Elsword Time Trouble Volume 3 Chapter 3 Page 137~149


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Starting Chapter 3

3. Purple Quality


The purple haired girl that suddenly appeared between Elesis and the El Search Party. She was a face that they’ve never seen before.

As the El Search Party were asking each other with eye gestures if any one of them knew this girl, the girl lightly swung the staff she was carrying.

Staff? No, upon closer look, it was a halberd. It won’t end with just pain if you were to get stamped by that.

“Don’t ask who I am. You won’t say that you don’t recognise the Great Genius Magical Girl Aisha right? I won’t let you off easily if anyone says that they don’t know.”


The girl gave a cute wink after revealing her name as Aisha. The El Search Party that had been prepared to fight to the death against Elesis after she revealed her true form were all flabbergasted by Aisha’s atmosphere and couldn’t reply.

“Ah, geez~. Why is everyone making such stiff faces when I actually came out to help? You should all be clapping in joy.”


Elesis standing at the back made an odd fake cough. When Aisha reacted to this and turned around, Elesis quietly conveyed her message by pointing with her finger.

Aisha saw this and looked down at her own chest then let out a sigh.

“Ah, oops. I got the Job mixed up a bit. But this isn’t the time for this.”

Aisha murmured as she sighed then narrowed her eyes as she looked at Elesis.

“Alright, you went too far. Go back now, Big Sister Elly.”

“You are the one who’s going too far. Why are you intervening as you please, Dimension Princess?”

“I told you to call me Void Princess when I’m like this. Well, I admit the name is quite fitting but identity is important after all.”

“That’s not someone who gets them mixed up should say.”

Elesis was replying bluntly but it didn’t look like she wanted to immediately solve this by violence. Did they know each other?

But seeing how Elsword was looking at her as if he didn’t recognise her, it looked like only Elesis and Aisha knew each other.

Add narrowed his eyes and focused his ears on the two’s conversation.

“Elsword and I are talking. Back off.”

“Well, I’ve been respecting that up till now. But I don’t want to this time.”

“……Are you saying you want to fight me?”

Aisha let out a short laugh when Elesis asked with a low voice.

“We both already know that we haven’t clashed before because I was afraid of Big Sister Elly. And it’s also not because Big Sister Elly was afraid of me.”


“I’d like you to respect my actions this time, could you?”

Aisha spoke this line then smiled as……she swung her halberd lightly. Plasma was created from the tip of her halberd as two streams of intense light got fired frontwards. The El Search Party that was looking at this thought that she had ambushed in the middle of the conversation. But the attack wasn’t aimed at Elesis.

Plasma Cutter that had flown far caused a roar far behind Elesis as it broke down dozens of buildings. Aisha made a pose of looking far out into the distance by putting her hand on top of her eyebrows. She then let out an exclamation as if she was bewildered.

“Wow! There were so many demons here! I think even for me it would take around 1 minute to clean them all up!”


“Ah, but with this, maybe it should only take around 30 seconds?”

A threatening blue energy started to gather in front of the Halberd. Seeing this, Elesis sighed as she leaned her sword against her shoulder.

“Just this once.”


Elesis didn’t even listen to Aisha’s thanks as she turned around to walk away. The El Search Party couldn’t believe this situation and stared numbly.

For that Elesis to back down on her own?

“Big Sister!!”

When Elsword ran forwards as he called out, Aisha clicked her tongue.

“Don’t follow her Elsword. Big Sister Elly let us off because of me. I’ll have to fight as well if you follow her right now.”

“Big Sister!!”

Is he deaf? Add came to his senses and tried to manipulate the Dynamos to stop Elsword.

The identity of this self proclaimed genius magician that appeared to help all of a sudden was really suspicious. But it was true that they just got helped.

Anyways, letting Elsword run after Elesis right now would be setting things back to point zero. But unlike Add’s worries, Elsword’s strides as he ran after Elesis gradually slowed down. It soon became a walk as Elsword came to a stop then looked down at the ground with his fists clenched tightly.

Elesis didn’t even look back once at her brother and was walking away silently. No matter how desperately he called.


Elsword stood weakly and didn’t say anything. Add saw his shaking shoulders but pretended he didn’t see as he checked up on conditions of the other members.

“Everyone is fine for now. But….”

Their injuries were bad but they weren’t bad enough to leave any after effects. They’ll be back to normal if they eat well and heal up.

Add trailed his words and took a slight glance at Aisha who was smiling proudly.

“Who are you?”

“Didn’t I tell you not to ask that question?”

Aisha showed a slightly gloomy face then quickly smiled again as she lightly swung her halberd.

“Well, it seems like the story would get long. So I’ll invite you all to my villa. We can talk in detail there.”

“Wait, where….”

Wasn’t the Velder Liberation army still fighting with the Demon army? Add was about to protest but stopped to only blink vacantly when the scenery changed in front of his eyes. Just a moment ago they were fighting inside the destroyed city, amongst the ruins….

Now there was a horizon in front of his eyes.


“It’s an ocean.”

“So this is the ocean?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen the ocean.”

Everyone else gave their words so it wasn’t Add hallucinating by himself. Add rubbed his eyes then turned around to stare at Aisha with an astonished gaze.

Aisha was about to open the sunbed that had been leaning against the palm tree.

‘…..Wasn’t this space warp? And moving not only herself but other people as well?’

Add who knew how to use a short distance space warp himself was so shocked that he could almost faint. Of course, the quantum teleport that Add used was also an amazing skill. But that was only for personal teleportation and was only limited to short distances.

But this was clearly an ocean….. It must be extremely far from Velder that the El Search Party had been fighting in just now.

“Just……what are you?”

When Add asked while unable to hide his surprise, Aisha who just finished opening the sunbed turned around and smiled.

“Didn’t I tell you? I’m the Great Genius Magical Girl Aisha.”

“…..That’s not a proper explanation.”

Add had known the existence of magic but he had never heard that it could accomplish such nonsensical things. Add obviously would have also tried to master magic if it was something that allowed you to wield this much power as if it was no big deal.

“Then would you be able to understand if I said I’m the Super Great Aisha that got all her magic powers back after finding the ring?”


It was not a proper explanation since he still couldn’t understand. She was smiling kindly but you couldn’t tell her inner thoughts.

Just when Add was about to question Aisha again, Rena spoke gravely instead.

“Thank you for inviting us but could you let us go back? Other people are fighting in Velder right now.”

“Ah, that’s right. I forgot. I’ll go take care of it right away.”

Aisha disappeared instantly after she replied lightly. El Search Party couldn’t even get surprised now after she disappeared without showing any signs.

“She’s really gone.”

“…..It’s not an optical camouflage.”

Eve and Add unknowingly shared their opinions about Aisha’s disappearance. It was such a logic defying power that it was dumbfounding to watch.

You could tell easily that Aisha possessed amazing powers just by seeing how she had teleported the entire El Search party as if it was nothing special.

“I finished it. There shouldn’t be any problems now.”

To the point where you couldn’t doubt her powers even after seeing Aisha who had appeared on the sunbed 15 seconds later to drink a grape juice out of the straw.

“Uh, umm….. Is it really okay now?”

Ara asked with an innocent face as if she couldn’t understand. It was obvious that you couldn’t believe when she had suddenly disappeared then reappeared saying everything was finished now.

“I tied them down with a dimension barrier. The Demon army that captured Velder wouldn’t be able to come out for a while. Well, couple individuals could come out of they wanted to but they wouldn’t dare come out carelessly.”

“Ah…..I thought I’ve heard the name Aisha somewhere before. I finally remembered.”

When Rena spoke as if she had recalled a memory from a far past, Aisha looked at her with an extremely surprised expression.

“D, did you remember? Big Sister Rena?”

“Velder Kingdom’s court magician. A girl magician who’s supposed to surpass all the geniuses in history but no one has ever seen her face. Was that you?”

“…..Oh, you remembered that?”

Aisha nodded with a quite disappointed look.

“Well, that’s right. I’m a court magician. Although I just took the title because they begged me so desperately. Angkor, stop sitting around and work.”

Aisha made a displeased expression as she let fly a miniature devil that was sitting on her shoulder. Miniature devil that flew across flapping its wings was about to open up extra sunbeds then saw the gears floating near Eve and tilted its head.

Did it think they were same kinds? Miniature devil called Angkor stopped opening the sunbeds and floated around Reby and Moby.

“Angkor, didn’t I tell you to work? Do you want to get scolded?”

When Aisha coaxed with a low voice, Angkor winced then hurriedly started opening the sunbeds again. The El Search Party could tell that Aisha’s mood had worsened and nervously watched quietly.

Since she was the Velder Kingdom’s court magician it seemed she was an ally….but they couldn’t tell clearly. Even more after seeing how she was drinking the grape juice with such a displeased expression.


“Thank you for helping. But I’ll have to ask a couple questions. But we’d like to heal our wounds first.”

Add cut off Rena’s words then requested the most urgent thing first. Aisha narrowed her eyes then snapped her fingers.

Then a golden circle surrounding Add and the El Search Party was formed as everyone’s wounds started to gradually heal. Not just their wounds but their clothes were getting recovered as well. As if time was getting rewound.

“Magic is…quite surprising.”


Even Eve who had a strong pride in the Nasod’s technology couldn’t hide her amazement. Ara looked like she didn’t know how to react as she stroked the place on her body where the bleeding wound had been before.

Add also realized his body had recovered to a perfect state within couple seconds. But he couldn’t stay amazed just like the others. He got that Aisha was a magician of unimaginable caliber…..but that wasn’t a reason to trust her blindly.

“Since you are all healed now, go look around the island for some mood change. I’ll call everyone when dinner is ready.”

Aisha spoke these words then closed her eyes. It seemed like she was about to take a nap so Add spoke to Rena.

“Go take others and look around. Especially…”

Add made an eye gesture to point at Elsword who hadn’t spoken a word since Elesis had left.

You couldn’t even ignore him if he was looking like that.

Rena realized what Add was trying to say and took the others and walked away across the beach. Add opened his mouth when the others had gone far away enough to the point where the sound of them exclaiming at the beautiful scenery couldn’t be heard anymore.

“You, just what is your identity?”

“Sometimes, a magical girl who changes using the power of the moonlight. Sometimes, a dark magician who rules over the darkness by making a contract with the Demon God. Sometimes, a grand magician who freely manipulates the power of the elements. Shortened to five words A-i-s-h-a. Lengthened to Magician Aisha. If you’re asking about the essence, the Great Genius Magician Aisha.”

Her self explanation came out fluently but it was an incoherent chatter and wasn’t nutritious at all. Judging by what Rena said, she must be a Velder Kingdom’s court magician…..

“How come you have so much power? No, why didn’t you do anything if you had this much power?”

“I helped you and now you’re whining to me about why I only looked and didn’t help? Since when did you become a brat like Elsword, Add?”


Add couldn’t speak when Aisha shot back while opening only one eye. Well, it did sound like the person who just got saved from drowning asking for their savior’s belongings….. But he still couldn’t just pass this over by replying “Oh is that so?”.

“What’s your relationship with Elesis?”

“Is is so strange for the Velder Kingdom’s strongest leader of the Red Knights and its court magician to be acquainted with each other?”

Aisha asked with a tone as if she was asking was there something wrong.

“I can tell with a single glance that you are not just mere acquaintances. Isn’t it strange for a woman that’s merciless even to her own brother to back off with you just saying couple words?”

“Would it be an acceptable answer if I said…..we were comrades that had been together before but now separated because our purposes disagreed?”

Aisha replied back still with only one eye opened. There was nostalgia mixed into her voice as if she was recalling her memories.

“I’m answering you because I know that you’re asking in the place of everyone else. Be thankful.”

How can she be so impudent? But it was kind of understandable considering her skills.

She looked around Add’s age on the outside….. But her skills were honestly terrifying. Didn’t she make Elesis, who had driven the El Search Party into the brink of annihilation, back off with just couple words and a light(?) display of skill?

“Alright, leaving that aside. What do you plan on doing next? Shouldn’t you quickly liberate Velder now?”

“I have no such intention.”

Aisha closed her eyes again and stretched out her arms as she yawned. She totally looked sleepy.

Add was a bit confused at this unexpected reaction from Aisha. Of course, it wasn’t because Add had suddenly sprouted patriotism towards the Velder Kingdom, or that he had a sudden surge of righteousness about how Velder’s suffering citizens should be liberated soon as possible.

But shouldn’t it be sensible for this girl who had the title of the Velder Kingdom’s court magician to have these thoughts instead?

“You can perform this much amazing magic. But you’re saying that you’ll just watch the Demons run amok in Elrios?”

“You now even got a talent for oration? Why don’t you become a politician?”

Aisha let out a laugh as if she was amused. Actually, even Add was a bit embarrassed after he had said it. Wasn’t it basically saying something that wasn’t on his mind just so he could urge other people to do something for him?

But Aisha didn’t change her mind despite how Add had asked while enduring embarrassment.

“I have various restrictions as well so I can’t wield my powers however I wish. Also, the current situation isn’t even bad enough for me to have to step up. Most of all, this is my first leisure time in a while so I want to rest for a bit.”


Well, she would have acted already if she was going to change her mind from Add who was a total stranger trying to convince her. Aisha’s tone was as if she had finished all her duties after she saved the El Search Party from a brink of annihilation and restricted the Velder’s Demons.

Just this much was already amazing. Didn’t she accomplish something that others couldn’t even dream of within just couple minutes?

He didn’t know what the restriction was but if Aisha could change her mind, then everything will be….

“Can you continue to….”

“I refuse.”

Aisha didn’t even bother listening to Add as she cut him off. Add shut his mouth in shame after getting his inner thoughts found out.

Aisha opened her eyes and raised her upper body and spoke as she stared at Add.

“This is the last time I’m helping you guys. I understand you got scared by Big Sister Elly but don’t think about relying on me anymore.”

“Who said I got scared?”

Aisha laughed when Add raised his temper.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. Even I don’t want to face Big Sister Elly too much. Well, we’re actually avoiding each other.”


Add couldn’t say anything at this consolation that wasn’t actually consoling. If Aisha came with the El Search Party right now, everything will get solved lightning fast. Such a powerful magician, wasn’t she probably the most powerful magician in the history?

But Aisha clearly revealed her intention to refuse.

“Saving Eve isn’t my task. It’s yours. Am I right?”


Does magic also allow you to read minds? But considering how she knew everyone’s names, and how she had personally come to save the El Search Party, Aisha seemed to know a lot about the group.

Although she still wouldn’t know about time travel….. Add examined Aisha but she had her eyes closed and was bathing in the sunlight.

“If you’re done talking, why don’t you go take a walk around while relaxing? You didn’t have any moment to rest recently right?”

“I won’t trust everything that you say.”

Add spoke bluntly and moved his steps. Aisha behind him was making an empty laugh but he ignored it. He walked along the beach following the footprints the others members had left behind.




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  1. Good chapter. I would like that at the end of the story all the gang would reunite on a place like in the ‘Avengers’ for the final fight with D and his personal army. That could be EPIC!

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