Elsword Time Trouble Volume 4 Chapter 5 (Volume complete)


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5. Back to the past


The fight in Hamel ended with the defeat of Ran by the El Search Party.

Velder Knights were now set to head back to Velder and the El Search Party was set to go back with them…..to fight Elesis once more.

They were finally going resume their efforts to liberate Velder.

“Once your injuries heal completely.”

Add lying on the bed frowned from this business like voice. Not only Eve, but Rena, Chung, Elsword and Ara were all gathered around his bed.

“What are you all trying to do……by gathering here?”

“We’ll head back to Velder soon as you are well.”

“Big Brother Add, how are you doing?”

“Hey Add, want me to peel you some apples?”

“Mr.Add, do you have anything you’d like to eat?”

“I’ll use everything that Hamel has to offer to help with your treatment Mr.Add.”

I got it so please get out already. Add pressed on his aching head then tried to shout but coughed instead. It was true that he overdid himself to protect everyone from Black Destiny….. They said his internal organs were damaged a lot.

“Tell me if you need anything.”

Well, he was receiving Eve’s careful nursing thanks to that….. No, but it was honestly bothersome. The two of them were still feeling awkward from what happened before. But Eve was guarding Add’s side with a very businesslike attitude as if she wasn’t going to mention what happened before anymore while saying that Nasods didn’t tire so she was perfect for the job.

Add looked around at the others while frowning.

Even if you considered the other options…..it was better if Elsword wasn’t here, Rena was troublesome because she was too kind and it would be thankful if Ara didn’t injure the patient further.

“Come to think of it……why are you here?”

Wasn’t Chung a temporary lord? Why was the guy who should be busy with office duties over here? Chung requested carefully.

“I’m also planning to go to Velder. May I go together with you all?”

“……What about Hamel?”

“I decided to leave it in charge of other people. There shouldn’t be any more threats to Hamel since Ran is gone. Also……I have to meet my father and find out the truth. Father told me to meet him in Velder so he’ll be there.”

It looked like Chung had already made up his mind so Add replied bluntly.

“Why are you asking for my permission then? Others must have all agreed already right?”

“It won’t do unless Add agrees as well.”

“What do you think Big Brother Add?”

“Mr.Add, please allow Mr.Chung to come with us!”


Everyone had given their permissions already so only Add’s decision remained. Chung looked very tense when Add looked at him an indifferent expression.

He did take a liking to Chung. It would be a waste to throw him away.

“Well we do need all the help we can get. I’ll make use of you well so go ahead and follow us.”

“Alright, then let’s have a party to welcome Chung!”

“Yes, it must have been hard for everyone right? Let’s all rest together.”

“How about Mr.Add?”

“We can have the party here!”

What are those guying planning to do in someone else’s bedroom? Add was about to shout when Eve opened her mouth first.

“Let’s do that when Add becomes well. We all have to do it together.”

“……..I don’t care. You guys can go have it on your own.”

“Let’s all do it together.”

When Eve refused to yield, Add was about to get frustrated but nodded in the end. Leaving the party matter aside….the problem was what came after.

“Rena and Elsword talk with Penensio and decide on the return date quickly as possible. I can recover on the ship so make the date early as you can.”

“Alright, got it.”

“Chung, how is transition of Hamel’s command going?”

“Ah, it’s already been organized so it will finish most likely day after tomorrow.”

Add nodded.

“Finish it soon as possible. Also, Eve and Ara…… spread the word that the El Search Party defeated the demons in Hamel.”


“It’s to raise the morale of the soldiers for the Velder’s fight. And it might also have some other uses…..”

“Um, that’s……”

Ara didn’t seem too fond of the idea but Add ignored it.

“What Ran did and what we did are separate matters. You defeated Ran together with us. That’s the truth so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

“He’s right. But…..”

Eve was about to get up then looked down at where she was sitting. Add realized what she meant and shook his head.

“Don’t worry. I’m just going to organize some thoughts by myself. So go already.”

“Understood. Let’s go everyone.”


“Take care of yourself Big Brother!”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Then see you tomorrow, Add.”

Everyone said their parting words and left. Add muttered as he got up from his bed when the room finally became quiet.

“They’re so noisy. There’s never a moment when it’s quiet…..”

His body still prickled but it wasn’t to the point where he couldn’t move. Although it would be better if he refrained from doing something that consumed a lot of mental powers.

“…..So the incident in Hamel is over.”

Honestly, Add almost didn’t do anything in this fight. Fights from before were Add looking ahead in time and preparing a countermeasure. But there wasn’t any of that this time. Add didn’t do much even during the fight with Ran.

Hamel’s problem was solved thanks to Eve and Ara’s efforts.

Add dwelled on this fact as he headed to the balcony. His mind awoke from the cold night’s breeze. Well it was fine long as the result was good…….

“Memory of Time and Space huh……”

Ara also awoke to it, grew up then defeated Ran. Add touched the El in his pocket then laughed slightly.

“Kukukuk, good. If I can just use this well……”

“You can even beat Elly. Is that what you think?”

Add got surprised from the sound that suddenly came from below. White hand seemed to grab the railing then jumped up abruptly. White hair, fox ears on her head and nine tails.

It was Eun.

“Long time no see. You have some nerve showing up now.”

“I tried coming out because I heard that boy was injured. Shall I nurse you tenderly?”

“Quit it. You’re seriously…..”

Eun didn’t do anything at all even while Ara was being captured or when they were fighting against Ran. They had been through many dangers…… But there were almost no instances of Eun displaying her true skills to help them defeat the enemy.

She just came out wherever time travel was required. She let Ara do most of the fighting.

“I cannot understand. Do you have some kind of restrictions?”

The whole incident wouldn’t have got tangled up and Ara’s heart wouldn’t have had to suffer so much if Eun could have at least came out during Karis’ Death Strike.

“Well it’s all fine because the result was good right? The El Search Party’s total strength has gone up too. Isn’t this the result boy wanted?”

“If you knew this already then you should have told me befor…… No, I’ll just be quiet.”

Eun laughed arrogantly when Add gave up protesting.

“Boy’s wits are faster now.”

“All I realized is that you are of no help. Get lost already.”

“My, here I came out to have a friendly chat with boy after a long time.  How cruel.”

Add turned his head away when Eun wagged her tails.

“So, did you find the answer you were struggling to find?”


Add winced at those sudden words. He hasn’t had the time to think about it because he had been so busy but it all came back at Eun’s words just now.

The feeling that something was off he felt during his talk with Penensio, there was a missing piece in the puzzle. No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t complete the picture like this.

“What? What do you know?”

“I know what boy is struggling to figure out. Also…..”

Eun trailed her words then looked across the far ocean. Add patiently waited for an answer but the answer didn’t come. So he tried throwing in an issue first.

“Come to think of it, what was that Chaos Shadow? Will we have to face more of those in the future?”

“Super Shadow is a secret weapon of the demons. If the wavelengths doesn’t match……Why are you making such a face?”

Add froze. A bomb fell on his head. The tip of his hands shook. Chill went through his entire body…..and he felt like wanting to collapse.

“What did you just say?”

“I was about to say attacks won’t work on it if wavelengths doesn’t match.”

“Not that!! What was that thing’s name again?!”

Eun smiled voluptuously when Add screamed.

“I said Super Shadow. Why? Is there any problem?”


Add desperately forced himself from letting out a world ending scream.

His throat boiled up. The feeling as if he was going crazy. Painful groan. Add crouched down and hugged himself. He bit his own tongue to prevent his mind from collapsing.


Why did I……. think it was a Chaos Shadow soon as I saw it? Why did the name come up instantly in his head?


“No. No way, no way. This is impossible…….”


Penensio called Shadow Master by the name Shadow Lord. But from the moment when Add first saw it, ever since the moment he saw it in Elder, he called it Shadow Master.

Was there ever a time when Shadow Master introduced itself saying that it was a Shadow Master?  You could say Snipers, Chargers, Defenders and such were nicknames that the soldiers gave. But why did he think it was a……Shadow Master soon as he saw it?

So naturally too.


Big Brother Add, that’s reckless. It’s not just Ran. That woman called Keris was also at a general’s level. You can’t handle them by yourself.

It’s Karis, not Keris.


Karis never introduced herself. But Add knew soon as he saw her that she was a demon general and that she was Succubus Queen Karis.

Ara knew because she had fought her before….. But how did Add know?


He recognized Victor soon as he saw him.

He recognized dying Berthe soon as he saw him.

More of all…..

“I knew……Ran.”

In Elder, he saw Ran trying to destroy Eve and screamed the name Dark Count Ran naturally. Even though no one had told him and there was no self introduction.

Add’s face distorted in fear. His fidgeting hand was unconsciously pressing on his eye patch.

“Why? Why did I know? Why? No one told me. But……”


While desperately holding on to his mind to prevent it from breaking, while trying his best to not lose himself from this unknown terror, Add forced himself to get up with his shaking legs.

“But I…… I knew everything.”

He knew what he shouldn’t have known. Things that others shouldn’t know…..only Add knew them all. And Add knew how this could be possible.

Add suppressed his fear and stared at Eun. Eun was looking at the sea with a bitter expression.

“What is this? Just….what the hell is this?”

“What do you think it is?”

Add knew what others shouldn’t have known. There was only one occasion for this.


Time travel.

Add knew what would happen in the future because he time traveled.

Just like how he knew back in Elder that Shadow Master would appear soon as the Wally Robot was defeated. Just like how he knew Elesis would ambush them as their enemy.


He knew what Shadow Master was.

He knew who Ran was.

He knew who Berthe was.

He knew who Karis was.


He knew them all even though no one had told him.


It was a terrifying truth. Suppressing the feeling of wanting to deny this, keeping himself from throwing up, Add asked with a shaking voice.

“……Just how many times has it been?”

This couldn’t be happening. But the reality was conveying it to him. Suppressing the urge of wanting to tear apart his brain, Add inhaled heavily as he shouted.

“Just how many times has it been!!?”

Eun smiled from the question that he wished there wasn’t an answer to. Soon as she smiled and waved her hand, there was a flash of light then her outfit changed.

Eun paused for a long while after dressing up in a dark black armor. Add was rather thankful for her pause. It was an answer he didn’t want to hear forever. He wanted the time to stop right now.

But there was only one conclusion that could be derived. The reason Add naturally knew things he shouldn’t have known was…..

“This is boy’s 20 million, 131 thousand, 218th challenge in this broken world, in this broken time.”

Fox smiled like the Devil.

“It’s a number more than enough to drive one insane.”


He needed to know.

But he never wanted to know.



[Elsword | Time Trouble] Volume 4 End


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