Elsword Time Trouble Volume 5 Chapter 5 Page 225~245 (Volume Complete)




The devil descended to the ground.

Both enemies and allies couldn’t take their eyes off his appearance. All of the enemies except Karis were looking away from the devil as if he didn’t exist, as if they lost their will to fight.

And all of the allies were looking back and forth between Add and the devil.

“No, no!! no!!!”

Add who instinctively understood everything lost his mind and could only repeat those words. He absolutely couldn’t believe this.


Why was that devil’s face same as his?


His intuition was telling him that this wasn’t just someone who looked similar.

That devil was….. him!! That’s the only thing this boiling rage and despair could explain.

“He looks exactly the same as……..Big Brother Add.”

“What’s going on?”

Eve and Elsword asked as if they couldn’t understand. Of course they couldn’t understand! Even Add couldn’t understand it himself!

“……Maybe they are twins?”

Ara trailed her words with a very unconfident tone. Add couldn’t say anything in response because he was trying to suppress himself from throwing up and crying out.

While everyone kept silent, the devil closed his eyes and hummed. Devil even yawned after cracking his neck left and right then lightly snapped his finger.


Quiet but clear sound rang out amidst the silence. But the effect that followed wasn’t small.





All of the El Search Party knelt down from the sudden gravity that pressed down on their heads. They hadn’t done anything but their bodies suddenly felt heavy and made it extremely difficult to breathe. Add who was solely free from this phenomena finally came to his senses from the screams coming from around him. He looked forwards.

“Did you just…..?”

“Is that all you have to say?”

Devil’s voice sounded way too sweet. Add shivered from realizing that the devil’s voice was familiar and yet not familiar at the same time. He didn’t want to admit it but it was like hearing his own voice coming from someone else’s throat.

“B, big brother Add!!”

This wasn’t the time to lose his mind! Add came to his senses from everyone else’s screams and instantly fired a Void Impact. But it illogically shattered the space far above the devil’s head instead. Other powerful demons had blocked this shift in space by using some kind of action. But this devil didn’t even have those.

Void Impact literally just got deflected on its own.

“You distorted dimensions?”

“You’re at least still smart. Of course, it’s my brain…..”

Devil whose eyes were unnaturally dyed in black laughed enjoyably. But the details behind that laugh were immensely preposterous.

Add had once pondered how nice it would be to have the dimension distortion field that reduced physical damage active all the time……. But that was impossible.

Spaces were all connected. Add’s space related abilities turned space coordinate’s constants into a variable to bring about various phenomenon. Space constant’s coordinates were always changing so there was a need to constantly recalculate them. And Dynamo that calculated those formulas functioned from Add’s mental energy.

Thus, dimension distortion drained Add’s mental energy just from being maintained, and trying to move the dimension distortion or keeping it maintained for a long period of time drained him even more drastically. He would dry up and die within 10 minutes if he tried to keep it deployed all the time.

But that devil had layers of dimension distortion that could defend against all attacks all around his body and he was keeping them constantly maintained. Add could understand this theoretically but he couldn’t even grasp the principle that made this possible.

Power that absolutely surpassed all standards.

“W, who are you…..”

“Don’t you already know?”


He didn’t know the reason, he didn’t know how this situation came about, but he at least knew who that was.


This powerful but ruthless devil was….. Add himself!


But how was something like this possible? His heart had understood but his head couldn’t. It was so shocking and horrible that he wanted to deny this truth in front of his eyes.

Seeing that Add was caught up in an intense emotion and wasn’t able to say anything, devil narrowed his eyes. As if he was disappointed.

“Alright….. Be gone now.”

Seeing that devil was trying to snap his finger again…… Add came to his senses and quickly opened up a space distortion. He could think about why later! Surviving… saving everyone came first!

“Everyone gather around me!!”

The El Search Party was instantly freed from the gravity pressing down on their bodies soon as Add’s dimension distortion field opened. Everyone tried to gather around Add right away but devil snapping his finger was faster.


Shatter!! A chilling sound was heard then the dimension distortion was shattered instantly. Add who was standing at the front most spot instantly got covered in blood.

He would have died instantly if he hadn’t instinctively covered his face with both of his arms. But the cost of surviving wasn’t light. 4 out of 6 Dynamos were destroyed, and his arms must have gotten broken because they didn’t move properly.

He was about to faint from the pain….. But no words came from his mouth.

Ah, damn. Come to think it, why do I always stand up front to block when my body isn’t even built strongly? So this was how the habit he’s gotten into every time he opened the dimension distortion came back to haunt him?

Add clenched his teeth and admitted that he just instantly became incapable of fighting. Nothing could be done anymore. Add was able to protect the others from devil’s light attack by sacrificing his dimension distortion field, Dynamos and his arms.

But he couldn’t block it anymore.

“Add, back out!!”

Eve quickly tried to open up Atomic Shield but Add already knew that it didn’t have any meaning.

They couldn’t beat this devil no matter what. No, never mind winning, they will all die in this place today. Add knew this in his head but realized nothing could be done to prevent it.

“Then get lost.”

Devil smiled coldly and snapped his finger again. But the space in front of Add suddenly got twisted as it swallowed up devil’s formless attack.

It wasn’t something Add did. His Dynamos were already destroyed.


“Enjoying bullying those that are weaker than you, D?”

One that appeared by shattering through the twisted space was none other than Aisha. Add and the others looked at her in surprise. Aisha frowned then scolded Elsword.

“I told you to call me if you were in danger. Why didn’t you call me?”

“Hahahaha, ahahahahaha,………”

Devil was shaking from laughter.  He then overly shook his head.

“Are you finally crazy? You’ll lose to me if you fight here, Dimension Princess. You’ve avoided fighting me all this time. What’s gotten into you to appear here right now?”

“I don’t want to tire out my mouth by explaining to a fool, Prince of Time.”

“It’s not prince, it’s King. I’m King of Time……”

“Aren’t you embarrassed about proclaiming that to yourself?”

Aisha shot back then slightly turned to look at Add, then Ara. Add who was easing his arm’s pain using an anesthetic ampoule didn’t know what her gaze meant.

“Then allow me to tear you apart with everything I got, Dimension Princess!”

“Do you really think you can? Blizzard Shower!!”

Aisha summoned a giant ice storm with one hand then showered down lightning with her other hand. Helputt, Ran and others standing at the back quickly defended. But devil sneered without even moving a finger.

Devil didn’t even take any action and yet…..not even a single hair of the devil was harmed amidst the waltz of ice storm and lightings.

“Is that all you got? I was looking forward to fighting you. It won’t even be a warm-up exercise like this!!”

“Chain Fire Ball!!”

Aisha didn’t answer and fired continuous orbs of fire. But a dark space opened up in the fireballs’ trajectory then the fireballs started falling down from above Aisha’s head. But Aisha lightly waved her hand as if she had anticipated his counter then threw the fireballs back at devil again.

“Magic Missile!!”

Fireballs still didn’t work but Aisha already had her next magic prepared.

It was such a high level fight that it felt like El Search Party trying to help would only get in Aisha’s way. Feeling the anesthetic’s effect kicking in, Add despaired.

“…….It’s no use.”

Aisha who boasted enough power to seal up entire Velder with a spatial barrier was pouring out all sorts of magic. But devil didn’t even blink an eye and not even a single strand of his hair was hurt. On the contrary, Aisha was getting pushed back gradually.

They couldn’t beat him after all.

Elesis, Raven and Helputt didn’t join the demons for no reason. It was no wonder why Karis boasted, and it was no wonder why Chloe cowered.


A monster that had been transforming the world to suit his taste and changed everyone’s destinies however he liked.

Literally, the devil.


Add realized why he had continued to fail. It was because he couldn’t beat that guy. This was the finale where everything ended here again.

Add let out a hollow laugh. Aisha was fighting bravely but she won’t be able to hold out long.

Only thing left was to all die together.

But Ara seemed she had a different idea.

“Mr.Add! We’ll hold this place, get out of here now!”

At what Ara said while grasping her spear tightly, the other members who had been looking at Aisha and devil’s battle came to their senses and each added a word.

“That would be for the best.”

“Get away far as you can.”

“Big Brother, hurry up and go!”

Add blinked blankly at the words that continued. They couldn’t possibly be saying such things unless they were all high on some kind of drug.

“How am I supposed to escape from here? No, what’s the use in me escaping by myself?”

You could tell with a single glance that this devil was a terrifyingly powerful existence.

“You cannot continue to battle anymore. Think about the future and escape.”

“Don’t make me laug……”

Add burst out in anger in response to Eve. But Eve took a slight glance towards the broken Dynamos that were scattered on the floor. She hadn’t said anything but Add couldn’t continue his words.

Add with his Dynamos broken and body injured was only a burden.

“Big Brother, hurry up and go.”

In that moment, Elsword turned towards the place where the intense battle was occurring then grabbed his sword. Elsword’s sword got enlarged and started shining with radiant light as if it was answering to its master’s will. Add instinctively recognised that Elsword had become much more powerful than before, possibly even more powerful than him. But Add had no intention to listen to him.

Everything was already over.

“Mr.Add! We’ll only be able to win if Mr.Add escapes from here! Please trust what I say!!”


Ara spoke desperately but Add shook his head. She must have seen something with her foresight ability but Add couldn’t help but to deny that possibility.

Now that the nausea and loathing had passed, after the anesthetic circulated through his body, he could speak somewhat calmly.

“You guys…… don’t you all get what situation this is?”

“What do you mean?”

At Eve’s question, Add continued his words with an indescribable feeling. He discovered the cause of everything that happened so far.

“That guy….. is me.”

“You two do look alike.”

Add nodded at Eve’s cold words. How should he explain this? It wasn’t just their faces that looked alike. He didn’t need any explanation from anyone else. He could tell instinctively soon as he saw.


That devil was him from the future.


The one who kept standing in his, and the El Search Party’s way was Add from the future. This was the truth. So what hope was there even if he ran away right now? How can he ever speak of victory?

He now understood why there were 20 million failures, why Eun had hidden information from him.


Where in the world was there a way for a human to defeat a devil?


Only thing left now was Death.

“We can’t win. We’ll never win. Nothing will change even if I run away right now. We just… lost. I’m sorry. I ruined everything. I was the cause of everything. All the fights we had until now were meaningless! We were all just thoroughly toyed around on top of that devil’s palm!!”

Add cried out while looking at the death in front of him. After the horror and rage had passed, only resignation remained.

All the battles they had been through until now, everything he tried to achieve by even resorting to rewinding time, all the emotions…… were getting shattered and broken.

Only a sorry feeling remained. Because he could certainly tell that he was the cause of this situation.

“Sorry, I’m sorry everyone. But…. We’re done for.”

No one answered to the confession Add made with his head down. They must have understood what Add meant, even Ara and Chung kept their silence. Sounds of whirling storms and lightning could be heard not too far away. But the only thing people here could share was silence.

“Go, Big Brother Add.”

Then Elsword spoke silently. What came into Add’s view as he raised his head was Elsword’s back, Elsword looking at the battle between Aisha and devil.

“……I’ll join in.”

Ara’s hair turned white then she suddenly jumped into the battle between Aisha and the devil. It was an act of suicide with Ara’s skills but judging from the tone of her voice, that just now was Eun.

“I’ll also support with cannon fire!”

Chung followed after Eun and moved to give ranged support. Only ones left were Elsword, Eve and Add.

Elsword continued his words while still looking at the fight. He wanted to join the fight even right now, but he was standing here suppressing himself because he couldn’t finish these words if he joined right now.

“We won’t be able to win this time, but make it so we can win next time, Big Brother.”

“…..What are you saying? We’re done for now. Only death remains.”

Could it be that Elsword couldn’t understand their current situation? They were still at a disadvantage even if Aisha, Eun and Chung fought together. Not only that, there were still Ran, Helputt, Raven and Elesis standing ready at the back.

Overwhelming odds, there wasn’t any kind of miracle that would bring victory to the El Search Party right now. Not screaming was the only remaining defiance Add could manage.

But Elsword spoke composedly


“Go through time, Big Brother.”


Add’s pupils suddenly widened. Elsword was still showing only his back so Add couldn’t see his face.

Add composed his words sparsely, with a shaking voice, like a person who had forgotten how to speak.

“You, h, how…….?”

“I got that kind of feeling while fighting Big Sister. Go, Big Brother. We can’t win now, but make it so we can win next time.”

“I understand. Go now, Add.”

“What nonsense are you saying…….?”

“If that is your form in the future, then it’s you who have to find out a way to win. Quickly, time travel if you can. We’ll buy you time.”

Eve would have normally brushed off time travel as nonsense but her tone right now was as if she wasn’t going to question about it. Her tone was as if since devil was already running rampant in front of them and Elsword had said so, there was no need for further discussions.

Add blinked quietly looking at Elsword and Eve standing next to each other with their backs turned towards him. Add then clenched his fists tightly.

“No, it’s the same no matter how many times I try. I can’t beat that guy even if I run away jumping through time!!”

Add shook his head. He didn’t want to anymore. There was no way a method to win against that kind of terrifying devil existed in the world. He wanted to just give up now.


He didn’t want to run away knowing that Eve will be destroyed.

He didn’t want to run away and leave the others to die.


He was now absolutely sick of leaving someone behind to die. He didn’t want to shout one more time against a foe that he knew he couldn’t defeat, a foe he challenged for 20 million times but still couldn’t defeat.

He didn’t want to turn his back on these guys relying on such an uncertain hope, on an absurd chance.

“I’d rather die here fighting together with all of you!!”

Just like that day when everyone united their hearts to fight against Elesis who revealed her true power.  Add shouted with a burning voice. Even if they were to die, he wanted to die fighting together with them. He didn’t want to run away because of an excuse called next chance.


Elsword and Eve looked back with surprised expressions.

“I didn’t know Big Brother Add could say such words.”

“It’s really surprising.”

Add strongly stomped his feet at their continuing voices. He wasn’t in any mood for jokes.

“Don’t make fun of me!! I……”

“I know, Add.”

Eve smiled. While Add was at a loss for words at the smile he saw for the first time, Elsword added.

“I know. That’s why we’ll entrust you with this. Make it so we can win next time. Only one who can do that is you, Big Brother.”


Add lost his battle capabilities now that 4 of his Dynamos were destroyed. It was questionable if time travel would even be possible in this state. Even if it was possible, there was no grantee that he will be able to time travel safely.

If what would happen was uncertain anyways, then he just wanted to die fighting together with all of them.

“You idiots…..”

Why weren’t they saying any words of resentment to him even in a moment like this? They should have realized the one who brought about this entire catastrophe was Add. But Elsword and Eve smiled then turned their heads forwards again.

The situation was turning disadvantageous even though Eun had joined in. Devil laughed loudly as he attacked for real this time.

“Void Impact….. Quintuple!!”

With devil’s shout, space continuously collapsed five times. Even if Eun and Aisha had some distances from devil, this was an attack that looped around them so both of them quickly backed out. But they couldn’t dodge the electric currents being discharged from the Dynamos.



Even while staggering, Aisha and Eun managed to fall back towards where Elsword and Eve were. They had only withstood because they had a strong resistance against electric attacks. Normal people would have burned to death instantly. Chung who had been giving long range support also regrouped.

It was no use even though Aisha and Eun gave all they had. Then there was only one thing left to do. Elsword made his decision.

“Everyone…. We’ll buy time for Big Brother Add to escape!”

“Who agreed?!”

Add screamed and tried to stop them when Eun raised her voice.

“Dynamo!! Emergency activation! Code: Battle Seraph!”


Only Add should be able to activate the Dynamos. But 2 Dynamos that were still unharmed moved and immediately created a space-time wormhole. Add realized this and quickly attempted to move away from it….. But a giant white fox suddenly jumped out of Ara’s hairpin then threw herself at Add.


Add got pushed back all the way near the space-time wormhole because of the fox that suddenly appeared. This fox, Eun had at least controlled her strength because she wasn’t intending to harm Add. So Add didn’t get completely pushed into the wormhole.

Elsword and Eve looked at Add for a moment then smiled again.

“Hurry up and go, Big Brother.”

“I ask of you, Add.”

“Hey! Don’t make me laugh!! Don’t make me laugh!! Who’s running away!? Who’s running away leaving you guys behind!? Let go of me you damned fox!! Get out of my way!!”

Add kept battering Eun’s back and head but he was no match for her in size so he was getting pushed back towards the wormhole little by little. Ara who came to her senses bowed her head as she looked at Add.

“Mr.Add, please take good care of Lord Eun!”

“Go, Mr.Add. I’ll see you next time.”

“Don’t joke with me!!! I’m not going!!”

But his body continued to get pushed back. Elsword and Eve watched Add getting pushed back and spoke quietly.

“Then let’s…… fight together again next time, Big Brother Add.”

“Take care of yourself, Add.”



Add was trying to hold on but his legs had already entered. He raised his voice as he looked at the backs of Elsword, Eve, Ara and Chung as they turned towards the devil.

“You idiots! You idiots!! How dare you come up with this kind of stupid plan on your own!!?”

“Let’s go, boy.”

Add ignored Eun’s words and desperately stretched his hand forwards with all the strength he had. It was an already pulverized arm that didn’t move properly. It wouldn’t reach no matter how much he stretched it out, but he still couldn’t give up.

Add’s hand sorrowfully stretched out towards the back of his friends.

“Don’t just send me by myself!!”

End of his cry. Add’s body and Eun entered the space-time wormhole.

That hand couldn’t reach anyone in the end.


When Add’s voice couldn’t be heard anymore, Elsword apologized to everyone as he raised his sword.

“I’m sorry everyone. For making all of you follow what I said without explaining properly.”

“I’m fine, Lord Eun explained it to me.”

Ara who was now separated from Eun stood beside Elsword and fixed her spear. Eve also answered while looking at the enemy.

“I don’t know in exact detail about time travel, but I have no choice but to believe since the evidence is right in front of our eyes.”

“That’s…… Mr.Add in the future?”

Chung asked carefully as he looked at the devil that was making a bored face. Aisha answered shortly.

“It’s too complicated to explain. And I think there won’t be any time to explain. I’ll try everything I can…..so all of you follow up accordingly.”

As Aisha’s words ended, everyone made their resolves and prepared to fight. Devil looked at them with a bored expression then judged.

“How stupid, your so called plan was to join strengths with these rubbishes, Dimension Princess?”

“This isn’t something I came up with.”

“I was quite anticipating our battle…… What were you thinking appearing now when you knew very well that you’ll never defeat me if you fought me here? Why didn’t you abandon those idiots this time?”


“How boring. Fine, I’ll kill all of you then get rid of the one that ran away. Then I’ll turn back everything again. I’ll only have to put in slight more effort this time.”

Elsword took a step forwards.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

“……You trash. Do you really think you can face me, King of Time, with such puny sword skills? I’m death and darkness!! I’m destruction and despair!! I don’t require any effort to erase you guys from this world!”

Devil was glaring at Elsword with an extremely displeased expression. He actually could quickly get rid of Elsword if he decided to.

“I won’t allow you do that!”

“I’ll fight proudly representing Hamel.”

“Eve, ready.”

Devil’s eyes as he stared at Eve seemed to slightly shake. But he quickly lowered and shook his head. Then after a long moment, devil raised his head and looked at Ara and Chung with a gaze filled with contempt.

Devil finally looked at Aisha and asked.

“Did you throw yourself away just to save these trashes, Dimension Princess? You’ve become very foolish since the last time we met.”

“They are not trashes. They are friends.”

Elsword grabbed his sword tightly as he corrected the devil. Elsword added one more line when the devil stared at him displeasingly.

“And I’m sure of one thing. You’re not Big Brother Add.”


“Big Brother Add doesn’t call us trashes. Although he does call us idiots.”

Seeing that the devil was dumfounded, Ara added.

“But he takes cares of us a lot!”

“Although the way he does it is a bit strange.”

“……I ended up cross-dressing by myself.”

After everyone each gave their words, Elsword summed it up again.

“Big Brother Add is our precious friend. Until he comes back again…… You can’t leave this place.”

“Kukukukuk, Kuahahahah!! So things like this can happen too when you keep turning back time, funny, this is so funny!!”

Devil burst out laughing as he mocked the El Search Party. But no one cared. Everyone’s hearts were one.

They couldn’t win right now no matter how much they fought. They will probably lose. It won’t end just with their defeat, they will die.

“Big Brother Add will make us win next time.”

Everyone nodded wordlessly at Elsword’s words. They all didn’t know much about time travel, but this devil they had to face right now was the proof that it was possible.

Fact that there could be a different future than now was being proved by the enemy’s existence.

“Everyone, let’s go!!”

Elsword grabbed his Armageddon Blade and charged towards the laughing devil. He heard Eve following right behind him, he saw Ara who ran in much faster attacking the devil, he sensed Chung preparing to support,  sensed that Aisha was about to pour down series of magic powerful enough to shake the world. Everyone’s hearts gathered as one to fight desperately in order to defeat the devil.

But they will lose. They’ll be defeated. They won’t be able to beat that devil.

Elsword knew this instinctively but didn’t stop running. He didn’t withdraw strength from the hands gripping his sword. Rather, he felt more strength rising up from within him.

They’ll lose this time, but they’ll be able to win next time.


Elsword jumped strongly then smashed down his sword on the devil with everything he had.


It wasn’t that they weren’t afraid of death.

But they could fight by staking everything.

Even if the thing waiting for them at the end of this fight was despair,


Because they believe…….


In their friend that they parted with,

That there will come a day when everyone will fight together and win.




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