Elsword Light Novel Time Trouble Proofreading&Editing help

I have mentioned this before in the last Time Trouble post but I need some help with polishing up the novels by weeding out errors and making it more readable.

So I have uploaded all the novels on Googledocs and will send the link to any willing volunteers.

You can leave your email on the comments and I can send you the Googledocs links. Or if you don’t want to show your email in the comments section then you can email me at tunafishisgood@gmail.com and I’ll send you the link back.

Tell me which volume you want to proofread&edit. You can choose more than 1.


Title: Time trouble proofreading

I want to help with Volume 1, Volume2, Volume 3

Something like this.


Also some extra stuff

With KR names as well if you guys want to search the boards for ppl selling them.

Volume 1 Accessory:

Watch of Blue Chains(푸른 사슬의 시계)
(Phy/Mag) Atk/Def +20
1% Chance of double attack

Volume 2 Accessory:

Phoenix Fire Wing(봉염익)
(Phy/Mag) Def +30
1% Chance of Double attack
Jump +136

(I think this is supposed to be Elsword’s accessory but I don’t have SK promo yet)

Volume 3 Accessory:

Couple Ring of Time&Space(시공의 커플링)
(Phy/Mag) Atk/Def +10
1% chance of double attack
+136 Maximization

(Little purple light on her hand -_-. I think the ring gets covered inside the character’s hand)


One thought on “Elsword Light Novel Time Trouble Proofreading&Editing help

  1. Bloody hell, i’m so dang late. Well if you still need it i can try to help. I’ve got nothing to do so all 3 volumes should be fine >:3

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