Elsword Time Trouble Volume 4 Chapter 3 Page 131~156 (Chapter Complete)


Chapter 3 Complete

There was a mechanical contraption at the end of the Ancient Waterway. You stepped on a large platform to descend. After that, you had to go through a cave to arrive at the Temple of Water.

The platform was enormous so the entire subjugation army that numbered over hundreds could fit all at once and still had plenty of room left over.


Of course, demons didn’t just sit around and watch quietly as the army advanced. Shadow Chargers and Snipers fell from above trying to stop them but they were all taken care of at once by Ara holding her spear.

“Those are outstanding skills.”

Add had put Ara in charge of taking care of the small fries and was just observing from afar when Penensio approached and spoke to him.

“There’s no reason for all of us to be involved when we’re only dealing with minions.”

Just like how Add described lazily, each of the El Search Party members had taken up defensive position around the platform. No matter how many demons came at them, they were all like leaves before the storm against the El Search Party. Minions were no match for them.

Shadow Demons must have decided to attack the North side where Ara was guarding because they were only falling from that direction. Because of this, other members were all not doing anything and only Ara was energetically fighting by herself. Even when dozens of demons fell at the same time and Ara was fighting by herself, no one else tried to assist her.

Because they were all going to go flying soon as Ara swung her spear once. Looking at this made their struggle in Elder feel very surreal.

“But it’s a bit strange. Aren’t the number of demons getting in our way too little?”

“What do you mean?”

Penensio who was admiring Ara’s spear skills asked seriously.

“Ran isn’t a fool. He should know very well that he cannot stop us with just the minions. Why isn’t he responding appropriately?”

“Isn’t that why they sent those guys earlier?”

“Yes, those Shadow Lords.”

“Shadow Lord?”

They call Shadow Masters with strange names. Does the way you call them change when you cross the sea? Add laughed amusedly but Penensio continued gravely.

“He should know plenty well that to stop the Subjugation army, more accurately you people, he needs to send foes of at least that level. Why isn’t he doing that?”


Honestly, even the Shadow Master wasn’t much of a problem to them now. Ran should have known this as well and that must be why he sent the improved version, Chaos Shadow. They struggled against it because only Add and Eve’s attacks worked on it but it was completely cleaned up thanks to Eve who awakened to Memory of Time and Space.

“There shouldn’t be any meaning even if he sent Chaos Shadow again……”

“So that’s how you call it.”

Add nodded at Penensio’s words but then felt that something was strange. There was something he was not catching. Add frowned then started to examine what he was missing.

“Be quiet for a bit.”

No matter how many minions are thrown at them, they were all cleaned up with a shot from Rena’s arrow and a swing of Ara’s spear. Both sides should already be expecting that Ran and the El Search Party will end up facing each other in the Temple of Water. So in the meantime, minions were just to annoy them a bit, that’s all…..

Add pressed his hand on his forehead and groaned. It was a feeling as if there was a bomb hidden inside the room yet he couldn’t find it. Just when Add was feeling restless and biting his lips, the platform must have reached the bottom because their descent came to a halt.

And Rena’s warning was heard.

“There’s a lot this time. Be careful everyone.”

At her words, the Velder Knights also drew their weapons. When even Penensio beside him drew his sword, Add suppressed his restlessness and raised his head.

“Ahahahahaha! Oh? You want to play!?”


On top, on the platform that was sticking out, they could see a dancing lump of muscles. Add couldn’t say anything after…..seeing a muscular demon over 3 meters tall joyously spinning in place.

Others must have been thinking the same because the entire platform became dead quiet. Lump of muscles finished spinning then jumped off the platform without any hesitation.


The platform shook greatly. The demon that fell off dozens of meters wasn’t hurt even slightly as it stretched its arms widely and let out a roar. Judging by how countless Shadow demons fell down along with that roar, it looked like the demons wanted have the showdown here.

“It’s Victor.”

Add spoke. Penensio was staring at him with a strange expression but Add didn’t mind. Enemy has appeared and it was now time to clean up the enemy.

“The El Search Party will take care of that stupid lump of muscles. Others all team up and take care of the minions accordingly. We’ll finish this quickly.”

At Add’s order, the subjugation army immediately split into two. The El Search Party fighting Victor and the Velder Knights fighting the demon minions.

“Finally, someone that looks a bit strong.”

“……He’s somewhat creepy.”

“Let’s finish this up quickly and help the other people.”

“Preparing for battle.”

“Let’s take care of this as usual. Wait……”

The El Search Party members each said a line and Add was about to order them to start the battle. But Add paused and looked towards the boy who was standing beside him and wasn’t saying anything.

“Why are you over here?”

“……Oh, am I not supposed to be here?”

Add let out a laugh when Chung looked startled and scratched his head.

“Never mind. I’m counting on you for cannon support.”

Although he was a war hero, he was the temporary Lord before that. But he didn’t hesitate to fight in the front line despite his position. Add thought highly of him for this.

“Kukukuk, then let’s get rid of him.”

“Alright, let’s go!”

The battle started with Elsword dashing towards Victor


Five Shadow Chargers jumped at Elsword but he swung his sword to break through. Ara followed closely after and ambushed the Shadow Snipers hiding behind Victor, she held her spear in a long reach then swung it in a large circle to sweep through them all at once.

Area around Victor was cleared out immediately and the room for a fight was made. Add who was observing the situation at the front fired a Void Impact towards Victor as a light check.


Victor was significantly shocked by this and backed off quickly. But the skin on his chest tore after getting caught up by the shock and started dripping blood.

“That guy is a small fry too.”

Add muttered as he stopped assisting then observed how the situation at the back was going.

Before he knew it, the commander of this army had become Add. Normally, it would be correct for Hamel’s temporary lord Chung and Velder Knight’s captain Penensio to be in command…. But the influence of the El Search Party was too great in the Subjugation army.

And the one who actually came up with the El Search Party’s plans and determined their course of action was Add. He unintentionally became in charge of army of hundreds.

“Not that I care…..”

Chung and Penensio seemed glad that Add took charge of the subjugation army’s command. They almost never objected to Add’s request and methods. The two seemed glad they had been relieved of a heavy load of responsibility.


Velder Knights were bravely facing the Shadow Demons under Penensio’s command. Their raw strengths fell behind the demons but they were taking down demon after demon by taking up formations of three individuals per squad. You could tell for sure that they were highly trained army of elites.

“They’ll be quite useful.”

They would be useful in their showdown against Elesis after they returned to Velder. Add was formulating their next fight when Rena approached and asked.

“What are you thinking about Add?”

She was facing Add and talking to him while firing an arrow in an opposite direction. Shadow Chargers fell each time she fired. Her skills were remarkable no matter how many times you saw it.

“……It’s nothing.”

Still, wasn’t this way too easy? The battle was going seamlessly in their favor but the feeling that something was off, the uneasy feeling didn’t disappear.

Add shook his head then looked towards the front line.

“Hey Elsword! Try fighting him by yourself!”

“Alright, Bight Brother Add!”

From this request telling Elsword to take down Victor by himself, Ara and Eve who were assisting Elsword got surprised and stared at Add. But the person in question, Elsword didn’t question the request and threw himself at Victor. Victor also made a large spin as he threw his fist…… Sword and steel fist clashed in mid air and made a clank noise.

“Brat! How dare you damage my body of steel!”

Victor got surprised and backed off around two steps. Elsword didn’t miss this chance and closed in while widely swinging his sword upwards. Victor got surprised by this even more and blocked the sword by raising both of his arms. His arm wasn’t damaged even slightly…… It was indeed a body of steel just like he boasted.

“Flame Geyser!!”

Sword attacks don’t work properly. Elsword determined this and struck the ground with his sword. Then a pillar of flame rose up from the ground and struck Victor. Victor got startled and hurriedly backed out.


Great chance. Elsword kicked the ground to jump up and tried to smash down on Victor’s head with his sword. Victor instinctively raised his arms to block but his skin tore and blood started to drip from his skin this time.

Victor tried to kick Elsword as he landed from his jump but Elsword noticed this right away and help up his sword to block. Elsword still couldn’t do anything about their difference in weight and his body flew up after getting kicked…. But he received no actual damage.

Victor and Elsword stood facing each other with some distance between them and caught their breaths.



Victor looked quite tense and although Elsword was at an advantage, he looked like he didn’t care much about it. Only thing in his eyes was the fight in front of him, the enemy in front of him, and the girl stronger than anyone else in the world waiting at the end of all this.

“Here I go!”

Elsword charged in and sharply swung his sword and Victor quickly swung his arm to respond.

Add was observing the two’s fight when Eve approached him and asked.

“Why did you do this, Add?”

“I don’t know…..”

Eve must have thought Add wasn’t intending to answer and didn’t look too pleased. But Add wasn’t trying to be mean right now. He actually couldn’t think of a way to explain his actions.

“We can end this fight quickly anyways. Victor will fall quickly if either you or Ara joined in just slightly.”

“Then what’s the meaning behind making Elsword fight alone?”

“It’s to prepare for what’s coming next.”

Eve shook her head.

“Elsword might get hurt like this.”

“That’s true too…. Go help him if you want.”

Eve gave Add a gaze as if this was unexpected when he changed his methods. Rena who was listening to the two talking smiled slightly.

“Add, you’re doing this because you want to confirm how much Elsword has grown right?”

“It’s not particularly because of that. It’s just….”

He felt uneasy for some reason. It felt like they shouldn’t give it their all in this fight.

Penensio’s indication was correct. Ran wasn’t a fool. Why was he sending minions that were no match for the El Search Party? They would certainly be in trouble if he sent multiple Chaos Shadows. Of course, there was no way something like Chaos Shadow would be common.

He should know that sending Victor wouldn’t even buy him time. Just why?

Add’s head was continuously searching for what he was missing. It felt like staring at a puzzle that couldn’t be completed because couple pieces were missing.

“This is it!”


Victor screamed loudly and fell with a large thud. Add approached behind Elsword who was withdrawing his sword and wiping the sweat off his forehead.

“You beat him.”

“He was quite strong.”

Elsword was panting, he looked exhausted.

Come to think of it, Eve awakening to Memory of Time and Space was when she encountered some emotion during battle.

“Why are you looking at me like that Big Brother Add?”

“……It’s nothing.”

Wouldn’t this guy be the most likely candidate who will awaken their Memory of Time and Space next? Add felt intrigued and was thinking when a desperate voice warned him.

“Mr.Add! Watch out!!”


Add suddenly felt a chill go through his spine and tried to look behind. But the attack flying towards him was faster. Scythe that had abruptly appeared by tearing through empty air was flying towards Add aiming for his neck.

Add couldn’t react at all to this abrupt attack.


But Ara’s spear flying in was even faster. The spear Ara had thrown accurately hit and deflected the scythe that was about to swipe across Add’s neck. Ara’s spear also got deflected up and spun in mid air.


Such a narrow escape from death. Add quickly backed out. Elsword who was catching his breath also raised his weapon with a stiff expression. Ara ran in meanwhile and caught her spear falling from the air.

Scythe that tore apart space as if it was made out of paper, the owner of the scythe opened up the dimension gate and appeared.


Usually, there was a sign before regular dimension gates opened but these gates didn’t have such signs.

As Add stared at the gate nervously, red haired woman carrying a scythe appeared before the El Search Party. She was a beauty with provocative eyes and was wearing a revealing outfit as if to show off her seductive body…… But she looked way too dangerous to feel any charm from her.


At Add’s low voice, Succubus Queen Karis majestically lowered her head as if a high class lady was bowing.

“Alright, who should I kill first?”

But her seductive voice was foretelling a brutal future.  Just when the group was about to answer…. In that moment, an arrow aimed straightly at Karis’ head flew in.

“Don’t be so hasty. You’ll all get a turn to die one by one.”

But Karis caught the arrow flying towards her face then broke it. The El Search Party instantly realized that she was a formidable opponent and exchanged gazes with each other then finally looked at Add.


“Ahahahaha, did you honestly think I came alone?”

Just when Add was about to give an attack order to the El Search Party, Karis laughed and waved her hand. Then dimension gates opened all around the platform and four Shadow Masters appeared.

“I’m planning to kill you all…. But it’s annoying to take care of every one of you insects individually.”

“Rena and Eve help the Velder Knights and face the Shadow Masters. Everyone else will get Karis.”

“Do you really think that will be so easy?”

Karis was mocking them when Ara suddenly jumped at her. They haven’t even formed a proper formation yet but she had run in first.

Ara stabbed her spear furiously multiple times but Karis swung her scythe widely and blocked them all.

“It looks like you’ve made up your mind. But you’re no match for me.”

“I’ll stop you no matter what…..”

Ara didn’t back out and tried to attack again but Karis snapped her finger. Sound of an explosion was heard then sleeve of Ara’s clothes got blown off. An explosion had been created in an empty space.

Surprised, Add quickly assisted by firing a Void Impact but Karis immediately neutralized it from ever appearing by swinging her hand.

“Ohohoho, do you really think you can defeat me with such crude abilities?”


Elsword’s sword answered instead. Despite being tired from his fight with Victor, Elsword heroically rushed in and made a heavy swing with his sword. Karis sneered then immediately dodged with a teleport.

“Facing a brat that only uses strength head on is a waste of……. Ow!”

Boom! Karis frowned when a cannonball that Chung had fired exploded. It wasn’t a direct hit but she definitely got caught up by the explosion although there seemed to be no significant damage.

But here was an opening! Ara held her spear in long reach and stabbed but Karis dodged with a light back flip.

Not only was she strong, she was agile due to her space related abilities. As expected from a general, even the El Search Party couldn’t take her lightly.

Add who was observing the battle with Karis looked around to see how things were going on the other side. Shadow Masters were attacking the Velder Knights located at the back. Eve and Rena were assisting them but the situation wasn’t looking too good.

They were starting to get casualties because of the minions that Shadow Masters were summoning.

“We’ll have to finish this at once…… drive her into the corner!”

Elsword, Ara and Chung understood Add’s instructions and started to launch an all out attack on Karis. But Karis was looking leisurely. She deflected Ara’s spear attacks, dodged Elsword’s sword and was dealing with Chung’s cannonballs by covering her body with her wings.

Then Karis changed the beat of her movements. She spun around to dodge the spear then swung her scythe to aim for Ara’s neck. Chung couldn’t fire his cannon if she was nearby an ally.

Elsword got surprised by Ara’s crisis and quickly threw his body while swinging his sword….But as if she was waiting, Karis immediately spun once in mid air to aim for Elsword’s neck this time. Aerial movements, Karis who had wings was capable of 3 dimensional evasion and attack.

Elsword’s crisis, Add quickly fired a dimension distortion to make Karis back out then shouted.

“Everyone back out!!”

Ara and Elsword who were about to charge in at Karis again quickly realized what Add was trying to do and backed out. After confirming that Chung had backed out as well, Add immediately fired an attack at Karis with all he had.

So you can ignore Void Impact? But you won’t be able to ignore this!

“Gravity Buster!!”

Gravitational field was created and it started compressing the space in the area in front. This attack that compressed even the space with a massive gravity was Add’s new ultimate skill that he obtained from the formula enhancements that Aisha told him.

Space was being compressed by such a powerful gravity that it was impossible to observe what was happening in front with a naked eye. Space was brutally being twisted….. Then soon as it was released, a formless vibration and a heat wave stormed across the area.

The heat wave was so intense that everyone else on the platform had to stop fighting and cover their eyes. Obviously, Karis who had gotten hit directly wouldn’t have survived.

There was nothing left in front when the Gravity Buster had ended but Add didn’t let down his guard. No matter how powerful this skill was, there was no way a demon general would be completely destroyed without a trace by this…..


A scythe pressed on Add’s neck.

“Did you rats really think you’d be able to win in Hamel after getting defeated and running away from Velder?”

To think she’d dodge with a teleport right before the impact. Realizing the declaration of death on his neck, Add slowly looked up to see Karis floating upside down pressing her scythe against Add’s neck.

“You somewhat tried hard…. But it’s now time to die right?”

Rena noticed Add’s danger and quickly fired arrows towards Karis. Karis let out a sharp laugh then performed a back flip to dodge all of Rena’s arrows. Add unknowingly stroked his neck that was slightly oozing out blood.

Was this how it felt to have a near death experience? No, he would have certainly been killed.

“Just what’s your purpose?”

Add looked straightly at Karis who was floating in mid air and asked a question. Then after a slight pause, he fired a Void Impact. Karis who was carelessly about to answer got startled and dodged but it was already after a portion of her wing had gotten torn off.

“How dare you….. You made a scar on my body!!”

“I said, what’s your purpose?”

Karis was on guard preparing for another Void Impact but relaxed when Add didn’t attack again this time.

Looking at her like this, it looked like she was a bit slow…. No, it was probably because Add was too clever.

Anyways, as to be expected from a general, Karis was extremely powerful. Add also realized that Karis was going easy on them. Seeing how she didn’t cut Add’s throat right away just now, she was toying with them.

“By Ran’s request, I’m here to take his little sister to him.”


Ara got extremely shocked by this and looked up at Karis who was floating in mid air. The other people looked at Ara who was reacting to Karis’ words. The fact that Ara was Ran’s sister had been kept secret so the Velder Knights who didn’t know about this all looked surprised.

“We have no more business in Hamel if you hand over Ran’s little sister. We won’t invade anymore. But if you resist right now, we won’t leave even a single brick of Hamel.”

“How are we supposed to trust your words?”

Add snorted, Karis was about to answer him but quickly flapped her wings to dodge. Space she had been floating in shattered and triple space distortions appeared.


She couldn’t let her guard down because the attacks kept flying in middle of conversation. She’d be more than prepared if they were in middle of fighting but getting attacked every once in a while like this wasted more of her concentration.

Of course, Add wasn’t intending on going through with this kind of negotiation. He had mixed in some words to buy time for everyone to recover their stamina and also added some attacks in the meantime in the hopes of injuring her.

“Negotiations are supposed to be done with a respect from both sides, demon. How foolish of you to think you can pull off a negotiation after you’ve launched an unwarranted attack on us.”

“It’s not a negotiation…. It’s a notification!”

Karis got angry and swung her scythe as she flapped her wings. Then a dimension gate opened and purple orbs started to pour down mercilessly.

“Die! Death Strike!!”

“Everyone gather around me!!”

Add quickly shouted and opened the Dimension Distortion mode. Add realized that he couldn’t protect Rena and Eve because they were far away and looked back. But when Eve swung her arm, a blue barrier was formed around her.

Velder Knights and Rena inside Eve’s barrier will be safe. The problem was….

Crash! Boooom!!


Death Strike was way too strong. Add internally screamed after confirming that cracks were forming on his barrier. What was this stupid attack? It would have been instant death if they were hit by this directly.

Hail of purple orbs didn’t stop. Add let out a painful groan after realizing that the barrier had reached its limits.

“Big Brother Add, will you be okay?”

“Don’t… speak to me right now!”

This much would have been easy if it was just Add protecting himself. But the problem was that barrier’s radius had to become wide in order to protect Ara, Elsword and Chung as well. This was consuming Add’s mental powers rapidly.


At the point when hundreds of cracks formed on the barrier…..Death Strike finally ended. Add let out a sigh of relief but Karis was smiling cruelly.

“You held out? Then here’s one more! Death…..”

“Ara! Grab Elsword and run to where Eve is!!”

They couldn’t hold out anymore. Add withdrew the barrier and grabbed the back of Chung’s neck then activated the Dynamos to dash towards Eve. Ara was also grabbing Elsword’s arm and was quickly running towards Eve.


Then a cruel sentence fell upon the four as they were running away. Purple orbs started to fall on them again. It felt like they’ve become wild animals running away desperately trying to navigate through falling meteors.

Add would have reached Eve’s barrier already if he was by himself…..


But the problem was that he was grabbing Chung. This guy was heavy because of his armor and weapon and this was causing a significant drop in Dynamo’s mobility.

He was literally a heavy baggage.

“Mr.Add! Just leave me and…..”

“Don’t make me laugh!!”

This guy wasn’t even an El Search Party member. This thought ran by Add’s head for an instant but he didn’t let go his hand that was grabbing on to Chung. His life would be saved if he left Chung and ran away by himself, but he won’t be able to withstand the sense of defeat that came after.

Refusing to yield and risking his life, Add dashed in zigzag formation across the storm of Death Strikes.


Sound of laughter that rang out from above made Add instantly grind his teeth. The platform was already shattered from the Death Strikes to the point where it was now unrecognisable. Ara and Elsword had already entered Eve’s barrier earlier. If he could just advance 30 more meters like this…..


In that moment a sound of explosion was heard beside him and his vision started to spin. Dirt and dust came into his mouth.

Add realized a moment later……. That he was collapsed on the ground.

It was painful to breathe. Chung was collapsed beside him and wasn’t getting up.

“……Did we get hit?”

Add forcefully brought himself up. His shoulder blade must have been damaged because it hurt whenever he moved. Thankfully, the second Death Strike had ended….. But staying here lying down was no different than inviting her to kill him.

Chung was unconscious but still breathing thinly.


At Add’s call, Dynamo, his faithful Nasod moved and placed Chung on top of itself. Dynamo was originally a 1 seater. He had ridden it together with Eve before but that was only for descending carefully. It was a 1 seater if you wanted to fly normally.

Chung who was unconscious and Add who was injured, both of them couldn’t get on the Dynamo at the same and have it fly normally. Add didn’t have any other choice.

He couldn’t get on the Dynamo and run away by himself while leaving unconscious Chung behind.

“Cough, Cough.”

Add raised his head while pressing on his chest. Karis was afloat in the air looking down at him with a cruel smile.

“Oh a rat is still alive?”


Add let off a strange laugh that even he didn’t recognise himself then sent the Dynamo with Chung on top of it towards where Eve was.

Without the Dynamo….. Add’s offensive abilities and mobility was completely gone.

Add was just a regular person without the Dynamos. He’ll die from just Karis waving her hand.

“Hanging around soft people must have made me disgustingly soft too……”

Add muttered because what he just did was so absurd. Did it really matter if Chung died or not? He can just let Chung die then call Eun out to time travel…..what was he doing?

“But seriously, I’m so sick of it now…..”

Add stretched out his body as he muttered. It was also partially because time travel wasn’t something that should be done lightly….. But rewinding time again because of someone dying wasn’t too preferable for him. He didn’t want to do it if possible.

Now that his body was in tatters…..and with the threat of death right in front of him, he could honestly admit it now.


He didn’t want helplessly watch someone die anymore.

Whether it was Eve, Rena, Elsword…… or anyone else, He didn’t want to see someone who he had talked, ate and spent time together with die anymore.

He decided to jump through time in the first place because he didn’t want to see such things, because he didn’t want to acknowledge such things. This was Add’s starting point.


Add smiled bitterly then collected his breath. Him reaching Eve’s barrier barehanded had a very low chance of success but he couldn’t just die standing here.

Even if he were to die, he’d rather die while running forwards.

“It’s time to die now right? Got any last words?”

“Hey Karis, you……”

Add laughed as if he was talking about something extremely trivial.

“You’re ugly.”


Karis’ face turned deep red. Karis was seriously enraged as she swung her scythe again to open a dimension gate.

“Die! Death……”

Add will die for certain if Karis came at him with a close quarter combat. Drawing out this kind of big skill will give him a sliver of hope.

Add had provoked Karis in order to draw this attack out…..and it worked perfectly.

Alright, it’s now time to dash in order to survive. Add turned around with much struggle and was about to dash with all he had but paused.

He had thought he was going to die but he was going to survive after all. Ara was standing in front of him.

After the second Death Strike had ended and after Add transported Chung, Ara must have read the situation and came out of Eve’s barrier by herself.

Even while panting with teary eyes, Ara was examining Add’s wounds.

“Are you alright, Mr.Add?”


Of course, Ara’s mobility was outstanding. She was faster than Add’s Dynamos if you took out the fact that she wasn’t capable of flying. Still, it would be all over if they were hit even once by Death Strike. It was a perilous venture for her to grab another person and escape.

Well, Add had risked his life in order to save Chung’s. He couldn’t blame Ara for not being able to stay put and coming out. With another Death Strike about to fall from behind him, Add slowly stretched his hand out towards Ara.

“Then I’ll be counting on you.”


But Ara looked like she was shaking her head…… Then she struck Add’s stomach with her palm.

From this unimaginable attack, Add lost his breath and instantly dropped in place. Ara hurriedly caught Add from falling. Even though she was the one who had struck, Ara had a surprised expression as if even she had never thought she’d do such a thing.


Swear lingered around Add’s throat but empty coughs came first. Add’s body was already in tatters and now he couldn’t even speak after getting hit by Ara. Ara shook her head lightly then whispered.

“Everyone will be fine if I’m gone.”


Add realized what Ara was thinking and quickly tried to move his hand to grab her but his hand didn’t move well. Ara’s attack had come in when he was extremely worn out so just maintaining his consciousness right now was his limit.

Ara held Add so he wouldn’t fall then smiled forcedly with teary eyes.

“The one Elder Brother is calling is me. So I have to go.”


“With this….. I can stop others from being hurt.”

How come he wasn’t able to speak in moment like this? Add felt a sudden resentment towards his normal human body.

Ara carefully laid Add down then turned around towards Karis. After being injured and getting hit directly by Ara, only thing Add could do was to stare at Ara’s back with blurry eyesight.

“Karis! Stop this!”


Karis was about to fire a Death Strike but stopped when Ara jumped out of the barrier. Bringing Ara alive was Karis’ goal in the first place.

“I’ll follow you. So…..stop.”

“Alright, go in here.”

Dimension gate appeared when Karis scratched the ground with her scythe. Karis must have thought there could be other attacks so she didn’t withdraw the Death Strike she was preparing. All she had to do was cast it soon as someone else jumped out of Eve’s barrier.

Add looked at Ara’s back with blurry eyesight.

“Don’t go, you idiot…..”

He just had to fight once more using time travel. He couldn’t even time travel if Ara was gone. But frustration and rage surged up even more than these thoughts.

Of course, Ara’s decision was reasonably correct. It was an adventure to navigate through the falling Death Strikes and try to escape towards Eve’s barrier. Maybe it would be possible for highly trained Ara, but Add whose body was no different than a normal human’s would instantly get shattered from just getting grazed.

Although……his anger surpassed all of these reasons, his body was powerless and didn’t move as he wanted. He couldn’t even say any words properly.


“Don’t g……”

“I’m sorry for troubling you a lot until now, Mr.Add.”

Ara looked back towards Add and smiled.

“Thank you, please take care of yourself.”


“Then….. Goodbye.”

Ara cried while looking back at Add.



Just when Add was about to spew out this boiling emotions with words and actions, Ara ran and jumped into the dimension gate. When Ara disappeared through the darkness, Karis sneered as she withdrew the Death Strike.

“It wouldn’t matter if I smashed you all here right now. But I’ll let you off this time.”

Karis spoke those detestable words then disappeared through the dimension gate. Only silence remained after all enemies had disappeared.

“You idiot…..”

Add was finally able to move his lips but blood flowed out of it. He couldn’t contain his rage. He seriously couldn’t contain it.

“You’re not going to get away with thi…..”

Add’s consciousness that had been refusing to yield up till now suddenly snapped.

While still clenching his fists in frustration.


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  1. Its just me or someone else also thinks that Add will become DE when something bad happens to Ara and not Eve? Because with Eve he can just ask Eun to go back in time, but if something happens to Ara, then its a whole diferent level. I’m so excited. Thank you 2nafish for translating this. Awesome work. o/

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