Elsword Time Trouble Volume 4 Chapter 3 Page 117~131


This is half of Chapter 3

I should be finished with Chapter 3 within this. I’m estimating I’ll be done with Volume 4 within next 2~3 weeks as well 😀

Volume 5 comes out on May 5th.

Author NZ has recommend in his twitter that it would be better if people refrained from spoilers much as possible starting from volume 5. I’ll try to do that for volume 5 contents as well. I hope you all try to as well. Although its totally up to you.

I’ll also start translating some of the author’s tweets about Time Trouble starting from next post as well.

3. Darkness Strikes


Ancient Waterway.

Subjugation army marched through the waterway that led to the temple of water. Add was the one who had it physically easiest during the march. His Dynamo did all the movement for him so he didn’t need to waste physical strength in walking like the others.

But Add’s mind was very disturbed right now. His gaze was solely focused on Eve’s back as she walked far ahead.

“Are you worried about Eve?”

Add got shocked and jumped to the side when Rena silently approached beside him to ask. Rena smiled beamingly.

“Her appearance changed all of a sudden after all. I was very surprised too. She said nothing was wrong after self examination though so I’m glad.”

“We’ve already seen something like this before.”

Rena nodded at what Add said. Elesis who was all worn out suddenly grew up as if she had accelerated her own time then displayed an overwhelming power.

Eve’s abrupt change in appearance was also explainable if you thought that these two had the same principles.

“Ah, why didn’t I get that El from Aisha? Thinking about it makes me kind of sad.”

Rena said this then shot an arrow forward without even properly looking at where she was shooting. Then a scream was heard and shadow sniper hiding up on high ground fell down.



Velder knights whispered amongst each other while stealing a glance of admiration at Rena.

Demons were hidden for ambush in various places but they were all cleaned up when Rena located them and fired an arrow. Subjugation army could move forward without any troubles thanks to her.

“Your skills should be more than enough.”

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Rena’s skill with the bow was godly. Even Add honestly didn’t have much confidence that he could defeat Rena in a direct confrontation.

Most of all, it felt like Rena had never revealed her true skills yet.

“Yes, that also makes sense. And others with become stronger too.”


“So you don’t have to be so restless.”

Rena’s kind words made Add frown.

The night when Add witnessed Eve’s growth, Add took the El Aisha gave him in his hand and tried various attempts but didn’t get any changes. Rena must have seen through this.

“Add you are definitely strong and reliable.”

“Don’t say something useless. I just wanted to figure out how it worked.”

“Yes, alright.”

Rena answered indifferently and headed forwards. Add sighed after seeing Rena approach Eve then touched the El he had stored in his pocket.

The fact that you could obtain explosive power if you handled this El properly was confirmed. The problem was its method of activation. Add tried researching it in various angles along the lines of not breaking it. But he couldn’t figure out its activation mechanism at all.

“I can’t understand this magic thing at all.”

His desire to find out how this El worked was to the point where he wanted drag Aisha here and beg her to tell him how it operates. Add had his eyes opened narrowly and was thinking intently by himself when he noticed someone was approaching.

Eve who was clearly walking ahead of him before was now approaching him.

Her face was the same as it had always been but maybe it was because her hairstyle and outfit had changed dramatically? Add’s heart was beating fast for some reason. No, since when did he ever care about female attires?

Anyways, although he couldn’t find out the cause, the conclusion here was that it was hard for him to look straightly at Eve right now.


Add turned his head away to look left but Eve didn’t pass by him. She matched her strides to Dynamo’s moving speed and walked beside him.

“What do you want?”

She should reply with something like ‘I don’t have any particular business with you’. Add prepared to snort back but the reply he got was unexpected.

“I want to discuss something with you.”


Those words weren’t like usual Eve’s. A lot had happened but Eve had always been not too fond of Add. Even if she had something to discuss with him, wasn’t it more like Eve to spout couple cold remarks before they started?

Of course it wasn’t that Eve always acted this coldly towards him. Add provoking her multiple times before probably played a large part in her attitude towards him….. Add was unknowingly defending Eve’s cold attitude towards him in his mind when he finally came to his senses.

“If you’re talking about Ara and Chung….. There shouldn’t be any problems now.”

Ara was freed from her chain and she was now walking with her own two feet. She still had an awkward atmosphere with Chung but the two of them had improved to the point where they chatted from time to time.

“It’s about the El Aisha gave us.”

“Oh that…..”

Actually Add had wanted to ask Eve about this first. Asking the person who experienced it first hand was more reasonable than glaring at the El all day long.

But he found it hard to face the newly changed Eve right now. Maybe it was because he wasn’t used to her changed appearance. Actually even staring at her was uncomfortable right now so Add had been discretely avoiding her.

Add’s eyes caught Rena waving her hand slightly towards him.

She must have meddled unnecessarily again.

“Just how did you activate that El?”

“Even I don’t know how to explain it yet.”

“Not yet?”

That was an odd way of describing it. It wouldn’t be significant if a human had said it, but wasn’t she a Nasod? Eve was saying that there was a possibility that she might be able to understand it in the future.

“Yes, not yet.”


Eve certainly changed. She didn’t just become stronger. Her personality had changed slightly as well. Eve from before had distanced herself from the other members…… But Eve right now was approaching and talking to them first.

Just this much difference was actually amazing.

“This is honestly…. Surprising.”

Eve replied quietly to Add’s honest admiration.

“I cannot understand what happened to me right now. But I’d like to try and understand it from now on. And if I’m ever able to understand it, I’ll share the information with everyone.”


“It’s not just me that obtained the El from Aisha.”

Ones that got the Memory of Time and Space were Elsword, Eve, Ara and Add. If Eve had changed like this, then the same should be possible for the other three as well. Unfortunately, Eve, a Nasod was successful first so they couldn’t determine how-……

“……..It’s emotion.”

With a spark of thought, Add’s brain caught the main point. There was no way Eve, a Nasod couldn’t identify the activation condition if it was something that could be determined by reason and logic. Conversely, if something Eve couldn’t understand was involved, you could almost say for sure that it was emotion.

The condition to activate the El that Aisha gave them, the condition to activate Memory of Time and Space was emotion.

“You may be right.”


Add’s eyes widened in surprise. This pompous Queen of Nasods who had always been insisting that she had no emotions…..did she finally admit it? That she had emotions?

Eve replied confidently towards Add who was looking at her in astonishment.

“That El is a conglomeration of emotions. Even I was momentarily surprised.”


“I was very surprised because it was my first time encountering it. But there were no particular problems.”

Add’s expression turned from blankness into smirk. Eve had activated the El with her emotion, and yet she believed that those emotions weren’t her own but instead were those that had been contained in the El.

“I thought emotion was something very inconvenient and illogical…… But I can’t say for sure now.”


Eve frowned slightly at Add’s laugh but didn’t respond to it.

“That’s all I had to say. I hope this helps with your research.”

“Alright, I’ll use it well for reference. But how come you’re telling me this information?”

Of course, only Eun knew that Add’s ultimate goal was to steal Eve’s Core. Eve wouldn’t know. But Eve sharing information with him when he didn’t even ask was bit unexpected.

“Because I want to become stronger together with everyone.”


“That’s all.”

Eve said this then increased the pace of her stride and moved forwards. Add couldn’t mock her anymore as he stared at her back.

“……She really changed.”

Until now, Eve hadn’t been that interested in the El Search Party. She had a picky and introverted personality that didn’t like to get along with others.

Of course, Rena who was very sociable took care of Eve a lot and was able to converse with her fluently. But that only possible because it was Rena. Wasn’t Rena’s sociability to the point where she was also able to smoothly carry out conversations with sharp-tongued Add?

Eve became able to get along with others bit by bit as they traveled together…..but there was still a sense of distance. She prioritized Elsword first then other people came after.

Eve who had been like this was now saying words like ‘together.’

“She really changed.”

Add absentmindedly stared at Eve’s back. He wasn’t in any position to mock her for not knowing about emotions.

Since he didn’t know what this feeling right now was either.


There were occasional demons that got in the subjugation army’s way but they were all taken care of by a single shot from Rena’s arrow.

Everyone was in the middle of preparing to camp out for the night. Add looked up toward the night sky. He was thinking over the conversation he had with Eve during the day and about this tickling feeling in his heart right now……Then polite footsteps approached him.

Ara looked around the surroundings once then spoke carefully.

“Mr.Add, I’m sorry but may I speak to you for a moment?”

“You’re already speaking.”

At Add’s cold reply, Ara’s eyebrows drooped down then she lowered her head.

“Sorry for disturbing you when you were so deep in thought. I’ll speak to you later.”

“……You already broke my concentration. Just say what you came here to say.”

He couldn’t figure out his issue with Eve no matter how he thought anyways. After getting permission, Ara sat down carefully beside Add with a relieved expression.

Looking at her carefully, her expression looked rather worn out. Add asked after noticing her fatigued face being shined upon by the moonlight.

“Why do you look so worn out? Was there any problem with the supplies?”

“N, no. The food was tasty. The meat was especially good.”

Seeing Ara shake her head left and right, Add threw in a question randomly.

“Then I don’t understand why you look like that. Are you not getting enough sleep?”


Add had asked without much thought but he must have hit the mark.

Well, the purpose of this subjugation army was to take Ran down. It would be stranger if Ara’s mind was at ease.

“So, what do you want to do now?”

“I’m…..not sure.”

It looked like Ara still couldn’t decide on how she should deal with Ran.

“Elder Brother Aren caused pain and harm to so many people….. Wouldn’t it be selfish for me to try and turn him back?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”


“I said what does that have to do with anything? Why does Ran killing somebody matter to you at all?”

Ara stared at Add with an extremely shocked face. But Add was answering her seriously.

“Why does that matter? Ran or Aren, no matter what evil deeds he committed….. He’s your precious person right? Then you should protect him no matter what.”

“……..Does Mr.Add think that’s righteous?”

“I have no interest in justice.”

Add murmured as he looked up towards the dark night sky.

“Stuff like that. It all burned away long ago.”


“So then Aren isn’t that important to you?”

Ara’s face turned pale but Add wasn’t intending on taking back what he said.

“I’m sorry…..but I don’t think I can tell you anything useful about your worries.”

“……Did something like this happen to you too Mr.Add?”

Ara must have sensed something and asked carefully. Add answered with a head gesture.

Jump over time in order to go back to the timeline where his most precious person was. Soon as Add decided on this, justice or other people’s circumstances didn’t matter at all for him anymore.

Of course, this wasn’t an easy decision for Add. He worried a hefty amount about things like time paradox, side effects of time travel and possibilities of time traveling bringing about some sort of irrevocable disaster.

Time was something that had been paradoxical since the beginning of the universe……. So just a single action from Add could change the flow of history.


No, it was already changing. Eve was supposed to be destroyed in Elder and the El Search Party would have naturally disbanded. Even if they had gotten really lucky and held out in Elder, they would have certainly fallen to Elesis in Velder.

Demons would have taken over Elrios already if the El Search Party hadn’t existed. This was the outcome Add was trying to prevent. It wasn’t because he had a particular grudge against the demons, he just ended up confronting them as he tried to protect Eve……then the rest was history.

If you considered Add who was completely changing the determined history of the world, Ara’s worries were something so miniscule and trivial. But…..

“Decide freely for yourself.”

He still didn’t want to ruthlessly stomp on her worries. When Add told her this with a loosened voice, Ara blinked blankly multiple times.

“Run away if you want to, Fight if you want to. Do whatever you want.”

“…….I don’t want to run away.”

Didn’t Elsword say something like this as well? Ara also refused to run away just like Elsword. They must be somewhat alike because they were both front line fighters.

Add let out a slight laugh then opened his eyes narrowly.

“Why are you talking to me about this? Are you asking me to take your side if something happens?”

“That’s not it…….”

Ara denied but still trailed her words. Add knew very well that Ara didn’t approach him with that kind of intention. But Ara was looking back to herself if she really didn’t have such intentions at Add’s words.

This girl was way too righteous.

She always fights her best to protect others; she never backs out even if her life is in danger. A honest to goodness personality, she was a type that couldn’t deceive or hurt others.

Completely opposite from Add. They were polar opposites. While Add did get enraged and frustrated over Eun’s making mockery of him…. if you considered only their values, he could talk more in a same page with Eun than Ara.

“I….. want to know what’s righteous.”

Ara leaned her forehead on pole of the spear she was grasping tightly. She then spoke with a desperate voice as she closed her eyes. Add didn’t have anything to tell her.

There was no way rewinding time was something morality righteous. But Add had performed it multiple times and will do so again many times as it was necessary.

“You chose the wrong person to discuss this with. Go speak to Rena about things like this.”

“…….I can’t sleep recently.”

Ara didn’t listen to Add’s words and confessed her worries.”

“I only see horrifying things whenever I close my eyes…..”


Wasn’t the problem of her mixing with Eun solved already? Add got startled and examined Ara but she had her eyes closed and didn’t realize Add doing this.

“When Elder Brother and Karis turned my village into ruins…… I was too weak to stop them. That’s why I went on a journey and trained. So that I’ll be able to stop Elder Brother next time when I meet him and finally turn him back into Elder Brother Aren.”

That’s right. Ara’s problem wasn’t simply from her clashing opinions with Chung in the first place. Ara wavering and being unable decide on her course of action was why she was being influenced by Eun.

Still, she was freed from being a prisoner and she looked alright when she was fighting so Add hadn’t worried too much….. But this problem wasn’t solved yet.

“But I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do.”


There was nothing Add could say for her. Add recalled Elsword and Elesis’ relationship and thought about telling her to go consult about this with Elsword…. But he changed his mind quickly.

Elsword and Ara seemed similar in that they both had honest to goodness personalities but they were actually different.

Elsword will believe in his own path and move forward even if Elesis tried to destroy the world. It took a bit of time for him to make up his mind but he won’t waver again.

He won’t care about exact circumstances if it was for a purpose related to his most precious person.

There were difference in degrees but Elsword and Add were similar in this regard. That’s why Add had somewhat changed his attitude towards Elsword after their battle with Elesis.

“So delicate…..”

But Ara cares about others people’s circumstances. She cried from painful heart after seeing the tragedy in Hamel and surrendered herself to be imprisoned after learning about Chung’s circumstances. Add didn’t approve of her actions but he could understand them.

Ara’s actions were humane and righteous. Add was the abnormal one here. Although he already knew that……

As Add was feeling bitter for not being able to say anything, Ara confessed with a shaking voice.

“And I’m afraid that….. Elder Brother will do the same thing to all of you.”


“……I keep having those kind of dreams.”

The El Search Party is annihilated by Ran and no one survives. With the corpses of the people she’s been traveling together in front of her, Ara is overcome with sense of helplessness and isn’t able to do anything.

“Even though I try to fight and protect all of you…. I always lack the strength to do so. Then in front of me who has lost all of you….. Elder Brother Aren smiles towards me just like he did long ago and calls for me.”


“Everyone I knew is gone from this world and the only person left is Elder Brother. I’m overwhelmed by this thought and cannot fight or even run away as Elder Brother approaches me.”

Ara’s voice was shaking as if she was about to cry at any moment.

She must be very embarrassed to speak about this. It was painful to admit that you were lost and wavering.

“The dream ends with Elder Brother…..saying ‘now only the two of us are left’ as he embraces me.”


Add couldn’t say it was nonsense. This dream Ara’s been having is actually her looking into the future as she gets mixed with Eun. It was a possibility that actually had a chance of happening.

The future where the El Search Party is annihilated by Ran and only she survives. Ara had been feeling oppressed after seeing this. Ara’s back thinly shaking looked so small that Add couldn’t say anything back to her.

Should he tell her to forget it? Say that it was only a dream? But facing powerful foes and seeing someone from the El Search Party die….. Add had seen this multiple times as well.

There was only silence between them for a while.

“I’m sorry. I may have said something that sounds too weak.”

Ara got up from her seat. Her voice was still shaking as she turned around to hide her face from Add.

“I spoke about this to you because Lord Eun said I could speak about this to Mr.Add. So don’t be too…..”

“If the event you are worried about actually happens…..”

Add looked at Ara’s back and spoke sharply.

“I’ll deal with it somehow.”


Add rewound time again and again in order to obtain the present where the El Search Party was maintained. He just had to do so again during their fight with Ran.

He would have done so anyways….. So comforting her with just these words weren’t something difficult to do.

“I promise you.”

“……Thank you.”

Ara replied quietly then walked away with slow steps. Add realized from seeing her back that his words weren’t able to give her much comfort.

It would have obviously sounded empty.


Well it was illogical to say he’ll make somebody’s death as if it never happened by rewinding time. She won’t believe it even if he told her, and there wasn’t much point to her believing it either.

It will all be as if it had never happened soon as he rewound time.

If the time where somebody in the El Search Party died came, all he had to do was get rid of it by turning back many times as it was necessary.

“Yes, that’s right……”

Add let out an empty laugh as he looked up towards the moon in the night sky.


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