Elsword Time Trouble Volume 4 Chapter 2 Page 61~65


QQ so little time to translate this week.

Soon as Add exited the carriage, he headed toward the campfire where the El Search Party was sitting around. Elsword and Eve had just finished dinner and were staring at the campfire while sitting across from each other.

Add would have normally stopped and observed the two but he had a business right now. He grabbed Eve’s arm and pulled her up right away.

“What is it?”

…….He tried to pull her up but she was heavier than expected.

When Eve looked back towards him, Add let go of her arm naturally as possible then requested.

“I have something to talk to you about. Follow me.”

“We can talk here.”

“It’s important.”

At Add’s persistence, Eve looked at Elsword for a moment then got up from her seat. When they had distanced themselves away from the others far enough so that they wouldn’t be heard, Eve asked.

“How did your talk with Ara Haan go?”

“It wasn’t good. So about that…..”

It seems the others didn’t know about Eun or Ara’s crisis. And it was somewhat difficult for Add to explain it to them. The main objective here was Ara’s mental stability anways.

“I’d like you to treat her well.”

“I’m planning to do so even without you telling me.”

“I didn’t mean that….”

Rena doesn’t even need to be mentioned and Eve was also caring about Ara quite a lot. For Eve who had only focused on Elsword before, this was a change that was worthy of attention. But this much wasn’t enough.

“What is it then?”

“I’d like you to be even friendlier with her.”

Add tried to speak the words he had prepared beforehand but the words got caught inside his mouth. He ended up speaking in circles.

“I don’t understand what you mean. I’m not particularly distancing myself from her.”


Everything worked out so smoothly during the simulation inside Add’s head but it was really difficult to actually say them out loud.

“I mean, since Ara’s condition isn’t too good…. See if you can comfort her well.”

“…..Comfort her?”

Eve looked like she couldn’t say too much about this as well. For her, who didn’t have emotions (or believes she doesn’t), she’d only know what it meant to comfort others from just encyclopedic knowledge.

“I’m sorry but I’m a Nasod. I don’t know about this. I think it’s better for you to ask Rena for something like this.”

“Rena is already doing enough.”

Although he was sorry to say this….. Things must have come to this because just having Rena wasn’t enough.

“It’s not enough with just Rena. You’ll have to do it as well.”

“……That’s a troublesome request. What should I do exactly?”


Add wasn’t too talented in comforting others as well.

He was confident in his abilities to treat someone cold-heartedly, but his mouth stops whenever he tries to say something kind. It didn’t suit his personality.

“I don’t know either.”

“You don’t know either and yet you’re telling me to do it?”

Eve tone felt dumbfounded. Honestly, Add and Eve both were distances away from comforting other people. Although their fundamental reasons differed since Eve was because she wasn’t knowledgeable about emotions and while Add knew about emotions, he prioritised his own goals.

“I’m a Nasod. Telling me, a Nasod to comfort humans….”

“Think about it since you don’t know how.”

Add had comforted Ara before they met Chung but he couldn’t prevent the fissure from forming on Ara’s heart.

Rena was the same and Elsword wasn’t any better. There was only one person left to count on now.

“You’re the only one left who can do something for Ara.”


Maybe how much Add was serious right now was conveyed because Eve didn’t refuse right away. She seemed to think deeply for a while then shook her head.

“Telling me to comfort her without giving any particular methods to do so, it’s too vague. I’ll have to ask Rena for advice.”

“No, you can’t do that.”

Add immediately shook his head. That kind of method won’t do at all.

“Comfort Ara by thinking about this by yourself.”

“The chance of success isn’t too high if I try by myself.”

“It doesn’t matter. Since I’ll try in my own way as well.”

He just had to get rid of the reason that was shaking up Ara’s heart. In the end, the core reason why Ara was suffering was because of Ran.

Ara’s mind would stabilize the faster they could defeat Ran, and the fewer casualties that occurred during the process. Everything would be solved if…. He explained the situation to Chung to make him accept, unite their strength to defeat Ran…. Then turn Ran back into Aren as Ara wished.

“It looks like you have something on your mind as well.”

“So, what will you do?”

“I’ll accept.”

Add had expected Eve to resist more but Eve accepted unexpectedly easily.

For a Nasod to accept the suggestion telling her to comfort a human so easily? Eve spoke first just when Add was about to ask one more time for confirmation.

“Since I know you care about Ara Haan.”

“I’m telling you right now, it’s not because of human’s male and female relationsh….”

“I know that it’s not.”

Add was a bit surprised at the unexpected response. Eve tended to make mistakes about Add and Ara’s relationship but it wasn’t the case this time.

“Recently, I think I’ve come to know a bit about what it means to care for other people.”

“…..You’re changing.”

Add unconsciously exclaimed. Eve, who was a Nasod was changing. One couldn’t even imagine that Eve from back in Ruben would have said such words.

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“You don’t have to understand. Kukukuk.”

Add cackled joyously.

He had forgotten recently because there had been so much going on. But Eve was without a doubt one of a kind masterpiece that will never exist again in history.

Eve was changing from being together with the El Search Party.

“I’ll look forward to the good result, Queen of Nasods. Kahaha!!”


Eve looked at Add laughing very coldly for a moment then returned to the campfire. It somehow felt like he had missed a great chance but Add’s laugh didn’t stop.

……It felt like it would be stranger if he stopped.


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