Elsword Time Trouble Volume 5 Chapter 4 Page 179~203


4. Bow and Blade


Outer castle broke down. Rena sensed more buildings collapse as she ran.

Dark Nephilim was so large that walls cracked and ceilings shattered every time it moved and waved its arms. There wouldn’t be anything left of the outer castle if this kept up.

“Oh my……”

Rena took a look behind as she ran swiftly then groaned. Dark Nephilim was chasing her while trashing with all of its four legs, each step it took shattered the stone floor.

A future where nothing would be remaining of her awaited if she allowed it to get close to her.

“To think she’d summon such a powerful spirit….. It seems Chloe’s speciality wasn’t ranged or close combat but this.”

Wasn’t Dark Nephilim basically a spirit that was called the guardian god of the Dark Elves?

Of course, this wouldn’t have been an enjoyable choice for Chloe either. It would mean a great loss for the Dark Elves if it were to get injured or possibly killed.

Rena sighed after gaining a safe distance then pulled her bowstring.


Arrow flew in and pelted Dark Nephilim’s face. Dark Nephilim screamed and became more enraged as it chased after Rena.

“It won’t work here…..”

Dark Nephilim was so large that no amount of normal arrows would even make a dent on it. A lot of firepower was needed to finish it off properly….. But it was doubtful if the shaking pillars of the outer castle would be able to withstand such an impact.

She had to escape the outer castle first.

Rena ran all the way back to the hallway then jumped down to the 1st floor in a single leap. People that were passing by made surprised faces. They had been worried about the terrifying sounds coming from upstairs and dust falling down from the ceiling. But now a beautiful Elf suddenly came down from upstairs.

“Everyone get out of here right now!”


People that had been whispering amongst themselves couldn’t understand Rena’s warning and stood blinking in their places.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

But that only lasted for a moment, people’s eyes widened after spotting Dark Nephilim coming down shattering the stairs.

“Ah, aahh!!”


“W, what is that!?”

Civilians that worked and slept on the 1st floor got terrified from Dark Nephilim’s appearance and ran away. But Dark Nephilim was still moving too fast. Not only that, but there were still many people who were kneeling down frozen in fear.

Rena wanted to help them up but there was no time. Dark Nephilim was eyeing the people running away. It was such a ferocious spirit that it naturally became hostile to loud screaming and busy movements.

“Here, come this way!”

She had to buy time for the people to escape. When Rena kept firing arrows while dashing away, Dark Nephilim got enraged and charged at her.

Rena quickly ran into a kitchen that was nearby. She had to escape the outer castle soon as possible to defeat Dark Nephilim. But she couldn’t use the hallway that was filled with people right now.


Dark Nephilim came in breaking through the kitchen door. It was a wide kitchen for a human but a narrow space for Dark Nephilim. There was nowhere to escape. But Rena kicked up from the kitchen counter then grabbed the hook that was hanging up in the air.

It was a hook for hanging meat.



Rena quickly swung her body as Dark Nephilim jumped up and swiped with its arm.  Displaying pendulum like movement, Rena’s body shifted to the left as she managed to narrowly dodge Dark Nephilim’s arm. Then as Rena’s body headed right according to the laws of pendulum…… she came face to face with Dark Nephilim that was falling after reaching the maximum height of its jump.

“Hello there.”

Rena smiled then kicked Dark Nephilim on the nose. It was a powerful kick that would have knocked out any normal person but it only tickled for Dark Nephilim that could easily take dozens of arrows.


But it must have still been angry about it because it frantically shook its head left and right then glared at Rena ferociously. It was grinding its teeth as it glared at Rena who was swinging left and right like a pendulum. She will definitely not get out unscathed if she was caught.

“Alright, what should I do now…..”

Rena could take down Dark Nephilim if she decided to. The problem was doing it here would destroy whatever that was remaining of the outer castle. Judging by the sounds of people running away in the hallway, there were still people that haven’t escaped yet.

“Grrr!! Gwaaaaar!!”

Dark Nephilim must have used its brain because it tried to step on the kitchen counter that Rena used and jump. But the counter made out of wood couldn’t withstand Dark Nephilim’s weight and got shattered.

After an effort it put some thought into failed and receiving a pain from falling on the floor, Dark Nephilim grinded its teeth as it scowled at Rena. It was literally going to chew her up.

“You wouldn’t understand even if I told you that I didn’t do anything this time right? …..ugh.”

Rena was smiling bitterly then frowned from a sudden pain. She felt a strange pain on her right hand that was grabbing the cold steel hook.

Creak, creak.


And a strange sound was heard. Rena internally screamed then looked up as the hook started to slowly drop down along with a creaking sound effect.

No way, it was a hook used for hanging large animals like cows…… Could it be that Rena was heavier than that?

It was an absurd thought in a dangerous situation like this but Rena seriously felt depressed. It actually couldn’t withstand her weight? Dark Nephilim must have realized the situation Rena was in and was licking its lips waiting for Rena to fall down.


“Ah, thank goodness.”

Rena realized why the hook was falling down and let out a sigh of relief. It wasn’t that the hook was snapping off, the part that connected the hook’s chain from the ceiling was about to break. It must have been damaged from the shock that Dark Nephilim caused upstairs.

Thus, it wasn’t particularly because she was heavy!

Rena eased her mind then started to swing back and forth again. After realizing that Rena was trying to escape, Dark Nephilim busily moved its eyes to follow her movements. It was going to jump in soon as Rena landed on the ground then pulverize her.

After busily swinging left and right moving higher and higher, Rena finally let go her hand when she reached the left most highest point, a place where she could fall down on a kitchen counter near the window. Dark Nephilim noticed this and threw its entire body towards the left……. But Rena lightly twisted her body then grabbed the same hook with her left hand this time.

Law of the pendulum, it was a trick utilizing that there was a slight time that pendulum remained on its left and right highest points. Of course, that was just the principle behind the trick. It was still a very dangerous thing to try. Even more so with the blood thirsty beast below.

It was a trick that even an acrobat that walked on ropes and jumped through burning hoops wouldn’t dare to mimic. But Rena performed it without much difficulty.

After easily fooling Dark Nephilim, Rena continued to swing down on the pendulum then immediately let go of her hand when she got close to the floor. Rather than distancing herself, it was more important to buy more time so Dark Nephilim couldn’t respond accordingly.

Dark Nephilim ran thinking Rena will jump to the left then tried to stop after realizing Rena was gone but it ended up running into the wall.


A huge vibration got spread across the outer castle. The wall cracked then shattered.

“Oh my…..”

Rena who had been watching from the back let out a sympathetic voice. After falling on the floor and now even running straightly into a wall……Dark Nephilim slowly turned toward Rena.

Its eyes now even held loathing.

It felt as if even if the world was to break down, it wouldn’t be satisfied unless it chewed Rena into pieces. Rena waved her hand as she smiled.

“I’d really like it if you quietly gave up and went home.”

Most of the people should have evacuated by now. Otherwise, she just had to exit the outer castle through the window and finish this.

Just when Rena raised her bow to prepare for Dark Nephilim’s attack, an unexpected answer was heard.

“One who should give up is you, Elf!”

Shatter!! Chloe riding on a rope came in shattering through the kitchen window and launched a kick. This was such a surprising ambush even for Rena! Rena quickly twisted her body but she had to take the kick on her right shoulder.



Rena swallowed her scream and quickly backed out. Rena certainly had outstanding combat skills and was experienced in both ranged and close quarter combat. But her body wasn’t built strongly. Rather, you could even say she was a glass cannon.

She could dodge most of the attacks but she received a large damage once she was hit. Rena smiled while pressing down on her right shoulder that was throbbing in pain.

“Hello, Chloe. Did you follow me here?”

“I didn’t come here to talk of course. I’m here for your life.”

Chloe sent Dark Nephilim an eye gesture then suddenly grabbed a kitchen knife on the counter and charged at Rena. Rena quickly grabbed the steel plate beside her and blocked with it.

Kitchen knife that Chloe stabbed with all her strength stopped after getting stuck in the plate half way.


Chloe gave up the kitchen knife then launched a high kick right away. Rena blocked with the almost shattered plate but its durability must have run out and got shattered into pieces.

While Rena backed out from getting her defensive tool broken, Chloe grabbed a butcher knife and charged in.

It wasn’t even a warm up exercise for a skilled Dark Elf warrior like Chloe to turn a person into a minced meat with a butcher knife.


Rena quickly stepped back to dodge the knife getting swiped horizontally. There was no moment to rest due to Chloe continuing to mix kicks and knife attacks.

“That’s enough! This isn’t the time for this! You calling out Dark Nephilim put other people in danger too!”

“So what, Elf? We’re invaders! It was stranger for us to be nice to them!”

Seeing Rena run away by distancing herself, Chloe immediately threw the butcher knife at her. Rena hit away the knife rotating in mid air flying toward her with her bow. But the next knife flew towards her.

It wasn’t just the knives. Forks, plates, it was as if she was going to throw everything on the kitchen counter at her.


Rena grimaced as she dodged some objects and hit others away with her bow. Until now she hadn’t used lethal attacks on Chloe because she was thinking about the future, and also because of their friendship. But the story was different now that other citizens were caught up in the danger as well.

Rena glared angrily at Chloe after hitting away the final knives thrown by Chloe. Rena’s arrow was faster than Chloe who ran out of things to throw coming to attack her.

When Rena with her back against the wall fixed her arrow, Chloe made a satisfactory smile.

“How foolish, Elf.”

Gwoooooo. A chill went down Rena’s spine as she was about to fire an arrow. She hadn’t put too much thought into it because Dark Nephilim was obediently staying back after Chloe had appeared….. But why did Chloe give such an order?

Rena would have certainly been in danger if Chloe and Dark Nephilim attacked her together. But that meant…..

Rena’s eyes widened from the enormous energy gathered in Dark Nephilim’s mouth.



Velder Liberation army that just entered Velder and was heading to the outer castle saw a beam of light flying diagonally towards the sky then stopped their steps.

“Just what is that……”

“Sir Penensio, let’s evacuate the citizens first!!”

Vanessa shouted urgently after seeing the citizens running out of the outer castle screaming. Penensio was about to give his order but looked up towards the sky from sensing a sudden presence then drew his sword.


With a sound of an explosion, Glitter soldiers fell down from the rooftop. Vanessa groaned when not just one or two, but almost 300 Glitter soldiers stood in their way.

“Could it be that it was a trap?”

“It doesn’t matter. There’s nowhere to run now that we’ve come in.”

There was nowhere to run once you entered because of the special barrier over Velder. Thus, soon as they had put their plan into motion, it was either win or be annihilated for the Velder Liberation Army.

Velder Liberation Army knew this but had entered willingly. Penensio smiled bitterly from this situation with no retreat then looked back at his troops. Velder Knights battle hardened from their fight in Hamel were looking at their new enemy with stiff expressions.

“Victory or death…….”

Vanessa also sighed then fixed her glasses.

“There’s no other way, let’s fight while trying to minimize the damage taken to our troops. We’ll win long as the El Search Party achieves their goal inside the inner castle……”

“Then let’s try to survive.”

Penensio held up his sword and Vanessa also drew her weapon. Then all the troops drew their weapons as well. Glitter soldiers started running at them with Mcgard the Blitzkrieg as their vanguard.

Fight for survival started.


Her arm hurt.

Rena standing in the outer castle’s garden panting and trying to catch her breath. A giant hole had been created on the outer castle’s wall in front of her. Chloe made a cruel smile as she exited through the hole.

“You barely got out alive.”

“……It was quite a good attack, Chloe.”

Rena hasn’t allowed too many direct hits so far. But her right arm was now covered in blood. Actually, she should have died from that perfect ambush…..

Chloe was astonished by Rena’s reflexes but still snorted.

“You won’t be able to use your bow anymore with your right arm hurt like that.”

“Do you really think so?”

As Rena and Chloe exchanged words, Dark Nephilim slowly walked out through the broken wall. Chloe proudly stroked Dark Nephilim’s chin then suddenly turned her head towards another direction.

“I hear fighting. It seems Glitter soldiers were deployed.”

“…….Yes, do you want to change your mind now? I don’t want to take down Dark Nephilim that much.”

Chloe laughed at Rena’s calm request. No matter how strong Rena was, there was no way she could handle her bow properly with her right arm damaged like that. Maybe she could fire 1 or 2 more shots if she forced herself? Dark Nephilim would never be defeated with just those.

“You are the one who should surrender. If you do, I’ll ask D to at least spare your life.”

“…..Just who is this D that got you so terrified?”


Chloe face turned dark for a moment but she shook her head right away. There was no point in talking anymore.

“If you won’t surrender……then there’s only death.”

Just when Chloe was getting Dark Nephilim to prepare another Dark Gravity Cannon, Rena suddenly dashed in. Rena who specialized in ranged combat closed the distance?

Chloe doubted her eyes as Rena dashed in. Dark Nephilim quickly attacked with its teeth but Rena dodged easily by sliding then slipped under Dark Nephilim’s belly.

“You’re aiming for the stomach? It’s no use!”

Chloe quickly made Dark Nephilim dodge. The arrow Rena fired barley missed Dark Nephilim and flew towards the sky. After looking up at the arrow that had been aiming for Dark Nephilim’s stomach fly up towards the air, Chloe made a satisfactory smile then turned her gaze back towards the ground.

Rena was panting while barely standing up. Her arm was drenched in blood due to her pulling the bowstring with it.

It was a tragic scene as if the beautiful flower’s stem was revealing its white innards after getting brutally torn apart.

And the beast that will snap the flower off was showing its teeth. Perfectly unharmed Dark Nephilim was growling as it glared at Rena. It wanted to unleash its pent up rage.

Chloe noticed Dark Nephilim’s rage and spoke.

“It’s all over now right?”

“Yes, it’s over.”

Rena’s calm voice. Chloe instinctively realized something was wrong.

That Elf was strange. But she couldn’t possibly act this confident after her last ditch effort had failed.

It was as if……

“Chloe would have made it dodge if I just fired it directly.”

Rena murmured as she held up her still unharmed left arm. Chloe’s eyes widened after seeing Rena’s finger rise up towards the clear afternoon sky. Something was wrong.

But Rena’s shout came faster than Chloe’s order to Dark Nephilim.


At Rena’s shout, rain started falling from the clear sky. It wasn’t a normal downpour. Dozens, hundreds of spears fell from the sky!

Dark Nephilim tried its best to dodge the hundreds of spears falling like the divine punishment…….but area of the attack was too wide.


Dark Nephilim screamed and twisted its body as it instantly became like the porcupine from getting pierced by the spears.

If it was one or two spears, it could withstand them then regenerate. But regeneration or whatever didn’t matter if it got pierced by hundreds of spears in such a short time.

Gungnir, Rena’s skill that wiped out an entire area with hundreds of magical spears. This ultimate skill held a terrifying power but Rena barely it because other people might get caught up in it.

Seeing that Dark Nephilim was still breathing thinly after getting hit by Gungnir, Rena fixed her arrow without hesitation.

“I’m sorry, good night.”

Arrow flew with a short farewell then got stuck in Dark Nephilim’s face. Dark Nephilim let out a long scream as it fell to the side.


Rena turned around after firing the arrow. Sound of a huge beast falling down was heard behind her. Rena calmly stared at Chloe as she spoke.

“Alright, Chloe. Surrender now.”

“……You’re insane.”

That was all Chloe could say after being so astonished from witnessing Gungnir. She had known that Rena was strong, and also knew that she was going easy on her, but she didn’t know it was up to this extent.

Even Chloe who was a demon general didn’t have any talent to withstand such an attack. Rather, you had to say Chloe was chosen as a demon general because of her ability to summon Dark Nephilim.

But to take down that Dark Nephilim with a single skill?

What Chloe felt from the scene of Dark Elves’ guardian god falling in front of her wasn’t horror, fear or anger. It was just absent-mindedness. She couldn’t think about anything due to the overwhelming skill difference between Rena and her.

“Why are you asking me when you are this powerful? Can’t you just cut off my limbs then force me listen to you?”

“Things you say…….”

Rena made a pretty frown but Chloe was serious. Rena’s arm looked like it couldn’t draw the bowstring anymore….. But Chloe still wouldn’t be able to beat Rena.

“What do you mean? Shouldn’t you do that?”

“Who would do such a thing to a friend?”


Chloe blinked couple times from confusion. Did this Elf lose her mind as well after losing some blood? No, she did use that word couple times before. But was she still calling her that after all of this?

“F, friend? Who? Who is?”

“Aren’t Chloe and I friends?”

“Don’t make me laugh! Who would become friends with an Elf?!”

“But we bathed and even drank together.”

Rena asked with a confused expression. Chloe raised her voice.

“You and I are enemies! We’re just enemies!!”

“Then we can become friends from now on.”

Chloe beat her chest from frustration. Rena looked down at her right hand then frowned.

“Owowow….. It was too much to fire arrows with this hand after all.”


“The cut Chloe gave me last time still haven’t healed completely.”

Rena approached and held out her right hand to show Chloe. Chloe saw Rena’s right hand then frowned.

“But we treated that with a potion!”

“It’s only been a day.”


Wait, so she defeated the Dark Elf warriors, Chloe and Dark Nephilim with an injured hand? Chloe was desperately hanging on to her sanity by grabbing her head when Rena spoke with a gentle voice.

“It seems I can’t fight anymore with this hand. So Chloe, you go and help the Velder Liberation Army.”

“…..Are you crazy?”

“I got hurt like this while fighting Chloe. So can you help me out?”

Rena put her left hand on Chloe’s shoulder then begged seriously.

“Please, Chloe.”


She was going to go crazy. Is this how it felt for a rabbit to get asked a favor from a lion? Chloe bit her lower lips then sighed.

“You’re crazy. You’re seriously crazy. You’re insane. What kind of Elf asks a favor from a Dark Elf?”

“There are lot of elves that asks a favor from a friend.”

Chloe’s face turned red when Rena spoke with a serene smile.

What should she say…… she was embarrassed.

There were reasons, but Chloe broke her promise with Rena and ambushed her. But Rena fought back while being careful so that no one was killed and was even careful so Chloe wasn’t harmed. Even her fight against Dark Nephilim in the end, she could have taken Dark Nephilim out any time she wanted but held back due to the surrounding circumstances.

Chloe had been just playing on top of her opponent’s hand. After all of this, she should surrender, wave the white flag. But even though Chloe admitted her defeat…..Rena was calling Chloe her friend and asking her a favor.

“…..You’re seriously crazy.”

“I may be.”

If Rena had ordered her, if she had tried to force her, Chloe would have rather died than to submit. Even now, she had a strong feeling of just wishing Rena would kill her cleanly. Dying to a powerful foe was an ending warriors could accept.

“And you’re making me crazy too……”

If people that were stronger showed their generosity, it was duty of those who were weaker to accept it. This rule Chloe had always kept as a warrior moved her heart.

“What should I do?”

“You’ll listen to me?”

Chloe frowned when Rena smiled joyfully.

“I would have lost this life to you anyways. You let me live so I’ll follow what you say.”

“Then please help the Velder Liberation Army together with the Dark Elves. This is something I should have done but…….”

But Rena didn’t have any strength left to draw the bowstring. Looking at Rena’s injury, Chloe was about to nod then her face stiffened. Rena also turned around to look towards the direction Chloe was looking at then her eyes widened in horror.

Dark Nephilim that had certainly fallen was slowly getting up.

Hundreds of magical spears stabbed into its body slowly got pushed out as its regenerative ability activated. Dark Nephilim was indeed a powerful sprit…. But the intuition that Rena had built up over the course of countless battles had told her that she certainly took it down.

Rena suspected if it was Dark Nephilim’s special ability but judging by Chloe’s abhorred expression, that wasn’t it either.

“Could it be, D…..?”

“Chloe, go ahead quickly.”

Rena pushed Chloe who was pale and frozen. Chloe got pushed away couple steps then stared at Rena in confusion. But Rena was only looking towards Dark Nephilim that was standing up again.

It was a very serious expression that Rena hadn’t shown before.

“Believe that we will win and help the Velder Liberation Army. But if we lose, say that you had no choice because I threatened you then go back to the demons.”


“Go quickly. I’ll take care of here.”

Rena’s dry words, Chloe’s face stiffened from sensing that Rena was saying that while being prepared for death.

Chloe ordered Dark Nephilim that was standing back up inside her head but it was no use. Dark Nephilim that should have absolutely followed its summoner’s orders wasn’t even giving a glance at Chloe now.

Let’s trust Rena for now. As Chloe backed away, Rena took a deep breath.


Beast she had certainly taken down got back up completely healthy again. You could tell with a single glance that it wasn’t because of Chloe or Dark Nephilim’s powers.

That D who Chloe was so afraid of must have had a hand in this.

This wasn’t an easy battle under normal circumstances and she was even injured now. She couldn’t draw the bowstring.

But she couldn’t run away. If Rena ran away from here, Dark Nephilim will pulverize the Velder Liberation Army. Or bare its fangs against the other Search Party members.

“Everyone, do your best.”

Rena calmly cheered on her comrades that were fighting their hardest somewhere else then kicked the ground.

She couldn’t use her arm but she still had her legs. Her enemy was right in front of her.

Even if her life was in danger, she had no choice but to fight.


Add’s steps stopped when he came up the stone stairs with his hand joined with Eve’s. A giant steel door was blocking their way.

“There’s no lock. Shall we destroy it?”

“Wait, let me analyze it.”

He was still holding on to Eve’s hand so he only had one free hand. Add tried knocking on the door, scanning with the Dynamo and tried everything else he could but still couldn’t figure out a single thing.

“……How does this make sense?”

A chill went down Add’s spine from this conclusion. There were things that Add’s Dynamo couldn’t destroy but it was impossible that a thing that Dynamo couldn’t analyze could exist. Dynamo was even able to analyze how a space-time drift phenomenon was occurring in this inner castle.

But this door was impossible to analyze. Thus, it meant that this door was a space made from something surpassing Add’s knowledge or something that couldn’t be read by Dynamo’s scan, something that surpassed space distortion.

While Add was at a loss for words, Eve pointed with her finger.

“Here’s a strange slate. It looks like a door knob.”

Some kind of slate was attached to the part where there should have been a door knob. This part couldn’t be analyzed either. Add confirmed it with his eyes then murmured.

“There are 9 slots.”

There were 9 gems embedded on the slate around in circle. Starting from the 12 o’clock, gems were lined up in the order of red, purple, green, grey, pink, blue, orange, red and purple. Add was pondering if there was a special meaning behind the color of the gems when Eve spoke composedly from beside him.

“They are El.”

“……I know.”

The realization had come a bit late because Add was so surprised by this gate’s existence. He thoroughly prepared himself then tried firing a Void Impact at the door……. But nothing happened.

Activation of the skill itself was ignored.

“There’s a space distortion casted on it….. But I can’t decipher it.”

“Is this the throne room where they’re turning the El into a Dark El?”

“There were no crossroads on our way here.”

Add’s answer wasn’t a proper one but it was showing the two’s situation right now.

They had to go through this gate but they couldn’t.

“Considering how they sealed it off with something I suspect to be a space distortion…. It doesn’t look like any normal door.”

“What demon could have turned the inner castle like this?”

“……I’m not sure.”

It was an abrupt question but Add delved into his thoughts seriously. Elesis was powerful but she didn’t seem knowledgeable about space related abilities. Ran’s main skills were composed of shadows, Helputt was unknown but he was probably similar to Chung and Chloe didn’t look like she had much power.

By the rule of elimination, only Karis remained. She did seem to have some space related abilities but it didn’t seem like her abilities were great enough to create this gate so powerful that Add couldn’t analyze.

Add made a reluctant conclusion.

“Is it the court magician Aisha?”

“She helped us. I don’t think she would create a trap like this.”

“You never know. It could be an emergency security system she kept hidden inside the castle.”

Add knew very well that he wasn’t making sense. No matter how powerful of a magician Aisha was, there was no way she could easily create a gate even Add couldn’t decipher. She also had no reason to secretly hide this gate inside the Velder royal castle.

“Those nine El…..why do you think they are there?”

Eve was looking straightly at the pink El. Add took out the Memory of Time and Space from his pocket and compared with the one on the slate.

There was no point in analyzing. He could tell just with his eyes that they were same.


“They are not unrelated. The reason Aisha helped us, but why she didn’t actively help us… It seems like all of those reasons are right here.”

Eve spoke all the words Add wanted to say. Add nodded then carefully stroked the slate with his hand. He was worried about being electrocuted or any other strange traps but the slate just felt cold on his hand.

They couldn’t figure out anything after examining for a while. Add was clicking his tongue from feeling impatient when Eve went to sit near the stairs using Reby and Moby as chairs.

“Let’s stay seated.”

“Is this the time for that?”

Add unconsciously spoke sarcastically. They didn’t know where Ara and Chung went and Rena and Elsword must be fighting for their lives. But Add and Eve were blocked by a strange gate and couldn’t proceed.

“If there’s no progress even after examining this much, then it’s important to rest and recover our stamina. It doesn’t matter for me but you are tired.”


Well it was true that Add was quite tired from coming up the stairs. He would have normally flown using the Dynamos but he needed to be careful due to the wide area space distortion around this place.

They didn’t know what might happen later so he did need to rest. Add admitted Eve was right then sat beside Eve using Dynamos as a chair while suppressing his impatient feelings.

Eve was staring at the slate.

“Why are there nine of them?”

“I don’t know, but there must be a reason.”

“The one Ara got was orange, Elsword’s was red and yours was purple.”

Just like Eve said, they were all colors that existed on the slate. After all of this, it would be stranger if the Memory of Time and Spaces that Aisha gave them weren’t related to this.

“It seems we’ll have to conclude that the one who created this slate is Aisha or someone related to her.”


Add was suppressing his restlessness when Eve grabbed his hand as if she had almost forgotten.


Huh? He knew in his head that her action didn’t mean anything…. As Add who lost his sense of judgement blinked, Eve replied prudishly.

“This is a strange place. We have to be careful to not be separated.”

“O, okay……”

Add spoke out something in between a groan and an answer then shut his mouth.

Everyone was fighting with their lives on the line but they were blocked off. Add would have normally thought up various methods in order to break through this situation. Add’s way of doing things was to challenge persistently, and if there was no other way, he wouldn’t hesitate to even resort to unsafe methods.

But all those feelings evaporated the moment Eve grabbed his hand. Feeling of only wishing this time to last a bit longer remained.


This was a time that will end soon. Soon as this task was over, it was an eternal farewell with the El Search Party that he had cultivated up till now.

Add made an empty laugh. Eve seemed slightly surprised by this.

“So…. you can laugh like that too.”

“I didn’t laugh.”

Eve was looking straightly at him wanting to say something but then closed her mouth discretely. Add knew this but didn’t say anything.

But he didn’t let go of her hand.

Because this will be the last time as well.


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