Elsword Time Trouble Volume 5 Chapter 3 Page 135~160


Arrow and arrow flew towards each other. Amazingly…..two arrows collided in the air and were neutralized.


Chloe was shocked by this but still threw herself off the stairs instantly. This was a battle between archers, Chloe obviously twisted her body to dodge Rena’s incoming arrow then fired her own arrow.

But her arrow was blocked by the arrow Rena shot while standing still.

Rena had predicted how Chloe would react and fired. Rena predicting her actions was understandable, but to make both arrows purposely collide in midair?

It’s not an exaggeration to call her a goddess of archery!

There was no way she could win in a ranged combat. Chloe immediately admitted her archery skills fell behind Rena’s and closed in for a close quarter combat. Chloe jumped down the entire staircase in a single leap then positioned herself to launch continuous kicks aiming for Rena’s legs. But Rena kept spinning around and backing out to dodge Chloe’s consecutive attacks as if they were nothing.

Chloe felt that she shouldn’t allow Rena to get any distance between them so she quickly closed in. She absolutely couldn’t give Rena a chance to draw her bowstring!

Rena continued to back out from Chloe’s ferocious consecutive kicks. After pushing Rena back all the way to the center of the 2nd floor’s hallway, Chloe felt that something was off so she launched a jump roundhouse kick then landed. Rena dodged the kick by lightly ducking then noticed Chloe had stopped attacking and asked out of curiosity.

“You’re noting going to continue?”

“…..How much are you going to make fun of me? Are you going easy on me, Elf?!”

“It’s not that. Other Dark Elves might get caught up.”


So she didn’t back out because of the pressure from Chloe’s continuous attack but instead just changing the fight location out of consideration for the fallen Dark Elves nearby?

Chloe’s mind became numb after finding out the truth.

How can such a person exist? Chloe could have accepted this more easily if Rena’s skill just simply overwhelmingly surpassed hers. Karis and Elesis were also terrifyingly powerful after all. But she had never seen someone so powerful with such a caring personality even towards their enemies.

“Just…..what are you trying to do? Aren’t you going to fight?”

“Hmm, of course I should fight. But I don’t want to harm the other Dark Elves for no reason.”

“……What do you mean?”

There was a difference in skills but they were enemies right now. But why is this Elf caring about other Dark Elves’ wellbeing?

Rena spoke clearly.

“Chloe, you aren’t doing this because you want to.”

“…..Don’t make me laugh.”

“Is some other general forcing you to do this?”

Chloe got furious and suddenly launched a spin roundhouse kick. This kind of attack was powerful but it blatantly left you wide open for counter attack so you shouldn’t use it carelessly. But Rena didn’t exploit this fact and just swiftly backed out to dodge Chloe’s kick.

“Chloe, I don’t want to fight right now. I have to go help the other kids.”

“If you want to do that then defeat me! Do you think war is a joke? Elf?!”

“Of course not. But…..”

Rena shook her head then sighed as she dropped her bow on the ground. She lightly flipped her wrists then adjusted her stance.

“Alright, I’ll accept.”


Chloe took out her dagger and scanned for Rena’s movements. Rena was powerful but that was only when she used her bow. She was an archer so her skills in close quarters had to lack. Chloe was also an archer but she was more confident in her closer quarter combat skills.

She had the advantage close up! Chloe charged in with her dagger in front. But then….. Rena seemed to suddenly jump forward then launched a flying kick.


Her jump was so light that it barely even made a sound. Chloe was shocked by the suddenly flying kick coming at her face and quickly blocked with both of her arms.


Chloe’s body got pushed back far after the sound of an impact. Chloe bit her lower lips at the throbbing pain.


“Want to continue?”

When Rena asked concisely….. Chloe bit her lower lips then charged in. She did fall behind in ranged combat but there was no way she would fall behind in close quarters.

Chloe positioned herself to launch a high kick. Rena didn’t hesitate and also answered with a high kick. Legs aiming for each other’s heads collided in midair.


Rena frowned and staggered. Chloe’s eyes flashed in that moment and she swung her dagger. Rena’s archery was godly…..but physical combat was a fight of physique and weight. You could tell just from a glance that Rena wasn’t very heavy!

As Chloe swung her dagger, Rena quickly leaned backwards to dodge then launched a front kick at the same time.

Chloe backed off for a bit after getting her waist kicked by an unexpected acrobatic maneuver. It was a surprising attack but its power wasn’t too great because it was a kick launched in such an unstable posture.

Rena used this moment to somersault backwards to gain some distance then frowned prettily. Chloe felt that Rena was going to say something useless again so she jumped in immediately while throwing her dagger straightly towards Rena.

Rena tilted her head to dodge the dagger coming at her forehead but she couldn’t evade the continuing kick from Chloe.

Rena did block by raising her arms…..but her body got lifted up and ran into a wall. Rena still didn’t fall down and managed to maintain her stance.


That was given. Rena had sensed that she couldn’t dodge Chloe’s flying kick so she had purposely thrown her body backwards to reduce the damage she received.

And beside Rena who just got pushed back was the bow she had put down earlier. Chloe got surprised and looked nervously but Rena didn’t seem she had any intention to pick up her bow.

It was so stupid that she had to say something.

“……You. Are you making fun of me right now? Why are you insisting on fighting close up even while knowing that you’re at a disadvantage?”

“It’s true, Chloe is strong.”

“Then fight me with your bow as if you want to kill me! What are you trying to do by acting so softly, Elf?!”

“I can’t have Chloe die. Help of the Dark Elves is a must if we want to make peace with the demons after this fight.”

Chloe was at a loss for words at Rena’s firm answer. Was she still speaking about peace when she was betrayed like this? Even when the fight had already started?

She could say for certain, this was an extremely outlandish individual amongst the Elf race!

“That’s what I meant by making fun of me. Are you going easy on me thinking that you can beat someone like me any time you want?”

“……I’m not making fun of you. Ugh.”

Rena frowned while brushing the dust off her hands. Chloe sensed something was off from the strange sound Rena made. Rena finished explaining.

“Arrow is difficult to control. I might accidently make a mistake.”


So she threw away her bow because she might accidentally kill Chloe? Chloe had never heard something so insulting in her life.

She didn’t even get this kind of evaluation when she returned after losing half her Dark Elves to Aisha.

Chloe was furious to the point where she suspected if steam was coming off her head……. But Rena’s words weren’t over yet.

“And I also thought Chloe might change her mind if I beat you in close up.”

“……How stupid.”

“Will you promise me? That you’ll do as I say if I win.”

“I’m getting sick of this. Just…..”

“I’ll seriously get angry if you tell me to kill you, Chloe.”

Chloe stopped her words at the strange pressure. Rena with her eyes opened narrowly was strongly glaring at her.

“I don’t intend to take life of someone who’s fighting a fight they don’t want to. I don’t know what you’re so afraid of that’s forcing you to do this….. But I’ll take care of it for you.”

“How would you know….”

“I know.”

Rena’s voice just now held such a strong feeling that it even got the strong minded Chloe to shut her mouth.

“I know a person that lost his will and was forced to fight even though he didn’t want to. And how that person is continuing to regret things he has done. I know better than anyone else how much of a large wound it became to that person.”


“And how he’s desperately looking for a way to atone amongst the battles.”

She wasn’t talking about someone here right now. Rena spoke with such strong feelings that Chloe was overwhelmed and could only keep silent.

“So Chloe, I don’t want my friend to go through the same thing. I won’t forgive the person that forced you to do this kind of thing.”

“…….Nonsense, you cannot beat that person no matter how powerful you are. No one can.”

Seeing that Chloe made a seriously terrified face, Rena loosened her expression and spoke softly.

“If I can’t win by myself then I just have to find a way to win together with the others. That’s how we’ve fought until now.”


Chloe didn’t answer anymore and pulled out her spare dagger. It felt like she was going to lose the will to fight if she talked with Rena any longer.

Soon as Chloe charged in with her dagger determined to fight to the death, Rena performed an unbelievable action. It looked like she was lowering her stance then she dived in while sliding.


This wasn’t an ice field, what kind of trick was this? It was so startling to Chloe but Rena had already quickly dived in all the way below her. Chloe instinctively made a defensive posture and tried to throw her body backwards to reduce the damage just like Rena did…..


But Rena’s response was faster. After adjusting the speed of her slide at the last moment with her arm, she pushed up on the ground with both of her hands and launched her body upwards. Rising kick that threw her entire body. The impact broke through the guard Chloe put up with her arms to protect her face and chest.


Chloe’s body didn’t get thrown backwards and instead got lifted up in the air. Ironically, Chloe’s attempt to throw her body backwards had helped with Rena’s attack.

And the freefall that followed.

Rena had already positioned herself and was throwing a roundhouse kick to match the timing of Chloe’s fall. Chloe’s eyes and head knew of the incoming kick but she had no way to react to it while freefalling!


Chloe’s body went flying spinning in midair after getting her waist kicked. After hitting her head on the wall and falling down on the ground, Chloe quickly stood up. But she fell kneeling down right after. Not only her ribs cracked from the attack just now, she also received a light concussion.

“Want to continue?”


At Rena’s calm question, Chloe finally admitted defeat. It was a perfect defeat even with her weight advantage. She couldn’t win against Rena even if she were to try hundred more times.

Bow was that Elf’s specialty in the first place. She lost even though she fought relying on her opponent’s generosity…… The sense of defeat was so large that she didn’t know how to handle it.

It was just like Rena said. After losing in closer quarter combat…..she could clearly admit who was stronger.

“Even if I continued to fight….. I won’t be able to win.”

“Alright, then……”

“But! I still cannot back down for the sake of the Dark Elves’ fate!!”

When Chloe shouted and waved her arm, a magic circle appeared around her. Rena recognised what it was and raised her voice in horror.

“Chloe! What do you think you’re doing!!?”

“ROK MANDOOS SAMANDA……. Come forth!! Spirit of the demons arise!!”

Answering Chloe’s shout, the air started to shake. A dark hole was opened through the magic circle and giant arms and legs appeared through the hole.


It was so huge that hallway, walls and 2nd floor’s ceiling broke just from its appearance. Sounds of outer castle’s residents screaming from the appearance of this beast capable of destroying the outer castle just by moving was heard. Everyone must have not known there was a fight going on because the fight had been occurring mostly close to the 3rd floor.

Rena groaned after confirming the frantic footsteps running away with her ears and then confirming the giant beast howling with her eyes. She couldn’t understand at all. Even after she clearly displayed their difference in strength, Chloe was persisting to fight even by summoning the Dark Elf’s guardian god Dark Nephilim.

“…….Just why? Why are you going so far?”

“……You don’t know, Elf. You will never know how terrifying D is.”

Chloe shook her head sadly. Then raised her voice as if she didn’t want to listen to Rena’s answer.

“Alright, rampage. Dark Nephilim!!”


Giant beast large enough to shatter the Velder’s outer castle howled with all its might.


Blood dripped down. Elsword panted while looking at the blood dripping down his sword. Most of the blood was flowing down from Elsword’s arm, shoulder and hands.

“Around 2 times out of 5, not bad.”

Elesis evaluated coldly after pushing Elsword back all the way to the end of the overpass. She had also received light injuries on her abdomen and shoulder. She was still faring far much better than Elsword but that wasn’t because she used her recovery ability.

To commend Elsword for asking to face her by himself without his comrades or strategies, in a pure contest of skill, Elesis had also faced him by herself using only her sword.

Thus, she had overwhelmed Elsword in a pure contest of swordsmanship.

“There’s nothing to be surprised about, Elsword. If you know my sword better than anyone else in the world….I know your sword better than anyone else in the world as well.”

“That’s right. I….. also learned a lot from Big Sister after all.”

Elsword was staying focused but the hands holding his sword was shivering. This was too reckless after all. Add wasn’t mistaken.

Elesis was way too powerful. Even if there were 10 Elswords….no, even 100 more Elswords wouldn’t be enough to come out of this victorious. Not only that, Elesis was going easy on him even now.

She wasn’t recovering her wounds, she was certainly holding back.

“Who is superior has already been decided. If you continue to fight…..you’ll die. Are you still not going to stand aside?”

Elesis was happy at her brother’s growth and had faced him seriously only with swordsmanship. But she didn’t feel like pushing further once the match looked like it was decided. Elesis cooled herself then requested calmly.

I’d like you to stand aside if possible. But Elsword shook his head despite knowing the meaning behind Elesis’ request.

“Why? Why are you being so stubborn? Is it because of your friends?”


When Elsword didn’t answer, Elesis nodded reluctantly.

“Alright, I won’t kill anyone in the El Search Party. I’ll just render them incapable of fighting. That’s the far as I can concede.”

“I won’t stand aside.”

“Why are you being so stubborn? Do I really have to…..”

“I won’t move even if I die.”

Elsword spoke stubbornly. Sadness rose up in Elesis’ face. She hadn’t showed any signs of trouble when she was facing the El Search Party in the past. It was rare for her to show this much emotion but Elsword didn’t care at all.

“Then why? Explain it to me. What else do you want? Do you want me to stand in the side of protecting Elrios again?”


“….Then just why?”

Elesis asked sadly. Elsword fixed the grip on his sword.

“Fight me properly, Big Sister.”


“Fight me seriously. Don’t go easy. Recovery skill or anything else, use anything you want.”

“…….Are you insane?”

Elesis was showing so much direct emotions to the point where Add would have been very surprised if he saw her now.

“This right now isn’t Big Sister’s true power. Use your full power.”

“……..Are you saying you want to die by me? I won’t ask you to understand my choices…. But is this really the ending you want?”

When Elesis bit her lips and asked painfully, Elsword stared at her with a surprised expression.

“What are you talking about, Big Sister?”


“I want to fight Big Sister. That’s why I won’t stand aside.”

It was a pure request for a fight. Elesis blinked from realizing what he meant. Of course, she had also lived her life wielding the sword so she also understood competitive mindset and the desire to fight very well.

“Show me Big Sister’s full power.”


Elesis realized Elsword’s resolve and nodded.

Let’s throw away all hesitations. She had been determined to not slay Elsword no matter what…….But this time was messed up as well.

“I got it. It might be better for you to die by my hand…..than having to see the end of time.”

Elesis spoke with a sorrowful expression.

“I’m sorry, Elsword. I’ll end it….painlessly.”

“…….It’s not over yet.”

Elsword answered quietly then swung his sword with all his strength. This was a narrow area and he knew the trajectory of Elesis’ attack. Just as he expected, Elesis was running in trying to perform a wide swipe.


Elsword saw it coming with his eyes and tried to follow up with his body by swinging his sword. But he was too fatigued. His sword was being delayed due to his body, due to his overworked bones and muscles screaming out in pain.


He barely managed to block it but his stance broke down. Kneeling down on one knee, Elsword saw Elesis’ sword ruthlessly flying towards him and swung his sword the best he could.


A clear sound rang out as steels clashed. It was a refreshing sound. Elsword raised his sword to block the oncoming multiple sword strikes but he couldn’t even block half of them. He rolled to dodge soon as his upper arm got grazed but Elesis didn’t give him any moment to rest and pressured again.

Her movement was many times faster than before. Elsword could easily see the attacks coming because he knew all about Elesis’ attack methods, he could see them even better now that he familiarized himself by fighting her directly…… But his body couldn’t follow up.

He wanted to attack.


He felt burdened by this body that could only manage to block. He finally could see them coming, but fighting any more was too much for his fatigued body. But this was the only time he could have a fight like this, it was a once in a lifetime fight……. He hated himself for being so weak.

It can’t be helped. That person is my Big Sister, Elesis. Strongest person in the world. It’s obvious for me to get pushed back like this.






His sword shook. His body couldn’t move as he wished because his hands were shaking.

That’s right. I did well considering how Big Sister was my opponent. She promised not to kill the others so……..it shouldn’t matter if I fell here.


“……I don’t.”


Elesis was the strongest person in the world, sun that shined brighter than anyone else. But that sun turned her back on the light and faced the darkness. This fact was so shocking that he despaired and gave up fighting. But he chose to grab his sword again and face her head on in the end.

Everyone believed in Elsword’s choice. That he will certainly be able to fight Elesis. That Elsword can surely surpass Elesis.

Eve, Ara, Rena and Add.

They all believed in him, fought together with him.


But they lost.

It was a fight where they were glad just to have survived.

He lost even though everyone had believed in him.


Yes, of course. Big Sister is stronger than anyone else after all. I can’t win no matter how much I try. This kind of feeling had lingered in his heart.

This feeling certainly existed even during the beach when he vowed in front of everyone that he was going to fight Elesis again.

This feeling didn’t change even after he returned to Velder to settle things with his older sister. This feeling hasn’t disappeared even in this fight. It wasn’t a hesitation to fight his blood sibling. You had to call it worship instead.

For Elsword, Elesis shined brighter than anyone else in the world.

Even though,

Even though he possessed a feeling of wanting to always absent-mindedly look up at his sister, that shouldn’t be Elsword’s everything.


“…….I don’t want.”


Elsword gritted his teeth. A different wavering feeling made his shaking body rise up. Life returned to his hands that were losing strength.

A will sprouted up.

Behind him were his friends that believed in him and went ahead. They all believed that Elsword could surpass Elesis. They all believed that Elsword could succeed even though they knew he was throwing himself into a foe too much for him, into a reckless fight.

Even though Elsword had lost once already, even though they knew he held feelings of admiration towards Elesis, even though they knew his skills were hopelessly lacking…… They entrusted him with this fight.

He was happy. He didn’t know how to describe this feeling but he knew for certain that he was very happy.

Boy who had only been running after his sister’s back was able to meet people who believed that he could succeed.

Another feeling rose up along with his admiration towards his sister.


“I don’t want to lose!!”


Clank!! Elesis’ sword launching fierce attacks suddenly shook widely. Elsword who was barely alive and was only managing to barely block her attacks just launched a desperate counter. Elesis got shocked and backed out. Elsword was kneeling on one knee with his sword lying horizontally on the ground. He wasn’t moving.

Did he die? Elesis examined in surprise. She then heard Elsword’s quiet breathing. Voice so small as if he was whispering in someone’s ear traveled across the overpass.

“I always admired you Big Sister. Even in this moment where we’re fighting….and forever from now….. Big Sister will shine brighter than anyone else in the world.”

“……I see.”

After deciding that had been Elsword’s last struggle, Elesis fixed the grip on her sword to finish this. But Elsword staggered as he stood up.

“Even while fighting like this….. I’m thinking that I cannot surpass you. That following after you is all I can manage. You are amazing after all, Big Sister.”


“But I still don’t want to lose. Even if I’m fighting against Big Sister who’s the strongest person in the world…… I cannot afford to lose this fight. I have friends that went ahead believing in me.”

“You can’t win only with that kind of tender heart, that kind of petty resolve. It looks like you still have a long way to go.”

Block just now had been his final struggle. Elsword didn’t have any strength remaining to fight anymore. Elesis bitterly shook his head then approached slowly as she swung her sword.

Sharp attack flying in aiming for his neck. Elsword was too exhausted to even try to block it. He couldn’t see properly because his eyes were already blurry.

But he still wanted to fight. He didn’t want to back out from here.

“The sword……”

Clank!! Unbelievably, it was Elesis’ sword that was deflected. Elesis examined Elsword with a confused expression when incomprehensible events continued.

Elsword was exhausted and panting heavily, but he strangely didn’t feel tired.

His body felt heated. His heart felt hot. This feeling right now, he didn’t know what to call this feeling that was a mix of his feeling towards Elesis and his feeling of wanting to answer his friends’ expectations.

Flash! As if to answer the desire coming from bottom of Elsword’s heart, a crimson flame started to burn up from his body.

No, it wasn’t a flame. Elsword’s Memory of Time and Space was answering to his will and emitting light.

Faced with a giant wall he had to overcome, old memories flashed by in the boy’s eyes.


Elesis back when she was young.

Elesis swinging her sword and himself standing beside her following her moves.

Elesis whose skills had improved so much in such a short time and himself who was weak in comparison.

Elesis who left to join the Red Knights without leaving any words. And the times he spent looking at her empty bed again and again, resenting, struggling, trying to understand.


I’m weak so I won’t be of any help even if I’m beside my sister. Big Sister went to meet and fight with stronger people after all.

So let’s quickly become stronger myself. So that I can be a match for Big Sister.


At the news of the strongest Red Knight captain coming for afar, he became a knight because he wanted to meet her no matter what, because he wanted to stand on equal terms with her.

He became a knight but he was still weak. He could never be satisfied even though people told him he was strong. He wanted to become even stronger so he went on a journey.

Then he met Eve.

‘That’s right……’

Eve was truly a good friend. She stayed together with Elsword who fought restlessly from wanting to catch up to his sister soon as possible. Elsword would have gone astray at one point if it weren’t for Eve.

He was glad to have had such a good friend who nagged from beside him and sometimes showed cute sides of herself.

And he also met good people. Rena, Ara, Chung and Add…..the times he spent with them were joyful but he couldn’t completely erase his uneasy heart.


He wanted his Big Sister to recognise him.

She betrayed Elrios. But stuff like that didn’t matter at all. She’s still my Big Sister. Big Sister I’m proud of, I wanted to show her how much I’ve grown and have her recognise me.

I wanted her to be proud of me. I wanted her to let me stay beside her.


“Right, but that’s not it……”

What came up most clearly in front of his eyes weren’t something like this. Elsword had convinced himself he had such thoughts….. But that wasn’t everything.

Just why had he insisted on taking this fight alone? To show Elesis how much he changed and get her to recognise him? He indeed had these thoughts.

But that couldn’t be everything. They had already faced Elesis once before. In that fight, even if it was just for a moment, Elsword had grasped victory thanks to the other Serach Party members’ help. Elesis had recognised this too and that was why she had revealed her hidden power.

If it was just to be recognised, it would have been better to fight together with all of the El Search Party members.

“But this is more……”

His heart was pounding. It wasn’t because his body was engulfed in flames. He was happy that he could move his body.

He was happy that he could compete with his such powerful sister a bit longer. He wanted to fight more properly. He wanted to make his sister happy.

And he wanted to be happy as well.


Boy stared straightly at the image that formed most clearly amongst his memories. The younger days of the siblings where they each held a wooden sword and fought each other all day.


Elesis at that time was smiling.

Elsword at that time was smiling.

Who was stronger wasn’t important.

He was merely so happy that there was someone he could contest his sword with to his heart’s content.


Elsword opened his eyes. While Elesis looked on with a surprised expression, Elsword realized the words he had to say.

Elsword spoke quietly, putting his desire, his wish into his words.

“The sword is…… nostalgic.”

With those words, Elsword’s sword and body was consumed by a giant pillar of flame. Elesis’ eyes widened from seeing the pillar of flame that rose up to break through the overpass’ ceiling.

“Could this be…..?”


Elsword jumped out of the pillar of flame by cutting through it then charged at Elesis. Elesis hastily blocked but she was the one that got helplessly deflected this time.


She just got beaten in a contest of strength. Elesis stared at Elsword while being surprised by this fact. Elsword who grew up from surpassing time raised his sword and declared.

“Armageddon Blade!”

At his shout, powerful mana flowed through the great sword to make it gigantic. Elesis looked at the great sword that suddenly increased double in size then laughed quietly.

She was so satisfied by this result that there was nothing else to say.

Knight of knights (Lord Knight) threw a challenge at the strongest Red Knights captain. Then it was now time to give it everything she had, even risk her life to bring out all of Elsword’s skills!

“Brutal Cutter!!”

Eleisis’ claymore got covered in dark demonic energy to also become gigantic.

After enhancing their swords, siblings quietly collected their breaths. Then the siblings simultaneously charged at each other swinging their swords without even letting out a shout.

Stuff like identity of their enemy and the reason they started fighting didn’t matter anymore. Only thing left was to prove who was stronger.


The dark red demonic sword blew away the overpass’ ceiling when Elesis raised her sword high to smash down. But Elsword’s Armageddon blade easily blocked Elesis’ sword then started to pressure with raw strength.


Elesis hadn’t even imagined she would get pushed back in strength. She gritted her teeth trying hold out but she was still getting pushed back. Elsword continued to push in tactlessly with his raw strength. Elesis groaned and made Elsword back off by kicking his leg.

“Not bad at all.”

Elesis was astonished but moved her sword swiftly. If she got pushed back in strength then she’ll overwhelm him with speed. Each time Elesis’ demonic sword sprayed out a dark energy, the overpass’ ceiling and walls got torn apart as if they were made out of paper.


In response, Elsword also started swinging his sword swiftly. Even though he fell behind in speed, he’ll overwhelm her in strength!!

Elesis knew all too well that allowing their swords to clash will end up with her getting pushed back in strength. She quickly backed out and shouted.


A skill she hadn’t used until now, Elsword jumped high soon as Elesis gathered demonic energy. Elesis was just about to eject the demonic energy but saw that Elsword was trying to roll in the air and smash down with his sword. She quickly gave up using Ejection Buster and backed out.


Elsword’s smash had so much power that it made a crack on the sturdy overpass floor. Elsword didn’t let up and swung his sword while spinning around. His attacks were dangerous because Armageddon Blade had such a long reach.


Elesis’s body got pushed back far from being forced to block with her sword. Elsword didn’t let this chance go and immediately charged in. Dismay rose up in Elesis’ face. Elsword up till now had been barely managing to defend. But his attacks had a terrifying pressure to them now that he was starting to display such recklessly rushing tendencies.


Elesis hastily threw demonic blades around her body then held her sword with long reach to swing it down. Elesis’ Brutal Cutter also had a long reach so it was a move worth trying.

Clank! But Elsword caught the demonic sword trying to smash down on his head with his own sword then pushed in directly. Swords grinded against each other and let off sparks. Elesis hadn’t expected Elsword to push his offensive directly like this and quickly jumped off the overpass. This was the only way to evade.

Thud! After lightly jumping down from 3 floor height, Elesis looked up then dodged from getting extremely shocked. Elsword was also jumping off without any hint of hesitation and was trying to smash down his sword.

Crush!! Elsword’s Armageddon Blade smashed down on the stone floor and utterly destroyed it. Elesis murmured while discretely hiding her cold sweat.


It was certainly worth enduring through all those countless self-mortifications while believing in Elsword’s possibility. If it’s Elsword, he can surely…….!


Just when Elsword repositioned his sword and was preparing to fight again, sound of an explosion was heard from far away and the outer castle broke down. Elesis looked towards the direction of the explosion out of curiosity to see that a giant beast had appeared and was pulverising the outer castle.

“…….It’s Dark Nephilim. Chloe, she’s done it now.”

But Elsword wasn’t looking towards the direction of the mayhem. Elesis who had unknowingly gotten distracted stared at Elsword in his pause stance and asked.

“It will be after your friend. Are you fine with continuing to fight me?”

“It’s fine.”

Elsword answered without any doubt in his voice.

“My friends went ahead believing in that I’ll defeat you Big Sister. So I’ll also defeat you while believing in that my friends will win.”

“…….You’re incredible.”

Elesis nodded while admiring sincerely. Elsword just received a compliment but he looked like he was dissatisfied.

He urged as if he was thirsty from a yearning that wouldn’t fill.

“Let’s continue, Big Sister.”

“Alright, wait a moment…….”

Responding to Elsword’s urge, Elesis flicked her sword down to her side. Then a flame rose up from the end of her sword. Dark red flames rising up from her sword seemed to engulf her body then burned up into a dark armor.

“As you are right now……you should be able to fight equally even against this power of the devil.”

“Then try to hang on best you can, Big Sister.”

“……It’s true that you’ve become stronger. But you’re in for a lot of hurt if you take your Big Sister lightly.”

Elsword shook his head heavily at Elesis’ warning.

“I’m not taking you lightly. I just…..want to fight with you for a long time.”

“Yes, it’s the same for me as well.”

She has happy at her brother’s remarkable growth. She wanted to personally confirm the improved Elsword’s strength with her sword.

Elesis smiled joyfully and Elsword smiled back.

Siblings trying to best each other with everything they got smiled from the bottom of their hearts.


Siblings trying to best each other with everything they got smiled from the bottom of their hearts.

“Alright, let’s test how much stronger you’ve become, Elsword!”

“Thank you, Big Sister!!”

Elsword shouted in joy and charged in towards Elesis.


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