that the one standing in the way of everything was Prince of Time.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“What would have changed even if I told you?”

Eun smiled coldly but Add didn’t intend to be patient this time. He would have instantly attacked Eun if his Dynamos were still functioning. He was putting in quite an effort to think calmly as possible in this situation and he was somewhat conversing with Eun rationally right now.

But he couldn’t withstand each moment of this conversation because something surged up from his heart every time words went back and forth.


He left leaving everyone to be killed.

Not just killed by anyone, by himself from the future.


He tried to withstand and suppress this thought but it couldn’t help but to burst up as he talked about it.

“Don’t make me laugh! You still should have told me! You at least shouldn’t have hidden this information!”

“Seeing boy this worked up…… make me happy.”

Add unconsciously clenched his fist thinking that Eun was mocking him. But Eun’s smile was coming from the bottom of her heart. Eun closed her eyes as if she was really satisfied. But she then shook her head as if she was feeling pity then opened her eyes.

Her red eyes had a cold gleam.

“But joy is joy, and things I have to say don’t change. If resenting me will help boy pull himself together then go ahead. If boy will feel better by taking my life, and if everything can be solved from that, I’ll gladly accept it.”

“What I’m saying is…..”

“I’ll speak more honestly now that you know about D. Listen up.”

Eun spoke sharply to cut Add’s question off.

“Boy must think I concealed this from you because I was plotting something, but it’s different. There was a plot of course, but this isn’t what I thought of.”

“Then just who…..”

Add shut his mouth after seeing Eun point her finger. Eun’s adorably tiny finger was pointing at Add’s chest.

“This is something boy made me pledge in the past.”

“I did…….?”

Add shivered after realizing everything from Eun’s words.


Over 20 million times, was he really in the dark about D’s identity through such a long battle? Elesis, Raven, Ran, Karis and Helputt knew very well about D’s identity and his mighty abilities.

It didn’t make sense for Add who should have been through countless battles to not know about this information at all.


“Then I……”

“I was asked. To hide D’s identity until boy meets him personally. Because knowing beforehand might break boy’s resolve.”


“And isn’t boy actually despairing and breaking down after meeting D? You didn’t even try to call me to escape using time travel and instead tried to die with everyone.”

“…..Are you saying that’s wrong?”

Add’s eyes went beyond rage and even showed murderous intent. But Eun glared ferociously at Add with an unusually cold expression.

“Boy, don’t take life lightly. Even if you saw your comrades die countless times, even if you are in heartbreaking pain, you can never abandon everything and give up from witnessing the truth!”


“Boy has to take responsibility for disrupting time!”

Add froze from Eun’s severe scolding that he had never heard before.

“Boy knows who and what D is now. Boy has responsibility and duty to stop D! Since boy is the only one who possesses the possibility of defeating D!”

“I do……?”

Wasn’t D him from the future? No, even putting that aside, it was a devil that wielded seriously terrifying powers. It was to the point where Elesis and Raven changing sides were understandable.

There was no way Add could beat him in a fight. Wasn’t that why he gave up and tried to die fighting with everyone?

“How can I…..”

“Believe. That’s what I believed as I fought beside you all this time.  Times that boy doesn’t remember, fights that boy won’t remember, I was together with boy through endless flow of time in order to end everything once and for all.”


“Believing that boy will defeat the King of Time, destroy that broken world and return everything back to their right places!”

Add was at a loss for words from hearing Eun’s shout. It was difficult to trust all of the words of someone who had hidden information all this time, but there was a truth in what Eun said right now.

Only one who could defeat D was Add.

Eun had believed in this and had continued together with him all this time. No, it wasn’t just Eun, Elsword had believed too. Eve, Chung and Ara also believed and willingly stood in D’s way.

Everyone believed in him.

“Do you really think I can control boy’s Dynamos? No. All I did was activate a code that was already made.”


Everyone believed that only him from the present could defeat him from the future.

Add closed his lips tightly then collected his mind. Life started returning to his battered body and mind.

He didn’t know what kind of feeling this was, but there was a feeling that he couldn’t just give up like this.

“…..So just what timeline is this?”

“Hmm, that’s….”

Eun seemed to drag her words then suddenly started dozing off. It seemed she was trying to keep her eyes open but couldn’t.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s adjusting to time differences……”

Eun spoke this then her body seemed to lean forwards then she fell off the box. It looked like she was going to hit the ground so Add quickly reached out to catch her. She was already sound asleep.


Her condition must not be very good and her body becoming smaller must have something to do with it.

Well, they time traveled while Dynamos were all broken. It wasn’t strange for some kind of abnormally to happen to Eun who traveled together.

“Only….. I can beat him.”

Add looked down at Eun while talking to himself. Just like Eun said, soon as Add found out D’s identity, he despaired and basically gave up fighting. Remaining there would have resulted in the same ending.

That’s why Eun used the hidden feature in the Dynamo to evacuate the current Add. Her goal was to enflame his will to fight then have him defeat D.

In the end, all the fight up till now was to make Add defeat D.

“I don’t get it….”

He now understood why Eun kept D’s identity a secret. But there were still many questions that weren’t answered.

How did D overcome the time paradox? Why did Add forget numerous fights from before? Just what did he go through to turn into a devil called D? And finally is there even a way to defeat D? There were so many unsolvable questions.

And he didn’t even know where this place was.


Well, he could gradually figure things out. He should first return to his house(?) then repair the Dynamos. Dynamo was a necessary tool, time travel or regardless.

Add closed his thoughts and was turning around but stopped. Unfamiliar faces were approaching. They were three men with rugged faces.

This was a back alley without any other people. Behind Add was a dead end.

Add realized his situation and scoffed. It seems there were these kinds of distasteful people regardless of any age or city.

Men stopped their steps when Add gave a mocking smile at them. They must have interpreted Add’s smile wrong because the man in front held out his hand.

“Kid, can I take a look at that fox?”

“Bunch of idiots…….”

So because Add shouted in the streets, he and Eun got unwanted attention from these idiots?

Well, it was true that Eun right now had the form of a very cute but elegant small fox girl.

Add didn’t have much interest in pets but he could guess from a single glance that she’d sell very expensively.

“Haha, you’re a funny kid…..”

“They never understand with just words.”

When the men smiled while cracking their neck and fingers, Add smiled back at them while preparing to attack. His head was so complicated anyways. Maybe he’ll feel better after blowing away these idiots that don’t know their place…..

There are no Dynamos.


Add realized the situation and froze. He had forgotten that he didn’t have his Dynamos. It wasn’t just that they weren’t here, they were destroyed and needed repairs.

Add without his Dynamos had zero battle capabilities.

These were small fries he wouldn’t normally even give a glance at, but Add right now was powerless. Add hid his turmoil as he slowly backed up. He would get Eun to take care of this if she was normal. But she just had to fall asleep right now.

He couldn’t let them take Eun. He wasn’t fond of her, but she was a road sign for him in this time. She will tell him what he has to do from now on.

As Add stepped back, three men slowly approached him. Their eyes were filled with greed. They must be imagining making a big money after selling Eun.


“We’ll give her back to you after taking a look.”

“You won’t be able to even steal a candy from a baby with those words. Can’t you disguise your words better? You guys must be quite stupid.”

Add mocked while hiding Eun inside his jacket. But the three men looked at each other then made a sinister smile. It seemed they were treating Add’s words as a bluff.

But he’ll escape.

Add measured the three’s positions and distances then waited for the right moment. These guys had their guards down as if they had already achieved their goals. This was because while Add was speaking tough, he was still backing out. They must have interpreted this as Add bluffing.

All of this was in Add’s calculations.

He couldn’t fight back, but he could escape. On the presumption that he wouldn’t get knocked out from getting hit once……

“You guys look stupid when you smile. So quit it and come at me.”


The three men’s expressions got twisted. Even though they were filled with greed, getting insulted continuously would make them angry.

Alright, let’s start………

“Stop right there.”

Three men winced then looked back from hearing a clear but chilling voice. Add who was about to escape also followed their gazes to look. There was a silhouette walking towards them at the end of the alleyway.

Dark long hair, melancholically sunken gold eyes.

It was Ara.


Ara was carrying her spear but the three men realized she was a girl then gave a mocking laugh. Ara sighed thinly after getting taken lightly.

“I won’t arrest all of you if you turn back now. But if you are going to continue…..”

One of the guys stepped towards Ara even before she finished speaking.


In that moment, Ara seemed to hold her palm out, then the man’s body went flying into the pile of boxes. Gold orb that went flying from her palm had knocked him out.

Seeing their comrade get done in, other two widened their eyes and tried to move but Ara was already running in swinging her spear widely. It was a swift movement as if a hawk that was looking for its chance was diving in to ruthlessly snatch up a rabbit on the ground. Two men didn’t even get to react as they got hit by the shaft of Ara’s spear.

Baam!! Two men also went flying crashing into the remaining boxes.

Ara shook her head regrettably after taking down three men in an instant.

“People should be uniting their strengths when the world is caught up in disorder…… It seems there are foolish people anywhere you go.”


Add was so surprised that he couldn’t speak. Ara could easily defeat three men with her martial art skills. She could probably dispatch even 30 as warm-up.

But her icy tone and ruthless movements just now was quite different from Ara that Add knew. Add looked again wondering if this was someone else, but it was Ara.

“Mr.Add, are you alright?”

Ara approached calmly and gracefully. Her face looked somehow more mature. As Add was at a loss for words at Ara’s different image, Ara made a confused face then approached even faster.

“Could it be you’re hurt…….”

Tap. Tip of Ara’s feet got caught on a jagged stone. She got surprised and was about to fall over while flailing but Add unknowingly caught her in his arms.

Ara got flustered and apologized while leaning on Add as if she was being embraced by him.

“Thank you for catching me, Mr.Add.”


He caught her for now, but it felt like his arms were being shattered. Eve had treated his arms but Add was still injured.

Seeing Add continue to groan, Ara tilted her head then quickly backed out with a surprised expression.

“C, could it be that it was difficult for you to catch me because I was too heavy?”

“…..Wait a moment.”

Add ignored the wild misunderstanding then felt around his jacket to confirm Eun’s location.

He wasn’t sure if time paradox was only a theory or actual truth so he wasn’t sure if he should let Ara meet Eun. There were no instances of them time traveling together before after all.

“There’s no problem.”

“……I, I had been diligently training every day and night. Could it be because of meat I ate yesterday……”

Add ignored Ara’s seriously concerned voice as he examined Ara’s appearance again. She wasn’t wearing her usual white clothes and was instead wearing clothes with black tones. But looking at her face, this was indeed Ara.

“Maybe I should cut down on the meat…….”

Tripping over nothing was like Ara too.

‘…..But she still seems a bit different. Am I just being too sensitive?’

Eve from before was strangely unfamiliar, but to sense the same thing from Ara as well?

Well, delving into detail right now wouldn’t get him any answers.

Add clicked his tongue then started walking forwards.

“You know where everyone else is right? Follow me.”

“Yes, are you going to fight somewhere?”

Add scratched his head for a bit when Ara asked while scurrying to follow him. It would be fastest to ask Eun what was going on, but she was asleep. Ara and Eve seemed slightly different but this wasn’t something to judge right now.

The thing that bothered him the most right now was that Elesis became their ally.

“I’ll first go back to my house to get the Dynamos. Then we’ll go to the lodge where everyone is staying.”

He had to confirm with his own eyes what was going on.


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