Elsword Time Trouble Volume 3 Chapter 4 Page 171~194


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Midday. After finishing lunch, Add stood on the beach only wearing shorts. Although the correct term wasn’t actually shorts.

“It’s apparently called a swimsuit.”

“It’s rather comfortable.”

Elsword standing beside him was intrigued as he tried pulling on the swimsuit he was wearing. His expression was still gloomy but it looked like his feelings settled a bit after sleeping.

“Why did you tell me to wear this and come out?”

“There’s no problem swimming in the sea if you wear that. I heard that it’s a clothing made for that purpose in the first place.”

“Oh, really? They can get wet?”

Elsword quickly lowered his body to get some sea water on his swimsuit then exclaimed.

“I heard that there were clothes for swimming but I didn’t know there were ones that stick so close to you.”

“I only found out yesterday myself.”

Swimsuits that Aisha brought out were very surprising. They were indeed a collection befitting for a magician.

“So you called me out here so you can swim and play with me?”

Elsword asked calmly as he splashed the sea water on various places on his body. He had realized that Add didn’t call him out without any reason at all. This was good because the story will go faster.

“You’re stupid.”


“You’re stupid but you have a use. So I’ll make use of you.”

Elsword looked at Add with a not too angry expression for a while then sighed.

“From how I see it, Big Brother Add is more stupid…..”


No, what it the world?! To actually hear that I’m stupid from Elsword?! Add’s face got distorted in fury.

He couldn’t accept this. Even if Elrios was to be destroyed right now, he didn’t want that kind of evaluation, at least from Elsword!

“Aren’t I right? If you want me to do something for you, you should just ask normally. Do you really need to say it like that?”


Add was about to burst out in temper but stopped to think for a moment when his conversational skills got pointed out. So that probably means he should try to manipulate Elsword using smooth words….But Add had never done those kinds of things before.

He would have rather threatened him with a display of skill.

“I don’t mind anyways. So, what should I do? I’ll do it since its Big Brother Add that’s asking.”

“I’m not asking you. I’m ordering you.”

When Add spoke haughtily, Elsword nodded with an expression as if he was looking at someone really pitiable. Then he sighed.

“This is why you get in fights with Eve.”


Add ended up showing a startled reaction due to the unexpected name that popped up.

Add and Eve almost never talked with each other after the incident where Eve told Add to let’s never see each other again after the business with Elesis was over. Well they didn’t have any leisure to talk after that because everyone was so soaked in sense of defeat…..but even if they had some time, Add didn’t have any idea how he should proceed with the conversation.

Leaving that aside, how did Elsword know that they were in a cold war like state? Eve should be the type that hides these kinds of things.

“Because Eve keeps changing the topic whenever your name comes up. It’s bothersome for me too so make up with her already.”

“Kukukuk, we’re not kids. Since when did we fight?”

Add hid his inner thoughts for now and let out a laugh. Although Elsword still didn’t withdraw his gaze that looked like he was looking at someone really pitiable.

“I explained it well to Eve. But Eve is also very stubborn so she probably won’t talk first. So try better on your side. Call me if it gets difficult.”

“…..That’s a needless meddling.”

Add replied bluntly and abruptly turned his head away. Getting Eve’s hostility due to painting over time was within his calculations. He just hadn’t thought of how to deal with it after.

He could somewhat bring out some words of apology due to being harshly(?) educated by Ara….. But it didn’t seem like that would be enough this time.

Elsword who had been silently watching Add turned the topic back to normal.

“So what should I help with?”


“Alright, after that?”

Add put strength in his voice as he spoke.

“Swim enjoyably. So it looks fun.”

“…..Is that it?”

“It just has to look stupidly fun. Do it now.”

When Add urged, Elsword scratched his head then asked.

“Let me just ask one thing, why do I have to swim? Couldn’t you swim instead?”

“I’ve never swam before. Also getting inside the water will only make me feel cold.”

When Add crossed his arms and insisted as if he was asking if something was wrong, Elsword laughed slightly.

“Alright. Then I’ll go swim your part as well.”

Elsword replied energetically then immediately jumped into the sea. He refreshingly cut across the approaching waves.

The scene refreshed your heart just by watching.

“That should be good enough…..”

Well, Elsword’s swimming looked extremely enjoyable even for Add who was an indoors person. His form as he cuts across the waves so clear that you could see the sea floor, this should attract everyone’s attention.

Then he heard footsteps walking on the beach.

“Oh you were here before us.”

“Elsword probably didn’t even warm up. Wasn’t warming up essential for humans before going into the water?”

“Is, is it really okay to wear something like this?”

Add heard the voices coming from behind him and turned around then got startled a bit. Eve, Rena and Ara were approaching in their swimsuits. Everyone had an outfit that revealed their figures well.

Especially, seeing Eve with her prefect design revealed made his head dizzy. Add deliberately turned his gaze around and gave his evaluation.

“Hmm, good. There’s no navel.”

“Umm, Add? I’d like you to refrain from saying those kinds of things.”

Rena’s voice sounded soft on the surface but contained a stern message telling Add that she won’t allow any objections. Add quietly shut his mouth when Rena got serious from something he said without any thought.

Rena’s gentle reprimanding gaze, but it was kind of difficult to say something to apologize to Eve right now….. Add’s gaze as he struggled in his thoughts remained behind Rena.

“Why are you hiding?”

“…..I, I’m not sure.”

Ara looked like she was embarrassed of her swimsuit attire and was hiding behind Rena. She looked like wouldn’t dare to come out. She had been so enjoyably running along the beach yesterday and now she was reacting like this.

The plan will go wrong if Ara is acting like this. But the problem was…..Add didn’t have enough data on how to handle this kind of situation.

“Come on, Ara. Don’t be so embarrassed.”

Rena tried persuading Ara.

“……It’s my first time showing this kind of appearance to a male person other than Elder Brother.”

“Then I’ll leave. You guys play much as you want by yourselves.”

Add’s objective wasn’t to enjoy playing in the water himself anyways. The mood should go up more if Ara acted like she normally did.

Add was about to turn around without any regrets when Ara urgently stopped him.

“Ah, No you can’t! There’s no need for Mr.Add to be like that when I’m the one who lacks training.”

“…….You’re making me waste my time.”

Add spoke stiffly but still stopped. Rena smiled as she pulled Ara’s hand in towards her. But when Ara tried to resist and didn’t come out, Rena mischievously held her in her arms.

“M, Ms Rena! Please let me go!”

“Nope, you can’t hide when you’ve got to dress up so prettily right?”

Ara realized it was too late and gave up resisting after she got caught by Rena. Ara’s face turned bright red as she nervously looked around at Rena, Eve then finally Add.

“Umm, d, don’t I look strange?”

“She’s very pretty, right?”


“She’s very pretty, right?”

Eve nodded when Rena asked for agreements. Add tried to ignore but couldn’t continue to ignore when Ara sent him a desperate gaze as if she was waiting for an answer. Add went into his thoughts.

Red bikini did go well with Ara’s white skin. Not only that, Ara’s face looked young despite her age but her body was quite mature. Well, she still didn’t compare to Rena but she did boast outstanding proportions.

Add made his academic evaluation then nodded.

“Well, I’ll compliment you at least for your appearance.”

“Thank you very much.”

It seemed Ara finally could ease her mind. Her face brightened as she smiled sweetly. Rena patted Ara’s head as if she was glad for her.

And Eve stared at Add with an extremely cold gaze.

“Are all human males’ vocabulary this lame?”

“Don’t be like that, Add put in his efforts too.”


Why is she reacting like that when he actually managed to give a compliment? Add was at a loss for words as he stared at Eve, but she turned her head right away to avoid his gaze.

He got completely ignored. But Add didn’t yield and brought up the main topic.

“We came to a sea for a change. Why don’t you all enjoy yourselves?”

“What are you planning?”

Eve replied coldly. She was already wearing a swimsuit but her expression seemed to say she only did so because Rena had requested her to.

“Come on, don’t be like that. Let’s go in together Eve.”

“Rena, stop pulling me. Also, you should warm up before you go in as well…..Ah!”

Eve had been getting pulled towards the ocean by Rena. But she must have made a wrong step as she slightly staggered. Just when Add was about to fly his Dynamos towards her, Ara quickly came running sploshing through the water and grabbed Eve before she fell.

“…..Thank you, Ara Haan. But the floor isn’t very stable here. Be careful.”

“No problem …..Owie!”

Ara must have stepped on something because she fell on her bottom. Eve questioningly looked at Ara who had instantly become drenched all the way up to her hair. Eve then sighed as she held out her hand. Ara who had been rubbing her bottom smiled joyfully as she grabbed Eve’s hand and stood up.

Add watched this and carefully brought his Dynamos back to where they were. A voice came from behind him.

“There, it roughly turned out as we planned right?”

Aisha who also wore a swimsuit like the other girls stood beside Add. Add gazed piercingly at Aisha’s chest area.

Aisha got dumbstruck as she slowly covered her chest with her arms then took a step back.

“…..Isn’t the stare way too open?”

“I’m not interested.”

Add finished his observations then snorted as he turned his head around without any regrets. Aisha’s expression turned extremely unpleasant when he did this.

“……I don’t think it won’t be a crime even if I smashed you down the ocean trench right now.”

“I only made an academic comparison. Forget it.”

“Don’t you know that’s even ruder? How discourteous…..”

Aisha clicked her tongue as she expressed her displeasure. But Add was really deep inside his thoughts right now. Aisha and Eve had similar chest sizes. So then why couldn’t he avert his gaze from Eve?


If you discarded subjectivity, it was quite obvious for males to be conscious of female’s bodies. Although Add wasn’t too interested, and although he got into various troublesome situations because of Eun’s harassments, that was not related to this.

Of course, Eve was a Nasod. But she was indeed a female if you considered her gender. Just like how if you saw a drawing of a female then you won’t consider the drawing as male, all intelligent life forms were designed to recognise each other’s genders by their appearances.

Add deliberated as he made his conclusion.

“……Is it because of difference in designs?”

That’s right; there were differences in designs in Aisha and Eve’s swimsuits. Add had never paid attention to girls’ attires but who knows? There could be some hidden preference that he had never realized.


He couldn’t avert his gaze from Eve because a taste that he hadn’t been conscious of before had come up!

Good, that’s a perfect explanation!


“Are you only going to watch from the back? I thought you wanted to make them cheer up. Then shouldn’t you join in and swim together with them?”

“Hmph, there’s no reason for me step up. Kukukuk.”

“Ah, come to think of it. You…..couldn’t swim right?”

Add unknowingly winced at her low voice. Aisha was smiling brightly.

It was an extremely ominous smile. Add unknowingly stuttered his words as he stepped back.

“W, wait.”

“The sin of looking at a lady rudely is a big one.”

When Aisha swung her arm lightly as she spoke this, a cyclone appeared near Add. No way. She can even perform magic with bare hand? Putting that aside…..this cyclone was surrounding Add’s body and was trying to drag him towards the sea!!

Add got startled and activated his Dynamos. He successfully escaped the cyclone’s radius by using a short distance space warp. Aisha opened her mouth in surprise slightly from this. But then she smiled violently right after.

“If it’s a contest of strength, I’ll accept it any time. How long do you think you can avoid using space warp? Aren’t you tired of using such an old method?”


It felt like he had lighted a wick of a bomb. This purple magician showed good will toward the El Search Party but she seemed to have a very strong sense of not wanting to acknowledge defeat. When Add dodged, she immediately thinks ‘Oh, you actually dared to dodge?’.

What an emotional magician. Anyways, four cyclones got created and prepared to jump at Add when Aisha swung her arms again.

“All you had to do was willingly fall into the sea. Do I have to really bring you there myself?”

“Come to think of it, you appeared using space warp before. How’s that possible?”

“That’s because I’m a Dimension Princess. Didn’t Big Sister Elly call me that? I told her to call me Void Princess but the name stuck because demons kept calling me that on their own. Well, I gave up trying to fix it in the end.”

Aisha was acting like it was nothing special but it wasn’t something Add could just pass over.

“Distance should be possible if you calculated precisely. But you could also move other people. Furthermore, you could move us who’ve you met only yesterday without any consent. How is that possible?”

“That’s because life forms or not, aren’t they just all collections of information? In science they call this basic unit of information the atom or particle, and in magic they have a vintage name for it called the fragment of a soul. But in the end, they are both same in that clumps of information come together to become an entity.”

It seemed that Aisha had forgotten the situation right now and started explaining with a simple tone. She spoke smoothly in an easy way to understand like the teacher who was asked a question from a student.

“For example, the Void Impact that you use. Doesn’t it shake the space, that is, you change a constant into a variable. Then you use the self restoration property of that variable trying to go back into a constant to cause a shockwave. Am I right?”


Add could only nod when the key factor of his skill got analysed so quickly. He had figured Aisha had been observing the El Search Party since long ago. But he didn’t know that she knew not only their names and achievements but their skills in such a detail as well.

“Ah, and the Void Double Impact. You’re using it in a stupid way again. Why are you using parallel calculations when you can just use serial connection?”

“…..What do you mean?”

“Here, look at this.”

Aisha waved her hand to clear away the cyclones as if she had just remembered something. Then she started to write down a formula on the sand.

It was a calculative formula for Add’s Void Impact.

“……How do you know this?”

“Is it so strange for a Void Princess to explain about the Void Impact?”

He was about to faint from the surprise. How did this magician know so much in depth about everything?

Aisha didn’t mind Add’s surprised face and continued to explain in detail.

“Right now, you delete the load prevention formula here, and then reduce the casting time by firing a Void Impact two times from removing the safety mechanism right? That’s why you are getting feedbacks on your body. You’re losing out because you’re using it with the mindset of using the Void Impact two times.”

“…..Then what’s the proper way?”

“Combine the two into a single calculation. Don’t calculate two times. Instead, fire it as if you’re firing one large Void Impact in two slices. The original values will still change the moment when the space coordinate’s constant turns into a variable. So there shouldn’t be any problems if you calculated beforehand how the first Void Impact would change the original constant.

The main point in Aisha’s explanation was to throw the first punch while keeping in mind how to throw the second punch.

She was even writing the follow up formulas and concise load prevention formulas as well….. Even in Add’s eyes, it was a formula that had more output and stability than the ones he had been using before.


Add didn’t want to admit it, but he felt a sense of defeat as an engineer. Add had a huge pride in his Dynamo and battle methods.

But they were being completely treated like a child’s play in front of Aisha.

Aisha finished explaining then got up as she tapped the dirt off her hands. Then she burst out laughing after seeing Add’s face.

“You look extremely vexed. That’s unexpected; I didn’t think you knew how to make such a face.”

“……Thanks for your assistance.”

With his pride hurt, Add responded while suppressing his feelings. He had thought he was the smartest in the world but for there to be someone that was above him… Separate from how Aisha was a powerful magician, Add was extremely vexed that he got treated like a kid in his own field of expertise.

“Well, I’d like to brag that I, the Great Aisha figured this out all on my own because I’m smart but….that’s not actually true.”

“What do you mean?”

Aisha smiled bitterly.

“This isn’t a formula that I came up with. It was taught to me. I was able to awaken because I was taught not only this, but many other things as well. That’s why I started to be called a Dimension Princess by the Demons and even became number 1 in the Demons’ list for dangerous individuals.”


“I told you this double formula because it will be of help to you from now on. Don’t thank me and thank the diabolic foregoer person that taught me this instead. Hmm, should I just shorten that description into a diabolic person because it’s too long?”

This simultaneous calculation, Double, wasn’t something that was pioneered but instead was something that someone else had already achieved? And that someone is Aisha’s mentor?

There was someone so exceptional in this age?

“Who is this? Can you let me meet this person?”

If it was someone even Aisha would seek knowledge from, Add could learn endless amounts of things from this person. When Add asked greedily from his lust for knowledge, Aisha lightly shook her head.

When Add was about to beg again, Aisha smiled prettily.

“By the way, aren’t we forgetting something?”


The wave that just came into the shore erased half of the formula that Aisha had written. But it didn’t matter. Add had already understood and memorized everything soon as he listened and saw it.

Aisha lightly waved her hand as she smiled.

“Okay, go flying!”

Cyclones got created again.


He’s falling.


Add was freefalling as he screamed. He quickly moved his Dynamos but the fall speed was too fast. Water’s surface was right in front of him.

But Add clenched his teeth and barely managed to stop a few centimeters above the water’s surface. Add breathed out a sigh of relief.

Trying to plunge someone into the water for real. What a violent girl.


“M, Mr.Add!! Watch out!”

In that moment, a scream came from behind Add’s back and he thoughtlessly tried turn around. But Add was pushed up by a powerful impact. This feeling of getting rammed by an enraged bull, Add couldn’t breathe as his eyes started going dark. Add had fallen down so abruptly from the sky that Ara who had been running wasn’t able to dodge in time and ran directly into him.


Water splashed up irregularly as Ara and Add got lumped together and fell into the water. Add got completely drenched and muttered as he frowned.

Thankfully, this place was only a shin deep so he didn’t need to flutter.

“Look in front of you when…..”


Add was muttering then he realized the situation and couldn’t say anything. Ara’s face was way too close. It had turned into a position where Ara was pressing down on Add from above as they fell into the water together.



Add didn’t know what he should say. He quickly turned his head around to avert facing Ara directly. Then Ara looked like she abruptly came to her senses and removed her hands from Add’s shoulders as she stood up.

“U, umm I’m sorry Mr.Add.”

“I’m sorry for falling so suddenly too…..”

Add apologized unlike himself. The position just now was a bit startling but he felt like nothing good would come from bringing up this incident anymore.

He should just talk naturally as usual. As if nothing happened…..

“Uh, umm….. I’ll go running for a bit!”


But that was only possible with the other person’s cooperation. Ara whose face had turned red looked like she didn’t know what to do then she suddenly shut her eyes as she ran away.

Although Add’s eyes couldn’t quite believe it, she was literally running on the water’s surface. Ara was fast as the wind when she started running, she was kicking the surface with her right foot just before her left foot sank.

Well, she could also run across the air so it wasn’t surprising….. But it seemed there was a limit because she was slowly sinking into the water. Add saw Ara continue to run to the point where she sank down up to her neck then turned his head around with a sigh.

“So meaningless….”

“I saw everything.”

Add winced at the voice that came from behind him but managed to look back with a blunt gaze. Rena was facing him while smiling.

“If you saw, then you should know that it was an accident.”

“Yes, I know.”

“……I told you that it was an accident.”

Add frowned and spoke once more when Rena continued to smile warmly. It didn’t feel too good to get mixed up with that scatterbrain. But Rena changed the topic with a tone as if she didn’t care too much.

“Since we came to the sea, let’s swim together Add.”

“I don’t feel like it.”

He actually didn’t know how to. But it felt like things would get annoying if he revealed this. Rena would probably try to care for Add in various ways by telling him something like she’ll teach him how to swim.

Although her meddling was tiresome, it didn’t feel bad…..

“You should relax too.”

“Yea, since Add did this much for our sake.”

“…..That magician over there had a change of whim. I don’t know anything.”

Rena nodded when Add sulked and objected.

“Yes, since Add went out of his way to even ask other people.”


It was no use no matter what he said. But Add didn’t speak anymore when Rena approached with light steps.

Rena was truly beautiful. Her long light green hair and body that drew feminine curves, he would have believed that she was a sculpture if he hadn’t seen her walk and speak.

She became a beautiful piece of painting even though all she was currently doing was standing with her forelegs slightly inside the water. He didn’t want to make any careless dent in this painting.

“I organized my thoughts a bit as well. Let’s talk again during the evening. So let’s forget everything for now and play.”

Rena offered with a smile as if she knew what Add was worried about. It was difficult to refuse when she asked like this.

Just when Add was about to reluctantly agree, Rena suddenly looked behind her.

“Ah, I asked Eve to swim together as well but she refused. Wouldn’t she be bored by herself?”


“Why don’t you go and keep her company?”

Just as she said, Eve sat alone on the sandy beach and was quietly watching Elsword who was swimming far away. When Add realized why Rena was doing this and frowned, Rena also added an excuse.

“Since I’ll have to call Elsword if Add refuses. But Elsword is swimming so cheerfully right now.”

Just like Rena said, Elsword was now busily racing with Ara. He was really having fun although Add had pushed him to do it.

“What will you do?”

“…..I’ll go.”

Add didn’t like how Rena was smiling but he walked towards Eve regardless. He had to do this eventually anyways.


Add walked out of the sea and was about to talk to Eve who was sitting on the sand with her knees joined together but paused. Rena did push him to come, but it was something he had to do eventually. He just couldn’t think of how to start this conversation.

But he ended up making an eye contact with Eve as she raised her head.

Add instinctively realized he couldn’t go back or stall now so he sat down beside Eve naturally as possible, while hoping it looked as natural as possible.


It was at least encouraging to see that Eve didn’t show any reaction of standing up. They sat side by side for a moment and looked across the horizon. But when the silence continued, Add started to open his mouth.

“I’m telling you now but….”

“I cannot accept it.”

Add looked beside him after getting his words snatched up. Eve was still looking at Elsword who was swimming energetically.

“I get why you did such a thing. Elsword and Rena also told me. But I still cannot accept your method.”


Eve was saying that she found out why Add had spoken harsh words to Elsword before the day that they fought Elesis. But she was still being stubborn by saying that she had no intention to apologize.

Well, it didn’t matter since Add never expected her to understand in the first place.

“Then what are you going to do from now on? Elsword won’t stand still after knowing Elesis’s whereabouts. Are you two planning to go back to fight Elesis?”


It became a pushing tone as Add started taking, but it was a problem that had to be resolved. The El Search Party lost to Elesis.

What should they do now? What were Eve’s thoughts on this?”

“What do you plan to do now, Add?”

“…..It won’t be a problem long as I don’t cross paths with you guys right?”

He hadn’t intended it, but it became a sarcastic tone.

Add hadn’t realized it himself, but what Eve said about never seeing each other’s face again after…..must have become a lump in his heart and remained there ever since.

Who did she think he was doing this for? He even painted over time in order to fight…

It was illogical to ask for Eve to understand in the first place, but he couldn’t prevent his emotions from twisting.

“Don’t worry. I’ll do my best to not to show even a single speck of my hair to you.”

“What I said that time was…..”

Eve seemed to hesitate for a moment, and then suddenly lowered her head. She hid her expression by covering her face slightly between her knees.

“I made an error in my judgement. I’m sorry, Add.”


Add’s heart that had wanted to continue being sarcastic got wiped clean. His blood pressure went up at this unexpected words and he couldn’t even make any judgements anymore.


No, why was his blood pressure going up? But his face turning red was clearly a symptom of high blood pressure right?

For Eve to apologize, and so honestly too, and not for any other reason…… She was purely apologizing for saying harsh words to him.

Without Elsword or anything! Purely! To him!!


“I apologize for saying something so harsh.”

“…..Uh, yea.”

Add was so surprised that he couldn’t even answer properly. He repeatedly opened and closed his mouth then scratched his head in frustration. He was an engineer, but his feelings couldn’t be expressed logically right now.

For that pompous and prudish Eve to apologize this honestly. This was completely outside his calculations.

Every feeling that had been piled up within him disappeared and no thoughts came to his mind. But Add felt Eve move her eyes slightly to look at him so he hurriedly tried to reply with whatever words that came out of his mouth.

“I, I see. I’m glad you realized your mistake. As expected of the Queen of Nasods, you have a sufficient will of wanting to improve yourself. I should work harder from now on too. Kukuk.”

“I’m sorry if that offended you.”

“…..No, offended? Who said I was offended? Kukukukuk, there’s no way a cold-minded engineer like me would care about a mere Nasod’s mistake. Isn’t that right?”

Add blabbered without knowing what he was saying. He didn’t know what he was doing because his feelings of wanting this moment to continue and wanting this moment to end got mixed up within his head.

He couldn’t even tell if the place where he was sitting on was a sandy beach or the clouds.

“I realized later that you had put quite a bit of your own consideration into what you said.”


Such an honest apology, Add closed his mouth shut after hearing these honest words.

Eve had never reacted even once like this before. He wanted to open his ears and remember every single word she spoke.

Since this kind of moment probably won’t ever come again.

“Will you forgive my mistake?”

“……Of course.”

Add had been looking straightly at Eve but he quickly turned his head forwards when Eve turned to look at him. Ara, Elsword and now Rena were swimming together but none of those came into his eyes.

“Thank you.”


No way, he finally won. He finally achieved everything. Add unknowingly clenched his fists and screamed out a cheer inside his mind. Great, everything is perfect now.

He finally made Eve who only looked at Elsword turn around and look at him.


Then has the time finally come?



Has the time to steal Eve’s Core come? Add’s face that had been startled by the success that he hadn’t imagined now slowly stiffened. Just when Add was slowly turning around to look at Eve, she murmured in a low voice.

“You spoke those harsh words because you were worried about Elsword as well. I can’t accept your method but it those remarks were rather valuable.”

“Hey, wait.”

Words trying to stop her from talking came unconsciously. But Eve calmly continued her words as if she hadn’t heard anything.

“I don’t know when the two of your relationships became like that, but let me make this one thing clear.”


He had so much he wanted to speak out, but Eve didn’t even pretend to listen and spoke sternly as if there was nothing else in this world that was more important than this.

“I’m the one who got the request to become friends from Elsword first. Do not forget this.”


His head was dizzy. Add couldn’t stand it anymore so he gave up sitting upright and dropped down on his back. Add covered his face with his arms and only exhaled absent-minded sighs.

What it the world? Isn’t this a bit too harsh? It was to keep me in check? She’s doing this right now so she can keep me in check?

“Is there any problems? Ask Elsword yourself if you are suspicious.”


There were so many things that he didn’t know what to point out first. Add felt so absent-minded that he only let out a laugh. Eve was right now…..thinking that Elsword and Add had become friendly with each other and was being jealous!!


No, he could tell what kind of series of logic brought her to this conclusion. But isn’t this a bit too much? Possessive desires amongst friends? I’ve been friendly with this guy but he’s been recently playing with some other guy? Is that what this is? Is this really coming out right now? Isn’t this way too harsh?


His brain could understand but his heart felt stifled and his sight was spinning so dizzily that he couldn’t even breathe.

“Should I call Rena if you’re not feeling well?”

When Add stayed down without saying anything in order to suppress his stifling heart, Eve tried placing her hand on Add’s forehead.

Then all of the various emotions that had been boiling up from within him disappeared as if they had been lies.

“You don’t seem to have any fever. Is there something else that’s wrong?”

“……I’m just lying down because I’m tired.”

“Then you should go back to the lodge and rest.”

Add shot back bluntly to Eve’s serene words.

“I don’t know what might happen if I were to do that so I’ll stay like this for now.”


When Eve tried to pull back her hand as if she couldn’t understand, Add grabbed her hand.

“Let’s stay like this for a bit.”


“Let’s stay like this for a bit.”

“Is this some new illness you get from being in the beach?”


Eve looked like she couldn’t comprehend when Add replied bluntly. But she didn’t withdraw her hand. With his eyes closed and Eve’s hand on top of his forehead, Add let out a long sigh.

Eve’s misunderstanding. He was so dumbfounded after realizing what she had been thinking of that he couldn’t even speak properly.

If it’s like this, his plan to make Eve turn around to look at him…..would probably take much longer.

Well, it doesn’t matter that way.


It doesn’t feel bad right now at the least.



3 thoughts on “Elsword Time Trouble Volume 3 Chapter 4 Page 171~194

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