Elsword Time Trouble Volume 5 Chapter 2 Page 87~111(Chapter Complete)


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Night came to the outer castle. 30 minutes before the lights off signal where workers were forbidden to move around the castle, Add brought out Eun and stood on the 2nd floor’s balcony.

Eun giggled as she looked up at the night sky.

“For boy to request a secret meeting with me at night like this, so a day like this can come too.”


When Add continued to glare at her without an answer, Eun sulked then sighed.

“Aren’t you going to tell me to stop saying things that doesn’t make sense?”

“……Didn’t you already know that I’ll call you out at this point?”


Eun seemed to make a bitter sigh then suddenly kicked Add’s shin. Add staggered and backed out from the sudden ambush.

Add refused to yield and didn’t make any sound despite getting hit. It still hurt as if his leg was going to fall off.

“Boy, didn’t I already tell you many times that I’m not all powerful or all knowing? You call a girl out at night to make her heart pound then all you talk about is a suspicion that’s been already resolved long ago?”

“You… shouldn’t be in a position to act so confident in front of me right now.”

Add continued to glare at Eun. As expected from a fox, how can she be so shameless?

If Eun had been purposely withholding information from Add, then shouldn’t she at least be sorry or feel guilt from it?

“Then what do you want from me? Because I was hiding information from boy, because I know all the days that boy cannot remember…..Did you wish for me to feel some kind of guilt about it?”

“So shameless……”

“Then what does boy want? Do you want me to bow my head and apologize right now?”

Add closed his mouth when Eun snapped in anger. It was because she looked like she was really angry…..and he also didn’t know how to answer when she acted like she did nothing wrong.

“Should I apologize while bursting out in tears? Will you trust me if I do that?”

“At least…..”

“At least what? I should at least be feeling sorry? So there’s even a time when boy talks about ethics and righteousness to me.”

Eun’s red eyes had a dangerous gleam. Add realized that she was seriously angry and unconsciously prepared a defense formula on his Dynamos. Two of them hadn’t clashed so far, but Eun was more powerful than Ara.

She could possibly be the strongest amongst this party.


Thankfully, Eun must have calmed down because she closed her eyes and sighed.

“Boy must be thinking about countless things right now. About my true motives or if I’m plotting something. I fully understand you suspecting me. I experienced situations like this many times somewhere else…..and this isn’t the first time I heard about this from boy after all.”


“But I can’t help but to get angry every time I hear it. Please understand.”

Eun sighed then stretched out her hand. It was a gesture for reconciliation. But Add didn’t grab it and asked Eun straightly.

“Stop trying to slither your way out of this again.”

“…..What do you mean?”

“You still haven’t told me why you kept this information hidden from me. You’re trying to slyly change the topic. Don’t try to bury my question by suddenly throwing a fit of anger.”


Eun’s face seemed to stiffen from Add’s questioning then she made a low chuckle.

Sound of fox’s laughter flew across the night air.

“Boy is really smart. Amazing, really amazing.”

“It’s because your tricks are bad. Anyways…..”

Add shook his head and organized his thoughts. The negotiation starts here.

“You probably won’t tell me anyways if I asked why you hid it from me. You did say from the start that you didn’t intend to tell me all the information.”

“Yes, I did.”

Eun smiled satisfyingly as if she was proud of Add for seeing through her trick.

Eun had already drawn the line that she wouldn’t reveal all the information back when Add asked for Eun’s help in defeating the Shadow Master in Elder.

According to that bargain, it’s wasn’t like this issue was unacceptable.

“But there must be a reason why you told me now. It’s not like I trust you completely….. But I’ll trust whatever you say regarding this situation.”

“Even if those words mean the same, can’t you say them more nicely?”

“Tell me how I can solve this situation. You should know how. The way for us to achieve our goal in this Velder royal castle crawling with demon generals.”


Eun hummed then narrowed her eyes. Her red eyes had a whimsical gleam.

“Boy should already know the way and yet is asking me. Why are you asking me?”

“I thought about it all this time. But even if we can take the outer castle somehow…. What comes next is the problem. We are already unsure if we can defeat just Elesis alone…….But there’s even Chloe here. And there’s no hope if other generals come to help.”

“Boy should already know about ‘look one way and row another’ and about feint tactics.”

He obviously knew those. Draw attention from one side while accomplishing their goals from the other side. But attempting such a thing in this Velder royal castle full of demon generals will…..

“Boy has a face as if you don’t want to say it yourself. Tch, I’ll say it for you instead.”

Eun withdrew her smile then spoke coldly.

“Give up on the others.”


“Root of boy’s problem is because boy is trying to achieve his goal while holding on to everything and not giving up on anything. It’s now the time to throw them away.”


Add drew the line but Eun shook her head. She leaned her back on the balcony and smiled seductively.

“Boy is trying to keep all of the other members alive. That’s why there’s a waste of effort. Can’t you just abandon everyone except Ara to turn back time if necessary and Eve which is boy’s goal?”

“……Don’t make me laugh. Why do you think I turned back time over and over again?”

Add spoke angrily but Eun mocked.

“So you can throw them away here.”


“In order to use them as expendables in this fight.”

Add clenched his fists at Eun’s words.

The reason Eun let Add rewind time to save people other than Eve, to save Elsword and Rena was for this?

To use them as fodders in an actually difficult battle?

……If you just considered the effectiveness, Eun’s policy was correct!

“Alright, what will you do boy? I’ve watched boy’s failures all this time. I also know that boy is determined to create a different result. That’s why I’m suggesting a way.”


“Use other members as expendables. Isn’t everything okay long as boy can just achieve his goal?”

Add bit his lips. Eun’s words were……way too sweet. The reason Add couldn’t find a solution in the first place was because he wasn’t trying to let anyone in the El Search Party die.

But things become much easier if he threw this away.

Throw Rena to Chloe, let Chung take care of Helput….and such. Add can break through this situation easily like this.

“My goal is……”

“Don’t get confused. Boy’s goal is not in this time, it’s in the past. Wasn’t it boy’s desire to go back to the past and meet with his precious person?”

Add didn’t remember telling Eun this…… But he must have told her in one of those times. Add tightly clenched his fists from Eun’s words then sighed.

“How did me from last time fail?”

“Even four days straight wouldn’t be enough for that story.”

It meant that she wasn’t going to talk about it. Eun’s temptation was…..indeed alluring.

It did seem cruel, but Add’s policies of not letting anyone die in this battle against so many mighty foes were absurd. Their fight against Ran had been dangerously close as well. They could only turn things around because Ara awakened to Memory of Time and Space.

Party members could barely hold their own against even one of the demon generals. Keeping everyone alive in this battle against multiple demon generals was honestly impossible.

Battle that ends with everyone safe and sound. This was a goal Add could set because he could rewind time. But it had now reached its limit.

“El Search Party is a group that should have been annihilated long ago. But boy rewound time and forcefully maintained it all this time. Am I right?”


“The time has now come to give up and let go. No, it would be more correct to say that you endured through all the events so far for this moment alone.”

Add opened the fist he had been holding on tightly. Then as if representing its master’s feelings, Dynamo discharged an electric current that tore apart the night air.


“I refuse.”

“I don’t think it’s that bad of a suggestion.”

“If I was going to follow your suggestion…… I would have followed the first one instead.”

The first suggestion, Eun’s temptation was to turn back time again and again to obtain the present where he successfully stole Eve’s core.

But Add refused that suggestion.

“I did things my way all this time. I don’t intend to withdraw my methods now.”

“That’s a troublesome stubbornness. Aren’t you curious about……why you failed all this time?”

“I’ll find another way.”

Add couldn’t accept this suggestion even if the reason for his more than 20 million failures was because he had refused Eun’s temptation.

Time travel was a very powerful ability. There shouldn’t have been anything that Add couldn’t have done if he set his mind to it. He could have already stole Eve’s core many times over. But Add didn’t do that.

He won’t let this end in a way that he couldn’t accept. Because Add had infinite amount of time…..he wanted a result he could accept, using the method that he invested his time in so far.

“I’m almost there……”


Eun sighed then waved her hand.

“Boy really does as he pleases. You denying my thoughtful suggestion is making me not want to cooperate with you anymore.”

“If you were going to change your mind just because I refused this suggestion….. I wouldn’t have failed so many times.”

“……You’re way too smart.”

Eun clicked her tongue as if she wasn’t too keen about Add’s answer. What Add meant was that he wouldn’t be standing in this place right now if his failure from before had occurred because he refused Eun’s suggestion and Eun stopped cooperating because she got annoyed by this.

It was a complicated story….. But to summarize simply, Eun must have helped Add rewind time countless times in the past.

She would have stopped cooperating long ago if she was going to change her mind from something like this.

“I’m not fond of you…..But there’s no choice but to trust you right now.”

“Even if they are the same words, can’t you say them more nicely?”

No matter what happened, no matter what the result was, Eun hadn’t stopped aiding Add. Although Add couldn’t remember, the reason why he could challenge this fight again was because Eun had helped him all this time.

“So…..we’ll break through with a different method.”

“How exactly? I’m telling you right now, I don’t have any other methods in mind.”

“Tell me all of the possible futures you see. We’ll formulate a plan based on those.”

“Just like how you avoided running into Karis thanks to Ara?”

Add nodded when the event from last night was mentioned. Just when Eun frowned as if she was really displeased, footsteps approached from behind.

“Big Brother Add, you were talking with Big Sister Ara here?”

It was Elsword, he was drenched in sweat for some reason.

Add stared blankly at Elsword. Then Eun narrowed her eyes and suddenly made a bright smile.

“Oh my, Mr.Elsword. Why do you look so fatigued this late at night?”

“My body was aching so I trained for a bit. I did it in a way so I wouldn’t get found out so don’t worry.”

“Ah, I see. You’re more thoughtful than you look Mr.Elsword.”


Add got dumbfounded and glared at Eun. He didn’t know what she was planning but it was blatantly obvious that she was imitating Ara. Only the tone of her words was polite, its content was insult.

But Elsword didn’t care too much and looked up at Add.

“I wanted to talk to you. Should I come later?”

“Mr.Add and I were talking about something important.”

“Just talk to me now.”

Eun gave a pretty wink but Add ignored her. He didn’t know what joke she was pulling but he didn’t intend to play along with her.

“……Oh okay. Then let’s talk again later Mr.Add.”

Eun disguised as Ara spoke in a very sad tone then walked away while sulking. Elsword saw Eun walk away then cautiously stole a look at Add.

Although, that look annoyed him even more.

“Umm….. Aren’t you treating Big Sister Ara too coldly?”

“Can’t you see those tails?”

“That’s Big Sister Ara’s ability right?”

It became bothersome to explain so Add waved his hand.

“Just say what you came here to say. Go to the others if it’s idle chatter.”

“Let me fight my big sister.”

“We’ll have to fight her anyways. It won’t be long so just wait.”

Elsword shook his head heavily then looked straightly at Add and requested.

“Let me fight Big Sister 1 on 1.”

“…..Are you crazy?”

Don’t all of the El Search Party members know how powerful Elesis is? Even though everyone had fought together before, they could barely manage to bring out Elesis’ 2nd form.

Letting Elsword handle Elesis by himself was basically telling him to go and die.

Did this guy listen in on Eun’s suggestion? Add got troubled and quickly ran his brain but Elsword looked serious.

“I’m also asking this after much thought.”

“Drop the nonsense. Do I really have to say this out loud?  You’re no match for Elesis. Why don’t you jump off here right now if you want to commit suicide?”

“But I’ll be fine even if I jump off from here.”


This place was high for a 2nd floor but Elsword with his great physical abilities should probably be alright. Add frowned from not being able to retort back.

“Enough with the nonsense. I don’t know what’s gotten into you. But you won’t even last 5 seconds if you fought by yourself.”

“I know very well that I’m not a match for Big Sister right now.”

“……Then why are you saying such things? If you’re going to commit suicide, go do it in a place where I can’t see.”

Add’s insides were boiling and was about to explode. Here he was rewinding time with a goal of everyone’s survival in mind. He couldn’t help but to get enraged when a member that had the least skill was now saying he was going to throw away his life.

It was like watching a youngest sibling he raised up preciously all this time messing about acting all grown up.

“But I have to be the one to fight her. I know Big Sister’s sword the best. Also…..”

No matter what words came next, Add was planning to snort and refuse. Annoyance that got built up during his argument with Eun was about to explode.

“…..I want to become stronger.”


Add winced. Elsword spoke strongly while looking down at his feet.

“Just like you said, I know I’m weak. That’s why I want to become stronger.”


“Eve and Big Sister Ara both became very strong after awakening that El. I…..want to do that too.”

Add couldn’t answer right away because of the emotions contained in Elsword’s voice. Elsword’s voice filled with desire and hope was ever so desperate.

“Eve and Big Sister Ara both awakened that El while fighting. So I want to try while fighting Big Sister.”

“It’s a crazy thing to try…….”

Add groaned after realizing what Elsword was thinking. Elsword’s words did make sense but his enemy was none other than Elesis. She was the most powerful enemy that they knew of in Velder.

“I also know it’s going to be dangerous. But I have to do this now. We’ll have to do it anyways.”


“Big Sister Ara and Eve also became stronger. I want to become stronger quickly……and be of help in winning this fight.”

Add’s pupils shook when Elsword stared at him with a heated determination.

It was certain that one could become stronger if they awakened to the Memory of Time and Space. Success rate of their mission will rise significantly if Elsword could step forth into the next stage.


“Big Brother Add!”

“One who comes up with our plan is me. I cannot allow something that reckless. I cannot bet everyone’s fates on your gamble.”

Elsword winced from Add’s words. He would have protested if he reprimanded normally, but bringing up how others could be in danger was more effective.

“Don’t try to venture dangerously just from a vague possibility. I’ll come up with a plan for the perfect victory for sure. So you just stand by stupidly like you always do.”


“We’ll win. Believe in that.”

When Add spoke forcefully, Elsword hesitated for a moment then answered.

“Yes, Big Brother Add is smart after all……”

“I can smell the sweat even from here. Go wash before you sleep.”

Add spoke and Elsword nodded as he slowly walked away. Add bit his lower lips while hearing the footsteps go downstairs.

He just refused but Elsword’s suggestion was enticing. There was no particular solution right now so following Elsword’s bold suggestion and betting on the chance of him awakening the Memory of Time and Space was a method as well. He can just turn back time if it fails……

“No, I can’t.”

Add chased away the sweet temptation.

He couldn’t bet their fates on a game of chance. Even though Add could turn back time to start over again, that didn’t make him all powerful.

You can never break a boulder with an egg no matter how many times you turned back time. The El Search Party lost against Elesis despite having the power to ridicule time.

And Add failed for more than 20 million times.

“……I’m an engineer.”

He’ll carry things out with a plan based on numbers and logic. He will not put his hopes on something vague like emotions or awakening. Add clenched his fists tightly and pulled his mind together.

Time was still flowing, but he had to figure out a way to win somehow.

He must.


“……ugh, my head.”

Chloe opened her eyes in her bedroom. She frowned when her head started hurting as if it was about to shatter.

Then a teacup was put down near her head.

“Here, drink this.”


Chloe grabbed her dizzy head and instinctively took the teacup to her mouth and started to drink. Just warm enough honey tea moistened her throat and started to bring her to her senses.

“That’s why you shouldn’t have mixed those drinks.”


Who was this subordinate? Why was she nagging so much? Chloe took the teacup off her mouth to scold then her eyes opened widely from surprise.

“W, why are you here?!”

Rena in a maid uniform smiled brightly at her.

“You were sleeping in for too long so I came to wake you up. How are you feeling? Do you feel better now?”


What was her subordinates doing letting this daring Elf infiltrate all the way into the general’s bedroom? But an answer instantly rose up in Chloe’s head.

They must have let her pass with their jaws wide open.


“Is somewhere other than your head hurting??”


How could they let this Elf all the way into her bedroom? What if she was an assassin? Chloe was deciding to reprimand her subordinates strictly….then at the same time realized that it was a nonsensical idea.

She was the one who got knocked out while drinking with this Elf yesterday after all.

This Elf was so friendly to the point where they could have a drink together when it hadn’t even been 3 days since they’ve met. Even Chloe who used to scoff at Elves for being a self-conceited race was…..already not caring about her skin color anymore.

There would have been plenty enough times where Chloe’s life would have been danger if this Elf had some sinister motives. Chloe knew this but she surprisingly started opening up to this Elf at some point.

This Elf was extremely talented at getting people to let their guard down.

“I’m going to go crazy…..”

“Are you hurting somewhere?”

“It’s nothing. Just get ready to head out for work.”

“Okay, but shouldn’t you get dressed first?”

Chloe got surprised from realizing that she was naked right now. She quickly grabbed the bed sheet to cover herself. Rena chuckled lightly then sat down on the middle of the bed.

“You sad you had to go to the commercial area this afternoon right? Let’s go together.”

“Just….what do you want from me?”

Chloe asked sharply while still covered in bed sheet. Rena was still smiling.

“I don’t think you approached me because you wanted money or power. Then what do you want? Why are you acting so openly?”

“Do you have to want something to become friends?”

“Because I can’t trust you.”

Chloe spoke sharply then carefully grabbed her dagger from inside the bed sheet. Even though she slept naked, she always had her weapon nearby her.

It’s already been couple days since Chloe started hanging out with this unnamed elf. She was amazed by her surprising sociability but couldn’t help but to get suspicious at the same time.

“Hmm, is that so? Then I’d like Chloe and the Dark Elves to stop cooperating with the Demons.”


“I’d like you to become a bridge between Elrios and the Demon Realm. Would this kind of plot be acceptable for you?”

“You’re insane, I’ll instantly…..”

Chloe was speaking threateningly but her words stopped when Rena stared at her sadly.

“You’re going to offer my head to the demons?”

“……You think I can’t?”

Even though they hung out last night drinking together, they could become enemies today. That was the kind of place battlefield was.

Not only that, her target was an Elf, a detestable race. All she did was open up to her for a bit accidentally.

“You probably could. But I’d like it if you didn’t.”

“Hah, finally you’re afraid for your life. Then….”

“I’d like it if you stopped acting so cowardly. Chloe.”


Anger suddenly rose up in Chloe and she jumped forwards. Her dagger fiercely cut across the air…..and stopped right in front of Rena’s neck.

Blood coming from a slight cut dripped down along the blue dagger.

Despite this, Rena was still calmly looking at Chloe. She didn’t beg for her life even with the dagger in front of her neck.

“I’m cowardly? How dare you!”

“I wouldn’t have come to Velder if I was afraid for life.”


Well, there’s no way that an Elf who walked into a city occupied with demons, moreover a city that you can’t leave once you enter would be sane.

Chloe internally became astonished at this Elf’s nerves but still didn’t withdraw her dagger.

“I’d like both Elves and Dark Elves to not forget each other’s duties. Invading Elrios isn’t what Dark Elves should be doing right? Your people’s pride was to protect the Dark El and the Demon Realm’s sacred site. Have you even forgotten that?”

“How could I? I won’t forgive you if you run your mouth one more time, Elf!”


After getting her name called, Chloe realized that she will never find out this Elf’s name if she swung her dagger now.

And this unnamed Elf spoke kindly without withdrawing her smile despite being in danger of losing her head at any moment.

“We can end this pointless war if you who know about the Demon Realm’s circumstances and I who know about Elrios’ circumstances talked with one another.”

“…..Stop with the nonsense. I said from the start I had no intention of doing that.”

“You never wanted to invade Elrios right?”

Rena slowly got up from her seat. She stood up while the tip of the dagger was pressing on her neck so Chloe got surprised and unknowingly pulled back the dagger.

“We never wanted to fight each other. I think it’s time to stop now.”

“….Nonsense, who would accept peace now? We are already at war. Only thing left now is either destruction of the Demon Realm or Elrios!”

“You made a mistake.”

Rena spoke calmly and kindly as if lecturing a child.

“It’s bad to not admit your mistake and continue to be stubborn.”

“Don’t make me laugh. Who made a mistake? Then should we have just sat there and watch the Dark El weaken?”

“You should have told us first. You should have asked us if we could help.”

“How can we trust your people? Is there any guarantee that you wouldn’t invade the Demon Realm using this chance?”

Rena spoke without a single hint of hesitation.

“Because we’re same Elves.”


“I would have believed Chloe if you asked. Just like Chloe believed what I said.”

Her words were unreasonable…..but Chloe couldn’t think of words to refute for a moment. This Elf’s words were not logical in the slightest, and yet she was so friendly that Chloe ended up admitting what she said.

Trying to refute this Elf from the start didn’t make sense.

Rena slowly held out her hand when Chloe’s pupils shook. But Chloe had been deep in thought so she instinctively swung her arm from surprise.


Dagger cut across Rena’s hand with a chilling sound. Rena painfully groaned from the wound on her hand but she still smiled.

“It’s okay. Let’s talk about this together.”

“…….You’re crazy.”

Chloe looked at the white hand dripping red blood then spoke with a tired voice as she sighed. Her head was so complicated that it didn’t even have any room for thoughts. She completely surrendered.

She couldn’t handle this Elf at all.

“…..Alright, talk away. I’ll at least listen to what you have to say.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Chloe turned her head away when Rena smiled brightly.

“But before doing that, stay still. We have to stop the bleeding.”

“Umm, shouldn’t you wear clothes before that?”


Chloe had been naked ever since she jumped out of the bed sheet. She felt embarrassed in many ways.


After Chloe got dressed and they stopped Rena’s hand from bleeding, the two of them sat on the bed facing each other. There wasn’t an appropriate place for both of them to sit face to face because this was a bedroom.

“This place will be fine. No one will hear us.”

Chloe spoke haughtily after explaining why she insisted they talked in her bedroom.

“So what exactly is your plan? How will you bring about peace between Elrios and the Demon Realm?”

“I plan to talk to them just like now.”

“Even having multiple lives wouldn’t be enough for that. It might have worked on me. But you won’t be able to convince Ran and Karis with just that. They’ll try to cut you down right away.”

“Then we’ll have to fight to make them listen.”

Chloe narrowed her eyes at Rena’s bold words.

Rena’s tone as if she wasn’t afraid of the demon generals in the slightest… this Elf wasn’t normal.

“……You, are you an El Search Party?”

“Hmm? You didn’t know?”


Rena tilted her head. Chloe let out multitude of curses internally. She had heard that there was an Elf amongst the El Search Party …… But for that Elf to have already infiltrated the Velder outer castle so boldly like this….

No, not just that. She even approached Chloe and tried to convince her.

Chloe couldn’t speak because it felt like her jaw was going to fall off. She couldn’t tell if the headache she was getting right now was because of the hangover or because of this Elf in front of her right now.

“I thought you knew.”

No, it must be because of both. Chloe pressed on her aching forehead then sighed painfully.

Seriously, she’s going to go crazy.

“Crazy, you’re crazy. If this gets found out…..”

“Don’t worry too much.”

“…..Can’t you hear me saying you’re crazy?”

Chloe made a half tearful face as she scowled at Rena. The El Search Party were individuals classified as highly dangerous for the demons. It won’t be easy for Chloe to avoid suspicion since she was hanging around with one of them.

Dark Elves lived in the Demon Realm but they weren’t technically demons….. Their position in the Demon Realm was vague.

The reason Chloe was able to reach a position of a general despite her race’s position in the Demon Realm was because of her outstanding skills and because she worked extremely hard towards political standing of the Dark Elves.

But all that effort was in danger of collapsing. Was this how it felt for sky to fall?

“Phew, Seriously…..”

“There won’t be a problem if we do it together.”

As Chloe was half in tears not being able to do anything, Rena grabbed her hand and gently soothed her. The phrase carry fire in one hand and water in the other should be appropriate here.

Rena made a bright smile when Chloe looked reproachfully at her. Chloe couldn’t bring herself to protest……after seeing an Elf so beautiful like a goddess telling her everything will be okay while smiling.

“You…. you’re really crazy. If this gets found out, not only you but me and the other Dark Elves won’t get off safely. Our position hadn’t been good already ever since we were defeated by that magician.”

“Yes, I heard about that while drinking yesterday.”


She must have spoke about all the things she shouldn’t have while she was drunk. Chloe blamed herself from yesterday as she let out a heavy sigh then dropped backwards to lie down.

“You’re crazy. I don’t care. Do whatever you want by yourself.”

“Chloe has to help too.”

Rena lied down beside Chloe as if it was trivial then grabbed her hand. Chloe glared for a bit but stopped.

“…….Why do you trust me so much? Is it just because we’re Elf and a Dark Elf?”

“Chloe isn’t trying to reveal who I am to the demons despite knowing the truth right?”


Well that’s true. It felt surreal……but they were already on the same boat. Chloe’s feelings right now were divided between half feeling that she won’t be able to avoid suspicion because she hung out couple days with an El Search Party member and half of feeling of wanting to trust this Elf.

Chloe sighed after examining her own thoughts.

“I don’t know. I have to think about what’s best for the Dark Elves in the end. Since things ended up like this, I’ll cooperate with you to the point where no harm comes to the Dark Evles….. But I’ll abandon you right away if the Dark Elves’ position becomes endangered.”

“Yes, that’s plenty enough.”

Rena gave a satisfied smile as she petted Chloe’s head. Chloe suddenly felt frustrated and pushed Rena away with her feet. But Rena blocked Chloe’s feet with her other hand and continued to pet her.

Why you….

A soundless battle started on top of the bed. It was a fight with arms and legs dizzily colliding and pushing each other. Both of them were not backing out. It was a simple quarrel, but the level of physical ability involved in it wasn’t normal.

“Huff, huff…..”


Chloe and Rena both stopped playing around as they caught their breaths. It started as a light joke, but they both felt that it will turn into a real fight if they continued.

And it was also because Chloe recalled that Rena hurt her hand.

“You’re tiring me out from the morning.”

“You got sweaty right? Let’s go take a bath.”

As Chloe was sighing, Rena stood up to grab Chloe’s arm to pull her up.

Chloe sighed while being forced to stand up.

“Why are you so diligent? Didn’t you already complete your goal?”

“Hmm? But we should wash if we want to go out to work this afternoon.”


“Weren’t we going to patrol the commercial area together?”

Chloe stared dumbfounded but Rena was tilting her head to ask if something was wrong. When Chloe didn’t move, Rena smiled and pulled Chloe’s hand to drag her.

“We have to sober up a bit after all. Let’s go bathe together.”

“…..Ah, haha.”

Chloe unknowingly laughed as she got dragged by Rena’s hand. Thinking that this insane Elf’s goal was obviously to convince Chloe and to steal information must have been just her preconception.

No matter how Chloe saw it, it was both. Even if Chloe didn’t get convinced, this Elf wouldn’t have minded and continued acting like this anyways.

Chloe spoke quietly to herself so that this Elf grabbing her hand and walking in front of her wouldn’t hear.

“……Elves aren’t bad either.”


She didn’t have to ask to know that…..this Elf had approached her sincerely.

Not that she particularly wanted her to.


4 thoughts on “Elsword Time Trouble Volume 5 Chapter 2 Page 87~111(Chapter Complete)

  1. I have the feeling that Chloe could turn into a ally on any moment.

    And I suppose that Elsword in last moment he will ignore Add’s order and fight Elesis by himself alone.

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