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Yay, finally finished every volume that’s available right now. It was a long journey but it looks like it ended in no time at all. Thank you all so much for sticking with my translations up till now.

What’s going to happen after this is that, while we all wait for Volume 4’s release,  I’m going to try and polish these translations. I know there are many, many grammar mistakes all over the place. That’s why when I’m finished with solo polishing Volume 3, I’m hoping to gather some volunteers to help me proofread and edit all three volumes.Volume 1 has been mostly finished by  volunteer proof readers. I’ll make a separate post for gathering volunteers for other volumes when I’m ready to take them.

Thank you for reading this far and I hope you all enjoyed this first ever Elsword light novel. Share this novel with your friends that haven’t read it before if you thought this novel was good. Seeing people share and have discussions is half of the motivation for me. (Other half is just me wanting all of you not to miss out on these novels just because of some stupid language barrier.) I hope my unprofessional translations could help.

See you all in Volume 4 (Whenever that might be :P)

and special thank you NZ, Takoman, KoG and eXtreme novel for this light novel.

5. Sibling of a sinner


City of water, Hamel.

It’s was the capital of principality of Senace which was Velder’s ally nation. As to be expected from the capital city, it used to be a well developed and beautiful. But that was now a thing of the past due to the Demon invasion of Elrios. Hamel had now transformed into a city during the time of war.

Taking in refugees coming in from all over the nation, preparing to fight with the Demons, maintaining public order…….there were way too many tasks that had to be done.

These were difficult problems to tackle for Senace that had been so drenched in peace to the point where they had almost forgotten how to fight. That’s why they had hastily requested for reinforcements from Velder Kingdom. Velder Kingdom that hadn’t been attacked by Demons at this point deployed Velder Kingdom Knights to Hamel according to the pact of their alliance with Senace.

Penensio, the leader of the Velder Kingdom Knights was sitting leaning against the wall in the streets where people moved about. He had even brought a chair and was purposely waiting.

Refugees passing by stole a glance at him but they just passed by after seeing Penensio’s calm posture, serious face and his armor. Penensio was deep in thought as he sat in the corner of the street while watching people passing by. He let out a solemn sigh.

These refugees walking around aimlessly to find a place to rest, ones that sat crouched down groaning in pain, you almost couldn’t find anyone that wasn’t limping or had trouble moving their arms. One could have said couple of discomforts were nothing in this time of the Demon invasion. But that wasn’t it. People with more serious injuries didn’t even get the chance to escape to Hamel.

What Penensio was seeing in front of him was just the tip of the iceberg. The actual situation was much more tragic. Just when Penensio was shaking his head depressingly, one solider hastily came up running to him then saluted.

“I have a report, captain Penensio.”


It has been half a year already but the word captain still felt way too unfamiliar to him. Because of Penensio’s gloomy answer, the soldier reported hesitantly thinking that he had done something wrong.

“People called the El Search Party are requesting a meeting with you captain. They are saying they are the El Search Party that defeated the Shadow Master in Elder. I told them to stand by for now.”

“Then please bring them here.”

“Will that be alright?”

Soldier asked carefully. Because Penensio had the command of most powerful troops in this city, the amount of people that wanted to meet Penensio were more numerous than the clouds in the sky.

People with strength are revered during the time of war. It was a situation where even a random nobody were begging to speak with Penensio.

And there was no way Penensio would refuse all of those requests because of his sincere personality. That was why his soldiers were filtering through those requests for his sake…..But the El Search Party had their names well known so they reported it to Penensio first.

“I heard about their fight in Elder as well. They might be of help. And also….”

When Penensio’s words trailed as if he won’t speak anymore, the solider saluted then hurriedly ran. Penensio looked at the soldier’s back as he closed his eyes and let out a tired sigh.

Principality of Senace and Velder Kingdom were allies. But in the end, they were completely different nations. Velder Kingdom Knights were foreign forces here. This situation where the foreign nation’s army was stationed in their capital was an extremely volatile political matter……So Penensio had to re-examine many details that he wouldn’t have normally paid attention to.

This kind of work didn’t fit with Penensio’s personality. He took up his sword in order to protect his Kingdom and the people as a knight. He didn’t want to act while paying attention to complicated politics and international affairs.

“Captain huh…..”

He didn’t like this captain title in the first place. Just when Penensio was sighing bitterly, he heard unique footsteps approach him. They weren’t footsteps of weak refugees that were passing by.

Sounds that only those who were disciplined, and have fought before could make.

When Penensio opened his eyes and looked sideways, he could see unfamiliar faces behind the soldiers. Penensio realized that they were the El Search Party and got up from his seat to greet them.

“I’m captain of the Velder Kingdom Knights, Penensio. Welcome…..”


A familiar boy. Penensio closed his mouth when his eyes met with Elsword. Other members looked confusedly when a silence fell between Elsword and Penensio.

Eve asked a representative for the rest.

“Do you know each other, Elsword?”

“Yea…… It’s been a long time, Mr.Penensio.”

When Elsword bowed extremely politely, Penensio also bowed quietly. Certain shared feeling that couldn’t be explained by just saying that they were both knights was flowing between the two.

“Mr.Penensio was….. Vice captain of the Red Knights.”

“Does that mean he’s quite strong? That will be useful.”

Just when Elsword’s was about to continue his words, Add cut him off. Other members were looking at Add confusedly as to why he cut off the conversation so openly. Add laughed quietly.

“Kukukuk, let’s leave the personal talks for later and talk about the business at hand. There’s no time to waste.”


“Alright, let’s do that.”

Eve was about to say something but Rena quickly stepped up and stopped her. Rena gave Eve a gaze then continued the conversation.

“Did you already hear about the news about Velder? We’re here to request you to withdraw from here.”

“I’ve heard already from the court magician. She also told me about how all of you will be here.”

Penensio reminisced for a while then started to organize their current situation with Rena. Add left the talking to Rena and quickly approached beside Elsword and poked his sides.

“Keep the thing about Elesis a secret. It will get complicated otherwise. Even you should know that much right?”


Elsword must have lately realized it as well and nodded heavily. They had forgotten because they were too busy fighting with Elesis, but the fact that she had joined the demons was a very shocking event.

For the strongest leader of the Red Knights to become an enemy of the human race, you couldn’t even begin to imagine watch kind of backlash it would bring. They won’t be able to hide it forever but it was better to keep it a secret that only few people knew about much as possible.

Add ran various simulations in his head while looking at Elsword.

‘…..Since you don’t know what might happen to this guy if everyone found out.’

Strongest knight swinging her sword for the demons. If people found out, then wouldn’t people’s gaze towards her brother Elsword become filled with misunderstanding and suspicion?

You didn’t know what kind of harm they’d try to inflict on Elsword.

“No, it’s not like I care about what happens to you…….”


“……I was just talking to myself. Forget it.”

Add spoke bluntly then looked at Eve. Eve stared at him silently for a bit then spoke quietly.

“I’d like an explanation about what happened just now.”

“Kukukuk, what else do you want me to explain? It was just annoying to have them talk about the past.”

“If it’s something difficult to say here then let’s talk about it separately later.”

When Eve spoke sternly, Add froze in place in middle of his laugh. But that only lasted for a short moment and Add snorted then nodded right after.

“Then let’s talk with just the two of us tonight. Kukuku.”



He thought she’d give up if he said this but she accepted it. Add was startled but organized the situation.

Eve must have realized late that there was some kind of reason for Add purposely stopping Elsword and Penensio’s conversation. Eve was not too knowledgeable about human world’s affairs so she must not have understood Add’s thoughts and considerations. She was staying quiet for now because Rena stopped her. But she wants to hear an explanation separately.

Well, explaining his actions in detail was annoying so he didn’t want to. But if you thought about this in a different angle, this was a chance to talk with her alone. It could be a chance to make her look around.

He’ll approach closer to his goal like this step by step.

“Kukukuk, Kuahahahah!!”

“Mr.Add? I have something I want to ask.”

Add was laughing enjoyably when Ara poked his back. Add had been feeling joyful for a change but now frowned as he turned around.

“Who are the demons that are threatening Hamel?”

“They are Shadow demons and the demon general Ran.”

Penensio who’s been speaking with Rena heard Ara’s words and told her. Ara got extremely surprised as her eyes opened widely then she grabbed her spear tightly.

“Finally, Elder bro……”


Add got extremely surprised and quickly covered Ara’s mouth with his hands. Ara’s eyes turned round because her mouth got covered while speaking. But a cold sweat was dripping down Add’s back.

Come to think of it, Ran was siblings with Ara. Demon battalion were running wild in Hamel and sister of that battalion’s general was right here.

You could easily tell what state Hamel was in by looking at the ragged attires of everyone passing by and the gloomy faces of all the people sitting leaning against the wall only blinking vacantly.

Lethargic people that weren’t even trying to chase away the fly that was sitting on their forehead.

This was a city in the middle of war and the person responsible for creating this situation was Ran. Revealing herself as that person’s sister would be bringing harm onto herself.

Add told Ara with a threatening expression.

“Don’t say anything stupid. Absolutely.”


When Ara asked with a face as if she didn’t understand, Add whispered to her ear so the others couldn’t hear.

His breath touching her ear must have tickled because Ara was twisting her body acting like she didn’t know what to do. This irritated Add who was serious.

“Keep the fact that your brother is a demon general absolutely a secret. Things can go wrong really fast if they find out.”


Ara asked about how he knew Ran and her relationship with a surprised expression. Add gestured towards the surrounding area with his chin.

Refugees degraded into beggars, starving people, and people sitting side by side below the fence only breathing blankly while not even moving a finger.

Despair and fear, a city ruled by depression.

“Look, this is all Ran’s doing. Revealing you’re his sister here would only put yourself and even us in danger.”


She must have realized finally and nodded with a mournful face. Add breathed a sigh of relief then took his hands off. Eve who had been watching spoke coldly.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to show acts of affection in the streets.”

“It’s that something stupid like that. Also….”

Should it be better to tell the others about Ran and Ara’s relationship? Add was hesitating when Penensio asked with a serious tone.

“Could it be that you know something about the demons?”

“I, I don’t know anything! Elder brother Ran and I really don’t know each other. It’s not like I traveled in order to meet him again!”

Ara got startled and spoke hastily…..and it became a situation where it would have been better for her to not speak at all. Just when Add covered his face with his palm and lamented, Rena quickly stepped up and spoke to Penensio.

“We’d like to speak to the lord before we come up with a detailed plan. May I ask you to introduce us to the lord here?”

“Yes, please follow me.”

He could have just asked the soldiers but Penensio started to personally guide them.

He was considering the El Search Party as not some mere troops and was treating them as people worth treating specially. Aisha coming first and telling him beforehand must have played a part but Elsword being in this group should have also played a large part in his decision.

Ara’s face had turned bright red and she was slowly walking in the very back of the group with her gaze facing solely towards the ground. Seeing that she was looking like this as if she knew what she did wrong, Add muttered to her.

“Anyways, don’t say anything. Just stay quiet.”

“……Yes, I’m sorry.”

“Even we could get in trouble because of your mistake. Don’t you know that the entire El Search Party could get suspected of being in league with the demons?”

This wasn’t the Velder Kingdom, this was Senace which was a completely different nation. If the fact that Ara was Ran’s younger sister got found out, it won’t just end with some simple suspicions. She could get arrested, imprisoned or something even worse. Not only that, but things could go out of control and become not only Ara’s problem but become a problem for the entire El Search Party.

‘……It will be like that for sure.’

There was no way the other members would not do anything when Ara was in trouble. Add drew a picture of headache filled future and sighed as he took a glance back at Ara. He paused.

Ara’s eyes were filled to the brim with tears.

“Hey, hey…….”

“It, it’s nothing. It’s just because I’m feeling strange.”

Ara quickly wiped her tears with the back of her hand but this still couldn’t hide the tears that were flowing out from her eyes. Was it because she was touched that she can finally meet her brother? Or was it some other reason? Add didn’t know but….

It was troublesome either way. Like this, in the other people’s eyes it would look like Add had made Ara cry. Of course, Add had no intention to do so at all. All he did was sharply warn her…..

“This is driving me crazy, seriously……”

She was walking with tears dripping down her face without making any sounds. It was even making him who was walking beside her painful. Gladly or unfortunately, others were walking far in front so only Add knew that Ara was crying in right now.

“I’m sorry for making you see me so unsightly……..”

Ara was also trying her best to wipe away the tears but it seemed she was having trouble suppressing her emotions.

“It’s just… my heart hurts so much knowing that Elder Brother caused all of this…..”


Add shut his mouth after realizing that Ara’s eyes were looking around her surroundings. He didn’t have any siblings so he didn’t know how Ara was feeling right now. Elsword would be better for sharing this kind of feelings with her.

Older sibling that ran away from home was on the demons’ side causing atrocities……What was the younger sibling who was left behind supposed to do?

Add sighed after recalling how Elsword couldn’t even think about fighting when he was suddenly faced with Elesis.

This wasn’t something to scold Ara for.

“You’ll…. Meet him soon anyways.”


“So try to solve it then. Didn’t you say that you’ll win this time? After you meet him, beat him up or tie him up and drop him in the water, do whatever you want.”

Add’s hand after he spoke bluntly lingered in the air. He was quite hesitant but he had already done this to Elsword as well.

Add placed his hand on top of Ara head as she cried sorrowfully. He patted softly and let out a dejected sigh.

“Are you going to fight while crying?”

“……I’m sorry.”

“Don’t cry when we fight later. So…..”

Add forcefully brought out the words that were trying their best not to leave his mouth.

“Cry all you want right now.”

“…….May I really?”

“But I’ll kick you if you cry later and drag us down.”

Add spoke while looking sideways. People in the streets that had stopped to look at the two of them got surprised by Add’s violent gaze and quickly started to walk again.

“Thank you.”

Ara spoke quietly then drove her face into Add’s chest. Tear marks will get on his jacket but unlike his usual self, Add didn’t say anything and silently turned his head.

What else can he say to her when she’s crying because of someone precious to her?

The best thing Add could do was to provide her a place to shed her tears. He could bear with this much.

Since he had also cried before.


When Ara finally settled down after a while, Add took her and headed to the Lord’s quarters. They walked slowly but because they had already communicated using the Nasod Megaphone, and because the two of their mobility were the best in the party, they could arrive in the Lord’s quarters without much delay.

The two got guided to the office and they stopped in front of the door. Ara’s eyes were swollen after crying for a while.

“Thank you, Mr.Add.”

“Hmph, its better than having you get in our way later.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best!”

When Ara responded with a sweet smile with her eyes still red from crying, Add snorted and entered the office.

Well, it was like the El Search Party to be moderately soft hearted anyways.

Penensio and the other members that had arrived earlier were talking to the person that seemed to be the Lord. When Ara and Add who had arrived late approached them, the Lord got up from her chair.

Bright white armor, she was a girl with a pretty long blonde hair. Add was slightly surprised that the Lord was a girl but he didn’t mind this. Wasn’t Vanessa also a girl but sufficiently carried out her tasks?

The reason Add got surprised was……

“A little girl?”

No matter how Add saw, she looked younger than him. Maybe 15 or 16 years old? Even though she wore a heavy armor, she was still a lot shorter than Add.

This young and frail looking girl is the Lord of Hamel?

Even before the others could respond to Add’s blatant rude reaction, the Lord trailed her words as if she was troubled.

“First of all, I’m a boy.”


But no matter how you saw he looks like a girl. Add stared suspiciously at the Lord’s fine gold blonde hair that came down up to his waist. Add shook his head shortly after. Did it matter if this kid who looked like a girl no matter how you saw was actually a guy?

Add just wished she wouldn’t get in their way. Add turned his attention on the Lord’s appearance off then asked with a rough voice.

“So, how’s the situation going here?”

“Let’s introduce each other first. I’m Chung who’s temporarily in charge of the Lord’s position in Hamel. And your name is?”

“I’m Add.”

Add’s impression of him changed when he was treated politely. Unlike his pretty appearance, he was polite and behaved with discipline. It looked like they could speak on the same page. He’ll be of help if things went well.

Add got a slight favorable impression of the young boy and unlike his usual self, he held out his hand first requesting for a handshake. Chung also smiled as he grabbed Add’s hand.

“I thank you from bottom of my heart for coming this far in order to help Hamel, Mr.Add.”

“Kukukuk, it’s nothing. We’ll finish this up quickly since we’re here. Just you wait.”

“Just listening to that makes me glad. Hamel’s citizens will welcome all of you as well.”

Add felt uplifted when the Lord humbled himself and treated him with respect. Normally, people in high positions were stuck up and hard to talk to but this boy called Chung was clearly different.

They haven’t shared too much words yet Add could already sense that he’ll be easy to talk to. This will make their work here much easier.

“And who’s this lady over here?”

“Ah, I’m Ara Haan. Nice to meet you Mr.Chung.”

Ara also smiled and held out her hand….. But Chung’s face abruptly stiffened. He looked around once at Penensio then the other El Search Party members, then finally made eye contact with Ara. He then slowly stepped backwards.

Ara’s eye turned round when the hand she held out for greetings got openly rejected. But Chung didn’t care about the others’ confused gaze and went back to his seat and reached out his hand sideways.


Add hadn’t realized it before because he was greeting Chung, but there was a giant white object standing beside the chair that Chung was sitting on before. As an engineer, Add could tell from a first glance that it wasn’t a normal object. It was taller than a person and almost looked like……

A weapon?

“Is your name really Ara Haan?”

“Huh? Yes.”

Ara was startled by Chung’s cold voice but still answered. Chung narrowed his eyes then spoke towards Penensio.

“Sir Penensio, arrest Ara Haan.”


“Pardon me?”

Confused voices rang across the office. When Penensio didn’t move, Chung stomped his feet lightly.

Thump! The office door opened then soldiers poured in.

“What’s the meaning of this? Hamel’s Lord?!”

“That’s temporary Lord for you. And……”

Chung stared at Ara with a gaze that was cold beyond measure.

“It’s an order. Arrest Ara Haan.”

“Wait a moment! What do you think you’re doing?”

Rena spoke in an angry voice that was rare for her. Add also came to his senses and quickly moved beside Ara.

Getting arrested when they had come to help, what in the world…..

“Someone who’s in league with the Demon general snuck in. Of course she’ll have to be arrested.”

At Chung’s cold words, Add realized what was going on right now.

He didn’t know how he found out, but Chung knew that Ran and Ara were siblings!

Add quickly tried to select some words to persuade Chung but realized that nothing he said to this boy would be useful.

Chung’s eyes were burning in rage, in fury as if he’ll never forgive.

“Don’t take her life. I’ll use her as a hostage during the fight with Ran.”

“……What did Elder Brother do?”

Ara must have realized the situation as well and asked with a shaking voice. You could tell with a single glance that Chung wasn’t doing this as the Lord ruling over Hamel. This had his personal feelings mixed in.

“I have to avenge my father.”

Speaking this seemed to make Chung angrier and he clenched his fists. Chung was shaking in fury then finally swung his arm and ordered the soldiers.

“She only needs to have her life intact. Arrest her.”

Just at that moment when the soldiers followed his order and was swarming in towards Ara, in the moment when Add was about to activate his Dynamos, Elsword kicked the ground and sprayed his sword.


When Elsword swung his sword while taking a step as if he was sliding, all the spears that the soldiers were holding flew towards the ceiling. Elsword who had just disarmed all the soldiers in an instant quietly lowered his sword then shot a glare at Chung.

Elsword didn’t say any words but his message was conveyed very clearly. Eve and Rena also held up their weapons and stared at Chung.

His soldiers got instantly disarmed but Chung wasn’t startled even for a bit. He held up the weapon he was grabbing then spoke coldly.

“While unworthy of the title, I’ll suggest as the one who’s representing this Hamel. I won’t question any of you if you all assist in the arrest of Ara Haan. Please stand down.”

“That won’t do. Ara is like a cute little sister to me.”

“I won’t let anyone capture my friends.”

“Trying to blatantly arrest her without hearing anything out, how rude of you.”

At Rena’s words, everyone gave their words as well. Add snorted after realizing that things went really wrong.

“Kukukukuk, Fine. I’ll make you submit by force, brat.”

“I clearly gave all of you your chances…….”

Chung’s eyes narrowed after he spoke quietly.

“I’ll destroy all of you as well if you get in my way.”

Wrrrrrrr, an ominous sound. A chill went down Add’s spine soon as he realized that this sound was coming from the white weapon Chung was carrying.

It wasn’t just a blunt weapon?! Then…..

“Everyone, dodge!!”


A shout and thunderous roar rang across the room.

And everything was destroyed.


It was just as Chung said.

[Elsword | Time Trouble] Volume 3 end


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