Elsword Time Trouble Volume 3 Chapter 2 Page 102~135(Chapter Complete)


Chapter 2 Complete

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Next day, the battle started with a pre-emptive strike from the Demons just like in the other timelines.

In the quiet four way street far away from the location where the Velder Liberation Army was marching, Add who stood in the front of the El Search Party slightly took a look back at Ara who was standing by at the back. Ara who had looked very nervous from the shouts coming from far away tilted her head at Add’s gaze.

“Mr.Add? Do you have something to say to me?”

“…..It’s nothing.”

No matter how tired I was, to fall asleep so defencelessly. Add internally clicked his tongue then also examined the other members that were standing by at the back. Rena smiled beamingly when their eyes met, Eve didn’t even bother to make eye contact.

It seemed what she said about not wanting to see Add ever again after this mission was serious.


Well, it did hang on his mind but that was something to worry about later. It was something to think about after they survived this fight in front of them right now.

Add collected his mind and turned his gaze to the red haired boy standing beside him.

Was it because he had cleared all his doubts during the night? Elsword with the sword in his hand looked nervous but his breath was calm. He won’t just stand around blankly this time at least.

“Alright, let’s go.”


Elsword also started to move his steps at Add’s words. Two boys walked forwards leaving Rena, Ara and Eve behind them.

Tens steps later.


Glitter Vanguard that had been hiding inside a building popped out and charged in towards Add. Ruthless charge like the enraged bull, he’ll die if he got hit by it. But Add didn’t react and only glared at the Glitter Vanguard while smiling coldly.


With a heart chilling sound, woman standing proudly on top of the Glitter Vanguard swung her sword. Drak-red trace got craved in midair…..then Glitter Vanguard that had been charging towards them ruthlessly stopped still.

Just breaking it could have been done with a sheer destructive power. But stopping it while it was running at full speed with just a single strike, this was a proof that Elesis possessed not only power and speed, but precise skills as well.

Add internally dripped cold sweat while glaring at the Glitter Vanguard and the girl standing on top of it. No matter how many times he saw it, her skills were extraordinary.

Girl with the sword leaning against her shoulder looked down haughtily. She could have smothered Add without even leaving a trace if she had charged in. But she stopped on purpose by destroying the Glitter Vanguard.

Because of the boy standing beside Add.

“Big Sister.”


Elesis answered a moment later at Elsword’s call. It looked like she had a troubled expression for an instant, but a cold wind quickly blew across her face.

At least she didn’t start swinging her sword without taking any questions like before. Elsword looked up at her sister and spoke slowly.

“…..You were alive.”

“As you can see.”

It was the same dialogue from before Add had rewound time. But Elsword’s voice right now was much calmer. It was because he had known from Add beforehand that Elesis would appear before him as their enemy.

“Why…. Are you together with the Demons?”

“Shouldn’t something else come first before we talk?”

Elesis lowered her stance as she slowly lowered her sword.

“Show me how much you’ve improved. Although this is not a sparring match.”

“……Big Sister!”

Reunion of the siblings ended as the dialogue of the swords started.


When Elesis grabbed her sword and jumped up, Add who had been standing ready beside Elsword quickly activated the Dimension Distortion mode.

With dicey timing, Elesis’ sword stabbed into ground as it made a crack on the ground then called upon giant flames. But Add and Elsword were protected by the Dimension Distortion and was able to not receive any damage.

No, that’s how it should be. But its way too hot!! Add frowned from the heat he felt from across the barrier.

“I should add a cooling mode to the Dynamo next time.”

Add was leisurely chatting to himself right now…..but they would have burned to death if Add had opened the Dimension Distortion mode even a moment later. Add was an engineer in the first place, not a combat agent. He had only carried out battles using shockwaves and space related abilities of the Dynamo he had created.

He didn’t make a living off just Void Impact alone for no absolute reason.

When the Power Buster wasn’t effective, Elesis slightly tilted her head as she stared at Elsword and Add being protected by the Dimension Distortion mode. But that only lasted for an instant; Elesis lowered her stance as she fixed her sword.

Dimension Distortion mode wasn’t completely invincible, it will get broken through if it receives enough physical damage up to its limit. With Elesis’ skills, she can probably easily break through….and cut across two of their throats.

“Let’s start now!!”

But this was all within Add’s calculations. Ara was already running towards them even before Add had shouted. He had originally instructed Ara to move after he had given the signal. But the fact that Ara would never follow those instructions; that she would start running even before Elesis made her jump was all within Add’s expectations.


Ara’s spear arrived just in time because Ara had gotten a head start. The spear clashed with Elesis’ sword and let off a spark. Elesis made a slightly surprised expression then made a smile as if she was a bit impressed.

“As always, your speed alone is quite good.”

“Mr.Add, quickly, back off!”

Add was combat personnel that supported from the mid range with various skills so he was defenceless in melee range. Ara shouted as she faced Elesis’ chaotic attacks that were flying towards her, but Add didn’t move.

This wasn’t the time to run away. Add stared at Elsword who was biting his lower lip beside him.

“Alright, did you make your choice?”

“…..Big Sister.”

Elsword looked with a tormented expression at Ara and Elesis exchanging spears and swords.

His eyebrows that shook regrettably, as if he couldn’t understand, still, as if he wanted to understand. It showed how tormented Elsword was right now.

“Choose quickly. Ara won’t hold out for long.”

It was just as Add said. Although Ara had dashed out with impact, she was starting to get gradually pushed back. Even though they were equals in speed, Ara fell behind in strength.

Ara’s stance broke each time they exchanged attacks due to her falling behind in strength. This was a disadvantageous structure for Ara where her losses kept piling up because she had to carry out the battle in an unstable stance.


Elesis swung her sword while she twirled on the spot to dodge the spear that Ara had stabbed sharply. Ara tried to dodge the swing by moving backwards while being extremely surprised that Elesis had unexpectedly evaded and attacked at the same time. But Ara still needed more time to withdraw the spear she had thrust.


With a chilling sound, blood dripped down Ara’s cheek. By a hair’s breadth. She would have lost her life if she was late in dodging by turning her head just a moment late.

Blood that dripped down from Ara’s cheek soaked her white neck in red.

Elesis who had just missed her prey didn’t look too regretful. Her attitude was as if she could catch her again whenever she wanted.

Elesis’ eyes were focused on Rena and Eve at the back. She looked like she couldn’t understand why Ara was fighting alone right now.

“I let you off this time…. But you’ll die next time.”

Her words were the truth without any exaggeration. And Ara, the one who is fighting should know this better than anyone else.

But Ara didn’t back off even from the strike just now that had endangered her life. She fixed her spear as she steadied her breath. Then her hairpin got pulled out on its own as her black hear was dyed in white……a celestial aura started to dwell in her body.

Red eyes, nine tails, Ara in Celestial Fox state strengthened her resolve.

“A fight with someone powerful is the desire of all martial artists. I won’t back out!”

“…..Even Eun coming out wouldn’t be enough here.”

Elesis shook her head bitterly. Then her face turned cold like the sheet of ice. It was an expression filled with resolution, that she won’t go easy anymore.

“Then shall I end it here this time?”

Only thing Ara had going for her was that at least their speeds were equal. She’ll get overwhelmed if she even gave this up. Ara clearly knew that her skills were lacking but she had no choice but to charge in first. On the other hand, Elesis could leisurely respond to Ara’s heated attacks and could threaten Ara’s life with just a counter attack she performed from time to time.

“Choose quickly. Ara’s going to die if this keeps up.”

Add let out an indifferent voice at the fighting outside the Dimension Distortion barrier.

He actually wanted to remove this quickly. Even Add who wasn’t a warrior felt restless from watching Ara’s dangerous struggle where she could get killed at any moment. But right now was the time to be patient.


Ara’s back as she refused to back down even while getting injured. A will emerged in Elsword’s eyes that were shaking before.

“I’ll fight, Big Brother Add.”

“….Then get out there right now!”

Add quickly released the Dimension Distortion soon as he heard the words he was waiting for. Just as Elsword collected his breath and dashed out resolutely, Add shouted with a loud voice.

“Rena, Eve! Do it now!!”

“Guide Arrow!”

Rena who had been desperately waiting for those words quickly let fly her arrows. The other two had been also unbearably restless while watching Ara’s peril as she struggled alone.

But they didn’t act because they were following Add’s instructions.

His older sister was his enemy. What choice will the boy make in such a situation? They all had honored Elsword choice much as possible. This was limitlessly soft Add’s eyes. It was disgustingly soft hearted…… But this was a fight that could be established because they were the soft hearted El Search Party!

Ara groaned as she blocked with her spear’s shaft the sword that Elesis had swung down. The way how her spear made a creaking sound….Elesis’s sword looked like it will immediately break through the spear and drop on top of Ara’s head.

A sigh dwelled in Elesis’s face as she continued to pressure Ara effortlessly.

“To not even think about coming out despite all this… Well fine…. Should I count this time as a failure too?”

Just when the coldness was emerging in Elesis’ eyes, Elsword charged in from the side as he immediately stabbed with his sword.

“Assault Slash!!”

“Too slo…..”

The attack was destructive, but she could see through everything. But Elesis who was about to dodge and respond to Elsword’s attack saw the arrows drawing a curve as they flew in towards her. Elesis frowned as she quickly backed off.

Ara was too exhausted to chase after her right away and Elsword’s stab only cut through the air.

“I’m sorry Big Sister Ara. For making you fight alone.”

“It’s not a problem Mr.Elsword. But…. Will you be alright?”

His older sister Elesis was his enemy. The El Search Party was worried that Elsword wouldn’t be able to fight properly. That’s why Ara had decided that she will buy time while Rena and Eve had compromised to not intervene and observe until Elsword made his choice.

According to Add’s evaluation, this was a picture that could only be established because they were the disgustingly soft hearted El Search Party.

“It’s fine. Even if Big Sister is my enemy….. I’ll fight. For my friends.”

Elsword spoke with a bitter face then gripped his sword tightly as he looked at Elesis. Ara who had been giving Elsword a warm gaze also aimed her spear towards Elesis.

Elesis had just deflected some arrows and got hit by some. She was now busy dodging Add’s shockwaves and Eve’s periodical electron balls.

“Then I’ll go in first.”

“Let’s go Big Sister Ara.”


Their dialogues mingled as the white spear and the red great sword dashed towards their enemy.


Elsword and Ara dashed in as they swapped between first and second positions repeatedly. Add saw this and shouted as he instructed their plan.

“Slowly drive her into the corner!”

He had already come up with the plan. The problem was if the other members could carry them out perfectly.

Just like they had planned, Eve and Rena weren’t using any large skills and focusing on keeping Elesis in check by firing only arrows and electron balls.

Then in Elesis’ point of view, it was obvious what she had to do……endure some losses and go after Rena and Eve at the back. It was an obvious choice for the swordsman to take care of the ranged attackers first.

But she couldn’t do that. Ara who had dashed in first was pouring her attacks with the force clearly conveying that she won’t give Elesis any room to go after the other members.

Elesis had been too busy dodging the torrent of arrows that she had an unstable stance as she took Ara’s attack. But she managed to easily respond to Ara’s spear despite her unstable stance. Then she was about to completely ignore Ara and dash into the El Search Party’s back line….but then Elsword’s sword arrived a moment later and stomped the ground to call upon giant flames.


Elesis’ had no choice but to pause because her path had been blocked. Then Ara used that chance to sharply stab her spear again. Elesis dodged it by turning her neck sideways, but she had no choice but to back out because Elsword who had withdrawn the sword he had just stomped on the ground pressured with a heavy side swing.

After getting some distance, Elesis made up her mind to face the two melee fighters. But at that moment, Rena’s arrows flew in towards her again, and when she dodged those, Eve’s electron balls and Add’s shockwaves flew in.

Elesis had to back off again. But when she did that, Ara and Elsword charged in towards her again.

“Kukukukuk! Great!”

Pincer attack, they assist and cover each other’s weak points while pressuring the enemy. It was all going according to his plan.

Add let out a joyful laugh when things were proceeding according to his thoughts. The reason they got pushed back by Elesis before was because Ara was the only fighter they had available to tie down Elesis in close quarters.

Ara was an extremely outstanding fighter, but she fell behind in Elesis in lots of ways in close quarter combat skills.

But what if there was someone who could cover that gap? That person was Elsword. Add now realized why Eun told him to convince Elsword. Elsword certainly fell behind in skills compared to Ara, but he could help her tie down Elesis in close quarters.

They had the advantage if they kept this up. But Add never let his guard down even while he was smiling. Didn’t Elesis always immediately turn over the situation whenever they had a slight advantage?

As expected, Elesis who had been getting pushed back while receiving multiple small wounds in vain stiffened her face as if she saw through Add’s plan. That look was as if she was going to blow away Elsword and Ara at the front then take care of Rena and Eve at the back even if she had to receive some damage.

“Something big is coming!!”

Elesis was already kicking the ground and charging in when Add had only just started to shout. Ara attempted to respond to the flurry of sword strikes that Elesis launched after reaching her maximum speed in an instant. But it was too chaotic…..

“Unlimited Blade!!”

But Elsword who lagged far behind Ara in speed moved forward and took Elesis’ swords head on. As if he knew the trajectories of the swords, the two of their swords performed a wild dance as they perfectly clashed and intermingled, then finally separated.

It was a strange scene where both Elsword and Elesis came out without any injuries despite exchanging countless attacks within such a short time.


Elesis also looked quite surprised. Elsword’s strength was enough to take on Elesis’ sword but he fell extremely far behind in speed. Elsword still managing to respond to all the attacks despite this meant that he knew where and when each attacks would fly in beforehand.

Elsword spoke quietly as if this was something trivial.

“I already know Big Sister’s sword.”

“….Really? Then how about this?”

As if this was pretty interesting, Elesis kicked the ground to get in position then launched a giant sword blast. But Elsword also performed the same movements the instant Elesis kicked the ground and launched a giant sword blast of his own to neutralize the attack.

“Spiral Blast…… I know that one too.”

“Good, now you’re acting somewhat like my brother.”

Even though she was getting pushed back, even though her attack just got neutralized, Elesis’ had quite an excited expression. Her eyes even showed signs of sparkling with joy…..She didn’t hide how extremely happy she was at Elsword’s accomplishments.

“Then how about this?”

Elesis seemed to suddenly dash in towards Elsword, then abruptly stabbed the ground in front of him with her sword. This must have been a skill that Elsword hadn’t known and he reacted late, but Ara was already rushing in with a stab from beside Elesis.

Dark demonic energy was about to come out of the ground that the sword had stabbed into, but she’ll receive a critical wound if she continued with this skill.

Elesis regrettably clicked her tongue as she pulled out her sword then backed off a wide distance. Ara had stabbed sharply with her spear in order to make Elesis back out. Ara quickly checked on Elsword’s condition after Elesis backed off.

“Are you okay, Mr.Elsword?”

“Thanks for the help.”

Elsword only looked in front of him as he thanked Ara. So that he wouldn’t miss every single movement that Elesis made.

“Sorry, Big Sister Ara. I can’t match up to my big sister yet. So please lend me your strength.”

“Of course!”

Ara nodded as she smiled. Elesis also smiled as she threw a demonic energy around her.


Blades surrounded and moved around Elesis. Ara had the reach of her spears so she could attack while adjusting her distance accordingly. But wouldn’t it be hard for Elsword with the sword to approach her? You could tell with a single glance that those blades weren’t any normal metal judging by how they negated the arrows and electron balls that flew in.

But Elsword looked slightly gloomy but didn’t mind the blades as he quietly moved his steps and threw a heavy strike at Elesis. The moment the blades spinning around Elesis were about to plunge into Elsword’s body, Elsword’s body seemed to get surrounded by a golden aura then the blades got deflected.

“…..So you mastered it?”

Elesis exclaimed in admiration as she caught Elsword’s sword with her own. They were stuck so close together that it was difficult for the others to intervene.

The moment when Rena, Eve and Add stopped attacking, during the time when two were face to face with each other with their swords crossed, Elsword replied with a low voice as he stared at Elesis.

“Because Big Sister mastered it too.”

“Yes, this is how it should be.”


“Because Big Sister mastered it too.”

“Yes, this is how it should be.”

Elesis replied with even nostalgia in her voice as she turned her waist to dodge. Elsword’s kick grazed by her dangerously close.

Elesis had quite a surprised face for a moment then laughed softly.

“Not bad at all.”

“I still have lots to show you, so….”

Elsword put all the strength he could muster into his sword. Creaaaaaak. Great sword and Demonic sword grinding together made an unpleasant sound, and then Elesis’ feet started to get pushed back little by little.

“So try to hold out, Big Sister.”

“……You’re getting too overconfident.”

Elesis’ eyes seemed to narrow then she abruptly abandoned her sword as she jumped back. Elsword’s sword cut through an empty air because he hadn’t thought she’d let go of her sword to jump back in the middle of contest in strength. Others also couldn’t react fast enough.

Elesis who had immediately gained her distance showed her back as she gathered Demonic energy.


“Everyone dodge to the side!!”

Add realized what this action meant and shouted as he quickly got on top of the Dynamos to throw his body sideways. But Elesis ejecting her gathered Demonic energy was faster!


Compressed dark-red Demonic energy became a light that erased everything and flew towards them. You couldn’t survive after getting caught up in that! The El Search Party members realized this and desperately tried to dodge. But the attack was so sudden that they couldn’t evade completely.


Ejection Buster stretched out and only stopped after it erased four buildings. The party was able to avoid getting hit directly thanks to Add’s shout…..but you couldn’t say that everyone was fine.

Add’s right arm became numb. Ara’s leg was hit and got covered in blood. Rena also got covered in blood to the point where her spine was almost showing, but only Eve didn’t have any injuries.

“Rena? Are you okay?”

It was because Rena had thrown her body while covering Eve. Add who had been looking around at the suddenly overturned situation got surprised at Eve’s voice and quickly turned his head.

Rena was smiling as she was standing up while being supported by Eve. It didn’t seem her injuries were life threatening.

But it was impossible for her to pull her bow freely after her back getting injured like that.


It turned out like this because of just a single moment of carelessness. When Elesis stretched out her hand as she stood proudly, the Demonic sword that was rolling on the floor flew on its own and returned to her hand. As if it had a will of its own.

“Ara, can you move?”

“Yes, of course!”

Ara was standing up while withstanding the pain. She could recover her injuries by fighting the enemy in the Celestial Fox state. Believe in this mechanic and continue the battle at the front line, give up on Rena’s complete support at the back line and continue pressuring only with Eve and Add…..

Add was quickly trying to adjust their plan then paused. An important person wasn’t here. Ara and Elesis must have realized this too and looked around.

Elsword was nowhere to be seen.

“Could he have….?”

Was he unable to dodge the Ejection Buster and got hit directly? Elesis must have thought the same thing and was just blinking with a startled expression.

Surprise, anxiety and reclusion. It was a face that only a wild animal that had lost its child right in front of its eyes would show. Add couldn’t react at this face that seemed to be forcefully suppressing a heart wrenching scream. It was a numb minded face that was howling silently.

A sudden silence, no one opened their mouths.


“…..I won.”

Until Elsword spoke.

Elesis couldn’t react right away and only blinked after a sword suddenly got leaned against her neck. Ara’s face brightened.


“You were fine.”

Eve also felt relieved and was calling out welcomingly. Add was also glad internally then got surprised by his own reaction. At the same time, he was also trying to retrace what Elsword did.

Elsword had charged forward in the moment Elesis was trying to fire the Ejection Buster and rolled on the ground to get behind Elesis. He would have gotten hit directly by the Ejection Buster if he had been late for even a moment or if the distance of his roll had been insufficient.

Ejection Buster did clear out everything in front of the user but it left the user’s back wide open. Elsword had realized this instinctively and basically risked his life in order to catch Elesis’ back!

“…..Surrender, Big Sister.”

“Didn’t I say that….there’s no surrender or retreat for the Red Knights?”

Elesis’ attitude was leisurely despite how Elsword’s blade was right beside her neck. It wasn’t because she was thinking that Elsword wouldn’t dare swing his sword. She was rejoicing after confirming that Elsword was alive.

“Don’t give her any openings!”

Just what kind of siblings were they? Add warned Elsword while in dismay. Elesis still had her sword in her hand.

That black panther was still looking for an opening. They’ll get done in if Elsword didn’t attack her now. Others also thought this but no one could hasten Elsword.

How can you tell someone to strike down their own family?

“There’s no meaning behind a sword that cannot be swung.”


Elsword’s hand shook at Elesis’ answer. Elesis opened her eyes narrowly and put strength on the tip of her feet.

“I was hopeful, how unfortunate.”

“Me too…..”

The moment Elsword was trying to answer, Elesis immediately turned around to swing her sword. It was a bold attack not caring about the sword that was aimed at her neck. Also, Elesis was terrifyingly fast whenever she started to move.

But….Elsword’s sword was moving faster than her.

“It’s unfortunate, Big Sister.”

The sword that was swung widely slashed across Elesis’ chest. Just as Elesis’ body froze at this critical attack, Elsword shouted with all his strength, almost like a scream.

“Double Slash!!”

Giant storm of sword energy battered Elesis’ body.



Elesis didn’t let out even a single scream as she held onto her sword and took the entire storm of sword energy that Elsword had swung then backed off a long distance. But that was all. Even the mighty Elesis must have reached her limit because she knelt on one knee as she panted heavily.

Elesis as she panted only had one eye opened that was looking at Elsword.

“………Why did you go easy?”

“I couldn’t do it for real.”

That was the only dialogue that went between the siblings. Elsword slowly withdrew his sword.

The blood dripping down from Elesis’ body was soaking the ground but it wasn’t a mortal wound. She could throw a Demonic energy like before then slash to recover like before. Add felt alert and quickly flew to stand beside Elsword.


Elesis’ recovery effect only worked when the enemy was hit. Add prepared to open the Dimension Distortion mode at any moment as he spoke to Elsword.

“Aren’t you going to finish her?”

“…..I won’t do more than this.”

Add didn’t speak anymore when Elsword heavily shook his head. You could tell with a single glance that Elesis couldn’t continue the battle. She couldn’t even stand up and was only panting.

Well, her eyes were still shining sharply…..and felt ominous. But they still couldn’t kill her.

Because she was Elsword’s precious person.


Wait, she’s not even my precious person. Add questioned himself, and was very afraid of Elesis, but couldn’t bring himself to think about using this chance to finish her off.

“…….I’m disgustingly soft hearted too.”

He must have become like this after hanging around with these soft hearted people. When Add was muttering, Ara, Eve and Rena approached from the back. Everyone was injured except for Eve but they weren’t mortal wounds.

They won. They were victorious against the mighty powerful enemy, Elesis, and won without losing anyone.

“Alright, then…..”

Add was about to say let’s restrain Elesis and retreat but paused. Left, right, front and back, loud noises were coming from every direction.

Sounds of hooves and running footsteps, also the sound of tank moving.


Glitter soldiers deftly jumped down from the building’s rooftops. Not just one or two but dozens, and their numbers soon multiplied to hundreds before long and made a tight formation to form a guard around now tired Elesis. Not only that, there were five Glitter Vanguards slowly approaching from far away, and on the other side there were Glitter soldiers on Cockatigles running towards them.


They wasted too much time. This wasn’t in Add’s calculations. Something must have gone wrong from the Velder Liberation Army’s side. No, the difference between their numbers was overwhelming. Even if the Liberation Army was proceeding with the plan safely, Demons could have realized Elesis was in danger and deployed reinforcements.

It wasn’t good either way. They could have handled them easily under normal circumstances. But most of the party had big or minor wounds.

“What should we do, Big Brother Add?”

“I should ask you, what are you going to do?”

Add was confused by Elsword’s question and asked back. Why would he ask him if they should advance or retreat?

“What should we do, Mr.Add?”

“…..Why is everyone asking me?”

Rena wasn’t saying anything but didn’t look like she wanted to intervene and Eve stubbornly had her mouth shut tightly. It was as if since she decided to ignore Add, she will continue to ignore Add till the end.

Anyways, they were finally able to defeat Elesis although barely. The problem now was if they should risk danger and go for a round of fight with the Demons…..

Add would have normally suggested that they should retreat but his mouth was moving oppositely this time.

“We can’t let her go when we almost got her. We’ll break through everything, grab her, then retreat.”

“…..Can we?”

“You can go bring Elesis. There shouldn’t be any problems then.”

Elesis was quite reluctant about injuring Elsword. No, was saying that she was afraid to injure him the more correct expression? Anyways, it looked like she was putting in an effort to hide it during their fight. But as how Add saw it, even Elesis became dull when her enemy was Elsword.

Since she’s now exhausted to the point where she couldn’t move, she wouldn’t resist if Elsword dragged her here.

“Thank you, Big Brother Add.”

“Save your thanks….”

When Add was murmuring, Ara energetically grabbed her spear. Even if they were against hundreds of Glitter soldiers, even if heavy Glitter Vanguards got in their way, even though they were injured right now, there was nothing they were afraid of.

Because they were together.

“Then let’s clean this up quickly!”

“Wait, Ara. I’ll clean it up.”

“Your injury is bad, Rena. Just stand by.”

No one thought they were going to lose. Elsword also wordlessly boosted his spirit as he held his sword and Add muttered as he scraped together his mental strength.

They defeated even that all powerful Elesis, there was nothing to be afraid of from a mere Demon army. They can just clean them up right aw…..


Right away.”


That’s what he had thought. But the ominous laugh, the refreshing laugh that range across the reddened sky brought a chill down Add’s spine. Other members were the same as they stopped talking and turned their eyes to the source of the laugh.

It seemed the Glitter soldiers also shared the ominous feeling as they staggered back. There was no one around her now as she laughed.

Elesis was kneeling on the ground as she leaned her exhausted body on her sword that was stabbed on the ground. She was laughing.

“Good, to think you’d come this far. Today was very good.”

“…..It’s useless to act composed.”

Add suppressed the ominous feeling and replied coldly. Wasn’t Elesis barely keeping herself up right now and leaning on her sword?


But the moment Elesis looked like she was launching a Demonic energy beside her, she swung her sword sideways. Plop, with that sound, Glitter soldiers dropped and Elesis’ wounds were healed.

For her to cut her allies to recover wounds.

Even Add was appalled by this method but he quickly formulated a plan. Even though she recovered her wounds, she won’t be able to do anything about the blood loss. And truly, Elesis was still unable to get up.

She was just panting heavily while grabbing the handle of her sword with both her hands. They can storm in all at once…..


“The sword……”

His heart beat strangely at the words that flowed out of Elesis’ mouth. An ominous laugh, Add tried to think logically but an anxiety burst up in his heart.

“The sword remembers.”

“Everyone! Move back behind me!!”

Along with Add’s scream, Elesis’ body abruptly got consumed in enormous flames.

It was a giant flame that burned not just Elesis’ body but everything nearby her. Dark-red flame destroyed the ground and burned the sky. Glitter soldiers that had been nearby were burned to crisp without leaving even a piece of armor, and Add quickly opened the Dimension Distortion mode to block the flames from approaching.


Sound of Glitter Vanguard exploding could be heard, the flames that were overwhelming enough to burn away the buildings nearby without a trace then became a maelstrom and swept across the entire area. The heat storm even made the barrier crack. How can such a destructive power exist?!



“Everyone hang on!!”

Add clenched his teeth and tried to think of a way to respond but there was no other way. The Dynamo’s functioned on Add’s mental energy. The Dimension Distortion mode was the same so he could only focus on defending his mind.


Blood dripped down Add’s lips along with his groan. His body was feeling the after effects due to the overexerting defensive calculations. The source of this problem was that he had stretched the barrier widely in order to protect Eve, Ara, Elsword and Rena as well.

If Add didn’t decrease the radius…..he could die. But Add didn’t care as he withstood with pure willpower.

It was a victory he had finally achieved, this was a time he obtained after going through so much efforts. He couldn’t give in to this Elesis’ last ditch effort. He had to withstand it.


With a strange noise, the terrifying flame storm disappeared as if it got washed away. Add caught his breath as he groaned and looked forwards. Hundreds of Demons had disappeared without a trace, and the ground got melted by the heat and even the terrain was changed.

It was a devastated hell.

“I, is it over……?”

They still survived. Add confirmed quickly while still looking at the front.

“Is everyone alive?”


“I’m fine!”

“….Just what happened right now?”

“Is everyone okay?”

Add let out a sigh of relief at the sounds that came from his back. They had somehow withstood Elesis’ final attack…..


But the feelings of relief flew off quickly when he saw the human form standing in the place where Elesis was.

Long red hair, red clothes. Beautiful flames waving near her. A heartless hollow gaze.

Eyes without a single speck of light was staring at the El Search Party.

“…..Big Sister grew?”

Elsword’s groan was telling Add the answer but he couldn’t believe it.

Did her appearance change after suddenly growing? Her weapon and clothes had changed as well. No, putting all those aside, her atmosphere was completely different.

If she was a clever black panther up till now, this was solely a crimson sword stained in blood.

It was a change as if she had accelerated her own time.

“Memory of the sword.”



She recited coldly. Elesis who had suddenly grown spoke quietly as she lowered her stance.

Add realized what that stance meant and quickly shouted.


“Blood Cutter!!”

Even before Add’s words finished, Dark-red Demonic energy rotated sharply as it flew toward them. The barrier that had been barely holding out before got shredded like the piece of paper. Everyone tried to evade much as possible but it was no use.


The giant demonic energy spun and tore through the El Search Party’s bodies. Everyone got flung out and couldn’t get up from the shock that felt like their bodies were getting sliced apart by a saw. Add who had gotten hit directly because he was at the front couldn’t even think about getting up as he panted heavily on the ground.

The sky was still red.

“Haah, haaah…..”

Just what was that? She suddenly got older then became unimaginably stronger. Add’s head thought quickly but couldn’t make any conclusions. He could only confirm that others were still alive by the sound of their gestures.

The shock had somewhat been mitigated because the Dimension Distortion had been open. They would have all got killed instantly if they had gotten hit without any defenses.


They thought they had won but they were completely wrong. The attack just now wasn’t her last ditch struggle. It was just a stepping stone, a passing point.

They hadn’t exposed the full extent of her skills. She just had been facing the El Search Party by matching herself to the party’s level. Elesis had been hiding her true skills from the beginning.

And she was now finally trying to face them for real.

“She’s…..unbelievably strong.”

It was so stunning that he couldn’t even scream. Even though Add thought this……He forcefully pushed the ground and got up. No matter what happened, he couldn’t die while lying down and doing nothing.

Did the others have the same thoughts? Everyone was getting up. Blood Cutter had inflicted injuries enough to make it difficult bring up their bodies. Ara got up by leaning on her spear, Elsword on his sword and Rena and Eve were leaning on each other as they got up.

And Add stood up by himself solely on willpower.

Add barely managed to remove his hands from his knees then looked at the red warrior staring quietly at them from the distance.

“Alright, this is the real beginning.”

“……Son of a”

Add spat out a swear despite not knowing who the swear was directed against.

It was so stupid that he only felt like shutting everything down and just quitting. I actually tried to beat this thing? Am I a complete lunatic? Only these thoughts came up in his mind.


Add apologized without directing his words to anyone in particular. He couldn’t bear without apologizing.

“My plan was…. mistaken. I’m sorry.”

They should have just surrendered if Elesis was this much of a monster. They could win if Elsword just came to his senses and fought? What kind of delusion was that?

They couldn’t beat something like this.

But an answer returned from the apology that he hadn’t expected any response to.

“We didn’t lose yet!!”

“……I can still fight!”

Elsword and Ara both held their weapons and enflamed their fighting spirits again. They had deep wounds so it would have been difficult to even move their bodies.

“It’s fine Add. I have something I kept saved up in my sleeves.”

“Same for me. We didn’t lose yet.”

Rena and Eve answered similarly. Add stared at the other members dejectedly then shook his head at this nonsense.

He didn’t know if they were bluffing or not. No, did it matter either way? The party was currently enflaming their fighting spirits, that they won’t back off even against Elesis who had just revealed her true self.

Watching this, Add also started having the same feelings as them for some stupid reason. His body was in tatters, his mental strength was completely exhausted, but he was feeling that he could still do this.

Did he get infected by their disgustingly soft hearted attitudes? Add laughed dejectedly.


Normally, he should have at least tried to come up with a plan to retreat, no, he should have at least called Eun out to time travel. But those thoughts never came to him.

He thought that there won’t be any point in doing so right now. He didn’t know clearly, but a thought that he had to face Elesis right now even if he had to burn out everything he possessed came into his mind.

Even if the result was the annihilation of the El Search Party.

“Am I finally crazy too…..?”

When Add was laughing, Elsword approached and stood beside him. Ara and Rena, then finally Eve approached as well and they all stood side by side. It was a completely messy combination that didn’t take into account any strategic formations. But Add didn’t care right now.

His heart felt soothing instead.

“Alright, I have a plan.”

He didn’t have any plans to get in even a single blow on that heartless, proud and stupidly powerful Elesis, but he had to squeeze one out this instant. Isn’t he the only one that can at least present this scatterbrained, mucked up and disgustingly soft hearted El Search Party with some plans and measures?

Seriously, give me a break.

Even while Add thought this, his mouth was smiling delightfully.

“This isn’t bad…..”

Everyone was waiting for Add’s word. Even Elesis was waiting as if she was going to give them some final moments.

“Then let’s….”

Just in the moment when Add was about to break the silence, in the moment when Elesis was about to lean forwards and charge in, something bizarre happened.

Space…..got twisted.

It could only be described that way, empty space was spiraling and getting twisted.

An abnormally was happening exactly in between the El Search Party and Elesis. Elesis who was about to charge in stopped and frowned.

“What’s that?”

Add’s question was representing the entire El Search Party’s thoughts. Just what was about to happen? The empty space that got overly squeezed and twisted now made a cracking noise as cracks appeared on it. Then it shattered as if it was made out of glass.

There was a movement inside the shattered empty space.

“That’s too harsh, Big Sister Elly.”

A fruity voice came from inside the purple hole. You could tell from just hearing her voice that the owner had a lively and overly confident personality.

“If you’re going to be like that, then I’ll have to intervene as well.”

White arm abruptly popped out of the purple empty space. It was a person’s, a girl’s arm. The El Search Party and Elesis stood still and looked at the person that just appeared as if they were mesmerized.

Purple haired girl that abruptly appeared by shattering the space. The girl who wore bold attire that excessively revealed her belly didn’t express any interest in Elesis and took a glance around at the El Search Party.

“Nice to meet you all.”


The most powerful magician in the world smiled.

purple quality




8 thoughts on “Elsword Time Trouble Volume 3 Chapter 2 Page 102~135(Chapter Complete)

  1. I’m somewhat cience-fictitious, and I could really dare to say that this Elesis could be fake. After all, everybody say she dissapeared. Could somebody think that Elesis escaped from the ambush and began to train in secret and build in secret her army again, and the demons used some remains of her after of run for create a manipulated copy of Elesis?

      • You know how Add can just turn back time and he can change things or things just change on their own, but he can only do it with Eun’s limited help?

        What happens if he found a way to travel more efficiently without Eun’s help(Maybe Glave decides to help him on a whim) -> Add turns into Diabolic Esper

        Then he finds out there are some things that can’t be changed. He snaps and decides to ruin timelines left and right.

        Eun with her clairvoyance can see what Add could become, and decides to help him follow a timeline where he doesn’t become crazy, by stopping his Diabolic Esper self.

        D-> Can either be Dreadlord or Diabolic Esper. Latter is more plausible.

        Just throwing this out there. =/

      • I support the “D is Diabolic Esper” thing. I also believe that are actually 2 Adds, Time Tracer and Diabolic Esper, and all of this is just DiE trying to make a second version of himself or something. Just a theory though :3

    • Im not sure if you know, but the past of Crimson Avenger is that she took in the Dark El, so that could be it. It has to be Elesis because she kept hesitating to hurt Elsword.

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